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  1. I got my 3rd G im in the cool club!!!!!
  2. Pressure test on a 100m Casio
  3. MIRO Riseman in as promised for Mansrow!!
  4. water resistance?
  5. Hi I need your help
  6. o ring lube? dieletric grease ok?
  7. Monday ・ 08/10/13 ・ Wrist Check >> Let's have it lads!
  8. New Camera (Modem Melter)
  9. My tough choice
  10. Gameday with 5600C
  11. Why are colored hands on ani-digis backwards?!?
  12. Solars and crystals
  13. GQ-1000J Casio "G-Shock" Clock
  14. +1 To The Riseman Club!
  15. Before/After dye job on mudman..
  16. Fake Frogman ?
  17. How do you turn a reversed display into a regular display on your Gs?
  18. ? Teal Replacement Band & Bezel for G-Lide ?
  19. Fake G-Shock Worldcup edition?
  20. Poll: Will This Global Financial Crisis Affect Your Spending on G-Shocks?
  21. October...
  22. G-011ad
  23. Modified strap for 5600?
  24. Orange G-Spike, any takers..?
  25. What should I get Next?
  26. DW-9100 Riseman "Gridstone"
  27. Little big crash
  28. Show all your ORANGES / Pumpkins !
  29. Family Pic
  30. Problem with backlight
  31. My First G-shock!
  32. I think I get it now...but I need a little help
  33. New Mudman (M.I.R.O) and the rest of the G-shocks family
  34. Not normally a G Shock fan - but........
  35. Another 'which one should I buy' thread >>>
  36. Look at my fully stealthed beauty!!
  37. Film Buffs...
  38. Couldn't find another strap I liked.. so I created my own!! (Canvas content..)
  39. >> Weekend's here chaps! Watchuwearin??
  40. First G-Shock
  41. Best Ana-Digi G Shock?
  42. To wear or not to wear
  43. is it possible to make a custom EL display?
  44. My first G-Shock (well, in a long time)
  45. Not a G-Shock but shock resistant phone
  46. question about paypal
  47. Newbie Coming Out....
  48. Want a good laugh for the weekend?
  49. Hi everybody
  50. Icon arrived - the "face" of G-Shock: DW-6600
  51. Sup all
  52. New Upcoming Releases
  53. g-shock catalog
  54. Curious: Best watch for Neo (of The Matrix)...
  55. 10, 10 It's my Birthday! And it's friday you know what that means!
  56. Swapping!!!
  57. Riseman just in!!!
  58. Strap Adapter for GW-300?
  59. GW-9200RJ-4JF RISEMAN M.I.R.O seen at Seiya!
  60. Pics of a PAW1500-1V ??
  61. Riseman has landed!
  62. Where to buy?
  63. Rally has landed!! Woo hoo!!!
  64. A first post, some G sightings and a promise to share photos!
  65. Legit Check: G-Shock DW6900FS
  66. Very pleased with my stealthed DW5600, so I figured I would share some photos!
  67. G at Macy's
  68. Brief atomic Gulfman GW-9100 observations
  69. Thursday thread...
  70. I wanna cry!
  71. glorious gold frogman conversion
  72. Polarising Film U.K
  73. Australian Cheap Mudman/Wademan
  74. New Arrival >> MEN IN BLACK MUDMAN is here >>
  75. QUICK QUESTION: *PICS* about negative/inverted display mod
  76. Anyone watch "House"? What watch...
  77. Reasons why you don't want an atomic... #1
  78. not synching
  79. Can you.......
  80. Has the GLX5600-4 red G-Lide been discontinued?
  81. Dave's Watches
  82. Obama's Secret Service Watch -- Made in China / Citizen Powered
  83. Couldn't resist....GG DW6925E
  84. Mudman days....
  85. It's a happy day. My MIRO Mudman has arrived.
  86. Harder to get G-Shocks from Japan because of the market?
  87. My Collection
  88. why Casio why?!
  89. Don't you just love 'that moment'?
  90. I Pulled the F(reak)ING trigger!
  91. Homemade zulu mudman
  92. HUMP DAY:Oct 8th/08 >> What's goin'on lads?
  93. saying Hi
  94. A Raysman Heads Home from Grant's Tomb
  95. A Raysman Heads Uptown or Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb
  96. Gw-m5600-1cr
  97. Good Day !
  98. Red HM compass on Riseman>>>
  99. A modest proposal
  100. Frozen In Time. Tough Test!!
  101. Value of Twelve Beasts DW056?
  102. Need a Riseman? Cheapest I've seen (US)...
  103. U.S. finally gets the GWM5600
  104. G-SHOCK Japan x QUOLOMO Store Opens for International Orders
  105. PLEASE HELP: *PICS* i need a model number for this g-shock
  106. More window shopping (shop display pix cont'd)
  107. Watch-u-wearing 10-07-08
  108. Godzilla VS the DW-004
  109. Old G-Shocks Never Die.....
  110. Has anyone modified the face of a 5600 to fully stealth it? (without painting..?)
  111. Photobucket Question
  112. Just bought this White Bape 6900. A couple things missing...
  113. GW9010-1 is on the way!
  114. Riseman owners, I joined the club! G9200-1DR Incoming...
  115. Did I pay too much?
  116. What ya wearing on the day that DOW dropped below 10k (10/06/2008)
  117. WUS Slow?
  118. Which Watch For A Road Trip?
  119. Protrek/Pathfinder decision: 80YT, 1500 or the new(?) 1300y...
  120. How Rare is this mudman???
  121. Seiko FrankenMonsters
  122. Question for Topher (Sizing Watch Bracelets)
  123. CAMO MUDMAN = flew away.....far far away
  124. could anybody help me?
  125. GW5600BCJ-1 owners please post your pictures
  126. gshock website techspecs
  127. G100-1BV questions - ZULU strap, stealthed bezel, lume/backlight?
  128. my new mudman
  129. Raysman mod.
  130. Giez GS1001-4 or G1000H-1A
  131. Watch-u-wearing 10-5-08
  132. My MIRO Gulfman Arrives in NYC
  133. Anybody interested in the MTG-1500
  134. Replacement Bezel for DW-6100
  135. Can I get a replacement bezel and band for Eric Haze DW-5600EH-7JR?
  136. Tell me how the GW-M5600BC looks with a Gold Display
  137. GW-500 accuracy test (non scientific)
  138. Wanted.. Raysman Dw-9300. (mint cond)
  139. You guys are bad!!!!!!
  140. Atomic Clocks synchronize in the cold weather better?
  141. GG Frogman on sale at Macy's
  142. >> Well, all righty...we're BACK!!
  143. Are some G-Shock "stronger" then others?
  144. Let Them Eat Cake!
  145. bank account friendly casio shirt
  146. Japan-Based Dealers of Casio Oceanus Watches
  147. new guy needs help
  148. Radiation versus Chemical.
  149. First G-shock arrives: Beauty Shots
  150. Watch-u-wearing
  151. Fake or Not - Help??
  152. which 240 is rarest???
  153. any body dealt with watch-perfect_com
  154. Dw8400 maximum price
  155. GW-M5600's lcd viewing angle problem.
  156. Anyone ordering a BCJ bracelet for the GWM5600??
  157. New G-Shock (G-7800)
  158. Got one of the rarest vintage G-shocks for $1.50
  159. Look at that shine!
  160. CASIO G-Shock 5600 Black Case/Strap DW-5600CS-1DR 1545
  161. New one in the mail today (Modem Burner)
  162. I am a new member and I have a problem with a g-shock 9010-1
  163. From Tokyo to Houston in 4 days-Eric Haze is here.
  164. Source for Bezels and gaskets???
  165. Blue 9052 - Real?
  166. I have the Stanley Cup for 15 minutes this Wednesday. WUS picks the watch.
  167. So im working on some old DW 6100s. I notice they have different modules!
  168. *PICS* White DW6900 G-SHOCK
  169. MIRO Gulfman Arrived!
  170. 6100 question!!!
  171. Gulfman Q? Outer ring, are the all metal
  172. Anyone have an Antman?
  173. Ordinary G shock to for go Destructive pressure testing!
  174. Looking for a lost friend.
  175. Anyone have complications from stealthing 5600 w/ goof off? =(
  176. PRG Problem - Help Required
  177. Classic Strap?
  178. My first G-Shock!
  179. 360 degree view of my MIRO Riseman and Gulfman. Plus wristshots as requested!!!
  180. fake or not...
  181. 1 year!!!!!!
  182. Fake g-9000tlc mudman!
  183. Found this NOS G-2500FL-2MJR for USD$40....
  184. Other colors
  185. G Shock Riseman
  186. Shop display (2 pics)
  187. I went shopping at lunch today...and got this!
  188. Friday Wrist Check for 10-3-08, WUW?
  189. Seiya got Men in rescue Mudman too !!!
  190. Is there a strap adapter for the "glossy" finished G's???
  191. Atlantic Time Zone
  192. Tough question about GW9200
  193. Ww?
  194. Looking for my first G-Shock
  195. Look what came in the mail!!!!!!!
  196. Officially a geezer with this>
  197. Sad panda... must thin collection.
  198. I have a new GW700BDJ-2 on the way, can you tell me about it?
  199. Swapping bands and bezels: GW M 5600 and 5625
  200. PAW1300B-4 strap NOT comfortable for me
  201. DW6925 or DW6900 marble white
  202. G-2500 Module ...PLS Help!
  203. Watch-u-wearing 10-02-08
  204. Need help from someone kind in the US?
  205. G-shock bezel / face protectors discontinued?
  206. Sunglasses
  207. Just added a dw5600gm reverse display to the stable ....
  208. Received my Men In Rescue Orange MIRO RISEMAN and GULFMAN!!! Enjoy the pics
  209. Can atomic sync be disabled on the GW-M5600?
  210. GWM5600BC display change
  211. Picture Competition
  212. hello,new to forum, need help
  213. Eye Candy (just for the girls)...
  214. My Collection After 1 1/2 Years
  215. so is my 25th ann. mudman now a beater?
  216. Got my first G-Shock yesterday
  217. Finally got my GW-M5600 !
  218. G-Shock Addiction
  219. Searching for a G-Shock
  220. Trouble setting GW-5525A
  221. Who would rock this frog?
  222. Wonder why Casio don't use this type of display...
  223. Frogman: legitmate diving watch?
  224. Ok so I sold my frogs...
  225. Broken Screw Blues
  226. Liam Neeson wears a G-Shock in "Taken"...anyone seen it?
  227. Interesting Buckle?
  228. new watch required(help)
  229. LRG Time is Money DW-6900 for $200
  230. what is a decent price for a new GIEZ GS-1000BJ-1AJF?
  231. For Singaporeans only. Who wants a 25th Anni jelly Frogman?
  232. Need help identifying G-Shock model >>>>
  233. This Froggie legit??
  234. g shock brazilian frogman and 2006 white i.c.e.r.c. frogman wanted
  235. Protrek/Pathfinder newbie
  236. Seiya got Men in rescue Gulfman!!
  237. showcasing the 'REAL' frog
  238. Not a casio, not even quartz, but nevertheless very tough...
  239. just curious, since "what's playing" often comes up, what speakers do g shockers use?
  240. Custom el ?
  241. What's the best price for a crazy colour DW-6900CS-1
  242. ******* NEW G-SHOCKS For OCTOBER !!!!!!!!! *************
  243. Accidental stealthing
  244. Pinch'n Punch!1st of Mth+Hump Day! WRUW >>
  245. New user - problems with GWM5600-1ER synchronising
  246. New to G-Shock's - Input please
  247. reputable/authentic?
  248. Wow.... All past & current G-Shock models(limited edition & regular) on this page.
  249. New arrival is "Tough"....
  250. DougFNJ did it,but for a buck o four who's whinin