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  3. What is the process people use to put diamonds on a G-Shock?
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  5. Texas Instrument eZ430-Chronos: a cool non-G
  6. Casio Edifice EQW-M1000L-1A2JF or EQW-M1000L-1A1JF
  7. New models question (Riseman)
  8. Incoming G-Shock GW2500B-1A
  9. Request for WRUW please
  10. <<Monday - A week Starter>> 02-15-10
  11. Mudman G9000MX-4 - hard to read?
  12. Hi.......I am new here from Singapore
  13. Appeal of G-Shock Watches..can somebody explain?
  14. Neat idea for a G-Shock commercial.
  15. New GLX-5600!
  16. Where to get White Riseman cheap?
  17. Is this a legit site to order gshock guys
  18. Weird Problem with a GW2000B
  19. Casio Sales & Service- Great service.
  20. Weird problem with my g-shock
  21. Just bought this for less than 3 ($4) on eBay
  22. Unusual request to help date this Gshock..
  23. Need help ID'ing a watch, possibly a 6900 variant.
  24. Are the Protek watches considered G-Shocks?
  25. g-9000 and g7900 mudman and rescue question!
  26. If you were waiting for a bracelet on the new Giez
  27. Deployment clasp style band on a G
  28. Analog g-shock vs all digital
  29. Watches At the Beach - Day 1
  30. A Heads up to fellow Canadians...
  31. Newbie-Need help figuring out if this G-Shock is real and would it be worth selling
  32. Help needed to locate resin band for 'new' G-7500
  33. Second New G This Week......
  34. retro photo GW5600J
  35. GW2500B Snowy Fotosession -warning alot of pics and some questions!
  36. need help finding 5600 solar/multiband5 in red or yellow
  37. Any thoughts as to why the GW200ms is not popular?
  38. Gw-7900b
  39. Men in Matte Black Gulfman
  40. G w/o bezel?
  41. Solar vs. Seiko Kinetic vs. Battery?
  42. GW-M5600 upgrade?
  43. Kanye sporting white Frog
  44. Has anyone got this Edifice EF-546D?
  45. is the F91W a "disposable" watch ??
  46. How come Frogmen---
  47. Olympic G-shock competitors
  48. running slow!!!
  49. Why would anyone pay $800 for a G-shock?
  50. A new arrival, love it.
  51. The Official I'm on Vancouver Olympic Time.
  52. Older Screwback 5600 Serial number Question,...
  53. Weekend WRUW 13th and 14th of february 2010
  54. Kermit unboxes itself!
  55. Cool read about Casio
  56. Great Day!
  57. eBay watching...
  58. What strap options do I have?
  59. My first Frog!
  60. please help me find the proper screwdriver
  61. DW6900CC-3 for $65
  62. New Mastermind Frogman Atomic!!!!!!!!!!
  63. OT - Inventor of the Frisbee passes
  64. Battery Life Power saving function
  65. Could not help myself--Another python model
  66. slightly OT: my watches with yellow init :)
  67. G9100-1 Gulfman Question
  68. kermit the frog and prg kermit...together at last. (a few q&d pics)
  69. Short GA-100 review
  70. gw-2500-1a S.S. Bezel
  71. Assistance
  72. Have you ever discovered something weird
  73. GW5600BCJ-1 Available Anywhere?
  74. New Frogman GWF-1000B Received!
  75. It's finally Friday!
  76. Melody Watches
  77. New strap for old G.
  78. Different band on my G SHOCK
  79. How to bring Skyforce back to life?
  80. Atomic/Solar Mudman not for low temp?
  81. ML2016 Frogman Battery? Where from in UK?
  82. Inside the DW5600C (part 2) - Polishing round 1
  83. Another screwback - What do you get if you cross a?
  84. how loose should a metal band be?
  85., any experience with this seller?
  86. Any recommendations for Casio analog watches?
  87. Japan Direct Shop
  88. G-6900GR & G-6900A button swap mini mod (Update: Button Painted)
  89. FEBRUARY 2010 release model...
  90. I want wings!
  91. Review of 7800 Super Square
  92. New Arrival
  94. Casio AW-80 (nonG) watch has everything!
  95. Finally an Atomic Frog I like but???
  96. Where to Buy a 24mm Zulu that will Fit a G?
  97. Youtube reviews: GW-7900B-1, Dawn Black 5625J, Mini G, and a Citizen
  98. What do you think of this Casio anologs?
  99. Inside the DW5600C (part 1)
  100. Greetings fellow g-shockers + a question.
  101. Off Topic: Youtube Video help please......
  102. Pathfinder PAW-1200T
  103. Castaway: Best G?
  104. New fake "G-Lide" eBay seller
  105. 1st G-Shock (7900b) and a quick question
  106. DW-5600E bezel: Does it provide water resistance?
  107. Your typical "check out my collection" thread!
  108. Check my criteria, and help recommend a 1st G-shock please!
  109. Got it,at last. That's one ugly Casio !!!
  110. check sync gw-2000bd
  111. Anyone recognize this limited edition DW-6600, interesting backlight
  112. <<Midweek Wrist Check>> 02-10-10
  113. Special Edition g-shock parts questions...
  114. G-Shock Specific Advice Request
  115. Hump day, hump day, hump day...
  116. Just pulled the trigger on a new GWF-1000-1JF Frogman
  117. Cue another Special Edition......
  118. Stealthing a metal bezel
  119. New info on GA-100!
  120. Tech Question regarding my new DW-9050
  121. double velcro band
  122. which screwdriver for trimmer
  123. What One !!
  124. Just picked this up, What do you think??
  125. Plastic G-Shocks for cold days and metal G-Shocks for hot days.
  126. Which 1 is your favorite stock 5600?
  127. Frogman GW-200MS Question
  128. Are some of the DW5600EG-1V Gold Faced LCD G-Shocks MADE IN CHINA?
  129. OT - What are you listening to?
  130. It pays to clean out the closet!
  131. GW-7900B-1JF vs. GW-7900B-1
  132. I have a feeling this is fake..
  133. Possibly the best modern screwback
  134. GW2500B - Battery on low lowers voltage
  135. G-Shock Green Collection G-6900GR-3DR
  136. Black Riseman with white band??
  137. coming over to the g-side
  138. G-100-bv replacement band strap
  139. Real or fake..?
  140. Sunbath
  141. The Collection so far.
  142. G-7800 strap replacements?
  143. My Son's First G
  144. non-analog Edifices
  145. sure , it's fake ...
  146. Good Tuesday...
  147. New DW-8400 Arrived! But,....
  148. Random question
  149. Toughest Vaults For The Toughest Timepieces
  150. Incoming DW-9050 Arrives!
  151. Heading to Beach Next Week - Tentative Watch List
  152. Marlin Story for all you Fish Fans Out There
  153. Someone scored the DW5200 last night?
  154. Newbie
  155. February Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!
  156. Bought first g shock. Question about syncing.
  157. Look what the cat dragged in...
  158. dw6900e rough rowdy !!!!
  159. Care for Gs: Do you lubricate those button o-rings?
  160. Which one is G all-rounder?
  161. Green Series 6900
  162. Name that G... Tinie Tampah record
  163. My small collection update-casio & non casio
  164. Anybody own a shortwave radio?
  165. Anyone have the AMW330-7AV, and if so, what do you think of it.
  166. Saints Win! You buying a LE Jeremy Shockey G-Shock?
  167. Still loving the Riseman ...
  168. Demitri Martin - Important Things
  169. Inspired by...
  170. Numb Monday...
  171. Does any online seller have the GA-100 yet?
  172. Can't figure out how to open battery clip for 5600C
  173. My 2 little G
  174. Rally Mudman band problem
  175. suggestions for first g-shock
  176. light for charge your solar watch
  177. Module with progress beeper and "seconds setting in CDT??
  178. G100-BV on Zulu strap?
  179. Oh dear, laugh at me....
  180. 5600 combi strap compatibility
  181. What You Wearing on Superbowl Sunday?
  182. Unusual non G Shock Casio
  183. Care to suggest a 1st G Shock for my 11 y.o. son?
  184. casio alt-6000 need help with inverting lcd
  185. DW-6100 G-Python Mod arrives but....
  186. atomic solar with interval timer? (repeating countdown)
  187. 1000 up! Dieters warning, unsuitable photos within!
  188. Solar, atomic G-shocks only?
  189. UPDATE!!!, was "Have you guys ever had an OH YEAH! moment followed by a OH NO!!! moment?"
  190. PROPS to eBay!!! Decided in my favor!
  191. Help me find this g-shock
  192. Should I Include eBay?
  193. "Tough Test"
  194. G-2300 Strap Options?
  195. Ebays not all bad
  196. Pick the Winner of Superbowl XLIV (44)!
  197. Progress??
  198. Saturday G Check 2/6/10
  199. Dw 6200
  200. Hi from Malaysia
  201. bezel compatiblity of G5500 ?
  202. Heads-up SG members! GREEN collection spotted!
  203. Take a look at this! What a piece!!
  204. Super Bowl Players
  205. Why don't Casio make a DW-5600E with...?
  206. Did your solar watch arrive totally dead, no charge?
  207. G-Shock, using a different battery than in manual question?
  208. Resin parts, optimal storage conditions?
  209. Help with seller problem
  210. Rally timer quirks
  211. Anyone order from
  212. New G addict saying hello!
  213. G9000MS-1 vs G9000-1V Size
  214. Spare Module Suppliers ?
  215. Looking for info on this watche
  216. Difference between MTG 1000-1 and 1000-1A
  217. The solar myth.
  218. What do you think about the design of the GW-M5600-1ER?
  219. need help to choose between 2 Gs
  220. 10 most expensive frogman..
  221. Super Syncer!..
  222. Added another to the stable!
  223. Friday!
  224. My First G: DW-5600EH
  225. Sunny G
  226. My "SupaStealth" Muddie Mod
  227. Desirability of the GL7500HD-7V Hawaiian Pro Designs
  228. Another One from the Box - Timex SL Series Automatic (T2M5156K)
  229. The Big Edifice EFE-500 Walked In
  230. do you touch up your watch photos?
  231. Casio EF-527(Edifice)
  232. Quick Look At My Collection So Far
  233. New Official Forum
  234. Decision...
  235. Casio G-SHOCK G-LIDE GL-221-8VDR real or fake
  236. Anyone have this?
  237. Another GW-5000 arrived
  238. Can I find DW6900MS .. in EUROPE ?!?!?!?! plzzz
  239. gw-7900b question
  240. Question about replacement bands and bezels?
  241. Symbol Index
  242. Save or not...
  243. anyone tried dyeing a glossy white bezel?
  244. Will this watch take a bracelet?
  245. paw-1500 strap options
  246. Mtg gc 2000
  247. Solar charging question
  248. Who ever said that...
  249. \m/ Thursday Wrist Check \m/ 2-4-10
  250. Which as your weekend watch: The New Pathfinder ABC or Riseman?