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  1. pathfinder pag 240
  2. Help with next purchase please
  3. GW7900B-1..what color is the lume suppose to be?
  4. Looking to buy my first Frogman; some opinions please...
  5. wruw monday 6-13-11:
  6. Something suss about superchrono
  7. Mudmen at Chino
  8. how to pull out the stem on a casio mdv102
  9. Jelly G shocks
  10. Tried on a pair of Gs today...
  11. Casio Frogman from Creation who has delt with them? Information please....
  12. Dam these watch forums
  13. The coolest wrist-shot I wll ever take
  14. Why is the GF-1000-1D Frogman so expensive?
  15. Frogman - A Study in Jelly
  16. Thoughts on a G-1200BD-1A
  17. Is time travel possible?
  18. Is the dw5200 a good watch?
  19. Fake Mudmand Alert
  20. Places to look for Used G Shocks?
  21. Black or Black/Red Zulu for my 9052?
  22. Pathfinder Questions....
  23. G-Shock GA100 mod....
  24. wruw sunday 6-12-11:
  25. Question about temperature and quartz accuracy?
  26. Some Anime for the weekend.
  27. *FORM vs FUNCTION* Casios with Protective Bars ((("BUMPERS")))
  28. Impressions of Casio PAG-110C-3, Pathfinder "Go Green"
  29. Does anyone know where I can buy this watch!?!?!!
  30. Is this the right grease for watch gaskets?
  31. Just bought the GA110-1B
  32. DGK, KRINK, run seem over?
  33. Radio controlled at +6
  34. Two LE newcomers
  35. My Black & White additions
  36. AHH! Newb, I need help!
  37. Watchedeals on ebay
  38. GW3000BD and B
  39. My fourth G-Shock, G-7900-1
  40. Creation Watches (Frogman related)?
  41. Need advice on these two.
  42. 11/06/11 Is the Day of My Engagement!
  43. The Thing: My "Project" Riseman **UPDATE: Completed??**
  44. wruw saturday 6-11-11:
  45. real or fake? (ebay)
  46. any idea on an updated riseman watch?
  47. GW-410TCJ Silencer?
  48. pics of riseman, mudman, frogman on 8" wrist please....
  49. DW5600E Module 3229
  50. Newb here with my collection so far
  51. Confused on GA100-1A1??
  52. Gw7900b-1
  53. Are Casio phasing out "basic" G's?
  54. difference between GWM5600-1 and GWM5600-1ER
  55. Replacement strap for the gw3000m
  56. Little mod, BIG difference!
  57. dw or gw6900 for my first gshock?
  58. What size straps for G-Shocks?
  59. G 7900 on 24mm Maratec Zulu ,fyi
  60. A GREAT day to check the mail!! (picture intensive)
  61. Which G Shock features can you live without/not live without?
  62. GW5000 World Time Discrepancy
  63. GW9000 fault
  64. New arrival - PAG 240
  65. Krinks are avialable at
  66. wruw friday 6-10-11:
  67. waiting game
  68. Pink & Black or Pink & Mirror? Help me decide because I can't choose!
  69. amazon mistake?
  70. A little afternoon mini-modding...
  71. Need help figuring out G001 pricing disparities.
  72. Stormtrooper Mudman color
  73. Finally bought the wife a Baby-G!
  74. GW-3000BB-1AJF Just In!
  75. Not a Frog but can hold it's breath
  76. Any love for MTG's
  77. Atomic time signal in Nova Scotia, Canada?
  78. whats a good price for a UNION PEGLEG
  79. Honda Formula 1 DW-5000C-1A What's the story ? ...
  80. wruw thursday 6-9-11:
  81. In4mation x G-Shock GLX-6900XA-9DR ON SALE RIGHT NOW, FEW WATCHES LEFT !!!
  82. Where to buy Edifice
  83. very tough choice
  84. DW 290 -1v
  85. G Shock's Auto Calendar?
  86. Stain removal from solar panel face
  87. New G arrives home!
  88. Must Haves in your Gshock Collection
  89. Casio GF-1000-1D G-Shock Frogman Anyone own one yet?? How do like it?
  90. Casio rep here is SoCal said the GX56GB-1 will be delayed at Macy's
  91. just ordered my 5600!
  92. You Guys Choose My Next G :D
  93. My new Silencer
  94. Looking to buy my first g-shock
  95. Conjurer Goes Green!
  96. Casio services
  97. G-shocks in Germany
  98. Will the 'Hope Japan' Limited Edition Series Be Highly Collectible Watches In The Future?
  99. Any PROTREK PRW-5000CA-3JR owners?
  100. some of my Gs coming in June (Pictures Warning)
  101. Need some technical help with the 5132
  102. Couple of new Gs
  103. How To Spot A Fake DW5600 Bezel and Strap
  104. Some advice please if possible...
  105. White G-Shock Owners: A few questions, please
  106. Shock Restant, I think so Garmin Forerunner 305
  107. This might be tied for my new favorite watch....
  108. wruw wednesday 6-8-11:
  109. Do you prefer EL or LED?
  110. Im thinking of getting a 5600...but which one!
  111. Job Lot of 6900's: Hidden gem
  112. Dw-6695-k
  113. Just received the Hope Japan DW-6900 G-Shock (pics)
  114. Inner Bezel Ring Replacement for GW300
  115. Will the riseman waveceptor recieve them in latin america????
  116. How I improved the fit of my strap...
  117. Can anyone identify this model ?
  118. Why are GW-200Z (final frogman) bezels so hard to find?
  119. Interchangeable buttons on Gulfman watches
  120. New Riseman
  121. found a bunch of NOS mrg-100, 110, 210...should i buy them all?
  122. Pathfinder PAW1200T-7V for $167 on chronoshark today =)
  123. My big "but"
  124. wruw tuesday 6-7-11:
  125. How To Maintain The Plastic Resin??
  126. First Frogman....some questions!
  127. New to forum.. Pics of my first G-Shock!!
  128. Interesting Mudman (G-9000) dye job
  129. Can we get the high end stuff (MR-T & MR-G Line) in the US?
  130. DW-5600 only $50?!
  131. is there way to make a g shock bezel?
  132. GW9000 muddie
  133. Does Three make a "collection"?
  134. New G Shock in the mail... Welcome GW6900BC-1...
  135. G shock x in4mation glx6900xa-9 unboxing (warning-picture heavy)
  136. G shock dw8300
  137. GDF-100 backlight?
  138. GW2500B-1A vs. GW2500BD-1
  139. Will a G-Shock work every day?
  140. Help me recreate DW 5600 WC (FIFA)
  141. Maintaining your g-shock
  142. Need help with first G
  143. Velcro band for CASIO G7900MS-1B
  144. First G-shock: Master of G: Atomic Solar
  145. New addition (VINTAGE?) Casio GT-008 G-COOL w/ bracelet
  146. WRUW Monday 6-6-11
  147. 5.5 inch wrist...advice?
  148. Somebody call 911! Burning Package in the house!
  149. Can't get any bluer than the DW6900 MM Matte Blue!
  150. collection update
  151. 3194 - Which case? 7900 or 6900
  152. how can I soften this watches strap?
  153. New to the G-shocks. Will the 3000M come back around again??
  154. which 5600??
  155. Gw-3000bd
  156. Need some help, whats the best price to pay for a Master blue Frogman
  157. June Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!
  158. Newly Dyed Baby-G
  159. At last - another G that might really get Wristtime except for my DW 5600 E.
  160. Let me introduce you to the DW 9003...
  161. Can't decide between two white g-shocks
  162. G-7900: Is the Leather on the band a concern?
  163. Help me pick out my first G Shock!
  164. Won this on Ebay
  165. By the looks of it this ones from 1994 ! >>
  166. ana-digi with best lume?
  167. My old G has a friend on the way!!! (a true G weekend)
  168. Baby G-Shock White Wale Questions (wifes)
  169. G-7700-1dr
  170. OK I saw the GW-9200 and GW-3000 worn by real pilots
  171. Review of Mudman G-9000MS.
  172. wruw sunday 6-5-11:
  173. SGW-300H-1A plastic screen or glass screen? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  174. A 6900 Fest! Pt. I
  175. Frogman purchase advice
  176. Springbar HELP!
  177. GA-100 "Diver-pilot"
  178. Newbie looking for "stealthy" atomic
  179. DW-6900NB-1 unboxing and photos
  180. A new baby has been added to the Soltura family
  181. A Rookie Question
  182. A day at the Air Show
  183. Casio JG-300 CyberMax Shock Sensor?
  184. wruw saturday 6-4-11:
  185. I love surprises!
  186. Decided to dye my GW-M850 black.
  187. New Arrival: DW6900NB-7 (Warning-Picture Heavy)
  188. Reputable e-bay vendors?
  189. DW-9000B-1A4 w/ DW-003XS Bull Bars ...
  190. Awesome New Arrival !!!
  191. Anyone purchase from before?
  192. Just picked up my second G...
  193. Any one got the web address for Yahoo Japan?
  194. Dw6900NB-7 bezel
  195. 3031 and 3194
  196. How many do you take?
  197. Shock The World and G-Shock T-Shirts?!
  198. The proper care and feeding of a Solar?
  199. Just got my G9000BP-1!!!
  200. USA To Get Non-Atomic Black & Gold Mudman G-9300GB & GX-56B
  201. My Casio Edifice Gold Label EFX-510P
  202. Seen this? - Casio G Shock Inverted LCD Mod Service, STEALTH LOOK!
  203. Canada Post !!
  204. FINALLY purchased my first G--GW7900B-1
  205. BLVCK SCVLE unboxing
  206. Reversing a hydro G-Shock???
  207. wruw friday 6-3-11:
  208. Buying a White G-SHOCK. HELP!!!!
  209. my dw9053 pics!
  210. Replacement Resin Strap for my G-lide DW-004 instead of bulky velcro
  211. is this a good watch? SGW-300H-1AV
  212. (Another) new addition - dw 8300 aka stargate
  213. Future GW-3600? GW-3500 G-Shock Body with Pro-Trek Display.
  214. which gshock to get? gw500a-1v OR gw700a-1v
  215. Casio watch strap tensioner
  216. My next one...You decide!!!
  217. Next one?
  218. will the dw9052 fit under a shirt cuff?
  219. CASIO Protrek Triple Sensor (Module 1470): Battery / Reset question
  220. Atomic, solar and analog?
  221. Is this model a decent G
  222. Riseman Bezel swap help
  223. New look for my gw 9200 riseman - bull bars & strap change
  224. GWM5600 and GLX5600 Sizes
  225. wruw thursday 6-2-11:
  226. Let's see your G's collection! Big or Small don't be shy. We all start with one!
  227. Is there a set time of the year that casio releases new gshocks?
  228. My first ever G-Shock dyeing project (Updated with pictures and QUESTIONS)
  229. Opinion needed for Casio GW-M850 (white band)
  230. I drew a g shock :)
  231. Pathfinder PAG240 question
  232. How much RIT dye to use?!
  233. How do you tell if its a new or full moon on a g shock 7900?
  234. Fingers crossed, testing my skills
  235. Is this normal for a package sent from Hong Kong to USA?
  236. New member looking for first G
  237. Is the G-7900-3D a special edition?
  238. Went shopping for watch for swimming. Didn't realize all the features! How to sort through them?
  239. Calling All Bull Bars :D !!
  240. Fresh in today GW-6900CC-1JF
  241. Mudman GW-9300 detail photos
  242. Going to Buy First G shock watch. Need suggestions
  243. Need help! Stussy G-Shock Legit check
  244. My G-Shock is gaining twice as much as the specs say, is this normal?
  245. Question about receiving atomic time signals on non Multi Band G-Shocks? ?
  246. My "new" G7900-4 (black) :p...G7900-4 black?!
  247. DW-8800JP code name
  248. New G-Shock Day. DW-6900NB-4 Pictures.
  249. G:s at holiday! POST UP!
  250. Special thanks to Time4Fun