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  2. Where to buy a GX-56 in Canada?
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  4. Finally got The Hundreds G on my wrist!
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  6. DRAFT IN PROGRESS: Guide for Ordering from Charamono.JP and Shopping from Japan
  7. Two Frogman watches, one cost me a 1000 the other 170, I don't see the huge difference...
  8. Photo contest reminder, submission period ends on Friday!
  9. A crowd of vintage GLide
  10. need help for dw 8800
  11. question about GR8900A bezel
  12. Bracelet on a GW3500B?
  13. I finally lost my G-Shock cherry !
  14. Peculiar GD100MS-1 problem
  15. I caved and just purchased my most expensive G-shock
  16. New first time G-shock owner, G1200D-1A
  17. WRUW Today, Wednesday, April 4, 2012
  18. Change of pace: LEAST favorite G-Shock?
  19. Recommend me a cheap g-shock
  20. GLX-6900 Tactical Mod
  21. Vintage Casio find
  22. What G-Shocks use red numerals? ...
  23. G-Shock Spots in Seoul
  24. Gshock-Where to buy in Canada?
  25. 5600 face protectors
  26. spring bars on 5600
  27. New watch models
  28. Hydro mod effect on alarm.
  29. WRUW Today, Tuesday, April 3, 2012
  30. DW-9052
  31. DW-6200 - Is it a rare one??
  32. GW-4000-1A3JF or GW-9300 Mudman?
  33. A new Protrek.
  34. Trouble Resetting G-Shock After Battery Change - Help Wanted!
  35. Has anyone here ever talked with a CASIO G-Shock module programmer?
  36. Waiting for the GW-M5600BC-1ER, but nothing ....
  37. Where to buy the GR8900A-7 in Store?
  38. DW-002 module 1289
  39. G-Shock mystery
  40. If you do not, at this very moment, own a Mudman 9300 gold and black...
  41. New GB-6900-1JF Bluetooth v4.0 not pairing with Droid Razr Maxx
  42. G-Monday April 2 2012 WRUW
  43. Is Chuck Norris on G-SHOCK?
  44. Latest addition - Minty fresh GW-5000
  45. Any good places/shops to pick up Gs in Frankfurt?
  46. dw-6900ms/gw-6900 straps compatible?
  47. Fishing for the Beast (MIY DW-8600 & DW-6600B)
  48. It's Qingming festival in Beijing! WRUW????
  49. Do i have a problem??
  50. My new GW-9300
  51. G Shock GS-1150 / module 5060 problem
  52. Your tough G-Shock abuse story
  53. ARE THESE FAKE FROGMAN or do i just find them ugly?
  54. Synchronisation problem >>
  55. Frog 6300 band and bezel
  56. WRUW - - - SUNDAY 1st of APRIL
  57. Eminem Shows his G-shock Collection!! PIC HEAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  58. Need help
  60. First mod to first G-Shock
  61. What am I doing wrong...DW8600 Fisherman Battery change...
  62. Looking for thin g-shock
  63. My first month of G Shock buying. What do you think? (other than the bad pic)
  64. Gw6900 from Walmart
  65. Gw6900 from Walmart
  66. Any GLS-5600KL owners?
  67. GLS5600 vs GLX5600
  68. New G-shock owner, GW-6900b-1
  69. Want to see something unusual??? DW-5600C Japan V Caseback content
  70. Is there a better way to spend a Saturday than...UNBOXING??!!??!!
  71. New Frogman in the house: Gw-200 Final Edition
  72. Tiny Gold Spring Solution If Lost. (Frogman pics)
  73. Does this forum have enough power to change a watch's value?
  74. Experiment - can we collectively get Ebay to remove this fake GA100??
  75. My first two G-Shocks within a week
  76. WRUW = = = Saturday 31st
  77. As casio intended it to be used...
  78. Is this spring from my watch?
  79. G7900TSIP-2 & desire68 colab!
  80. Just got a brand new GW-2500b
  81. UK watch shop
  82. I gotta give to get, right?
  83. New Arrival - GW-4000-1A3JF has just landed! Unboxing pics and more!
  84. Watch out Frogman... there's a new fleabay king
  85. New Mudman next month?
  86. GW-4000 arrived today...
  87. HELP......Need replacement strap for GShock MTG-500!!!
  88. G-Shock Hydromod issues
  89. G-Shock No. #51, Arrival and unboxing - DW-5025SP-1JF "Project Team Tough"
  90. Is it possible to customize backlight in Gs such as DW6900s or 5600s?
  91. DW-5000SL in pictures...
  92. 7th Frogman (2000) Restoration with pics!
  93. Ultraman Series ? Ultra Seven G-SHOCK 45th Anniversary Model Unboxing
  94. Cherry-trees are blooming...
  95. Is a 5200 light bulb fixable?
  96. Mudman versus Gulfman
  97. Request to ALL members
  98. GA 100 Zulu strap conversion
  99. Gshock (One Piece)
  100. Edible Frogman!!
  101. Any good G-Shock spots in Sydney?
  102. please i need advice on this G!
  103. I realized there is alignment problem in my gw3000 orange version after receiving my gw 3000white
  104. Is This Price Right?
  105. Getting back to buying G- Shocks
  106. Help deciding between the DW6900WW-7 and the DW6900MR-7
  107. Received my GR8900A-7 and DW6900NB-7 today....fakes?
  108. Received my GR8900A-7 and DW6900NB-7 today....fakes?
  109. Casio Japan April Releases -- Men In Military Colors
  110. Lots of changes...Change of Watches, Single Status, and gone Atomic.....
  111. New additions
  112. Will my composite bracelet for my GW6900 fit a GW5600??
  113. Early G-Shock serial numbers
  114. GW-5000 Strap
  115. Help please!! Is this Riseman real or fake??
  116. you gotta love Macy's
  117. =====WRUW Friday 30 March 2012=====
  118. A watch to set your heart racing..... and then to measure it!.... The Lungman, a review.
  119. Update on fakes - actual response from Ebay...
  120. Anyone ever seen this 5600 collaboration?
  121. My Two.
  122. Casio G-Shock MR-G 8101JP - What a beauty!
  123. Detail Picture of Frogman GW206K-7DR ICERC
  124. I'm getting married!
  125. G-Shock Price for Value
  126. Anyone buy from before?
  127. I didn't know Coleman had a "Collaboration" with G-shock. ;)
  128. GW 2000 stopped synch'ing
  129. Decent Deals for Dee and Ricky G Shock?
  130. Admit it, I am not just addicted to G-SHOCK!
  131. WRUW Thursday 29 March 2012 -----------
  132. Frogman GW-200TC-3DR visits Maui !
  133. Green Army King!! Video...
  134. Going to Japan; Which G to buy?
  135. Home improvment, 5600 in action...
  136. The Icon?
  137. 200-Series Frog Band/Bezel Advice
  138. Where to buy adapters/nato bands? (GRX5600GE-1)
  139. suggestions for colours
  140. Giez
  141. nice retro collection spring 2012
  142. Question about the functionality of the 4 ring Maratac ZULU
  143. Good Deal on eBay for the GW-3500B-1AER???
  144. G9000-8v....anyone?
  145. My 2nd G-SHOCK
  146. Which would you choose ????
  147. Is the DW6900WW-7 in stock/available at Macys?
  148. APRIL is COMING~
  149. G-Shock GR8900A-1 - Dial Question
  150. Dw6900 delema
  151. Trash and treasure and a Digi-graph 'DW-3500' screwback?
  152. Do they make screen protectors for g-shocks?
  153. under the radar - AWG-M100 - review added ^_^
  154. +++ WRUW +++ WEDNESDAY +++ 28 - 03 - 12 +++
  155. What the?? Who measured these g's? G300-301
  156. So where have I went wrong here... EBay selling
  157. Do you use the Power-Saver? function?
  158. Strap Adapter for Mudman 9000-1V with Pathfinder PAW1300G Endlinks
  159. I love my Mudman 9300 gold and black!
  160. Stylin' Super Cool GA201 Light Play
  161. Homemade bezel, I think I will give it a FAIR
  162. WRUW: Tuesday 27 March 2012 (my birthday)
  163. New camo Bape 5600
  164. High end G-Shocks (MT-G/MR-G) worth the price?
  165. My scabby wrist...
  166. Dendrobates leucomelas - Poisonous frog content
  167. Part Number for G9300GY-1 Bezel
  168. Having problems with a giez gs1100
  169. In4Mation G Shock - More info please?
  170. Best place/site to get a GA-110HC-6 or GA-110a
  171. Fake or Real Riseman? Also refinishing question...
  172. G9000MS- Adapter and ZULU conversion possible!! PICS
  173. Man, took a while to find these ...
  174. G9000 Mudman NATO/Maratac Band Adapter Using Casio Parts
  175. Nigel Sylvester vs. Eminem Dw6900
  176. How comfortable is a ZULU strap with adapters on a 6900?
  177. OT: Need sugession on screwdrivers for watch job
  178. GW-4000
  179. GA201-1A Weak Illumination.
  180. Casio GW-2000 Bezel change
  181. Japanese G-Shock catalog spring 2012
  182. Mudman g9000mc8 parts
  183. I guess Frogs are not for me
  184. Hello first post and after some info gw-m5600bc
  185. GGGGGGG Monday Gees March 26 2012 GGGGGGG
  186. Overtightend screw in resin/backplate. Options ?
  187. Poor negative display on tough solar Gs vs battery powered Gs.
  188. New member here, need help finding an authentic GR8900A-7 or DW6900NB-7.
  189. Cleaning question
  190. The G finally arrived! PICS PICS PICS!
  191. First two G's
  192. Henry Rollins' G Shock. Can you identify it?
  193. OT: How about a BIG CONGRATS.....for DOUGFNJ!
  194. Red on the top of the world: G-7900 at the mountains!
  195. Ebay A1Aseller reputable?
  196. How To: GAXXX Series - stealth or painting analog hands
  197. Just left Macys. Lots of stuff back in stock!
  198. The Hundreds x Gshock in stock....
  199. Scratches on your Resin band
  200. Two Vintage Arrivals - DW-5300 & DW-6100
  201. A little dissapointed in my Giez
  203. G-Shock For the NAVY?
  204. GR8900 size comparison
  205. Tracking down a GXW-56 King in the UK
  206. Thoughts and review of the Brazilian aftermarket 5600C bezels
  207. Clocks went forward an hour last night... My G Shocks didn't update?
  208. If your favorite G-Shock were a woman, would you marry it?
  209. GW 5600 and 5610
  210. Deal snatched away from me :(
  211. Recommendation for original g shock accessories?
  212. Bull bars for my 9300GB Mudman
  213. Casio not interested in fakes, so, why should we be bothered?
  214. I know I shouldn't have laughed but...
  215. Newbie repost on compass watch advice
  216. Best looking White G-Shock
  217. How does Tide & Moon work?
  218. Gshock pics away from home
  219. WRUW Today? SUN 3-25 Edition
  220. Ruined my bezel
  221. Putting the extra alarms to good use
  222. Anyone have a GW4000?
  223. King strap question
  224. New Lovers Collections posted on G-Shock US Facebook Page! GA110 Module included!
  225. MT-G ana/digi Frogman
  226. Anyone buy from Ebay seller iyork_com?
  227. Postman arrives, my resin pile grows - GW-200 mods complete
  228. How to clean my Frogman?
  229. So GWF-1000RD-4JF should I?
  230. Mudman 9300 performs in Beijing, again!
  231. Which Frogman is more collectable or are they similar in this regards?
  232. My new GW 6900...
  233. Should I trust this seller on Ebay?
  234. Real or Fake?
  235. Frogman straps?
  236. GB-6900-4JF Bluetooth G-Shock in da House!
  237. CASIO partners with Worldclassbrands to expand presence among duty free retailers
  238. Question for collectors (loss in value from a watch being worn)
  239. CASIO expands Edifice Collection at BASELWORLD 2012
  240. Help me with Bezel for DW-004
  241. Question about DW5600E - 3229 module
  242. WRUW Today? SAT 3-24 Edition
  243. Someone is about to be disappointed...
  244. What should I do?
  245. Casio DW285
  246. Name all the G-shocks in the new Far East Movement music video...
  247. Re-Release of GW9300-1 series?
  248. GA Series Module Interchangeability
  249. Cheapest stealth G?
  250. Casio G Shock DW-6600 bezel and strap/band options