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  1. Totally off topic. Need Entomology help :)
  2. Atomic Time Not Working
  3. Pathfinder (I know it's not a G-Shock, but it's a "kissin' cousin")
  4. My Military Riseman came in!
  5. How to remove the glass from the case?
  6. Casio EF521 Real Or Fake?
  7. GW3000BB-1A purchased as a dialy beater
  8. White G - 5600GLX, 5600a-7, or 6900a-7?
  9. An impossible part to find...suggestions?
  10. Casio G-Shock Tidal Watch 3151
  11. DW-6900NB-4 x DW-6900MS-1 Mod Completed. Pictures Inside.
  12. Any strap/adapter options for GW810D-1A?
  13. What Protrek/Pathfinder model this Ubisoft guy is wearing?
  14. DW-6900MS-1 Variations? Dim backlight? Different Caseback?
  15. Another "I know it's not a G-Shock but... "
  16. Incoming...New GLIDE GRX-5600B-2DR Black Hole Gloss Blue
  17. An old friend returns in the collection
  18. Hello London
  19. in4mation "one love"
  20. How many own the DW-6900UN Pegleg X G-Shock?
  21. GW9000A or GW6900?
  22. R.E. 8400 Mudman [Pics inside]
  23. wruw monday 7-11-11:
  24. "Jason" G-Shock Good for Big Wrist?
  25. Is this a fake GX-56 or a new non-US version of the King?
  26. Which should be the new watch?
  27. Who on earth thought this was a good idea?
  28. What g shock?
  29. Riseman Observation
  30. I know it's not a G-Shock but...
  31. Arrived - MIB Gulfman
  32. Too Old for a New Frogman?
  33. Giez GS-1100 issues - help please
  34. Thermal Shock, Help!
  35. I never realised that the GD-100MS is available with a negative display as well as an orange (?) one
  36. Big Boards ( boards with G-Shock ads )
  37. WUS, Ernie, and Casio USA are incredible!
  38. Need Guidance on My First G Purchase
  39. How is the lume on Casio Edifice models?
  40. my first g shock 130 dollars ?
  41. My new GA-110HC-6A
  42. UTC off by one hour with atomic calibration...
  43. Potential first-time G-Shock owner
  44. question about strap of G7900MS-3 and GX-56
  45. Gulfman- Octopus Encounter
  46. New Mudman, Frogman or Riseman, you can only choose 1, Which?
  47. Wruw sunday 7-10-2011
  48. Gx56 pics/info needed.
  49. Yes, it's another GW-9300 Mudman thread. My photos
  50. Looking to buy my first Frogman
  51. What happened to the GWM5600R-1?
  52. Goof Off not working, how else to remove paint?
  53. what g shock to get !
  54. G-Shock diehard review of the Ironman shock resist
  55. What's the diff between these two Mudmans??
  56. Latest Frogman...keep it clean?
  57. New Muddie GW-9300GB-1JF not a tool watch? I beg to differ!
  58. Tough watch post... what do you guys think?
  59. Newly Arrived GLX
  60. The iPad, a little bartering, and a GF-1000BP
  61. Yeah, baby!(New arrival with pics)
  62. Arrival - First Frogman - Atomic - picture heavy
  63. Cool G-Shock story
  64. wruw saturday 7-9-11:
  65. First G in a long time... g1100 Aviator (UPDATED)
  66. G 1000 Chrono
  67. G-Shock With the Most Features?
  68. June Photo Cotest Winners...
  69. Question about screws for bezel on gw-m5600
  70. Which G-Shock in new MI:4?
  71. New watch from Japan but non G
  72. His:CA-53W Hers:BDG-102
  73. Casio watch stands ...
  74. New arrival undefeated gshock
  75. Wruw - 7/8/2011
  76. My imitation of a Rolex ad campaign
  77. This is real!
  78. Some lume shots with my new camera.
  79. mudman g9000ms-1 CR vs g9000ms-1 ?
  80. my first digital watch - casio g-5600a-7
  81. G7900 - Red/Black
  82. 24mm zulu mod on 1K it!
  83. XXX - Rated
  84. What's up with the gray tin?
  85. Can someone please help me adjust the day of the week on a Giez GS1100?
  86. My first unboxing since joining WUS.(PIC HEAVY)
  87. if the mrg-100 and 110 count as g-shock than why not the tw-7000, anyone have a tw-7000?
  88. It's been a while since I last added a G to my collection...
  89. some close up G's
  90. Where is the polarizing film on a G-6900?
  91. Long time no see... **PICS ADDED**
  92. Need 2 Bezel/Strap/Gasket Kits for GS DW5600C. Please Help. One could be black and another in yel
  93. Question about a band swap.
  94. Welcoming the 11th.... (GA-110b content)
  95. help on new Mudman font sizes
  96. CASIO EDIFICE EQW-M1100DB-AER second hand doesnt point 12oclock. It stops at 58. second.
  97. Opinions on a possible mod
  98. GW3000 Sellers - Legitimate or shady?
  99. Have the GW 3000, get the GW 3500?
  100. WRUW: Thursday 7 July 2011
  101. GW-3000B time setting
  102. Ga100, ga110
  103. Since we're doing introductions
  104. Sorry Guys I crossed the line...
  105. Do you like EL backlight images?
  106. $100 alife G5500AL-1? Yes please!
  107. Need help getting screws
  108. New Riseman coming out in September....Not really impressed with the new colors..
  109. Casio Men's PAG240B-2CR; cloth band
  110. Are the removable bracelet links on PAW-1500T and MRG-130T similar?
  111. Anyone know of any Frogman releases in the near future????
  112. holiday:)
  113. New watch alert: atmos x Casio G-Shock DW-6900
  114. Youtube Review MTG1500-B in HD
  115. Please help - G-Shock 'Mudman' aw-570 bezel replacement
  116. My Hope Japan watch has arrived here in Denmark.
  117. New g shock gd100-ms 8" wrist pic also
  118. Couple of *nice* additions!
  119. Neglected To Respected In 60 minutes - Superquick Refurb Of An eBay Bargain
  120. New Mudman GW-9300GB-1JF Just In! A few first impressions
  121. Yet another one for my ever growing G-8000 collection ^-^
  122. Limited editions... is there any database online?
  123. WRUW: Wednesday 6 July 2011
  124. Any DW-6300 (First) Frogman owners out there ?
  125. New Arrival: PRG-110C ("can this be real?" aftermath)
  126. Got some parts in from Casio...
  127. Favorite military colored G-Shock?
  128. Moon Tides Fluids
  129. Mudman troubleshoot help
  130. Dw-5600-1wt fox fire?
  131. Turbokolor x G-Shock
  132. Can someone please help a G-Shock newbie find the right model
  133. DW-5600E vs. GW-M5600 size comparision (pictures only)
  134. GW-3000 resin to bracelet change
  135. DIY exchange batteries of AW-500
  136. A photo sample of my somewhat "conservative" G-Shock collection
  137. What do you think of this mod?
  138. WRUW Tuesday 07-05-11
  139. Finally introducing myself.....
  140. Most coveted?
  141. Joined the Frogman club!
  142. Is the strap on the Casio GX-56GB-1 all black?
  143. super super small mod, hope for japan.
  144. New to the forum and i need help from you lovely people.
  145. Dave Canterbury of Dual Survivor
  146. Pic Overload: My Favorites from my Collection
  147. The GWF-1000BS Atomic Frogman
  148. DW-5600C vs GW-M5600 Strap/Bracelet swop. (Picture heavy)
  149. Time for Something New
  150. Happy 4th of July !
  151. 5 are a collection?
  152.'s July 4th, who has a Stars and Stripes G-Shock
  153. Is GW-6900 BC out of production?
  154. A question about the accuracy of the moon and tide displays on the G7900
  155. New Muddie and Caracas ?
  156. G-Shock GA 100 on 7 inch wrist
  157. Any similar Master Blue for a G6900?
  158. G'S pit lane
  159. Have there been solar/atomic G-Shock fakes yet?
  160. My brief history with G-Shocks so far...
  161. wruw monday 7-4-11:
  162. Past and Present in a day, DW-5600C-9V and GW-3000BB
  163. ALARMs and countdown timer...
  164. I'm new here, I have some maratac ?s, and thanks for having me!
  165. G531D-4AV Spares? (where to buy)
  166. GA1001A1 or GD100MS3 ??
  167. Water Problems
  168. I need to replace my stolen G-Shock..any suggestions?
  169. GF8250 Owners - some help
  170. Hahahaha!!
  171. Can someone paint a white G-shock to black?
  172. My Holy Grail
  173. Need help with 5600 problems!
  174. What?? Two G's today and two on the way? What's wrong with me!?!
  175. Beer Lunch with the Frogman
  176. Help- differebce between PAW-5000 and PAG-249
  177. Are the GD100-1B and the GD100-1BCR the same watch?
  178. some G competetion? Timex T 5K196 Ironman
  179. Discolored spots on rubber G-Shock band
  180. Casio 2701 Module Auto Calendar?
  181. Lots of interest in the GX56GB-1
  182. Riseman 9200: moving thermo sensor
  183. How can I tell which G Shocks are relatively new releases?
  184. AWG-500J-1AJF with LED LIGHT
  185. Can't decide at all, HELP! :(
  186. NonG: Casio F91W Water Resistance?
  187. My small but growing collection...
  188. How Many G's have worn In A Single Day
  189. Another auction another pull :(( ...
  190. Wruw sunday 7-3-2011
  191. Which G-shocks do you regret selling?
  192. Review of 2011 I.C.E.R.C. Models: GW-6900K and GW-9201KJ
  193. June Photo Contest Voting!
  194. Cool Find. A Vintage Watch With An Interesting History
  195. The G9000 compared to the G7900- two questions about legibility, please
  196. Youtube Review New Mudman GW-9300GB
  197. Help!!! - - - - frogman price advice please
  198. G-Shock Loooome
  199. Mudman mindswap mystery
  200. Question about entering the lunitidal interval on the G7900 rescue watch
  201. Has anyone tried this DYE Mod?
  202. Got my Casio GS1100-2A G-Shock GIEZ today!
  203. G-shock with temperature reader?
  204. Looking for a link.
  205. Are these fake??
  206. wruw saturday 7-2-11:
  207. New to me G-Shock
  208. Bargain alert! GW-5500-1JF
  209. Where to buy more common and inexpensive Gs?
  210. Got my first G-Sock today
  211. (Non G Shock Content) Incoming from Seiya-san...
  212. Can this be right?
  213. Long Time Looker, First Time Poster.
  214. Master Blue Mod Project, Part II (removing the solar assembly letters)
  215. I dyed my OD green G-shock Military
  216. DYE a Blue G-Shock?
  217. WITM 7-1-2011 (What's In The Mail?)
  218. Where to get a all black replacement strap for my DGK?
  219. My 7900 Hope Japan will arrive here in Denmark soon - please post pictures of your Hope Japan watch.
  220. 4th of July G-Shock Sales?
  221. Countdown to the Black X Gold series
  222. New Watch
  223. Identify pic please?
  224. Casio g-shock gw9300 mudman review
  225. WRUW: Friday July 1, 2011
  226. Official BS Series Frogman: GW-1000BS-1JF
  227. My new 9010 [2 pics] --> Thanks everybody who helped with my decision!
  228. Is/was the GX-56 available in the black/blue combo too?
  229. Atomic question
  230. 2nd New one to the collection today, MTG-1500B
  231. Dead g-shock.
  232. New G-shocker and collector
  233. New acquisition.
  234. ANOTHER G-Shock Fan Site by...ME :)
  235. DW6900 fans what would you do to spice up the watch?
  236. All the Kings?????
  237. Unused DW-6100-7V white dialed model :) ...
  238. Question about the active graphic display on the G9000-1V Mudman
  239. Damn you G-shockers!
  240. Best way to get "smokey" smell out of a nylon band?
  241. Inside a GW3500
  242. GW7900RD-4ER Red Atomic Solar
  243. G-Shocks of the future
  244. LAST! reminder for the photo contest!
  245. so I haven't purchased a G in a looooooooooong time.....
  246. Moding My GF-1000 Froggie....Step By Step.....Its Easy....!!!!
  247. Heading to the Eastern Caribbean...Has anyone bought any g shocks from here?
  248. Velcro strap for Casio Gulfman Titanium GW-9100
  249. New Redesigned Mudman GW-9300GB Arrived today with a stealthy friend...(Lots of Photos)
  250. My new GXW-56GB just arrived>>