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  2. G-Shock x Parra DW-5600PR-4ER, Will You Go For It?
  3. WRUW Friday 21/10/2011
  4. Dear Ernie, are you fixing forum F17 slowness ?
  5. Celebtrity Wearers
  6. G that you regret selling or a special G that you would never sell?
  7. longest-lived G-Shock? Who has the oldest watch?
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  9. Shocking!
  10. My Custom Eva
  11. G-9300?
  12. Anyone own G5600A-7 & GW6900A-7? I feel like buying a white solar G.
  13. Help with DW 6600
  14. Hypotehical...essentials?
  15. G-Shock face mineral crystal, not sapphire crystal: protectors?
  16. Have you ever sold off a G-Shock because it wasn't very accurate?
  17. Heading for work to Hong Kong and Shenzhen - Need info/recommendations of g-shock sellers/stores
  18. My new GW-7900CD-9ER, mildly modded...
  19. My $3 silicone strap
  20. Is this price too good to be true?
  21. First G has arrived, Aviation GW3000BB-1A
  22. Send It Back Or Buy The Right Tool
  23. Atomic Timekeeping in Africa: Two Questions
  24. I did it! G9300GB-1 G-Shock
  25. WRUW Thursday 20/10/2011
  26. Ever bought from
  27. White G7900, need opinions--fake, or just different?
  28. gw6900iv band
  29. New additions including Ltd editions Pic heavy
  30. WRUW on WED ==> 19 Oct 2011
  31. Can anyone help with setting up my GW2500B-1A Aviator watch?
  32. Microprocessor?
  33. Looking for 914 module for G Shock DW5900
  34. GXW-56-1BJF Used for 175? Is that a good deal?
  35. Repair question: Are there springs on the 5th button to make the EL work?
  36. My maiden pic of DIY Casio stand!
  37. GXW56E for grab at Ebay..
  38. can we talk about buy Gshock on eBay here ?
  39. Casio laser sticker?
  40. The Return
  41. Bluetooth G-Shock GB-6900, your thoughts ?
  42. Do Casio Make Their Own Movements/Modules?
  43. Color advice sought
  44. Mudman look-a-like?
  45. Band n my Rieman dw 9100
  46. Tactical Black G-shock
  47. GX-56-1A vs GX-56-1ACR
  48. It's TUESDAY - WRUW 18 Oct 2011
  49. Deal Aleart! Black Mudman G9000-1V on Gold Box Deal at Amazon
  50. G-shock mtg1100-1a
  51. New Guy Here Needs A Little Help
  52. g-shock with decent alarm
  53. Suggestions? Keeper on a Mudman strap problem
  54. Found the G-9300 for $137.39 shipped
  55. love that metal keeper! evangelion too
  56. Wwwooohhoooo!!! It has finally arrived!
  57. DW-6900 shock the world "Join the dots"
  58. Any place selling the G-9300GY?
  59. G-Shock fans - Help me get a Girlfriend
  60. Wruw - monday 17/10/2011
  61. Question Regarding GWF - 1000 Frogman
  62. Another Happy G9300 Owner
  63. Pick up artist watch. Need a huge watch to drawl attention? What color? Huge white Gshock?
  64. Army Medic Watch?
  65. Toolwatching a GWM5600
  66. My new G-7900MS ? 1B, the joy, and the pain?
  67. OT: Tapatalk Experience/Help Posting Pictures to the Forum
  68. WRUW Sunday Oct. 16,2011
  69. OT (Mostly): Apple Picking, a Mudman, and a Reason to Love the U.S. Northeast
  70. Coldplay, and G Shock!!
  71. skin irritation from watch?
  72. Will DW6900/5600 adapters fit a GX56?
  73. forum hickcups or is it me being too fast ?
  74. Casio 2327 G-100 Help needed with assembly
  75. Some in stock form ,some "Legoed". Update of my current collection (Lots of pics)
  76. Another GW 8250 changes clothes
  77. Frogman Question
  78. WRUW Saturday 10-15-11:
  79. [image request] g-shock on small wrist
  80. Lets share our watch collections big or small
  81. Won a G-Shock t-shirt signed by Nigel!
  82. G-7900 owners
  83. which of these watches would you wear on a date if you had to choose from this selection?
  84. Does anyone use Vinylex?
  85. No Friday Thread today? WRUW?
  86. Recommended Casio street stores in Berlin?
  87. Can Wave Ceptor be turned off?
  88. mudman G9300 on ebay for a good deal
  89. Question about bezel painting
  90. Help!! Gshock gw-9000a
  91. My new gw-7900
  92. Frogman Helios questions
  93. Are new smartphones rendering Master of G series (and their features) obselete?
  94. This just in (to my house)- G7510-1VDR
  95. so hot .caiso 5600 Disassembly photos..
  96. WRUW -Thursday 13/10/2011
  97. I wish.....
  98. Has anyone seen this Casio before or better yet have a live photo.
  99. Toughts and pics about the 9300
  100. UCS x fragment design x Casio G-Shock DW-5600
  101. GX-56-1B lcd color?
  102. Dw6900 & gw6900
  103. Frogman Pictures
  104. Server down time 13th Oct. for about 30 min.
  105. GW-2500 Reverse LCD screens - tips?
  106. Can't Decide!! Analog G shock!
  107. $219 atomic kings @ zumiez's
  108. Wruw - wednesday 12/10/2011
  109. Frogman Lovers
  110. GW3000BB-1A: Not quite what I'm looking for ...
  111. Taking a 2 month brake!
  112. Your Latest Purchase
  113. Whats the value of this gshock? g7800L
  114. Finding new love for an old watch
  115. The new BabyG KeSha collab is avail. at Amazon
  116. GW-9100 Gulfman problem
  117. Question for FromJAPAN users
  118. Mudman G9000-1VDR owners - i need your experience:)
  119. Cool G Shock Information
  120. Looking to buy my first G
  121. WRUW Tuesday 10/11/2011
  122. G-Shock Straps and Bezels
  123. Look what Costco is selling :-)
  124. Has Casio ever produced a watch with better accuracy than 15 seconds per month?
  125. Hello.... new user with question.
  126. Where can I get a resin strap for my Jason G shock?
  127. New G-8900A-4JF Orange Color Previously Unannounced
  128. G-9300GB blank display
  129. -wruw -10-10-2011-
  130. Would you be interested in.....
  131. Value of riseman men in white
  132. ANOTHER OP SHOP FROGMAN FOR $5 THIS TIME! This one looks pretty old school
  133. (The first time in English forum )New photos for ga-100-1a1dr
  134. Loving those analog-digital Gs - MTG-1500B and MRG-7700B
  135. Older G-Shock crystals... what can be done to polish them? DW-5700
  136. GT-001 Strap Dye/Re-Colouring
  137. Which G-Shock?!
  138. Can you guys help me find this?
  139. gw2310 and gw2300f
  140. G-Shock G-001-1Aer "Jason"
  141. Wruw 10-9-2011
  142. Trouble charging GW7900B... please help
  143. Mudman GW9000A-1, any good?
  144. Can someone ID those 2 watches?
  145. First G-Shock: G7800B
  146. Tool Recommendations
  147. "BumbleBee" GF-8250 Frogman in Da Howse!!
  148. Kermit "Clone" mod pics
  149. Atomic signal in Burlington Ontario Canada.
  150. G-Shock DW-9300 Raysman for Sale on eBay with Paypal
  151. Just to share my complete vintage Man in Smoke On the Water series (with pics)
  152. WRUW: Saturday 8 October 2011
  153. How to remove the band from the Silencer?
  154. G Shock Winter Camo Mudman
  155. Casio G-Shock GW-9100MB-1JF Gulfman & Casio G-Shock GW-9200MBJ-1JF Riseman Men in Black
  156. White 2011 Dee & Ricky..?
  157. picked up a GD-100GB-1ER today
  158. New DW-003HH-9BT
  159. Advice for possible first G-shock purchase please
  160. Casio New Army Green Series G-Shocks for November!
  161. Hi!!! I am in holland
  162. Long lost brothers, seperated at birth...Reunited!!
  163. October Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!
  164. Atomic love - post your GET
  165. Fake "Kings" on Amazon
  166. Digital camo "king"
  167. 750 bucks for Edifice? Are they serious?
  168. Need Advice on my first G
  169. What Would Be The Best G-Shock for Solid Snake?!?
  170. Casio G-Shock GA-110 - some photos
  171. Casio Pathfinder give away...
  172. *--wruw-10-07-2011--*
  173. Incoming PRO TREK PRG-250T-7
  174. Need help Choosing Which Of these 2 Colours I should get
  175. OT: Who plays Call of duty?
  176. Mudman in Battlefield 3 Beta
  177. New Arrival - Mint DW-6900X-8AT
  178. GW9200-1 in Las Vegas?
  179. My Opinions On My First Frogman
  180. new purchase advice
  181. GRX5600B-2 arrived :-D
  182. How can I clean the resin strap of my G ?
  183. Questions regarding water resistance in older watches
  184. would you dye this watch?
  185. some of my latest buys
  186. Wruw - thursday 06/10/2011
  187. Pics: Finally Made My Watch Stand (After Being Inspired by Others on the Forum)
  188. GW-9010MB-1JF , where to buy?
  189. Black & White GA120's just landed - Pics inside
  190. When another person touches your G Shock
  191. Are the DW5600E-1 and the GWM5600-1 the exact same size?
  192. My first custom GShock
  193. What tool watch should i buy
  194. question on dying black gshock
  195. VIDEO : G-Shock MTG-1500-1AJF
  196. Pics of my GW2000bd Aviator
  197. Help needed... Casio DW 5600
  198. Women's Atomic Solar g-shock
  199. Weather Changes
  200. 8900 the "new" 6900?
  201. My work watch
  202. Gw-8900a-7jf gw-9200gyj-1jf gd-100ns-7jr gd-100ps-3jr
  203. WRUW: Wednesday 5 October 2011
  204. Band velcro adapter for G-Shock G9000BP-1
  205. Frogman for actual SCUBA use
  206. Kings!!!
  207. Polarizing Film
  208. FROGMAN OP SHOP FIND!! What's it worth? Back says Triple Crown
  209. SWC-05 World Cup USA 94 anyone got any info on these?
  210. Ok, so I needed to remove 2 links from my new 2000 watch strap...
  211. Synching in Boston
  212. September Photo Contest Winners!
  213. WRUW Tues 10/4
  214. Durability of Colorful watches
  215. dw6900 series - what do the eyes do?
  216. Really sad just ruined my new G shock 2900 performing ac reset
  217. What G Shocks have a superior alarm??
  218. Mudman G9300-1 + G9300GB-1 now available @
  219. G-9000MS-1 Hybrid w/ G9000BP-1
  220. I Hate That G Shock Marketing Is So Dang Good
  221. Gw-m5600 - gw-m5600-1jf
  222. Lowest price shipped to Canada for a GX-56-1B???
  223. Casio Duro 200
  224. Help me find my first G-Shock!
  225. 5600s with screwback? Ti cases? Atomic?
  226. Help me buy a Frogman!
  227. Question for gw-3000 owners
  228. WRUW: Monday 03 October 2011
  229. Fake gshocks on amazon....
  230. Pathfinder PAG240B-2CR on Sale 51% Off
  231. Why isn't my dye sticking?
  232. First G-shock mod, new GW-3000M look
  233. Solar problem with GW-2500BD-1AER
  234. GW-2500B price legit?
  235. Halloween G-Shock - Please suggest
  236. dw003 bullbars fit 8400 or 6900?
  237. Face plates?
  238. Best Online Japanese Shopping Agents For Purchasing G-Shocks Available Only In Japan
  239. Looking for classical digital
  240. WRUW - Sunday 10/2/2011
  241. September Phot Contest Voting!
  242. How to replace a Casio PAW 1200 band?
  243. Q: How to know the difference between G-revisions (fe. G-6900)
  244. Casio G-Shock x Nigel Sylvester at 139.99USD
  245. Anyone purchased from before?
  246. Ga120, Ga100b-4 mash up!
  247. DW-5000SL Spike Lee arrived, and comparison with 5600C
  248. Mudman in route
  249. Need Advices, which G should I buy?
  250. Do any of you like to buy a lot of spare parts?