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  12. Help English instructions need for riseman please
  13. riseman english instructions need please
  14. Woo it came today riseman WOW what a watch.
  15. Happy Canada day, watcha wearing?
  16. A G-shock WW-5300 on ebay...
  17. That's better! GLX-5600 on matt-black bezel and bands
  18. Subcrew x G-Shock 25th Anniversary
  19. What will be on your wrist on the 4th of July
  20. Casio G Shock Perfect Bible
  21. G-5700l-1
  22. new MUDMAN but not GW-9010
  23. G lide and Fifa 5600 bezel strap question
  24. Sjors, this one is for you!
  25. To those who have dying experience: dying my beige mudman whiter...
  26. GW5600BCJ-1 Band
  27. Stainless verses Resin
  28. What my brother will get for father's day
  29. Hi gang... just got in from my dive trip!
  30. G-Shock Problems...
  31. ******New CASIO`s For July Including G-SHOCK ********
  32. Replacement for G-3011
  33. G at -19c (-2.2F) and still going strong!!!!
  34. Sorry Mansrow...had to do it!!!
  35. My 2 New Risemans Arrived: U.S. & Japan Version
  36. OT: Paypal
  37. think about buying another seiko, anone can help?
  38. Customs Fees/Selling Watches Etiquette
  39. Where to find G's in person???
  40. Question for someone with a new Riseman
  41. gw-530 alarm trouble
  42. tough solar 530 - battery
  43. Casio feat Mastermind
  44. Battery Help: CR2023 3V
  45. 5 arrivals today... 15 still to come!
  46. Bestselling G-Shock - #DW9052-1V
  47. How's about this match
  48. biggest/heaviest entry level G
  49. End of June and this is what I got this month
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  51. Casio feat Roar
  52. G-5700: where can I get one (reasonably)?
  53. PAW-1300 why no temperature compensation?
  54. dw-5025sp-1jf
  55. Spain The Best Soccer!!!
  56. Seduced by the G's!!!
  57. Pulled the trigger on a Mudman
  58. Suggestions for a New G
  59. Arrrghhhhh someone dyed my new DW6900FS-8
  60. Monday Thread!
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  62. Special edition treatment
  63. DW-6900 Rasta in da house!
  64. Holiday Snaps..
  65. Why are some sellers dead against Asian buyers?
  66. My Lungman
  67. Mudman!
  68. fake gw 530?
  69. considering the temp on the new riseman
  70. My Small Collection
  71. Simultaneous Time/Temp display
  72. I am after Tan (light grey) or camo mudman strap and bezel??
  73. Alexandria, EGYPT
  74. how to adjust the new Riseman...
  75. Anyone have a spare $5000 in their back pocket?
  76. Price of the new Riseman Q...
  77. Question on receiving package from Japan
  78. GW-M5600 on the way!
  79. Color clarification of the Green Camo Mudman
  80. after market spares
  81. My New Watch
  82. Anyone willing to stealth a mudman for me?
  83. Anybody have an extra 6900 module?
  84. Headed to the beach this weekend...what watch/s do I bring with *pic*
  85. Mtg-900
  86. Anyone found a suitable GWM5600BC-1 face protector solution yet?
  87. Old Casio Dive watch.. Can it be fixed?
  88. Watch for vacation
  89. GW9200 Riseman
  90. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment!
  91. Chunkyyyyy
  92. An older article for newer member...Meet Sjors!
  93. Newbie band ?
  94. GW-M5600 / GW-M5600BC Band Swap
  95. Older Gshocks, even 4 screw backs...
  96. A new purchase and my collection
  97. My Red-eye
  98. Frogman Air Diver History Lesson Please
  99. My daily casio
  100. fake g shock or not?
  101. my mod squad(final)...for now
  102. Leon Eckell
  103. Gw-400
  104. Does anyone know what G Shock this is? From Airplane 2 movie
  105. The best series of late! Poll
  106. Need honest opinion on GLX-5600-1JF.
  107. Looking for a AW591TM-8A
  108. Mudman Price
  109. Emerald and Lime green froggie
  110. Casio Md-703
  111. Shameless Help Request
  112. Casio G-Shock Made in?
  113. Review of the Casio Pathfinder PAW1500T-7V
  114. Authentic Watch/Seller ?
  115. New RISEMAN: A first perfect G module?
  116. Ernie's giveaways
  117. Avocet opportunity.. .
  118. Who's the king of spares here?
  119. Tough Solar - some useful tips
  120. No offence to all the Riseman fans.
  121. Friday!!!
  122. G-7501 vibration alarm (many pics)
  123. G-9200 Riseman for Singapore
  124. Need help identifying this G-Shock ....
  125. My first 5600 C
  126. Alright... I am loving the new Mudman but have two more questions.
  127. Battery tutorial Movie Sjors
  128. My First Custom G !! Not sure what to call it, maybe a Dawn Black GWM5600 on Bracelet
  129. remove the band from a DW-8400 MudMan
  130. Another 'What would you do?'...
  131. Flying Squirrel!: My GW9200J-1JF Arrived
  132. Kanye West's Bapes Gshock.
  133. Finally got my PAW1500T (wrist shot inside)
  134. ------is This Watch Common ? How Much Is Prize Of New One In Market???-----
  135. help need with dw-6400
  136. Silencer Question
  137. Any Photos of G-Shock Innards?
  138. Legit Check DW-6900 'Red Zone'
  139. OT: eBay
  140. I have a dilemma... G or non-G
  141. Which one of your G's will you NOT wear?
  142. ERG Design
  143. Penneys Again
  144. Mudman Red buttons?
  145. Gw1400da
  146. Argggh!!! Shouldn't have started posting here!
  147. You gotta love Seiya...or...another GW-9200 Thread...
  148. New Watch - Casio - non-G -Lots Of Pics
  149. The Glorious Gold frogman is out in Singapore
  150. Anybody wants a ww-5100 ?
  151. Pampering my ProTrek, part 2...
  152. Has anybody seen this before? Multicam DW-5600E
  153. OT: Cheap UMPC For Your WUS Fix Anytime, Anywhere!
  154. Need red bezel/strap for 5600E, any ideas?
  155. okay, what am I missing here..?
  156. My 5700 Re-Issues - Post Your Pics Too!
  157. New arrival, it's the GWM5625E-7 some pics (modem burner)
  158. Read this before purchasing Riseman
  159. Yellow Fake Muddy But Nice Color...
  160. Paypal without money in card?
  161. Where to buy NOS G-Shocks?
  162. G-8000 is surprisingly comfortable to wear and look at..
  163. In the height of things......
  164. The Hump Day Check.
  165. OT - Seller's etiquette
  166. G-Shock Seller on eBay.
  167. Havent been online much...
  168. What should I Buy?
  169. Zulu straps how secure are they
  170. Tough Test #3
  171. Sherms how did you do this DW6900FS-8
  172. Possible US Retail for the new Riseman
  173. How do prices on ebay and WUS compare?
  174. Where are you getting your RISEMAN from (list sources here)
  175. A little riddle - tounge twister...
  176. free batteries?
  177. Please recommend a G for me, < $100
  178. Musings on the DW-5600C and Newer Screwback Reissues
  179. 25th anniversary DW-5600 T. Stuff
  180. Just got my new MUDMAN!!! But..
  181. Removing G-2500 Bezel
  182. What color should I dye a Mudman?
  183. When Is Tribe Returning?
  184. GW-205K gets a new outfit
  185. PRW-1500YTJ-1JF...when will it be available?
  186. MSF Outage 22-24 July 2008
  187. Stealthers vs Non-stealthers
  188. Another "Dawn Grey" 5025D
  189. Frogs back at amazon ??
  190. Another GLX-5600...
  191. Need feedback on a fellow member madmacs
  192. Riley's Cool Blue Mudman
  193. Colored Casio LCDs - Why?
  194. Thanks JasonH
  195. Watchreport has review of PAW1500T-7V
  196. G-520D question about manual in Articles section
  197. I was asking to myself...
  198. A rare g-shock shop? ....
  199. G-Shock-Fan in Deutschland/Germany ?
  200. Disturbing I noticed on my G-9000
  201. Glass Top Watch Boxes
  202. LeBron James
  203. My GLX-5600 G-Lide>>
  204. A friend just received the new riseman
  205. G Shock G-520D
  206. Sjors, really hate blue??...
  207. Hourly Time Signal for G304EH
  208. So is the GW-M5600BC-1 out of production for good?
  209. Hello from a newbe and maybe something interesting...
  210. Has the battery life of the DW-5600E changed over the years?
  211. baby-g diver, hello from South Carolina
  212. You never know who's looking!
  213. Mudman (and mostly Timex) does Rocky Mts on 1st day of summer
  214. Mudman beige turning into blue?
  215. Muddie color?!?!
  216. The Book Thread! Way way off topic!
  217. Just arrived: G-2300B-1V
  218. The Hooch 2000! Warning - Picture intensive.
  219. Which one?
  220. UK G-Shock Noob
  221. any info on Casio Overland pilot/miltary watch
  222. javy's in hong kong
  223. Casio Rostarr G-Shock
  224. Casio G Shock DW-6900FS-8JF
  225. It's not a G, it must been an accident.
  227. Legit Check On Ebay Seller
  228. paw1300g end links?
  229. Does anyone know?
  230. How much should I pay for a Frog?
  231. Riseman GW9200 on it's way!
  232. Casio 5600c Gold
  233. MTM Spec Ops Watches
  234. A quick wristshot of my PAW1300
  235. I can't choose. What shall I buy
  236. Firefox 3 TesT
  237. Hourly beep signal on MT-G 1000
  238. Oh my God $800!!!
  239. Anyone Feeling The Cold
  240. New watch wanted!
  241. Atomic Timekeeping... How does it work?
  242. Photos of my ladies showing off my Pathfinders...
  243. Do I really need a GW-M5600?
  244. Casio feat XLARGE
  245. G-9000 replacement bezel
  246. GW300 bezel
  247. I appear.
  248. Has anyone noticed?
  249. My Mud and a huge thanks
  250. Have you seen this before??