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  1. HELP with purchase choice.
  2. Is this nuts? A G-Shock DW-5000C-1B for almost $800?
  3. OPINIONS ON THE GWF1000-1! Considering it as a Christmas gift! Owners/Ex-Owners - DO TELL!
  4. Question???
  5. Thinking about getting a g-7100
  6. How does the Mudman compare in size to the GX56?
  7. need help with fake mudman
  8. fake mudman
  9. REAL or FAKE DW6900?
  10. Some of my favourite new additions
  11. If you HAD to choose one...
  12. DW6900 Subcrew how limited is this?
  13. Vote for your "Master of G" (Professional G-Shock)
  14. Tought test photo feast
  15. I used my Riseman to test a "broken" refrigerator a total coincident since I got my watch.
  16. WRUW Wednesday 10-27-10:
  17. So I'm thinking of getting a GA100 (mod question)
  18. My DW-6600 at work
  19. Riseman function question
  20. DW-5800 Score ...
  21. looking for....
  22. Casio G-Shock Mudman GW-9010MB-ER
  23. New Frogman
  24. G-Shocks 59.99 & 69.99
  25. Casio Pathfinder 1300T the best?
  26. DW-5800.. I am still in SHOCK so I will post these 2 photos again
  27. Dual display showing time & stopwatch simultaneously?
  28. Can I set timer to zero on GW5600?
  29. casio sgw-100, is here,
  30. Coming soon..New G's release on November 2010
  31. My first Frogman has arrived
  32. WRUW Tuesday 10-26-10:
  33. Online watch stores in Canada?
  34. Something to share...EFA-131D-1A4VDF
  35. I've just noticed something on my GW-6900
  36. Photo Contest Reminder...
  37. What once was 1 dead DW6900MS is now 2 :(
  38. 3 New Arrivals
  39. RSS FEED: What happened to it?
  40. My GW-9010 "Hydro Oil" Conversion
  41. Need a screwdriver for the Frogman
  42. From G7710 tp GW-2000
  43. 35% off Casio watches at Zellers
  44. Divers of the world: Today it is a "G-Frogman Day". Show us your G-Frogman
  45. GW-3000 owners: what about its lume?
  46. Got the GX56 over the G-5500 (with pics)
  47. How to clean an Orange GX56???
  48. This looks kinda cool..
  49. Well beaten G !!
  50. My new GW-6900 arrives (pics)
  51. Is Casio the first? Analog Chrono Solar Atomic?
  52. Wruw Monday 10-25
  53. YWTL Monday
  54. New G-Shock GA110
  55. Gulfman GW-9100MB-1JF Mat Black Photos
  56. The Riseman looks like a cross between The Frogman and The Mudman.
  57. Frogman GWF 1000
  58. Went G-Shopping today...Can anyone talk me into a GA-100 or a GX-56.
  59. How many G-shocks have you flipped?
  60. What's this??
  61. gw-300 sync question?
  62. So many coments on my 7900a
  63. GLX-5600 vs GLS-5600 Battery
  64. GA100 lug width and bracelet
  65. What are your thoughts on the G-8000?
  66. What are your thoughts on the G-8000?
  67. Ahhh cant decide
  68. Removing a spring from a watch band pin?
  69. Pathfinder wont sync paw1100
  70. Hard decision: PRW-2000 or the "Riseman"
  71. WRUW Sunday 10-24
  72. Medal Of Honor G-Shock
  73. White resin question
  74. Stealth G-Shock DW-6600 with bracelet watchband
  75. question on the DW-8400 MIB Mudman
  76. Mute on casio module number 3750 4314
  77. Seiko USA content - win 1 of 20 watches - US citizens only
  78. MIMB Riseman Buckle Question
  79. DW-6900E lume question...
  80. WRUW Saturday 23 October
  81. Plan To Get A G-Shock
  82. a birthday present ....
  83. Frogman -repair and mod?
  84. recommendation for affordable Baro - Compass Casio?
  85. Just when I was starting to think G-Shocks was just "another plastic watch".
  86. I'm so happy - a long search has ended...
  87. If you hold down B on the Riseman you can change from Local Time to World Time setting.
  88. Were all Bull Bars original black? ...
  89. GXW-56-1BJF timing
  90. PAG240 thoughts and photos
  91. You don't need to be outside to get a barometeric pressure with the Riseman.
  92. G-aholic.
  93. Looking for info on DW-8110 series
  94. My First G SHOCK
  95. Where to get GA100-1A1??
  96. Is GW3500 out yet? (How does it compare to 2500?)
  97. Which G-Shock?
  98. strangest reason to give a G-shock to a daughter
  99. Behold my new MR-G 121
  100. G-Shock G7710 TR1 and TR2 question
  101. casio sgw-100-1vef any good, ?
  102. Blast!
  103. My First G-Shock!
  104. GW3000, GW5600 and GW6900 on the way
  105. My GW-6900 mod
  106. Where can I get a PAW-1500Y?
  107. Hydro mod DM6600
  108. G-shock books ?
  109. GW6900 Band Switch?
  110. Negative display G-Shocks are awesome
  111. WRUW Friday 10-22-10:
  112. gshock gw-530a mod.[2688]
  113. US --> Europe postage question
  114. New G-Shock GA100 Qubic
  115. What G is this please?
  116. Replacement strap for GA100
  117. Has anybody changed the bezel and band on their Riseman GW9200-1 with other colors?
  118. The Bay, Canada - GA100 sale
  119. No Thursday Wrist Shots? Here's Mine for 21 Oct 2010
  120. Your thoughts, opinoins, and pictures!
  121. 2 new arrivals
  122. Final Frogman
  123. What's your favorite G-9000 color and ...
  124. Vintage G at home: DW-5700C
  125. I haven't seen this before... Anyone?
  126. got the white:)
  127. The G-Shock Gulfman Day - Show your G-Gulfman*
  128. G-Shock Frogman GW-225A pics...
  129. Speaking of fakes.....
  130. Londoner G-Shock and Hip-Hop fans...
  131. What G-Shocks do you want? (giant poll)
  132. Postman has knocked my door again....
  133. Vintage Casio?
  134. Bought my second Frogman in just 2 weeks..
  135. Fake riseman on the Bay..
  136. which G-Shock?
  137. Is it possible to mod a GW7900B-1...
  138. G-Shocks with bull bars?
  139. I need Stainless Steel Bracelet for G7000, help?
  140. G-7800B, The Black Sheep
  141. Jean Claude Van Damme watches
  142. My new gaussman aw-571nk-3ajr just arrived!!!
  143. Just bought it for the bull bars lol ...
  144. Amazon Japan HELP
  145. new ... GWF-1000 frogman
  146. GX56 question
  147. **Ebay - Casio Ford Focus G Shock 1847 w/ bullbars**
  148. Daylight savings time?
  149. Forum a bit slow for you? Double posting?
  150. Its suppose to be the coldest winter in Russia in 1000 years any Russians here to test G's
  151. The Mudman Day* Show of Mudmans
  152. NEW! Discodip 5600 arrived
  153. Can someone tell me which Casio this is?
  154. Some More Shots Of My Growing Collection!
  155. putting a shock together
  156. Wearing my only G-Shock today, a DW-5000SP
  157. What's on your wrist this Wednesday 20 Oct?
  158. The battle of the blue squares! GLS5500CC-2 Vs. GLX5600A-2
  159. Negative or bright positive display ?
  160. The new Jason spotted in Sngapore...
  161. .....! I think this is it, I am doomed!
  162. New to G-shocks
  163. Best place to buy a G-Shock in Paris
  164. Just experimenting...
  165. GW5000 and airport security checks
  166. Have you ever used your Riseman to prove the weather guy wrong?
  167. Casio with the most info on the screen?
  168. Maratac Zulu/G-Shock question
  169. LOV-10B Lover's Collection 2010 Baby-Gs and G-Shocks
  170. Difference between PATHFINDER PAG80-1V and Pathfinder PAW1100-1
  171. Mt Postman is worried about the number of Boxes being delivered.
  172. any Singapore souls here?
  173. It's Here!!! GW-6900
  174. Anybody ever stick their Riseman in the refrigerator and freezer to check the temperature?
  175. WRUW, Tuesday 19th October 2010
  176. DW-6900SCR-3 Subcrew Sharkmarine
  177. Edifice Dealers
  178. ME n My g-SHock FAllIng
  179. Riseman Owners Sound off here: Let's get an official count Part 2
  180. New G-shock purchase
  181. Gw-6900
  182. Change lume duration on an AWG-100? module 4765
  183. DW-5800 History anyone? ...
  184. ***Casio G-Shock DW-003 w/ Bull Bars***
  185. My brand new GA100's glass scratched up!! ugh. Glass Durablity issue or just me?
  186. Why Is This Watch Worth $312,000?
  187. WTH??? Bezel disintegrated before my eyes?
  188. Frogman Triple Crown Help
  189. Got another Frogman GW-200S
  190. Modifying special editions...
  191. I'm A Bit Excited!!!! Incoming!!
  192. WRUW Monday 10/18/10
  193. G-Shock, but not G-Shock? Potentially OT
  194. Which one to buy ?(G-7900,G-9000,G-9100,GD-100)
  195. Should I buy a GWM850 ?
  196. Casio DW-1000c value ?
  197. Dedicated to G-shock Lungman DWG-100
  198. nub on strap?
  199. GWF-1000 issue..
  200. Another G!!! DW-5300 this time!!
  201. Dw-9100BD-8T Terje Haakonsen
  202. Photo contest reminder...
  203. F108-WH new square Casio (OT)
  204. New Mudman Pics and Packaging Question
  205. fake frogman?
  206. What's the deal with
  207. need know whats name abc casio its good?
  208. 5600 bracelet ....
  209. DW-5025 strap and bezel on DW-5600
  210. Some pics of my PAW2000
  211. My first DW-9900
  212. Mystery sign on my DW6900??? What is it?
  213. Still can't take this one off ... Yeah, so I'm wearing two.
  214. WRUW this 17th day of October 2010?
  215. WRUW Sunday 10/17/10
  216. Need help with atomic synch
  217. My new GW-M850-1ER
  218. Manufacture Date for Casio Solar Atomics?
  219. Pics of my GW-M5600R
  220. whats the battery life of a non atomic no solar7900b-1?
  221. G 9100-1ER good choice ?
  222. GWS-900-4JR Mod
  223. Help me pick out a G-shock
  224. Tools for those who change straps etc
  225. **Ebay deal - DW-5000BL with Bull Bars**
  226. Online Shops
  227. Looking for the green GW-M5600A..
  228. WRUW-Saturday....
  229. Biggest fitting (strap) G?
  230. i can't find any bull bar for my G-6900
  231. Casio G Shock and Formula 1
  232. Gf-8250-9jf frogman
  233. My NEW GW-6900!
  234. Modding the display on a G-9000 military mudman?
  235. DW6900 Real or Fake
  236. cut/trim strap on glossy Gshock?
  237. HELP!! Real OR Fake?
  238. Persistent Condensation Problems w/Mudman
  239. G-Shock Atomic signal...
  240. Frogman 1000 Series...
  241. OT: When the flight crew wears digital watches
  242. Just modded my new Riseman. 1st G-Shock ever, 1st mod ever!
  243. Any UK people had trouble with the web today?
  244. Jason ~ G-001-1ADR ~
  245. Zellers, Canada - 35% off G-shocks
  246. WRUW - October 15th - Friday!
  247. Question about production of the GW6900BC-1
  248. G-Shock - High Street Stores in UK
  249. When did G-Shock (Casio) stop serial #'s?
  250. G-Shock 1289 Module Price Differences