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  30. IS it ok for a 12/13 year old boy to wear a Baby-G??
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  37. old vs new
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  39. Triple Crown goes Down Under!
  40. Do people tend to by watches based on how they look or the size of their wrist?
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  43. Help me decide between these two PAW1300's
  44. Any Info On This Model Greatly Appreciated
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  48. Sunspot cycle
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  65. G-Shock
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  72. Maybe a whole new leage of soccer
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  75. Is there a problem ?
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  81. Customs..
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  91. Went ahead and did it.
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  113. I will not be late for work
  114. A Pathfinder G-Shock in one?
  115. "G" Body
  116. Here's a nice bunch of white G-Shocks ...
  117. Anyone ever trim their straps?
  118. A rip off by any other name...
  119. A new arrival!!!... GW-1500A!
  120. Frogman $199 ?? Has any one used this online store ?
  121. How rare is this model?
  122. Thorough, indepth, detailed Frogman review.
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  124. Outrageous $47 brokerage 'fee'.
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  129. Can I really replace a classic?
  130. Any CDT with seconds?
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  133. Fake G.
  134. Heads up
  135. How "Water Resistant" is the CA53W-1 Calculator Watch?
  136. Need Help With Decision
  137. My New Men in Black 2 Classic Mudman
  138. DW-6500 foreign object?
  139. Questions for Singapore residents from a newbie
  140. GW-225 - Same frog, same module, improved battery?
  141. Pictures of the "Family"
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  144. On My Santa List..
  145. Opinions on Casio G-353MS 3ADR?
  146. The D vs. The J
  147. Between yesterday and today...
  148. For UK tv watchers
  149. Help!!! Manual for DW8500/DW8800 Codename
  150. GW-9100K-7JR still being produced/sold???
  151. Froggy Questions
  152. How do you date a G-Shock?
  153. New Froggie and SF toy! (pics)
  154. Which regular Mudman's color is the nicest?
  155. Good Gshock deals on Amazon :)
  156. My first EL pics ......
  157. Bezel and strap for white G-8100? Where to buy?
  158. How to change band on G2300-9V?
  159. Reggie Roby, What watch did he wear?
  160. Which G-Shock of yours is a hit with the ladies? ...
  161. You gotta love the classics...
  162. Master Blue Frogman on the way!!!
  163. My DW 5400a
  164. A little Monday evening fun...
  165. Does anyone have....
  166. grade A mudman copy???
  167. Does any understand Casio's feature strategy?
  168. HELP! Looking for case for DW-5400
  169. Been Infected With 5500 Bug
  170. FedEx guy just gave me a Christmas Present!
  171. I was supposed to be grocery shopping....
  172. Can Anyone Show the Inside of a Fake?
  173. EL question
  174. Moody G-Shock pics....
  175. hi newbie need guide here
  176. What is this?
  177. Dw-5600
  178. Mudman size?
  179. Official Wallpapers!!!
  180. Which Giez GS-1x0x Color Easiest to Read?
  181. another G - Freak
  182. WTB Gaussman AW-571 1700
  183. MB caseback abnormalities
  184. Christmas is coming !!
  185. Three G-Shock firsts for me today.....
  186. Atomic is NOT a Goofy Feature
  187. New Casio Marlin, 2007...
  188. Difference
  189. Paw1300t-7v
  190. G-Shocks on sale at Kohls (US only)
  191. Soups on.
  192. Show me your negative displays
  193. Free if you need it?
  194. DW-56RT-1V referee timer vs DW-5600E.
  195. So Michael Lau is kind of a pop artist??
  196. Incoming - Casio G-Shock Frogman Master Blue 25th Anniversary
  197. What's up with my GW-300?!
  198. On the scrounge
  199. Guess what came in the mail today...
  200. Is there a all black Giez GS-1001?
  201. Have you got these?
  202. new watches
  203. Which G for my 13y/o nephew?
  204. Just bought a gift...
  205. HB Watches
  206. Got that 'Friday' feeling...
  207. G-5700-9JF. Why is this watch so rare?
  208. Stolen G-Lide Recovered (Sort of)
  209. Master Blue Frogman or SUUNTO Core Light Black
  210. Opinions & real pics please: GW-8** vs MTG-9**...
  211. Dyeing a paw-1300 pathfinder, what's gonna happen?
  212. Is the dw-5000 bape version an real?
  213. Comments and recommendations for a Pathfinder
  214. Cool Competition
  215. Finally... my first FROG
  216. analogue hands set by atomic?
  217. Anyone got this part kicking around?
  218. Question about white bezels and resin...
  219. first watch casio g shock?? whst one? ? ?
  220. Is Kanye wearing a G-Shock?
  221. Family Photo
  222. Please welcome DragonJade as a new co-moderator for this forum!
  223. Can I put a resin strap on my PAW-1300G?
  224. charging my solars?
  225. Are there NASA approved G-Shocks out there?
  226. Thinking of getting a DW-5600C...any thoughts on the model?
  227. DW-900S-8V Parts Questions
  228. Lucky Plaza watch stores...
  229. DW parts needed
  230. UK G-Shockers..
  231. This is NOT good!!...
  232. Just like on the banner.
  233. HELP! with Rite dye job on a DW-9052
  234. Watch tanaka has MRG8000 pic up
  235. Mudman in Hiding
  236. Pre-G-Shock Casio DW-1000...
  237. atomic mudman and dw6900
  238. This just in...
  239. new Mudman and world time
  240. Poll: Which hand do you wear your watch on, and which hand do you write with?
  241. Help - looking for a keyboard
  242. do You use auto-el function
  243. eBay and Yahoo in Japan
  244. Excellent MTG-1000 review on GMT+9
  245. :D gift from my girl :D
  246. Pathfinder Compass Calibration Question
  247. Hello Everyone! "Long Time No See"!
  248. Nice new watch on your sig, Tribe.
  249. My New Master Blue Frog
  250. My New Giez GS-1100 Arrived Today