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  1. -_-wruw 5-16-11
  2. Hello. A new member in Aus. looking for a GW-7900B-1JF.
  3. GX-56 vs GXW-56
  4. New Member - Glad to join the G-Shock Community
  5. How do you store your G(s) ?
  6. Which would you sell?
  7. how hard to find? how much to spend?
  8. new member g shock sticky for high speed trolls thread............................................
  9. My new friend
  10. new member here!
  11. Sorta screwed up... Possible trade opportunity
  12. G-Shocks: Laziest watches ever!
  13. Fake GX-56
  14. Resin or Metal
  15. When are the best G-Shock sales usually held?
  16. Question about the resin on GWF-1000 series frogmans
  17. Pink Bape x G-Shock DW6900
  18. DW-002, retro cool or bad taste?
  19. some photo with g 7900?
  20. The GX-56: what do you REALLY like about it?
  21. Almost got it, GW-200K-2JR, the first of GW200 series :-(
  22. My first White G-Shock DW-6900NB-7CR
  23. Need To Know if these are real G-Shocks
  24. DW-6900 with Gold face other than DW-6900CB-1-2?
  25. Anyone else have this problem???
  26. wruw sunday 5-15-11:
  27. What Function do you most use...
  28. Bitten by the bug
  29. Just added a G-Shock to my collection
  30. Gulfman Camo Dye Project (lots of pics)
  31. New arrival!!!
  32. Wife hates my cheap looking watch
  33. Couple of questions to help me decide!
  34. I'm a G-Shock guy now :)
  35. Can you switch the screen - display of a G?
  36. Strap dilemma
  37. Photo contest reminder - entries needed!
  38. For information, esp. UK members - robbery today in London
  39. new member to the G-Shock forums
  40. casio g5600 vs g9100(gulfman)
  41. which model should be ''the first g shock''
  42. Big mistake
  43. dw5600br
  44. Completed my first dye job
  45. What G-Shock
  46. ......wruw-11-5-14
  47. Casio G-Shock G-7900 black
  48. how do i tell if this mrg 7500 is a fake
  49. Got a fake Riseman
  50. New arrival AMW 320
  51. oldest and newest
  52. G-Shocks: Fashion or Function?
  53. Are these Japan release only?
  54. A puzzle for you all...
  55. For those of you still looking for a KRINK
  56. most beautiful g shock
  57. New arrival DW-5600C-1V
  58. Couple of new additions
  59. Friday the 13th Jason G-001 G-Shock
  60. Mudman - is mud really a problem for a non-mudman G-Shocks?
  61. Similar feature set to G7710
  62. Wruw / 05-13-11
  63. small Frog, BIG Frog, Small Frog?
  64. Will a GLX-5600 G-Lide accept a replacement nylon strap without any extra mating links?
  65. DW-6900 Disassembly Guide (DR FRANKENSTEIN)
  66. Doing the (somewhat) impossible
  67. A Collection of My Watches.
  68. Contemplating my next G purchase, what do you think? (G9000-3V)
  69. Shoddy service from Casio Service Centre in Singapore
  70. Mail came in
  71. Off Topic - Old Nixon, New Band
  72. Hi all, my first blog...
  73. My wife is a very HAPPY woman!
  74. Where can I buy a DW-5600LR on its own?
  75. G-5500 x GW-M5600BC parts swap
  76. casio gulfman vs g 7900 (standard)
  77. To buy a riseman? Or to not...
  78. just a quick question about setting and syncing
  79. GW-M850 alarm volume?
  80. GMN-550-7CJR Arrival/Unboxing!
  81. Yellow Frogman GF8250
  82. wruw-6-12-11
  83. my riseman and mudman :)
  84. "Eminem" & "KRINK"
  85. Bape gshock 6900
  86. 9052 mod help?
  87. How high up the wrist should a person wear a watch?
  88. Which Mudman?
  89. Hello From NooB. Why is it so hard to find a new Frogman?
  90. 9010, only model with Rally timer ?
  91. New Arrival from halfway around the Earth....
  92. Bought The Surfrider on eBay.. Good Deal?
  93. 2 Frogs getting a tan!!
  94. Where do you buy your G-shocks? (EU)
  95. Another new atomic frogman GWF-1000BS
  96. GD and GA parts swapping?
  97. Just ordered another GW6900 and have some questions about parts
  98. Newest addition to the line up....DW5600EG-9
  99. thoughts or advice
  100. 5/11 - wruw
  101. New Guy
  102. G-Shock bracelet?
  103. Tough, Compass, Barometer- Which watch should I get that has these??
  104. 3-way mod: all mixed up or awesome?
  105. dyeing job?!?!?!
  106. My well used G-SHOCK
  107. Amazon Showing GW3000BD Picture for Sale?
  108. Baby-G Frogman?
  109. Will there ever be an English language G-Shock collector's book?
  110. G-Shocks with rare bracelet colors
  111. My collection so far...
  112. My collection so far...
  113. Could I wear a 6900 G?
  114. Where to find GWF-1000RD-4 Bezel Screws?
  115. When Will The New In4mation G-Shock be in stores......
  116. looking to purcahse a gd100
  117. G7900 spare parts?
  118. Why the heck doesn't this bezel "turn" ???
  119. Some cheap G's @ Argos inc GW-M5600. UK
  120. Receiving item shipped from Portugel...question...
  121. HELP...G-Shock DW6100 Bezel & MR-G Titanium Bezel NEEDED.... :( HELP
  122. ---wruw---5-10-11
  123. WRUW 5/10 Tuesday.
  124. Fisherman in new clothes 2
  125. Fisherman in new clothes
  126. Cannot find Mtg or 2500BD-1a
  127. Can anyone tell me the model number of this Ana-digi?
  128. New Watch Box!!!
  129. Master of Gs (PHOTO share)
  130. new discovery in the G shock storage box
  131. DW-9052-!B - A (Slightly) New Color Scheme for an Old Classic
  132. New arrival and few pics.....G-shock madness!
  133. DW5600e Casio G shock-Backlight
  134. Love my KING, but...
  135. Requesting pics of the DW-6900NB-4
  136. Just picked up a Casio gw3000m-4a
  137. Zaku II (GD-100MS-3) arrives; best MS ever?
  138. Arrival Of A Rare Square: My DW-5000LV !
  139. Repaint resin end pieces on stainless G's?
  140. casio g56 king size comparison
  141. Blinging some Gs!!!
  142. GW-5000 vs GWF-1000 Frogman
  143. Wruw mon 5.9.2011
  144. What is missing from this Picture of my New GXW-56-1AJF
  145. New to G-Shock; need help selecting which one!
  146. The perfect combo
  147. 12 Vs 24 What is your Preference?
  148. Is there a difference?
  149. First Gshock acquired
  150. just drew a g-shock
  151. Help choosing basic casio watch
  152. Non-black atomic AND solar G-Shock?
  153. Frogman Question...
  154. Spare bezel, bezel screws and strap for G-9000
  155. Why Are G-Aviations So Hard To Find
  156. New person here needs a recommendation on a G-Shock
  157. Vintage fun ! Dolphin & Whale (1998) DW-8600 Fisherman - unboxed and snapped
  158. want to buy gshock green fron online store in eu
  159. WRUW Sunday 05/08/2011
  160. GW3000 vs GW3500 (newbie need help here)
  161. Ordered 2 Krink's from Zumiez....
  162. Just got my first of many G-Shocks!
  163. DW-03 and G-3010: Risky deal on Ebay or should I give it a try?
  164. I have a GWX5600B-7 question!
  165. Negative Display Frogman
  166. My personal Stealth collection
  167. Good price on a pathfinder
  168. What do you guys think of the G315RL-4AV?
  169. Legibility of negative displays?
  170. GW5600 battery replacement
  171. g-7800 photo thread
  172. Welcome to my GD-100PS-3JR in my g-mens playset familly [lot of pictures]
  173. Hello! Time to share my collection
  174. Thoughts on GShock GD-100
  175. Lets report a Fake on Ebay a day
  176. Wruw / 05-07-2011
  177. What a GREAT Birthday!!!
  178. Not a G - a Casio MMW 300 diver's style
  179. Any way to condition/moisten the resin without degrading it?
  180. Not a G - but an interesting NOS Casio AQ130BW diver's style
  181. Would my watch still be water resistant?
  182. Frogman Photo Thread...
  183. Making a Watch Box
  184. DW-6600 without "G"
  185. Current rotation - show me yours
  186. aw599 and baby G combo for $50 anyone????
  187. Custom piece (white Riseman)
  188. ***$10 off any $25 Purchase at Macy's - Valid until tomorrow at 1PM***
  189. Convert GW-7900B to positive display?
  190. Nooooooo!!!!!!!
  191. Casio New GF-1000BP-1DR Frogman....Has anyone located where to buy one yet ?? Want One !!!
  192. My name is Dobber and I'm a Shockaholic (Part 2)
  193. Just ordered one of these...
  194. 7900 color swap mods
  195. Yahoo japan auction help, first time
  196. Finally tracked down an elusive G
  197. Metallic Gold G shock coming?
  198. New G-Shock?
  199. g9000mx8
  200. Friday!
  201. ICERC Casio G-Shock dw-9200k - NOS opportunity - edit : Actually this is an 8600 Fisherman
  202. More on My Experiment with a Wrist Pedometer
  203. Its not just a Riseman.....
  204. Finally after many months of looking for a good deal I have a GA100-1A1!
  205. Seeking Feedback for the Youtube Videos.....
  206. May Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!
  207. Where can I order spare caseback screws for DW-5600 (1545)?
  208. Ever heard of aaa-make?
  209. Light issue with my newer GX-56 - blue King of G's
  210. dw-5600e discontinued?
  211. Sourcing Wademan bezel
  212. Battery Replacement, DIY or Professional?
  213. 8400 Mudman on the way!
  214. Help finding Edifice
  215. WRUW Thursday 05-05-11
  216. Please help me with my GW-7900b
  217. Passarella Death Squad DW-6900 on Deadstockshoes - 40% Off
  218. Numbered ltd edition G's?
  219. DW-5600E Blue EL?
  220. G-5500-1JF and Proud Parents :) ...
  221. New (To Me) G-100!
  222. Just got some GOOD news!
  223. You've all seen the KING, now Introducing...
  224. using different strap on DW5600ms1?
  225. I think I have been spiked.....
  226. Looking for an AW500 IE?
  227. Scratched Black resin band - Glossy!
  228. G-Shock case stretching
  229. Has EMS started enforcing their "no lithium batteries" rule?
  230. WRUW Wednesday 04/05/11
  231. Brown G Shock?
  232. G-unit
  233. Casio GW-M5600 used. Is it worth the money?
  234. I'm new to Casio watch. GW-3500 and Pathfindere 5000.
  235. My 2nd MR-G is the 121 TEC
  236. I am thinking of buying this pair for as anaversary gift (gifts) for my wife and myself :-)
  237. My G Shock Collection so far
  238. Curse you amazon 1 click, and sleep deprivation !
  239. Selling a G Shock
  240. ga100 How do you get analog and digital time to match?
  241. DW-5600E battery clip (clamp) -- are they available as a separate part?
  242. G-2900 any thoughts?
  243. My new G-shock is .... an Android!
  244. Zulu adaptor for MTG900DA-8V ?
  245. Today it's my Birthday and I got a new Watch...
  246. My 3 G's
  247. Wruw / 05-03-2011
  248. Black and Gold G-Shocks - new pictures
  249. Limited Edition G Shocks
  250. Has anyone ever used japan direct shop