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  1. Can I Change Out Resin Band To Velcro Band??
  2. Which watch is this?
  3. best one?
  4. Collectors an how you keep your G's
  5. Solar Battery Dilemma - GW-700
  6. MTG 1500 Any one ???
  7. Is it me, or are the straps on 6900s shorter than everything else...
  8. Not a G but 112.50 Delivered/UK, Sport Pro Trek PRW-1500-1VER
  9. What do you think of this watch?
  10. casio alt-6000
  11. GW5600/GWM 5600? Who is selling them?
  12. Casio at BaselWorld...
  13. The Walking Dead
  14. 5600 Yellow anyone?
  15. Oceanus dead in the US site re-directs to Edifice...
  16. Daytime Saving
  17. WRUW Today, Monday, March 12, 2012
  18. Atlanta Spring GTG!
  19. Finally - a new Multiband 6 model outside Japan - AWG-M100
  20. The Incredible HULK mod: GD-100SC/GA-110B hybrid
  21. GA100/GA120/GA200/GAXXX Series - subdial hand offset "fix"
  22. Post your Limited Edition's and Special Editions here
  23. gw2500b dst settings
  24. OK, I give up...
  25. Tan Mudman and Golden Yellow RIT Dye = Pumpkin Mudman
  26. Finally got all the non-atomic Gs set!
  27. New to G. Receiving Atomic Signal.
  28. March Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!
  29. GB-6900 G-Shock with Bluetooth V4.0 (Baselworld 2012)
  30. Nothing special, the 2012 Baselworld limited MRG-8101JP
  31. gshocks real or no?
  32. watch tools?
  33. G-Shocks (and other watches) in movie "Act of Valor"
  34. Just Synced to DST before 2:00am
  35. Repair question
  36. Few Hydro mod questions.
  37. My first hydro mods...
  38. WRUW: Sunday 11 March 2012
  39. for my next, should it be the Mudman GW9010-1JF of the GW6900-1?
  40. no more GIEZ???!!!
  41. Please help identify a non-G Casio model from the 90's
  42. If you could own one and only one G-Shock -- which one?
  43. Any reason why you can't hydro mod a vintage DW-5600C?
  44. Someone explain me this pls
  45. Another Frogman Thread...
  46. Yahoo Japan Auction Symbols
  47. Great deal on a black Dee & Ricky x G-Shock
  48. G9300 mudman hydro conversion?
  49. Travel to Bangkok this April, any ideas...
  50. WRUW: Saturday 10 March 2012
  51. Fresh. The. Hundreds!
  52. Real or fake DW-9950
  53. Finally bought a Casio Giez GS-1150
  54. Do You SIG?
  55. How do you store your G-Shocks
  56. Ever see a GW3000bb . . . on leather?
  57. 2 new acquisitions
  58. I went to our local G-Shock agent today....
  59. Is the GW-5000-1JF coming back?
  60. All aboard.... The Hundreds hype train!!!!
  61. Anyone have any experience with jj_watches??
  62. Strange Ebay listing for custom Yellow DW6900CB-1ER??
  63. New Face lift Protrek launched, PRG-550
  64. One More Proud Burning Red Frogman Owner!
  65. Can you find Japanese G-Shocks in Hawaii?
  66. Giez, MT-G and MR-G alarm setting
  67. GD-100SC-1 That didn't take long....
  68. Can the resin for a DW8200 series Frogman fit a GF8250 Froggie?
  69. My first frog!
  70. GWF-1000 Atomic Frogman VS GW-5000 Origin
  71. Mirror LCD Mod plus Hydro Conversion (& scarlet RIT) - 'The Bruiser' (DW6900) gets Pimped!!
  72. Its FRIDAY! WRUW? March 9th 2012
  73. Can you use mineral oil for hydro conversion?
  74. Face Damage question?
  75. Got myself a new Solar GW6900!
  76. G-netics: if Casio released a "560" model, would you buy it?
  77. The Hundreds available at Macys.
  78. G-2900: not a very popular model?
  79. Solar Storm and Synching...
  80. First atomic and its bright...
  81. Strap adapter for GW-2500?
  82. Dyeing a WCCS Frog live on the board
  83. Weird Question...
  84. WRUW Today March 8th, 2012
  85. DW5600C Restoration Questions w/Pics
  86. MR G....G stands for.......(Edit, Many Many photos added)
  87. Just picked up The Hundreds...
  88. Long time no see! Need help with a screw ;-)
  89. First G-Shock
  90. Where do find the newest models in Germany
  91. Which g shock?
  92. I Need the help of this comunnity PLEASE VOTE FOR ME...
  93. Disappointed in the small size of the Storm Trooper
  94. My first Frogman!!!
  95. BCN Comando-G G-Shockers Off-Line meeting report!
  96. Authentic G-Shock Strap Adapters: DW-004
  97. Watch Repair Kit
  98. GW-A1000 Officially Announced(RAF Watch)
  99. Looking to get a PRG-130
  100. Anyone else lose their gshock after it came loose on it's own?
  101. I reported two fakes on ebay today
  102. Is this LRG x G-shock Obama Blue DW-6900 real??
  103. Easy Hydro Project - Casio MTG-920DA
  104. WRUW Today March 7th, 2012
  105. 1st post
  106. First Big Frogman
  107. Any reputable WUS members in NY seen the 9300gy?
  108. Domed crystal?
  109. Trouble removing a Frogman buckle
  110. G-Shock buckle swap?
  111. GWX-8900; the 8900 goes atomic and ICERC
  112. The TW-7000 (CASIO titanium watch)
  113. Some old G's
  115. Giant Yellow G
  116. My First Frogman Arrived Today- GF-8250-9DR
  117. display
  118. Bought the Nigel G-Shock without idea ...
  119. Dilemma: GR-8900A-1 or GD-100-1BER
  120. Ebay G-Shock sellers beware - I just experienced a scammer
  121. Casio AWS90-7AV crap?
  122. I havent worn the same watch for 3 weeks since I was in college.
  123. Strap alternatives for a G-7900?
  124. Well... Ribbit?
  125. Hundreds X Gshock sold out on Hundreds website. No sign of the watch on major department store web..
  126. WRUW Tuesday! March 6th 2012.
  127. Blue Speed joins Blue Marble :) ...
  128. My Saturday afternoon ... (G-Shock wrist shot content)
  129. Photo contest winners!
  130. What is the most best selling, most popular G-Shock?
  131. The G-Shock That I Wish They Would Make, But Never Will...
  132. Something a little different
  133. Need some help deciding on a Pathfinder or Protrek watch.
  134. DW-5300 comes back to life, maybe?? :)
  135. GW3000B aka The Aviator: I need help setting the date!
  136. What G-Shock is this? (Pic)
  137. Interesting mod I found on Yahoo Japan
  138. Riseman VS Frogman (Part 2)
  139. My GA-110 keeps hitting +10 seconds, anything I can do?
  140. Can you get a decent quality watchband compass?
  141. US Customs duty on incoming Gs between $200-$300?
  143. WRUW Today March 5th, 2012
  144. G-8900 comparisons wanted
  145. A Few New Acquisitions
  146. Mudman GW-9300 vs. Protrek (PAW-1500 or PAW-2000)
  147. G-001 w/out packaging value and how to prove it's not fake?
  148. question about MRG-7500
  149. I'm hooked on G; case is full
  150. The Postman rang once. . . .(brazil content inside)
  151. Issue while switching out bands...
  152. Looking for a particular Gshock for ROUGH terrain hikes!!
  153. 5600E gray bezel LF matching band
  154. The last to arrived and gold buckle... ( some pics of my humble family of G )
  155. DW-5000C (1983) restoration project (many pics)
  156. WRUW 3/4/12
  157. PASSION for G-001: Parky, Ducky, Pinky and Oldy
  158. Need some help!!!
  159. GW 2300-F vs GW 2310-1
  160. "Tin Whiskers" on Casio G-Shock IC Circuit Boards
  161. WVA320DJ-1E
  162. Sync Question - Casio Edifice EQW-A1000DC-1A
  163. New Arrival: PAG240T titanium pathfinder
  164. So Confused - Need Atomic G-Shock for 14yr old - Budget around $100
  165. Three New Arrivals or Rare as Rocking Horse....
  166. What is considered a limited edition?
  167. Skinny wrist strap mod - less strap gap & more flex
  168. Which G-Shocks have a compass (and what's the best use for the small dials on the main dial)?
  169. G shock 6900 BJ League(Tokyo apache)
  170. G shock 6900 BJ League(Tokyo apache)
  171. Quick Preview of The Hundreds x G-Shock
  172. Ordering From Casio Direct
  173. Photo Contest Voting!
  174. What would it look like....
  175. In4mation Rasta GLX-6900 For Real??
  176. WRUW - Saturday 3-3-12 :) ?
  177. Gentle Reminder : SG Casionauts meetup on 10 Mar to discuss Chapter Polo Tee & SG Ed. 6900
  178. My Old and New G-Shock
  179. My new Twin-ish Frogs
  180. Goof off helps but...
  181. Clarification on number of new Risemans for March
  182. Shipped in from Hong Kong: GW-3500BB-1A!! I have some Q's
  183. Should the WUS G-Shock forum have an official "members" G?
  184. Okay, so what am I missing here...
  186. Looking for advice: Which Casio Frogman should I get and why?
  187. Wish I had sprung for the atomic version of Mudman 9300!!
  188. Casio G-Shock BLACK X RED GA-100B-4AJF
  189. G9300 Mudman Compass/Thermometer
  190. WRUW Frog Friday 2nd March 2012
  191. Some went away and some arrived...
  193. GW3500 with orange strap from GW3000
  194. In appreciation of the G(W)7900 - post your watch here!
  195. model numbers?
  196. Why Do You Wanna Do THAT? (Solar)
  197. How about a photo of an Antman next to a GX?
  198. Deal Alert: Casio G-Shock Baby-G Clearance on Amazon
  199. New Family member
  200. Solar Power and Atomic Syncing -- Pros/Cons?
  201. Master of G within US
  202. I see why people used to have a bad idea about Gshocks
  203. GF-8250-9D Yellow Frogman or GW-9200-1 Riseman?
  204. G-Shock and my quartz preference (opinion)
  205. Are the bands/bracelets for the G-501FD-1A and the G-510 interchangeable???
  206. CASIO does not like GREEN?
  207. WRUW Today March 1st, 2012
  208. GX56 positive display mod ?
  209. I'm Officially a BURNING RED ADDICT !!!!! WARNING pic heavy
  210. Anyone here have a Mastermind Frogman?
  211. At least the shipping is free!
  212. looking for replacements!
  213. Gulfman strap replacement
  214. PAW-1500 on G-Lide - perfection IMO
  215. Help a Casio newbie -- What is it about the G-Shock?
  216. What Model is this?...
  217. Last photo contest reminder!
  218. Atomic Multi-Band
  219. G-shock DW-8600 Fisherman bezel problems
  220. MRG-121 8A G-Shock
  221. Help Please! Gshock GW3500B-1A or GW530A-1V
  222. whos watch didnt recognize the "LEAP YEAR"
  223. Casio Japan March Releases
  224. HELP!! My GX56 is not responding!?!
  225. WRUW Leap Day February 29, 2012
  226. Hello All
  227. Which GWM5600/5610 has the most legible display?
  228. Does your G-Shock do something quirky?
  229. A note to all DW-6600 owners
  230. A Mudman got me out of a ticket this morning...
  231. Off Topic - need some advice
  232. Anyone knows that where can i buy G-shock in Bangkok with nice price??
  233. New bands for the GW3000...
  235. WRUW tuesday 02/28/2012
  236. New clothes for my Muddy!
  237. Help Please - G-Cool GT-003 replacement band
  238. Sellers with great feedback but fake products on that auction site..
  239. My Purple Froggie ...
  240. question about my dw6900 "taxi driver" foxfire?
  241. Nothing special - but I like it - GW-810H arrived ^_^
  242. Availibity of 200 series frogman resin
  243. HORRIBLE E-bay experience selling to Italy
  244. WRUW: Monday 27 February 2012
  245. Advice for first Frogman purchase
  246. Currently available g-shock model with these features?
  247. Watch Tanaka has the new GW-4000s
  248. My GWF-1000 arrived today, a few pics
  249. I love getting White watches in the mail!
  250. DW6900 LCD MOD (Liquid Crystal Display + Coloured Cellophane)