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  1. Post your first & second G-Shock!
  2. Does anyone know how to change inner bezel on Pathfinder PAW1300?
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  5. New GA-100 Stealth - Bad Ass Watch
  6. RUBY L/E Frogman shown @ Basel World
  7. Riseman altitude reading interval.
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  9. Caught in public
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  11. I made my choice.
  12. Which G is for me
  13. My Latest Addition
  14. Gd100sc-1dr
  15. Frogman wrist-size question
  16. What use for round graphic displays ?
  17. New G9100 from Amazon - What is supposed to come with it?
  18. Deal of the Day: Casio Edifice EFX-700P-1
  19. Which city code for Columbus Ohio
  20. My first' Mudman' MX
  21. New to the g-shock world
  22. WRUW Friday 3-25-11:
  23. Gshock GW530A-1V
  24. My First G Shock: Rescue Me by GunstarHero
  25. My new Gs taking a sun bath, all atomic/solar, and one question
  26. New color variant of a sturdy classic (or at least new to USA)
  27. OT: I think somebody mentioned something like this before (Citizen watch sync time by GPS)
  28. Poll: EL or LED backlight? + some EL questions
  29. Band for GW-5000, GW-5000B
  30. Someone got the GDF-100? We need pictures!
  31. triple crown of surfing frogman
  32. New guy with a question...
  33. Gw3000 Aviator Bezel Removal
  34. Intoduced My 'G'
  35. 2011 limited MRG 8100
  36. Casio G-5600A-7 in Singapore, Malaysia or China?
  37. my new g-shock:)
  38. WRUW Thursday 3-24-11:
  39. New arrival: ana/digi GA-110C-1ACR unboxing pics :)
  40. My New Casio...AE-2000W & Protrek 500Y.....
  41. G Shock toolkit
  42. G-shock AWG-500J-1AJF
  43. PAG40 Bezel
  44. New G, some praise, and a rant
  45. frogman g shock
  46. Protrek PRW-2500
  47. Riseman thermometer accuracy?
  48. Shock the World T-shirt many thanks to DragonJade for his giveaway.
  49. G Shock G-7900
  50. G-Shock SOTC *pics
  51. Casio Wave Ceptor 4798 - A/C Reset after Changing Battery Question
  52. _"G" SHOCK camera_
  53. Recently purchased Casio PAW2000-1CR
  54. Edifice EQW-A1000 with Smart Access
  55. Frog Bezel/Strap conpatibality question
  56. Shipping Question!????
  57. Analog G Shock with a stainless case?
  58. Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Watch Revealed
  59. Thanks again, sjors...
  60. Gw7900/b-1er
  61. Custom 5600 day all the way from Singapore! Sneaker match inside.
  62. Wow - new mudman (G-9300), new In4mation colab, new NON-atomic black frog!
  63. Opinions on the GA-110-1B?
  64. Which 5600 is this?
  65. WRUW Wednesday 3-23-11:
  66. Anybody here going to Japan to help out in the rescue and rebuilding?
  67. Do you still have to wash the sweat off your G-Shock after the gym?
  68. Riseman... finally got it!
  69. Incoming...............
  70. DW9052-1V or mudman G9000-1V backlight help
  71. which G to carry out an amphibious assault?
  72. GXW56E-1DR failing to sync anyone else having same problem?
  73. G-Shock bull bars???
  74. Post up your Lungman!
  75. Kermit Frog band/bezel
  76. 30% off new G's at Dr. Jays
  77. Difference Between GS-1150 and GS-1100
  78. Purple Frogs from Japan
  79. Any G-Shock model has classic design like dw5600 or gwm5600 but small case size (less than 40mm)?
  80. GW 7900B-1 On the way!
  81. UK Mudman resin strap?
  82. Looking for a G with two specific features...
  83. Does anybody have a Casio F-91W with a inverted display?
  84. My top casio g-shock collection by salcka
  85. Got myself a nice summer model!
  86. Torn between GW5600J-1 and GW-5600-BJ
  87. 50% off G-Shocks at
  88. WRUW Tuesday 3-22-11:
  89. Auto receive trouble
  90. solar atomic
  91. 5500 and 5600 case size
  92. Does anyone know which module (691/901) was used in the yellow DW5600C ? >>
  93. GD-100 in the UK
  94. Thanks Casio!
  95. Anyone deal with
  96. I dropped this watch...
  97. Wristwatches, reimagined: Will the idea click?
  98. The Helson Gauge
  99. Frogman GF-8250 in the house!
  100. WRUW Monday 3-21-11:
  101. Genuine or Fake?
  102. Why is the frogman so expensive?
  103. NEW 6900s at Macy's
  104. My Latest G-Shock, the DW6900NB-1DR
  105. Decent deal for UK g shockers..
  106. GW-3500B-1A Owners
  107. Can anyone recommend a good Casio Edifice seller?
  108. G Shock -178 meters
  109. Classic Protrek`s on the Decline ?
  110. If g-shock made a phone it may look like this
  111. Habit Forming?
  112. Jessie J G_Shock
  113. WRUW Sunday 3-20-11:
  114. The big DW/GW/GW-S 5000/5200/5600 wirstcomfort poll!l
  115. Gulfman GW-9100 Zulu strap ??
  116. my MIB team
  117. Question about the 5600 models
  118. Watch buying related: best way to translate Japanese to English in emails?
  119. First Gulfman in the house, GW-9100 on the wrist. Yea!
  120. Strap problem on a GX56
  121. Totally off topic, but good fun!! NFL IQ test
  122. Gw-225 Manual???????
  123. WRUW Saturday 3-19-11:
  124. Gw 200 Frogman Help Needed
  125. Need help identifying a g shock!
  126. Just came in the mail....
  127. Pathfinder PAW-1300B Bracelet?
  128. Anyone have pics of this?
  129. Krink DW-6900KR Gets US Release for $110
  130. G-lide Straps and Bezels
  131. Bezels and Straps Interchangeable on 6900's?
  132. A G-shock store in L.A.
  133. Real or Fake?
  134. negative display mod on Solar watch is not as easy as i thought...
  135. Krink G-Shock
  136. Very nice Mudman in Battle: Los Angeles
  137. New Frogman to Replace Old Frogman?
  138. What are you Wearing & Watching
  139. where to buy g-shock
  140. New to Forum - Advice on what Watch Next...
  141. My first g-shock it'll be a 6900 but which of these two?
  142. New Takashi Murakami Frogman taking bids on the Bay, title doesn't mention Frogman
  143. Wearing the Wrong Watch
  144. LivingSocial Matching $5 Donations to American Red Cross for Japan
  145. Friday!
  146. On pro treks and g-shocks
  147. Just Purchased Casio GW3500-1A G Shock Aviator
  148. fresh from the post man: DW6900NB-1!!
  149. It's St. Patty's Day!!! Show us your GREEN!!!
  150. Look what the postman brought this morning.
  151. "Hawaii USPS Checks Japan Mail For Radiation"
  153. Black Ion Plating on Gravity Defier watches
  154. My Duo Green Collections
  155. New arrivals: DW-6900CB-8ER + one bonus Casio
  156. Watch Life?
  157. 2011 spring/summer new products...
  158. GA110 Purple?
  159. New G day, 1 for me and 1 for the girl! Casio Lovers Collection 2010 [traditionalists beware]
  160. Mudman: underwater watch?
  161. Simple PRG-40 G10/Nato Mod
  162. Skull Candy G-shock has arrived
  163. G shock at target
  164. WRUW Thursday 3-17-11:
  165. AWG101A Analog Hands don't match digital display! Anyone else have this problem?
  166. 5600 bezel and strap question
  167. Went looking on the Bay for a Riseman...
  168. Incoming DW-9700NK Men in Navy & Khaki Gulfman
  169. GDF 100 any new owners?
  170. Which Next G should I add?
  171. Rising white gone black (dw5725 and dw5025)
  172. Edifice Question: UK vs US models?
  173. Beware: Jason fake
  174. Around the house
  175. Casio Facility
  176. What G is this?
  177. WRUW Wednesday 3-16-11:
  178. Glad I got one of those while they're still around - AMW-707
  179. From Japan's office is closed due to radiation concerns
  180. Does anyone actually use the Frogman for diving?
  181. Are packages coming from Japan being checked for radation before they get shipped?
  182. Which G would you wear when zombies attack?
  183. OT: Alba Spoon Titanium just arrived. Let's see if I do wear it
  184. Where I can buy polarizing film
  185. Fake? Think so
  186. Something strange happened to my 5 year old G-Shock...
  187. I'm attempting to get some feedback on a ebay seller, hope the mods allow it, if not I understand.
  188. My G-Shock debut (**pics 56k warning**)
  189. WHITE Gshock leather DW-9500 replacement strap?
  190. WRUW Tuesday 3-15-11:
  191. To repair or not to repair?
  192. Why didn't you guys tell me
  193. G-Shock torture test video
  194. Deleted.
  195. Any references for someone who do a dial swap on an AW500?
  196. GLX-5600 Glide - World Cities Problem
  197. Pulled the Trigger! GW7900B
  198. Possible good deal on screwback DW5600
  199. Photo contest reminder - and a welcome to the TWF!
  200. Casio from battle L.A.
  201. Nex G-Shock questions!
  202. Wruw / 03-14-2011
  203. Modding. How far do you go?
  204. Sync Mudman Question
  205. G-Shock stacking contest!
  206. Yet another simple but fun mod...
  207. Question about replacement part as well as fixing my MTG-920
  208. International DST Help
  209. Riseman Sync Problem
  210. Atomic reception in Boston?
  211. Movie G-Shock Sighting....Battle: Los Angeles
  212. ALife GShock - 10% off plus tax
  213. Did your G-Shocks reset to DST?
  214. Casio MDW703 "Land Mine" Diver Question: Where to buy Casio Minute Ring?
  215. Gah - I've gone and done it again!
  216. Which model out of these for my First G-shock?
  217. G-7900MS-1A difference..
  218. G2310 spotted in "Jack Bauer" "24" TV show.
  219. First of all I would like to express my sympathy towards the "ill fortune" that Japan has felt.
  220. GA-110 Questions and advice
  221. Sync question: multiband 5 syncs better than multiband 6 ?
  222. Greetings from Indonesian Muddie..
  223. My little collection
  224. Very Old School GW-5000
  225. G shock G-7900 watch band compatibility??
  226. OT: Old bracelet revival video!
  227. DW-5025d bezel and strap
  228. GW-7900B-1- A year on how are they?
  229. Gulfman Gets Riseman's Strap
  230. How much $$$ is in your G-Shock collection?
  231. Wruw / 03-13-2011
  232. Day Light Savings Time Please Help
  233. Putting my G's up for sale
  234. Water found attracted under back plate and bottons: Design flaw of GX56 Kings and Mudman series?
  235. Impulse buy today....and it wasn't a G....
  236. EL issue??
  237. My DW5600MS Panda mod. What do you think?
  238. Yellow Frogman GF-8250 questions
  239. Riseman on metal bracelet?
  240. _wruw 3-12-11
  241. My desision is made.....
  242. Quick and Dirty 550 Cord NATO adapter
  243. Hexagon Nut Madness!
  244. Gw-m5600-1cr .vs. Gw2300f-4
  245. My First White G
  246. GW3000b-2AJF
  247. Thinking Riseman , but could use some help !
  248. Looking for an Ana-Digi G...suggestions?
  249. Put the GW-3000B to the test
  250. Need Help Choosing a No-frills Gshock