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  16. Sea-Pathfinders
  17. Have you ever sold a limited edition that you really regretted?
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  19. Where to buy Baby-G BG-169WV-7ER?
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  21. Freestyle "Shark" watches
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  26. OT: Can someone in the US help me get this...
  27. 6900 Bull bars
  28. Why don't Casio make G-shocks with a wider lug width than 16mm?
  29. Which Mudman for the collection?
  30. DW-8800AJ Alaskan Dog Mushers Association Collection
  31. Wouldn'T it be cool if Casio made a 6-Band Mudman just like the 5-Band?
  32. GW6900-1 under $100 in Canada?
  33. which should i chose?
  34. how "green" is the green GWM5600 A3 ??
  35. Casio G-Shock Solar Issue (Not Charging)
  36. Wood Wood x G-Shock Teaser
  37. Three aces
  38. Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part3: Thee Partee
  39. shopping for G's in the USA(Las Vegas).
  40. What g shock???
  41. Tuesday Wrist Check >>>
  42. More decent looking Gs - but $8 each???
  43. GW-5000-1JF solar panel color variation- updated with pics
  44. Stuck Buttons
  45. Newbie needs help
  46. Miami, The G-SHOCK Has Landed!
  47. Go Mod Crazy or Keep it Stock?
  48. Space Invaders 25th Anniversary Limited Edition G-Shock!
  49. What is the ugliest G-Shock for you?
  50. Which G-Shock do you least care about bashing up and why?
  51. Some thoughts on my new PAG-40-7V (UPDATED with photos)
  52. Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Part 2 (still pre-party)
  53. Quick & Dirty shots of EL from MIMB Gulfman
  54. LAST reminder for the photo contest!
  55. Magnificent Manaslu
  56. Any one got any experience with Nixon watches
  57. What color for the next mod job? - 8200 series Frog
  58. Browsing WUS Forums on Your Phone?
  59. Can anyone provide a group shot of...
  60. Gw-9200mbj-1jf
  61. Monday WRUW? | November 2, 2009 |
  62. This might sound crazy, but....
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  65. GW 9200 in it's element.
  66. G 9000 and GW 9200
  67. Sjors goes to G-Shock's "Shock the World Tour 2009" BCN editon. Might be modem burner
  68. riseman mirb sensor caseing
  69. please help!
  70. DW-5000C and Wide Temp on Ebay AND MR-G Frog on YJ (Grail Alert)... Update
  71. Spring Bars vs Screw Bars for Casio G-Shock Straps
  72. Is there a website with all the world time zones for G-Shocks so I can set them easier?
  73. Anyone Familiar with this model 6900????
  74. Is this a good price for the GWF1000-1JF?
  75. awg100-1a wont change to dst
  76. I always say that Atomic is a "nice to have"...
  77. Sunday 11/01/09 WRUW?
  78. Oceanus advise needed
  79. G-Shock in Taipei, Taiwan??
  80. Gshock diet starting now
  81. OT: Old G-Shock And Awe article
  82. How do you keep your G's
  83. auto dst did not work on my GW-6900, what gives?
  84. Daylight savings time - moment of truth
  85. Winter vs Summer
  86. No GMT/UTC in World Time Work-Around?
  87. My dyed G Shock AW500 revisited...
  88. *** shock the world barcelona 2009 ***
  89. Digital compass - suggestions?
  90. Green glx-5600a is here :)
  91. Can a 5600 or 5000 crystal be replaced?
  92. My boos throws them out....
  93. My Collection
  94. g-shock modules
  95. New Casio Manuals Posted Online
  96. Tough Solar's auto backlight
  97. For Singapore collectors looking for watch boxes.(Pics inside)
  98. Watches and Pens
  99. Saturday WRUW? | October 31, 2009 |
  100. Quick and Dirty Review of the GWM5600A-3
  101. Just in, my PAG-40-7v need a little help
  102. My weekend watch of late...DW-6900RC
  103. GW6900 came home today....
  104. Quick Birthday Shoutout to >>> Schuey2002!
  105. G-7700 Incoming (For real this time)
  106. G-Shock Deal At Kmart (YMMV)
  107. How do they do it?
  108. Who here is disappointed with the last ever 200 series Frogman
  109. Do you keep the auto light on all the time?
  110. GW6900 Question
  111. CASIO GW9000A-1 Review
  112. best barametric graph possible
  113. In one door out the other
  114. Timer function for Casio G-Shock, Module No. 2688
  115. A Unique Piece by...Kikuo Ibe
  116. Frogman vs Mudman vs DW5000SL
  117. Mission impossible 3
  118. UK availability and price for the GW-5000-1JF
  119. Where I've been, what I've done & what have I been wearing.
  120. New G releases for November >>>
  121. is it possible to get a GW-M5600BC w/o the bracelet?
  122. dw 6900 light prob
  123. dw 6900 light prob
  124. Santacruz... anybody know why he's been banned?
  125. Pathfinder PRG-40 display question
  126. What's your opinion of Casio velcro straps?
  127. whats a bump?
  128. Guys took me a couple of years but the pics are up
  129. this guy has some rare casio stuff
  130. Why AutoEL/EL display length is a feature, NOT a flaw.
  131. Sneak Peak: Barcelona "Shock the World" 2009
  132. Need replacement strap..
  133. Fridaaaay!
  134. My G-Shock saved me from an animal attack
  135. Multiband 6 atomic sync observations...
  136. G7900 with a Negative Display?
  137. Sale on gulfman from amazon!
  138. Hello to All
  139. Another navel-gazing 1000th-post celebration!
  140. Casio GW-2000-1AER instructions ????????????
  141. question from a first timer
  142. G-shock shops in Bangkok ?
  143. solar cell question
  144. Get a kink out of a resin strap?
  145. Still looking for bands for DW-8200 Frogman
  146. WRUW Thursday Oct. 29
  147. Pick your favorite G23xx
  148. GW6900BC-1 Inbound
  149. Which glx-5600 should i get?
  150. Panatime/Zulus
  151. Questions about the GWF-1000B Atomic Frogman
  152. Band Removal Help
  153. Got this today...
  154. animals on back of watch (master G's)
  155. anyone shopped with
  156. Greetings from Barcelona!
  157. Confused but happy!
  158. GW6900BC vs GW7900B - help with choice
  159. Question for G7700/7710 Owners
  160. Important question
  161. Removing module on solar model?
  162. New Arrivals...
  163. Incoming! (Again!) Maybe--see my question thread about the G7700
  164. MIMB Gulfman Negative Display "Real World" Outdoor Shots
  165. Got cards for G-Shock Shock the World /Berlin
  166. A site dedicated to watches in movies!
  167. got frogman pics hi res? pref 1024 x 768
  168. Looks like my new watch is having fun in the sun!
  169. My self-imposed benching did not last very long...
  170. Pics of Gs actually being used for what they were designed for...!!
  171. WRUW - Wednesday, Oct. 28th
  172. Black Friday is just around the corner!!!
  173. Big heads up!!! Mirb frog $209 shipped!!!
  174. Just ordered a Rally Mudman Atomic Solar
  175. New PAW1300Y Pathfinder has dust under the crystal
  176. Came in under the radar: GW-6900A-9ER
  177. Well, I might have been suckered
  178. Gulfman MIMB or 'Normal' Riseman
  179. Trigger pulled...the waiting begins *ack*
  180. picture-less naval gazing 1000th post (actually, there are some pictures)
  181. sell just the bezel and strap mudman
  182. Pathfinder SPF100S-1V
  183. It's Here!!!
  184. My Masters and the "One" that Started it all
  185. What watches do you wear when it is stormy or rainy?
  186. See The Photos Before You Vote: Bracelet vs. Resin on 6900...
  187. Looks legit but also pretty rare
  188. The Silencer
  189. Better Than Sex!!!!
  190. Auto Calender question.
  191. Finally: Multiband 6 Frogman!!!
  192. My two new watches the 6700 Skyforce and the 9950 Seaman, caution modem burner !
  193. WUS Merchandise
  194. My Casios & my M.I.A Casios
  195. what is multi site memory?
  196. Just pulled trigger on PAW2000T-7V
  197. Casio G-Shock Atomic Solar - MTG910DA-1V quesion ?
  198. Tuesday WRUW? | October 27, 2009 |
  199. GW-6900 question
  200. Which G-Shock's Have A Countdown Timer That Will Set To The Second?
  201. Scammers update thread check it out
  202. GW-6900 - Anyone else hear this?
  203. How do You Set a Second Time Zone with MIRB Frogman?
  204. New one in the stable...
  205. New G's and a Protrek....
  206. Dye doubt: Frogman DW8201WC + Black Rit = ?
  207. The Amazing Casio GW-2000 Aviator
  208. GW 6900 Do you prefer the bracelet or the resin strap?
  209. GW2500BD-1A orange LCD question
  210. Any good pics of the GWM5600?
  211. G Shock Tide and Temperature Watch?
  212. Packed for barcelona!
  213. Im considering asking for the Solar Atomic 6900 for Christmas...
  214. Big "G" on the Wall
  215. Is it better to push down once, or hold down the buttons on a G-shock?
  216. casio g-shock GS-300
  217. Help with a Japanese Casio Scorpion.
  218. From Casio China web site: the new G2310F-1D (Chinese content)
  219. SHINY vs MATTE Durability Question
  220. Adjust the time-5057
  221. WRUW - Monday - October 26- 2009
  222. Submarine crews: what watches?
  223. Casio on-line shops in Europe, other than
  224. Sunscreen/block and G-Shocks...
  225. Autumn Sunshine
  226. Having problems with this website
  227. Does the G-Shock have any competition in the tough watch branch?
  228. For those who fall between the holes
  229. Gshock Vs other Casio
  230. Just found this one on the 'bay....
  231. Oceanus OCW-T100TD-7AJF
  232. new to the forum!
  233. Quartz accuracy against an atomic G
  234. Has anyone heard of this watch before?
  235. Just ordered a GW-6900-1
  236. Hip to be square?
  237. G-Shock G300L-1AV
  238. Oh the novelty...
  239. Photo Contest Reminder!...
  240. DST Setting
  241. Theme backlight driving me nuts
  242. G-travel receipient azraelz
  243. What is up with all those "G" imposter models on E-bay??
  244. experience with this model?
  245. everyone needs a little sunshine on vacation...
  246. Return of a classic
  247. Are Casio Edifice any good?
  248. latest GW5600 g-shock in singapore
  249. How to turn on the auto light switch??
  250. New G-shock Buyer