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  3. Wademan :)
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  15. What do you consider the "classic", iconic G's?
  16. What's so great about the 3031 module??
  17. A-Life 5500 available at
  18. Should I buy a new DGK King without the box & tin?
  19. How long will the battery last with Auto EL
  20. Frogman loves Shrimps!
  21. Can you help me find Casio Pathfinder PAW1500Y-1?
  22. WRUW 03/07/11 Monday
  23. silicon grease?
  24. DW-5000 circa 1983 on ebay happy bidding
  25. With/ Without...
  26. Is Goof Off save for the shiny resin?
  27. question about dw5600?!
  28. Anybody seen the SGW-400 yet?
  29. DW5600C bezel availability on the decline
  30. Baby-G Launches New Watch Collections
  31. Light off?
  32. Any GW-2500-1AER happy owner ??
  33. Good to be back from my 3 weeks of vacation!!!
  34. "broken" g shocks
  35. Edifice Black Label EQWM1100DC-1A2
  36. Hong Kong: where to buy G Shock?
  37. Question on GW3000 synch indication
  38. Does a red GW-7900 like this exist
  39. March Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!
  40. help me to choose my 2nd gshock GD 100ms-3 or GA 100
  41. Mudman button difficulties: should i still buy one???
  42. WRUW Sunday 3.6.2011
  43. GW-5000 battery and synching issues
  44. GW-5000 stopped synching
  45. New tin vs. old tin
  46. OT: Rubberized Ray Bans to go with your G's
  47. Stealthed Mudman Rally
  48. GW3500B-1A in the US
  49. Wanna do a negative display mod on dw6900, any advice?
  50. G-Shocks you would like to see in a color that hasn't been made?
  51. Sold a few G's
  52. Testing the Water - Custom Bezel Screw/Rivet Sets for Frogman GW200 & DW9900 Series
  53. Need advice about repair vs replacement of my Gshock solar atomic
  54. Most badass edifice-post your opinion
  55. Latest Mod, DW-002
  56. Changeable faceplate?
  57. Tiny Speck of Dust/Fiber under Crystal.
  58. New to me G... pics...
  59. DGK for 108 arrived !!!!!!
  60. Mudman nubs,did somebody got rid of them ??
  61. XX-5X00 Decisions! What to do?
  62. Mudman - Love the honeycomb, don't need solar/atomic
  63. LRG DW6900LR " Times are a changing, Video Review"
  64. Red and Black is a good G Shock color
  65. 5600 Blues
  66. WUS Members and Moderators
  67. Zulu adapter for GW-3000B-1A
  68. Saturday Wristcheck 03-05-11
  69. An old friend back in the rotation
  70. [HELP!] My first watch - Gshock - what model to pick?
  71. Help me find this Frogman!!! :)
  72. Got me a basic 5600
  73. I like watches, so I thought I might fit in here.
  74. Do you know any G-Shock hacks? ...
  75. Mudman strap: Will it fit a child???
  76. Crooked Frogman Module
  77. Future of the Giez line?
  78. G Shock similar to the Riseman
  79. My Casio G-Shock GD-100-1BER ( Brief Review )
  80. _where do i get this gw5600-j gasket part?
  81. Crazy scam on e-Bay
  82. OK I need another G-Shock...
  83. Does anyone know if this is the same Redů
  84. Just got a "Stormtrooper" G-9000MC...
  85. WRUW Friday 3-4-11:
  86. Place in the LA area that sells frogs?
  87. DW-6900A Thank you Doctorsti!!!
  88. Looks like Terje is now a Swatch guy.... a little OT
  89. Question about lug adapters
  90. Jason G-001-1A G001 1A
  91. incoming g shock dw 004
  92. Anybody owns or knows about this edf105?
  93. G-Shock MTG-500-1B
  94. Love this G-Shock
  95. hydro riseman
  96. A quick "Hello" from the UK. . .
  97. New GW-M5600BC Owner
  98. G-9100
  99. Replacing metal bracelet for strap - GW-2500BD-1A - HOW???
  100. cheap g shock on ebay
  101. OMG! I have got it!
  102. I just bought two watches on ebay and they were delivered to the wrong state
  103. Interesting custom G-shocks
  104. Frogman spare parts question
  105. Oceanus Cachalot OCW-P600TB
  106. WRUW Thursday 3-3-11:
  107. Bape g-shock
  109. Just received this DW-6900MC-6JF from Mikeymoto...pretty cool camo !
  110. DW6900LR-9CR " LRG" Yellow
  111. my G didn't arrive in a real G-shock box - send it back?
  112. G-Shock - Which model?
  113. Ok guys need your help...
  114. Just got my Men in Burning Red Froggie!
  115. looking for GW3000M-4A
  116. gshock for the army
  117. Anyone got one of the 6900s with red display yet?
  118. Has anyone handled the GW-3500D-1AJF yet ?
  119. Got My First G-Shock, Have a Ques?
  120. G-Shock Newb looking for a bit of help
  121. The new purple frogman or the tissot t-touch expert???
  122. I bought my wife her first G
  123. Which G-Shock for an Ambulance Paramedic?
  124. GA110c Variants Question
  125. _wruw - 03-02-11
  126. Are Gshocks diving capable ?( excluding Froggie..)
  127. Should I get the mr cartoon g shock???
  128. Help me solve my Frogman dilemma!
  129. My First Mod...Complete?
  130. My New Riseman Vid
  131. Spf-100s problem
  132. G-Shock sighting on TV show
  133. My new g-1250 bd gravity defier
  134. Price of New purple frog...HIGH
  135. Casio G-Shock ????
  136. The new guy, and some of his watches...
  137. Krink dw-6900kr-8jr
  138. casio help -battery change don't know where to put feathers
  139. Which Casio model is this? Picture inside >
  140. G-9000mc-3 camo mudman
  141. G shock destruction tests
  142. Well Guys/Gals, It's Time to Say THANKS..
  143. Mudman G9000MS-1 help
  144. Is There a Yellow 5600 With Yellow Negative Display?
  145. Most wanted
  146. Casio G-Shocks on my Travels abroad............
  147. WRUW March 1, 2011?
  148. Packaging differences
  149. Casio Edifice Black Label EQS500C-1A1 Mini Review
  150. Wruw / 03-01-11
  151. Just got the GW-3500B today! Nice looking piece!
  152. Should I always keep Gshock packaging (i.e. box or tin)??
  153. how many kinds of g-shocks are there?
  154. New addition to collection!
  155. Tale of Two Mudmen - modules and bands switched (pics!)
  156. Ordered a GW3000B-1ACR
  157. Hey ya! new here!!
  158. Baby G and G Shock Mini's?
  159. Setting seconds on CDT?
  160. Don't like your Gulfman Strap ...
  161. First time buyer for G-Shocks
  162. February Photo Contest Winners!
  163. March 2011 New Products on Casio site
  164. Want to custom my DW-6900-1V, help
  165. Wruw? 2/28/11
  166. Mr. Cartoon DW6900MRC-8
  167. rare g shocks?
  168. G Shock Newbie
  169. Another Crazy deal Get in here Pronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! DGK!!!!!
  170. Symptoms of G-Shock Fever
  171. Does a G-5600A-7 band and bezel fit a GW-M5600?
  172. Leather and Nylon Strap on GW-6900 and GW-M5600 (pics)
  173. Looking for an ani-digital G-Shock with EL, or auto EL?
  174. My Collection
  175. My very first Edifice watch!
  176. Got a brand new Riseman, now im frustrated.
  177. Strap compass pics
  178. ordered my first G-Shock- DW-6900MM-2JF
  179. Do you think a woman can wear G5600E 1DR?
  180. contemplating 5600ms/5600e module swap
  181. What do we think of this G?
  182. what ???!! Both my Mudmans gets a foggy display..
  183. Giez GS 1100-1AER - Auto LED?
  184. Where to send Casio watch for repair...Need help (searched)
  185. Lrg g-shock
  186. A quick repair question
  187. Tough Decisions
  188. Wruw: 2/27/11
  189. OT :Where to buy GSHOCKS online Post?
  190. Eminem wearing white 6900 in the newest DR. DRE clip [little bit OT]
  191. Edifice watches
  192. Hydro Mod, is it reversible?
  193. February Photo Contest Voting!
  194. Ben Davis x G-Shock DW-5600
  195. i think i found my favorite g-shock ever...
  196. Solar Atomic Question
  197. New Watch ........ Mudman
  198. I need a strap for my dw 5700...
  199. WRUW Sat. Feb. 26, 2011?
  200. Hush..! They are sleeping...
  201. G7900 Screws still a problem?
  202. trying to find the name of this g shock
  203. _casio wrist band wings??????????
  204. DW-9052 Gets New Gold Letterings
  205. what is the lug/screw size of a gw200ms-1 frogman can someone put upa link from amazon
  206. Gwm5600a-3 vs g5600a-3 vs wildcard?
  207. GW-200MS-1 Hydro.
  208. DW-5600E-1VR adjust button
  209. LAST! reminder for the photo contest!
  210. Casio aw591ml vs mudman for Army basic training
  211. what city code for Texas G-shockers
  212. I was robbed tonight, not a happy camper
  213. Multi band 6 question...
  214. New to the Forums
  215. New here, and in need of advice...
  216. Dw6900-1v
  217. Interchangeable parts??
  218. Gw-6900a-9
  219. WRUW Friday 2-25-11:
  220. Mystery Shopping :)
  221. Gw3000bd-1a band question
  222. Parts Question...Edit: I think I'm going to cry!
  223. The $89.99 GXW-56e
  224. Will SPF-40 strap work on SPF40T?
  225. My Japanese import big boys
  226. Gravity Defier: GW1250BD-1A in the house
  227. 5500 series
  228. Which G Shock would you pick up next?
  229. Very cool G-Shock retail stand for SoCalers...
  230. THURSDAY - WRUW - 24 Feb 2011
  231. My G-shock story...
  232. Gw-6900b
  233. Flashback: DW-5600EB series
  234. Real life pics of DW6900SB-9 METALLIC
  235. Wow, even G.I. Joe's Frogman is expensive
  236. Gw-7900B-1(JS) vs GW-7900-BMS-1
  237. *DGK - I had no idea
  238. Would you buy a new 5700 model G-Shock if one came out?
  239. Pif: G9000ms-1
  240. A Question Thats Bugging Me
  241. Riseman Dilemma - Atomic unavailable (advice needed!)
  242. G-1200 have got wrong day of the week
  243. BLVCK SCVLE x Supply Circuit 5600 @ KarmaLoop for $52!!
  244. 2 months of using and this happens + little mod by accident (photos)
  245. Casio SPF 40 reanimation
  246. GW6900A-7 in the UK....where
  247. OT: Why do images get downscaled even if they are 800 X 600?
  248. New to G-Shock (now I understand) GW3000B
  249. Band and Bezel Grail Find
  250. [Fixed] Achilles heel of the King GX56: metal screw in resin holes, a recipe for disasters!