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  1. Brightness adjustment on G's - possible?
  2. White vs Black
  3. DW 6700 Problem with half numbers
  4. Ordered a watch from Chino but whats up with my tracking?
  5. GW-79000b new buckle
  6. Photos of your displays (bright ideas aceppeted)
  7. New Non-Atomic Frogman Details
  8. How tough...?!
  9. Do you know of any retail stores in USA that sell Casio Frogman?
  10. GW-2500 on NATO - is it possible?
  11. Amazing deal for colorful F-91W (Too good to be true?)
  12. Particular function on my Vintage DW-001
  13. Acrilic Displays...WANTED any Help
  14. Just pickup up another "Argos Special"
  15. Thnk you G-Shock community for my new G-Shock :-)
  16. Hoped to find a deal on Vacation
  17. Casio Oceanus
  18. Ga-100-1a1dr
  19. What's on your wrist this FRIDAY 10-09-2010
  20. 1st DW-5000 gold or silver highlights??
  21. Casio GL-150 Strap??
  22. King of G-shock owners, enlighten me please...
  23. My Modified DW-9052
  24. Just got my Frogman today
  26. Just arrived my NEW GX-56
  27. DW-6600 question
  28. My Gaussman hands are off the mark!
  29. I'm scared.
  30. The Past two days
  31. New storage room....
  32. Another one 'Finally received King of G-Shock thread.'
  33. Zilla and 8140 outsized by the King!
  34. do you have a "dressy" G ?? (digital only)
  35. Purple GX-56 in December.
  36. September Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest
  37. Joined G-Shock Nation Recently
  38. Did something cool with my G-Shock... learned to save a life.
  39. Illumination Help
  40. G Thursday 9-9-10
  41. Photos Of The New Benarus Megalodon II
  42. Will it fit? Looking for strap
  43. G spotted in the expendables
  44. Check Out This Guys MAD Collection
  45. Two kings arrived today
  46. Help - anybody got some spare links for ECW-M300 bracelet?
  47. Guesses what I just got ...
  48. My classics ... Dw6900, G5600e, DW5600eg-9v
  49. Zombie slayers
  50. Hand Tension With Watch
  51. GW-501 Shows full charge but displays "recover"??
  52. Looking to buy this watch ... Any recommendations as to where to buy in the US? Anyone >
  53. 'Made in Japan' - but no Casio - Seiko SNZG09J1
  54. Dedicated to Sjors
  55. My World Is Yellow
  56. My addiction kryptonite
  57. The GX-56 is at Macy's...
  58. Waited waited and waited since July....finally the Kings had landed
  59. If you could get your hands on any G-shock..what's your grail ?
  60. Spotted the GX56 in Chicago suburbs !!!!
  61. Q: Gs in Singapore
  62. WED-Gs September 8, 2010
  63. My favorite for vacations and a question >>>
  64. DW5600C vs. DW5600E ?
  65. White GA100A-7A question
  66. any idea when the GX56 will be available in the US?
  67. how accurate is riseman compared with protrek
  68. Source of (don't laugh) DW-5600 bezel protectors??
  69. My duo GA-100 1A1 and GA 110DR-1A
  70. Are the MTG910 and MTG920 ALL metal?
  71. Well just placed an order for my GW-5000
  72. Anyone else interested in the Edifice Black Label Line?
  73. Nylon and or other strap options for a GW7900B-1?
  74. Nothing Special
  75. Slowhand....gladly not TOO slow (Unboxing photos)
  76. My wait for my glorious Froggie!!
  77. G-5600 or DW-5600??
  78. GXW-56 unboxing and questions
  79. Riseman GW-9200 survives the Gadget Show "Ultimate Tough Test" :-D
  80. (OT) It's been 2 years since I logged in and there were quite a few PMs....
  81. Need some help with the features
  82. Allow myself to introduce........myself.
  83. I'm now an Official Riseman Owner...
  84. G-Shock Screensaver?
  85. PAW-1500 light button 'issues' ...
  86. WRUW tuesday 9-7-2010
  87. gain or lose : your non radiocontrolled G's precision
  88. G-Shock troubleshooting question???
  89. Minimum level of toughness?
  90. New Oceanus OCW-T1000 with independent hand control
  91. How Limited is a Limited G-Shock?
  92. Question regarding DW-5600C-1
  93. What do you guys think ?
  94. Compass for GW7900B-1
  95. 5500's
  96. Educate Me - I know nothing about G-Shocks
  97. Replacement Band Options BG-192L
  98. The New W-S200H (Solar 100M)
  99. question about customs
  100. New to the Forum, some quick shots of my new G's
  101. Thread on reverse LCD tinting....where is it??
  102. Any UK members watching the Gadget show this evening?
  103. Good holiday weekend for me, bad holiday weekend for my wallet
  104. ZULU strap size
  105. G-Shock help needed, question #2.
  106. G=Shock help needed, question #1.
  107. Back to the 90s 5750
  108. Cleaning Strap on G2300B-1V
  109. August photo contest winners...
  110. Battery replacement in gw5600
  111. Breo - a digital brand I hadn't come across before
  112. I really can't believe...
  113. Atomic modding/ repairing (GS-1000D)
  114. My GW5000 toughing it out on Labor Day...
  115. will the 5600j strap fit the 5000sl?
  116. Anyone love these classics as much as me?
  117. Athletes 5600 Limited Edition
  118. Hello and first mod attempts...
  119. WRUW Monday 9-6-2010
  120. G-Shocks at the honeymoon!
  121. Just in... DW5600eg-9v
  122. G-shock mudman coming apart
  123. Best G-Shock Mod
  124. G1500GB ... And I only wear Mechanical Watches
  125. Dw-6600
  126. Could this be a GW 5000 1JF bezel spare ??
  127. Reverse Titanium Protrek models
  128. Reverse PRG-80YT?
  129. My humble collection
  130. Rest in peace Shoya Tomizawa
  131. rss feed for this forum ?
  132. How much did you pay for your GXW-56?
  133. Help-GS-1100D sync.
  134. sharing of unwanted G parts (organ donation)
  135. WRUW Sunday 9-5 2010
  136. Got another question for you does the GW5600J compare size wise to the GW-5000?
  137. What's up with GW-2500b prices?
  138. G-Shock GW-9200 Riseman - sauna/steam bath?
  139. GW-M5600 Bezel doesn't fit
  140. GW-5000 ...where to get one
  141. An Excellent Day
  142. Cheap gxw-56's
  143. G-9100 on the bay for 25.99 w/ free shipping
  144. .
  145. August Photo contest voting
  146. Suggestion for sunbaths
  147. Wrist Check SA 09-04-10
  148. replacement steel buckle
  149. what's a good place to find the Casio GX56 in NYC?
  150. New GX56 Ate My Bling!
  151. WARNING about seller
  152. new G incoming... codename DW-8500
  153. LAST! reminder for the photo contest!
  154. DW-5600C-9B from 1992 ( I think) ...
  155. Are they all the same?
  156. Dee and Ricky.. whats it worth
  157. Who will be first????
  158. Riseman does the Empire State Building
  159. Request for assistance in making a decision
  160. G-2300eb-7
  161. Which screwdrivers do I need?
  162. My Frogman is somewhere LOST in the USA
  163. Need some help for frogman battery
  164. Possible to get DW-5600H strap&resin case?
  165. Orange GXW-56-4JF just arrived
  166. Can anyone ID this watch from "Grizzly Man"?
  167. Friday, 09-03-2010, Wrist Check
  168. Question about buying bands and bezels
  169. gshocks that fit adpters to put on zulu/nato straps?
  170. Check out a Couple of my New Arrivals!!
  171. Mudman Stormtrooper Mod & Bezel Spares
  172. At the Columbia County Fair - Chatham, NY 2010
  173. Problem with my casio
  174. Unbelievable deal for G1000-1AER on the Bay UK
  175. TIme has come to buy, but can't decide which one...
  176. 3 mins to go - Congratulations to the winner!
  177. Just ordered a MX Mudman
  178. What did you do this morning?
  179. 3 different Atomics, 3 different Sync Times?!
  180. Will the Real Frog Please Stand Up!
  181. Question about GA100A-7A
  182. 5600 on Gamma Radiation
  183. G-7710C-2, anywhere?!
  184. You can't beat the Riseman.
  185. Went to "G-Heaven" today and came back muddy..
  186. problem
  187. Ultimate feature set?
  188. Will Casio introduce Multi-band 7?
  189. Another bracelett option for the 5600
  190. Thursday WRUW 9-2-10
  191. GW-7900B Yin Yang and Stealth Mods
  192. My small collection as of today
  193. Concept G9000 (AYAKO)
  194. Are the GA110 hyper color wathces hard to find?
  195. Broke in my G
  196. G7900-1 Selling for $55.86 Right now!!
  197. Is my final Frog real?
  198. GWF-1000 Frogman with Maratac Elite Band
  199. review for g shocks!!
  200. GW-810 strap question
  201. Who likes the red color?
  202. my Riseman strap is too tight or too loose.
  203. Gulfman Case Material?
  204. Photo Contest Reminder...
  205. What's with this TIME and DATE???
  206. What G-Shock to get? GLX5600-4 or DW6900CB-4
  207. G Shock collection.
  208. CDT Rage
  209. Wednesday WRUW 9-1-2010
  210. Could you please post good 6900 Photos
  211. what's a soldier favorite G ??
  212. Has the G-9000-1ver become hard to get hold of?
  213. Identify this model???
  214. What about AW-582???
  215. Need Help Picking My First G-Shock
  216. Atomic Sync Fiend!
  217. Obsessive Complusive Disorder - My G Shock Love Story
  218. Black G-Shock=Good, right??
  219. My new DW-6900MS
  220. GLX-5500-7JF and GLX-5500-7D (Difference?)
  221. A sign of imminent death?
  222. Glorious Gold FROGMAN on the way
  223. Which Protrek 2000 or 5000 Updated 1 down 1 to go
  224. Help me find this one...
  225. First G...undoubtedly not the last.
  226. DW-6900MM-2JF review
  227. G-SHOCK G-5500MC-5JF a little too much...???
  228. Some rare frogs and an old 5600 at the park
  229. Let's post some Black or White g's photos
  230. Wademan oh MAN!!
  231. can the GW 9200 RISEMAN bezel be replaced ??
  232. Paw 5000?
  233. I just couldn't stand and bought myself a new one
  234. Anybody take a digital watch and put a metal band from a analog watch on it?
  235. Tuesday WRUW 8-31-2010
  236. New September 2010 Model Released
  237. New Products Sep 2010
  238. Am I the only one like this or is anyone else just like me?
  239. Trying to purchase a GIEZ GS1300B-1A
  240. Best Place to Purchase GXW-56-1AJF?
  241. G-Lide - what exactly is it?
  242. A G.S. for a skinny wrist.
  243. update GWM-5600BC 2 years later...
  244. Sources for Highmount compass?
  245. GA100 Mods
  246. Dirt cheap analog non gshock casio on deals plus
  247. GXW-56, buyin it?
  248. 20+ yrs old DW-5600C can take anything
  249. GW6900, G6900 Owners Sound Off Here: Lets Get An Offical Count
  250. OOps .... I did it again