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  3. Change of heart over the 6900
  4. AWG-M100A
  5. So whats your story?
  6. Unusual New Square Received... (lots of pix)
  7. DW5600B-2V Bezel Compatibility
  8. Two Latest Vintage Arrivals - Riseman and Frogman
  9. Frogman GF8250ER-2 (Earthtone Frogman) U.S. Availability??
  10. Question about Rakuten points
  11. GW 3000 Sky Cockpit at home.....away from home :)
  12. Help me pick: GW-S5600 or GW-5000 (or maybe just MTF-E001)
  13. Stealthiest factory G-Shock ever?
  14. WRUM 7th MAY
  15. Need help to find bezel for DW9900 and DW5200
  16. Analog-Only G-Shock, No Digital
  17. Good buy? What do you think?
  18. Unboxing something Red......
  19. Need opinion: shipping international (Indonesia)
  20. In love with new EDIFICE!!!
  21. Gshock Blues...I can't wait till they're back in stock! Anybody else?
  22. Any differences btw GW-4000D-1A and the Japanese counterpart GW-4000D-1AJF?
  23. G-Shock badges
  24. Enjoying some morning sun
  25. Taking in the sun.
  26. WRUW 6th May 2012
  27. Best place to buy a G-Shock?
  28. What's wrong with this picture?
  29. G-Shock 5081 Question (The screen's whack!)
  30. Looking for GW6900f-7!
  31. F&F Purchases (WW, BB, MR, HM)
  32. New Baby-G World Time BGA-110-1B2 - Pics
  33. Two is a group, 3 is a party! Grail warning <3
  34. One piece strap for G-5600E with adapters?
  35. Photo Contest Voting!
  36. Is this G- SHOCK DW-8140 worth it?
  37. Im meeting up with some fellow collectors today... I may come home with a few new G's. :)
  38. Atomic Time Keeper
  39. Help choosing!
  40. Anything similar to the Casio G-Shock x The Hundreds GWM5610TH-1?
  41. SG Casionauts Meet!
  42. Help: need comparison of a Seiko and a G
  43. What model G-Shock is this?
  44. WRUW SAT May 5h
  45. Looking for some online retailer suggestions
  46. MISG, which one next?
  47. New Rush x G-Shock watch was just that: RUSHED (pic intensive)
  48. Casio GA-100-1A1ER Question
  49. WRUW Friday, 4th of May
  50. Happy Star Wars Day Shockers
  51. Are there any surviving DW-5500c "G-shock II" mudman watches?
  52. Froggie Friday
  53. Want to send my G-Shock on a world tour!!!!
  54. G-Shock outlets in Kota Kinabalu?
  55. THE AVENGERS: who's going to see it? (completely off-topic)
  56. Last photo contest reminder!
  57. Casio "repaired" my classic G, by selling me a new one...
  58. Different Strap for a GW-2500?
  59. Can someone ID this Casio?
  60. Deal alert: AWG100-1AV for $84.50 at Kohl's
  61. I will let you decide!
  62. Check these stats out! They might surprise you . . .
  63. My Band Plays Fontana's in NYC and a G-Shock Comes Along
  64. New Arrival
  65. Recommend a White G-chock for women?
  66. will g5600kg-3 band/bezel fit on dw5600 e-1v?
  68. Trust my gut
  69. Two G5500's with crooked displays in a row.
  70. GA-100 owners: Do you keep it toggled to the digital time or the month/date?
  71. WRUW Thursday, 3rd of MAY
  72. Family package from JAPAN..
  73. ** Whose up for a FF - Frog Friday??? **
  74. Too good to be true website...
  75. GW 4000-1AER Orange Accents
  76. GL-150 and GL-160 comparison picture needed!
  77. G-Shock Complete File (G-SHOCK完全ファイル) Mook 2012
  78. Frogman GF-8250ER, How many released???
  79. trouble fitting strap adapters
  80. Interested in Riseman GW9200
  81. Where can I find: GW-9200RDJ-4JF?
  82. Largest Digits 5600 Suggestions?
  83. Reunited, and it feels so good!
  84. Unexpected Surprise: MIMC GW-9300ER-5JF Arrived!
  85. Fashion Star
  86. New Watch Alert: Bape x G-Shock
  87. G8900-1a misaligned? w/pic
  88. Atomic/Solar Collabs??
  89. pool and watches
  90. A black and blue g shock to match my car-suggestions?
  91. GW-M5610 Release Date
  92. Rubber Ducky in da House!
  93. Deal Alert!
  94. Just received my casio edifice t720d-1ajf from japan, but atomic watch doesn't work? HELP
  95. How accurate are other watches?
  96. First G-Shock, Which One?
  97. WRUW Today, Wednesday, May 2, 2012
  98. GF-8250ER Military Colors FROGMAN arrives!
  99. Which G-Shock ?
  100. 5600KG-3 RIT DYE Project
  101. Date Format
  102. OT - AE 2000 W, modified
  103. Photo contest reminder, submission period ends on Friday! Now with a prize!
  104. G vs PRO, an epic battle of sensors
  105. For those who wait for GW-5000-1JF
  106. eBay situation: need advice
  107. My new GF-8250
  108. G-Shocks to Protreks
  109. VIDEO Baselworld 2012 for G-Shock, by Chris Boehm
  110. New G-Shock in the house
  111. CASIO DW-6500 (1160)
  112. GW-4000 Dial Difference?
  113. GW-M5600A Strap & Bezel Search
  114. Need 2 Buttons for my DW6900 Bape G
  115. 13 year old alternative to DW6900HM-2
  116. Which band for my MTG-1500?
  117. Went to Japan, bought too many Gshocks... Your GRAIL INSIDE
  118. Does your G-Shock wake you in the morning? If not, what does?
  119. G Shock Help!
  120. When Will The GW6900F-7 Be Back in Stock?
  121. Silicon grease
  122. WRUW - tuesday 05/01/2012?
  123. HASTA LA VISTA CASIO G-SHOCK 9200 - Chinese on the way...!
  124. Macys F+F wrap up
  125. 9900 frogman joins the Team
  126. after a long search...dw600 on its way
  127. need a little help from Gshock family
  128. New to G-Shocks; is it worth stressing about new releases?
  129. GW-9300ER HAS ARRIVED STATE SIDE!!! (pics)
  130. my, "what's in the mail"
  131. delay on ER frog? true release date?
  132. G-shock GQ-500 alarm clock
  133. GX-56 6" wrist?
  134. Is this site trustworthy?
  135. Baby-G goes big and 3D
  136. G-shock GW4000D-1AER & GW3000BB-1A
  137. width of the strap for aw 591cl 1a
  138. Why NO LEE x G-Shock?
  139. Casio Men's Atomic Solar G-Shock Resin Watch GW330A-9V Replacement
  140. WRUW Today, Monday, April 30, 2012
  141. Does the GW-M5600 bezel fit the G-5600?
  142. If you can't afford your "grail" watch, how do you get over the fact that you will never own one?
  143. Beers and the internet = a new G
  144. Just got a MISG Riseman!
  145. Need info on band replacement for G-7900MS please...
  146. Best G-shock models for people with small wrists?
  147. New member from uk
  148. awg m100 1aer on nato strap
  149. Replacement Keepers from On-Time
  150. In defense of resin straps
  151. Incoming (for the wife)...
  152. WRUW Sunday 4-29-12 :) ? ...
  153. DW6600
  154. Vintage strap intel ...
  155. What does the G in G Shock stand for?
  156. Seeking new Mudman 9300 gold/black atomic
  157. Toyota X G-Shock!
  158. Christmas in April??? UNBOXING TIME!!!! (Warning....A TON OF PICS!)
  159. are there any new atomic and solar mudman or frogman coming out within the next few month's with
  160. A quick intro with my small collection.
  161. Question: MOON funktion on G-9300
  162. Anyone else put their G Shock instructions on their phone to jog your memory?
  163. Question regarding Atomic and World time function
  164. Brown mudman for $220 shipped
  165. Dye this black or leave it as it is?
  166. Which G-Shock is the Largest??
  167. DW-5600C's screws
  168. A dying man writes...
  169. G-Shock - Bathing Ape or a really bad knock-off
  170. No need to Rush, but here are my Incoming Gs sneak Peak....
  171. WRUW Saturday 28/4
  172. Fakio: MIBR Frog, Gravity Defier - They are getting closer to the real one
  173. Please help - Need a tide/moon phase G Shock
  174. GF-8250ER and GW-9300ER Real Life Pics on Tanaka
  175. New Watch Alert: DGK x G-Shock (part II)
  176. Cute: G-Shock x Magical Girl Madoka
  177. REMINDER! 50th photo contest submission period ends next Friday!
  178. Gxw-56 retail question.
  179. Men in Military Mudman & Frogman
  180. Jf vs non jf
  181. Does this G-Shock exist?
  182. Looking for a smaller G alike the 7710
  183. GW3000BB-1A
  184. How much time for PS?
  185. New G-Shocks
  186. Newby Intorduction
  187. Press Releases about new watches
  188. New Garish Black Collection for May Japan Release
  189. Introduction of me and my new watch
  190. GX-56 which to get?
  191. Toronto / Canada Bay Days 30% off, Sears Days 35% off
  192. Question regarding backlights with the Casio G-Shock Watches.
  193. my 14 years old Casio
  194. Why dont the boys at CASIO, follow SUUNTO's lead and create an "update-able" timepiece?
  195. Any limited editions/collabs coming out soon in the US?
  196. WRUW Today, Friday, April 27, 2012
  197. another home video taken at a local G-Shock spot :-)
  198. Aviator question
  199. “A Frogman’s Story“ or is it “A Frogman’s NOT Safe to Wear“
  200. Looking to get my first G Shock. Noob questions coming up!
  201. Need help finding GW5600J-1 or GWM5600-1 in America
  202. What the heck does your screen name mean?
  203. My new Riseman and my first G!
  204. Just revived my Master Blue Froggy. and one group shot with the bunch!
  205. It FINALLY got here!
  206. Awesome new GA150! What is the "Speed Indicator" function?
  207. Flight of fancy: Frog
  208. Does it lessen the appeal for you if something is easy to obtain?
  209. G-Shock alternative?
  210. G-Shock optical illusion
  211. Mute double function
  212. Is this legit?
  213. Casio Oceanus Manta
  214. Casio G-Shock or simply Casio
  215. Toughest one?
  216. Referee watches, are they made by Casio?
  217. If you think you've seen enough "Poor Man", here are 3 more (Warning! pics heavy)
  218. Question on night illumination
  219. Wow.. I didn't expect this Doraemon Collab to be this most seek
  220. Do you take your G's apart to clean them?
  221. newest update to my collection
  222. Great looking mods for the GA-100 9AER
  223. Just picked up Navy blue 6900
  224. WRUW Today, Thursday, April 26, 2012
  225. New arrival: dw6900mr
  226. Just received this new Frogman today....!!
  227. I live in Europe. Where to buy?
  228. what are the battery life of these two watches?
  229. GWF-1000-1JF can't sync up for atomic signal in Toronto
  230. When, where, how...
  231. Craigs list vs. Ebay
  232. Japan May Releases
  233. A blessing in disguise
  234. Men in Smoky Gray Riseman Ltd Edition
  235. guess what i found!!!!!!!!!!!!! spoiler alert* Casio Md-703
  236. What stores offer G-shocks at the lowest prices from excess inventory? (like Oakley Vaults)
  237. Well, after a short deliberation. I have only 4 words for SeiyaJapan …
  238. Do you think the King is too big? Lol
  239. Best places to pick up G-shocks in the Philadelphia area?
  240. G-Shock for 300 mile hike.
  241. Stopped by three macy's today...
  242. Which model is this G?
  243. All of the sudden KIKS TYOs are everywhere.
  244. EDIFICE EF 560 rubber strap ?
  245. Just when I thought I was out...
  246. If you were to have only 1 G...
  247. WRUW Today, Wednesday, April 25, 2012
  248. Casio GW3000B-1A Men's G-Shock Chronograph Aviation Watch on a NATO strap?
  249. A good deal?
  250. Urgent help with stain!