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  1. watch as signifier of membership to social (not merely economic) groups
  2. WRUW: 28 Dec 2011
  3. G-Wednesday December 28 2011
  4. G-Lide DW-003 on ebay, someone please outbid me!
  5. my newxmas g-shocks
  6. What is your 2011 G-Shock/Protrek/Edifice/Standard Best Model or Module?
  7. Chrono Pusher and water...
  8. Thermometer function???
  9. Simon de Pury - G-shocks with panache
  10. Wrist size for the King
  11. Just got my Christmas gift from myself which arrived late! (Pics!)
  12. So many options!
  13. Test screen on Casio g9300
  15. WRUW / 12-27-2011
  16. Where might be the best place to buy a 5600 variant in the UK?
  17. DW5600EG-9 module update
  18. Good deal on a prw5000y-1?
  19. Need Advice... Gotta Give to Get... or Not?
  20. Need opinion on DW-9052 or AW-590 shortlist as my first G-Shock
  21. feeling guilty....
  22. GW-9300 buton + water problem
  23. The Crazies Casio?
  24. Where is G-fob?
  25. Things missed in prw-2000T , or what functions the perfect watch should have?
  26. Casio Edifice fucntions?
  27. tricks to coping with the waiting game?
  28. Great deal on a GWF-1000bs Frogman for UK members
  29. Christmas unboxing of new Mudman G9300-1...Love it!!
  30. Painting a G-Shock
  31. Thermometer/Barometer/Altimeter issues
  32. Retailer for G-Shocks in USA
  33. Battlefield 3: Gamers FPS video on YouTube (watch in 1080p)
  34. G-aholic
  35. Come on guys show me your Edifice Watches >>
  36. Looking for new casio....
  37. Desire 68's GWF1000-BS unboxing, finally!(Loads a pics)
  38. WRUW Day After / 12-26-2011
  39. SG Casionauts ist meet up of 2012!
  40. Singapore v Hong Kong Shopping Experience
  41. Modded the Gulfie...For my "Peeps!"
  42. DW5600 - can I operate with the buttons under water?
  43. Christmas Gs: You know what to do...
  44. My First G-Shock
  45. Christmas Dye Job Went bad....
  46. My three wise men
  47. Protrek PRW-5100 second hand
  48. WRUW: Merry Christmas Everyone!
  49. Army Green GA-110 and Men In Burning Red GD-100??
  50. Mission Impossible 4 mystery gshock spotted - its a King???
  51. setting the moon phase on a casio 3768 watch
  52. Picked Up A Really Cool Non G Casio,...
  53. Have A Look At Some New Walmart Arrivals,...
  54. DW-8200BK-1
  55. WVA-320 raffle update
  56. Atomic 9300 versus regular 9300 -- electronics experts please help!
  57. I wish G-Shock would make a brown watch....
  58. MTG-930DU-8VER - thoughts please
  59. G's and Bikes,...
  60. My first Riseman has arrived! and a few questions
  61. Photo Contest Reminder!
  62. Setting Daylight Saving Time
  63. WRUW Saturday 24 Dec 2012
  64. Merry Christmas to MYSELF with a G-9010-1 "Rally" Mudman!!!
  65. New Year's Resolutions
  66. Happy Holidays from AZ Fine Time
  67. Casio "Speedmaster"?
  68. GW3000BB-1A vs GW3000B-1A
  69. Master of G Series: Show Your "Men!"
  70. Early Christmas
  71. 5 minute mod came out quite nice!
  72. New G-1400 Gravity Defier (aka Non-Atomic GW-4000)
  73. Dee & Ricky Black / White wrist band differences
  74. GW-9300 price in the UK
  75. End of years purchase !!! First Collabs
  76. Walked into Macy's
  77. My 1st Jason!!! The G-001-8C!!!
  78. Love my GA-100 ... but ...
  79. Just a few pictures
  80. You advice on a couple Casio Watches I just purchased.
  81. FRIDAY! 23rd December
  82. New Era G shock --just came in today!
  83. Where To Get A Casio Gshock Gw-M5600Bc-1Er / Jf? Newbie Advice needed!
  84. Frogman: Need your help with a couple of questions & pic request
  85. New Limited Edition Hotei Tora DW-6900TH for January 2012
  86. Casio Japan announces new release dates for GW-4000 and GB-6900!!
  87. Just saved a lot of money on my Dee and Ricky by switching to Macy's!!!
  88. How does the Riseman hold up after years of wearing it?
  89. Place with the lowest price on GW7900B-1's?
  90. WRUW Thursday 12/22/2011
  91. Final unboxing before Xmas....
  92. Ana/dgi canīt choose.
  93. talk me out of buying a dw5600e right now
  94. Unboxing frogman GF 1000BP
  95. Those still looking for Dee and Ricky
  96. Frog bit!
  97. Shipping dilemma: what should I do?
  98. is this a fake???(casio dw-6600)
  99. A new one >>
  100. G wruw 12-21-2011
  101. anybody own a Suunto Vector?
  102. Parts for Limited Editions
  103. gshock white straps
  104. Help with my broken G Please.
  105. Final score: Frogman: 1... Screwdriver: 0
  106. HELP! G-Shock Navi-- Comparing Japan vs. USA Version
  107. Reliable sellers on Ebay
  108. Price of G9300 in your countries?
  109. Any info about the WL-S21HB-1AJF?
  110. Masters in time LEGIT????
  111. CASIO DW400 w/module 905 manual or battery change info?
  112. WRUW Tuesday 12-20-2011
  113. Unboxing the Phantom Menace....My Purple Phantom!
  114. A little help GW-1210A
  115. Mad props to FinalGear- Dee and Ricky
  116. Buying from Japan
  117. Need runners watch.
  118. Please Help me which g to get next
  119. Some Olive Drab lovin...
  120. Nordstrom rack DW-6900 knoq off !
  121. Buying a Casio G-Shock GW-9300 GB-1JF in Europe?
  122. Somebody really wants the white Dee & Ricky x G-Shock REEEALLY BAAAD!!!!!
  123. New stormtrooper in!
  124. A Merry and Colorful Christmas for you all!!!
  125. Ideas for my 9300GY?
  126. My Bag of candies, a spidey and a red frankencamo
  127. has anyone ever seen this protrek before?
  128. Matt White G-Shocks and Long Sleeves
  129. My first G-mas
  130. Vintage STi DW-6600B?
  131. G-Monday December 19 2011 WRUW
  132. What can I do for a scratch on the class?
  133. Walmart homage of the 6900/6600
  134. To resurrect an old model: Casio W96H digital watch
  135. Casio Giez History?
  136. prg250 under the tap
  137. Any one seen a fake 9300 mudman yet, heres a nice one.
  138. What new gshock model bezel should fit on the vintage one?
  139. And Then There Were Two
  140. advice on gw-3000b metal band transplant (photo of my gw6900 metal band)
  141. How accurate are Pro Trek's sensors?
  142. Getting topped off.....
  143. The Christmas wait...7 days and counting!!
  144. DW-6900SN-4: A Few Quick Shots of A New Acquisition (Real Men Wear Pink!)
  145. GX56 - should I/shouldn't I
  146. Check my New Project!!! ;) (VIDEO INSIDE)
  147. Asking and need help bout the Haaken G's
  148. GW-3000 series time zone changing guide
  149. How I watch time
  150. Early Xmasgift ...
  151. Results of recent G binge
  152. G-Shock DW 9050: Anyone provide info on this model??
  153. WRUW Sunday 12-18-2011
  154. DW-6900SN-3: A Few Quick Shots of A New Acquisition
  155. diference between GR-9110GY-1DR and gw7900b-1-g
  156. GS1050 Arrived! (Photos)
  157. Sea Pathfinder Question
  158. New G9300GY without CF strap?
  159. Need advice on a Frogman
  160. Water resist 20 bar.
  161. Raffle question...... WVA-320J
  162. Strap adaptors for GW3500B-1A G-Shock Aviator?
  163. I am full on in G Shock mode!
  164. Sat morning unboxing!
  165. Anyone NOT receive their Macy's phone orders yet???
  166. wruw saturday 12-17-11
  167. G-Shock 9300 Mudman vid
  168. Dee & Ricky question
  169. Dive depth from prg?
  170. What is supposed to be lying under YOUR Christmastree?
  171. Casio UK G-Shock East Dee & Ricky Launch Party
  172. Subtle Changes Make All the Difference!
  173. Is that good Casio?
  174. DW-5600PR-4: A Few Quick Shots of A New Acquisition
  175. how do you set this darn thing? help! (GW3000BB)
  176. G-Shock Mods?
  177. Who else wears the Frogman as a beater?
  178. Where To Buy & What To Get (1st G-Shock/Watch)
  179. Tough Solar Atomic GW6900-1
  180. I need to know....
  181. Heavy weather coming in
  182. DW-5600 C - What do i have?
  183. Battery clips
  184. Guess what this is.... (mod)
  185. wruw friday 12-16-11
  186. Why so cheap? GD100MS-1
  187. Gulfman GW9100 Sync Shots - UK, Germany and USA
  188. Another Dee & Ricky sighting in So.Cal
  189. Dremel; DW-290 on Nato
  190. What model is this?
  191. DW-6900 Module: 1557
  192. Frogman Vs. Baby G Frogman
  193. Together at last...
  194. I left the house without a watch!!!!
  195. Finally got my 9300 Muddie! (and a few questions)
  196. Edifice ef550 1av and being fickle
  197. $65 Pathfinders & cannot believe I'm ditching my Shock!
  198. wruw thursday 12-15-11
  199. G-SHOCK GD100GB-1 Adaptor
  200. O'ring / Seal Dimensions?
  201. If Johnny Bravus says its cool... Its cool!
  202. Need helping ID'ing watch model
  203. Casio G Shock Riseman on a 6 inch wrist
  204. Dee and Ricky
  205. The Illest G-shock has landed!!
  206. My first G-shock (pics)
  207. casio dw9000 surfing timer
  208. Got these sweet things in the mail and my son liked em so much he gave them a kiss
  209. G Shock GW-3000M
  210. Is this a legit G?
  211. Where to possibly get spare parts for a MTG 512?
  212. Casio G Shock Dee and Ricky GA111DR-7AJR
  213. It's huge, it's made in Japan and it's not a frog. What is it?
  214. Little mod: 8900 X GA 100 keepers.
  215. wruw wednesday 12-14-11
  216. Need help with module 548 (TW-7000, DW-3000)
  217. legit?
  218. Dw-6900sb-8
  219. Question for DW-6900MM-2 owners
  220. g shock dw6900nb-7 - 'chip' on bezel, like the white has come off and it is brown?
  221. New Collabs made in China. (D&R/Parra)
  222. GW2000 with red second hand?
  223. My D&R ShopCasio order was cancelled... Made a phone call...
  224. Newbie with a question
  225. So I get this MRG1100 in the mail...
  226. Smoke gray mudman
  227. Not your standard GWF-1000 Frogman...
  228. Birthday with the Frogman
  229. Rare Atomix Frogman
  230. Today was a good day...
  231. Holy Crap! $5600.00 Frogman on Ebay
  232. 9300 temperature calibration
  233. WRUW Tuesday 12/13/2011
  234. Which Model?
  235. G-Shock Question
  236. Wowed by new arrival!
  237. Please Help! Noob looking for GS1300B-1
  238. Edit Signature size?
  239. Looking for a 2nd gshock, any suggestion?
  240. Finally... a Limited Edition I would buy... AND wear...
  241. If you could only have one...
  242. New Arrival: First GW3000BB-1A - w/Luminox band Compass
  243. An "Old School" Obsession
  244. Estimated value of GL-150 with dead batt...
  245. New to G-Schock - Watch illumination question
  246. Buying a Riseman in Canada
  247. My little watch family... :)
  248. Shop Casio Order Status : DEE & RICKY
  249. My birthday was yesterday... Received 3 new G's!!!
  250. WRUW: Monday 12 December 2011