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  1. Amazing "stuff" from NIST...
  2. What is the best "Red" G-shock?
  3. My Whole G-Shock Collection! Mostly Limited Edition
  4. question of the day: poor man's Gulfman mod ???
  5. my little new G
  6. DW-5000SL-1DR and Bull Bars? ...
  7. My Casios
  8. A Frogman story, man did I hit the jackpot!
  9. Help with model...
  10. Retailers In Manhatten
  11. Where/how to get spare parts or bracelets for vintage MR-G?
  12. How do I spot a fake Casio Edifice?
  13. wruw sunday 6-19-11:
  14. Fake 7900 at American Eagle Outfitters Dallas of all places
  15. Casio G-Shock GW3000B-1A any good?
  16. A modding and a blog question
  17. How many Gs to YOU take on vacation???
  18. Nice family wrist shot
  19. GW-5600J on composite bracelet...I think I'm in love.
  20. DW-002 Bezel resin dissolving? restoring?
  21. My Grail Watch- A GD-100, Of Course
  22. Real Black 6900
  23. Gw2500- t1, t2, wt
  24. And this is my Frogman's.
  25. lost my g shocks button!
  26. Need help deciding
  27. Dont buy this...
  28. Black and Gold GD-100 Just Arrived
  29. A little boys' happy tale
  30. Purple GLX5600B-4 or Silver/Pink DW6900CB-8 Opinions?
  31. Middle East--Any particular Gs to look for?
  32. DW-9100 - String Quartet G'S full
  33. A couple of new additions...
  34. The GW9052 the G-Shock I always wanted ! Why did i wait so long? Tell me your story.
  35. wruw saturday 6-18-11:
  36. Ever had a G you like better in pictures?
  37. So this was a nice surprise (little photo heavy)
  39. Bracelet for GW3000B, GW3000BB, & GW3000M-4A
  40. Watch Case
  41. Looking at Casio Edifice EF 521 First Watch
  42. DW 9052 or DW 6900?
  43. Long time lurker………
  44. Today is a VERY good day!!
  45. Which is tougher ?
  46. What's a good price for a used GW-9010 solar/atomic?
  47. Hello my Precious
  48. My latest creation.
  49. The frogman club, born in spain...
  50. Looking for my first White G-Shock. Need your best recommendations
  51. Pick a G-shock for Me
  52. wruw friday 6-17-11:
  53. Impression of Shock The World Amsterdam, June 16, 2011!
  54. My first frog!!
  55. G Shock dw6900nb-7 help
  56. How green is the GW-M5610B-1?
  57. A Frogman question.
  58. What to do?????
  59. Gw7900b-1 problem
  60. Cool Video
  61. Idea for a Mudman
  62. Riseman MS in "office" clothing?
  63. 6900 questions...
  64. Final Frogman with Master Blue LCD display Mod... (with pics)
  65. Trading Frogman for DW5600C
  66. Two New Arrivals!
  67. Pins for resin strap GW-3000BD
  68. Best place to buy Riseman in the US?
  69. New addict, new G in the house, and a great ebay seller
  70. My G-shock story
  71. Question on DW-290 - "ILLUMINATOR"
  72. wruw thursday 6-16-11:
  73. Riseman thermometer adjustment on wrist?
  74. So, they have been out for a year. How is everyone's GW-S5600 holding up?
  75. About my order "Hope Japan watch".
  76. Just Came In a HUGE Box! (Hint: Starts with DW and ends in E)
  77. PICS - 2 new G-Shock arrived!
  78. Long time lurker, first post... here are my G's!
  79. To my GSHOCK "WatchGeeks" brothers, WELCOME!
  80. Eminem wears a G???
  81. Hard decision! GW-M5610B-1 VS GW-5500
  82. Switching a microlight to LED light???
  83. Oh heck, I think I'm addicted...
  84. DW 6900 inverted purple mirror display
  85. >>> new Gulfman arrival! GW-9110BP-1JF <<<
  86. wruw wednesday 6-15-11:
  87. Yellowished AW-500NS, Darkened DW-5600E..
  88. Gshock gw530a-1v
  89. New Package: IN4MATION GLX6900X-2
  90. Strap for Edifice EQW-M1000-1AER?
  91. Hello all!
  92. G-Shock "clones"
  93. Noticed DW-6900 changed modules.
  94. Dumb question about the picture in the top banner
  95. ST1 and ST2 G-Shocks
  96. Macy's Summer Sale
  97. Help choosing the right ABC watch.
  98. A permit to sell Casios on eBay?????
  99. My morning Mod
  100. Looking for GW-500A Band Screw
  101. Argh!! Gundam crumbled! Need glue
  102. G9000 help
  103. More stealth than the military series??
  104. 5600 case question
  105. G1200B, G1250B Bracelet swap
  106. wruw tuesday 6-14-11:
  107. Old casio with both digital-analog screen
  108. Friendly Summer Reminder: Deet bugspray and G's don't play well together!!!!
  109. Alternative to sgw-100 ?
  110. Protrek prw5000y-1 size
  111. GRRRRR - not happy!!!! Release date pushed back.
  112. Coldplay - Chris Martin @ Pinkpop (G-SHOCK content!!)
  113. Photo contest reminder ...
  114. Why I Love "Atomic"!!!
  115. The DW5600e Is DISCONTINUED?!
  116. Newbie from PI need help re: G1200B & G1250B
  117. G Shock GD100
  118. Does the GLX5600 Case and Band fit a DW5600e?
  119. Been too long...
  120. Some of my collections to share with the seniors here
  121. What watch to buy? Solar powored or regular quartz?
  122. DW6900CS-1ER needed
  123. pathfinder pag 240
  124. Help with next purchase please
  125. GW7900B-1..what color is the lume suppose to be?
  126. Looking to buy my first Frogman; some opinions please...
  127. wruw monday 6-13-11:
  128. Something suss about superchrono
  129. Mudmen at Chino
  130. how to pull out the stem on a casio mdv102
  131. Jelly G shocks
  132. Tried on a pair of Gs today...
  133. Casio Frogman from Creation who has delt with them? Information please....
  134. Dam these watch forums
  135. The coolest wrist-shot I wll ever take
  136. Why is the GF-1000-1D Frogman so expensive?
  137. Frogman - A Study in Jelly
  138. Thoughts on a G-1200BD-1A
  139. Is time travel possible?
  140. Is the dw5200 a good watch?
  141. Fake Mudmand Alert
  142. Places to look for Used G Shocks?
  143. Black or Black/Red Zulu for my 9052?
  144. Pathfinder Questions....
  145. G-Shock GA100 mod....
  146. wruw sunday 6-12-11:
  147. Question about temperature and quartz accuracy?
  148. Some Anime for the weekend.
  149. *FORM vs FUNCTION* Casios with Protective Bars ((("BUMPERS")))
  150. Impressions of Casio PAG-110C-3, Pathfinder "Go Green"
  151. Does anyone know where I can buy this watch!?!?!!
  152. Is this the right grease for watch gaskets?
  153. Just bought the GA110-1B
  154. DGK, KRINK, run seem over?
  155. Radio controlled at +6
  156. Two LE newcomers
  157. My Black & White additions
  158. AHH! Newb, I need help!
  159. Watchedeals on ebay
  160. GW3000BD and B
  161. My fourth G-Shock, G-7900-1
  162. Creation Watches (Frogman related)?
  163. Need advice on these two.
  164. 11/06/11 Is the Day of My Engagement!
  165. The Thing: My "Project" Riseman **UPDATE: Completed??**
  166. wruw saturday 6-11-11:
  167. real or fake? (ebay)
  168. any idea on an updated riseman watch?
  169. GW-410TCJ Silencer?
  170. pics of riseman, mudman, frogman on 8" wrist please....
  171. DW5600E Module 3229
  172. Newb here with my collection so far
  173. Confused on GA100-1A1??
  174. Gw7900b-1
  175. Are Casio phasing out "basic" G's?
  176. difference between GWM5600-1 and GWM5600-1ER
  177. Replacement strap for the gw3000m
  178. Little mod, BIG difference!
  179. dw or gw6900 for my first gshock?
  180. What size straps for G-Shocks?
  181. G 7900 on 24mm Maratec Zulu ,fyi
  182. A GREAT day to check the mail!! (picture intensive)
  183. Which G Shock features can you live without/not live without?
  184. GW5000 World Time Discrepancy
  185. GW9000 fault
  186. New arrival - PAG 240
  187. Krinks are avialable at
  188. wruw friday 6-10-11:
  189. waiting game
  190. Pink & Black or Pink & Mirror? Help me decide because I can't choose!
  191. amazon mistake?
  192. A little afternoon mini-modding...
  193. Need help figuring out G001 pricing disparities.
  194. Stormtrooper Mudman color
  195. Finally bought the wife a Baby-G!
  196. GW-3000BB-1AJF Just In!
  197. Not a Frog but can hold it's breath
  198. Any love for MTG's
  199. Atomic time signal in Nova Scotia, Canada?
  200. whats a good price for a UNION PEGLEG
  201. Honda Formula 1 DW-5000C-1A What's the story ? ...
  202. wruw thursday 6-9-11:
  203. In4mation x G-Shock GLX-6900XA-9DR ON SALE RIGHT NOW, FEW WATCHES LEFT !!!
  204. Where to buy Edifice
  205. very tough choice
  206. DW 290 -1v
  207. G Shock's Auto Calendar?
  208. Stain removal from solar panel face
  209. New G arrives home!
  210. Must Haves in your Gshock Collection
  211. Casio GF-1000-1D G-Shock Frogman Anyone own one yet?? How do like it?
  212. Casio rep here is SoCal said the GX56GB-1 will be delayed at Macy's
  213. just ordered my 5600!
  214. You Guys Choose My Next G :D
  215. My new Silencer
  216. Looking to buy my first g-shock
  217. Conjurer Goes Green!
  218. Casio services
  219. G-shocks in Germany
  220. Will the 'Hope Japan' Limited Edition Series Be Highly Collectible Watches In The Future?
  221. Any PROTREK PRW-5000CA-3JR owners?
  222. some of my Gs coming in June (Pictures Warning)
  223. Need some technical help with the 5132
  224. Couple of new Gs
  225. How To Spot A Fake DW5600 Bezel and Strap
  226. Some advice please if possible...
  227. White G-Shock Owners: A few questions, please
  228. Shock Restant, I think so Garmin Forerunner 305
  229. This might be tied for my new favorite watch....
  230. wruw wednesday 6-8-11:
  231. Do you prefer EL or LED?
  232. Im thinking of getting a 5600...but which one!
  233. Job Lot of 6900's: Hidden gem
  234. Dw-6695-k
  235. Just received the Hope Japan DW-6900 G-Shock (pics)
  236. Inner Bezel Ring Replacement for GW300
  237. Will the riseman waveceptor recieve them in latin america????
  238. How I improved the fit of my strap...
  239. Can anyone identify this model ?
  240. Why are GW-200Z (final frogman) bezels so hard to find?
  241. Interchangeable buttons on Gulfman watches
  242. New Riseman
  243. found a bunch of NOS mrg-100, 110, 210...should i buy them all?
  244. Pathfinder PAW1200T-7V for $167 on chronoshark today =)
  245. My big "but"
  246. wruw tuesday 6-7-11:
  247. How To Maintain The Plastic Resin??
  248. First Frogman....some questions!
  249. New to forum.. Pics of my first G-Shock!!
  250. Interesting Mudman (G-9000) dye job