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  19. Does Wave Cepter Sync DST into World Time Mode?
  20. Looks like I am not getting this
  21. Resin Band annoyance
  22. g shock alarm will flash but no audible alarm
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  25. When were you born G-Lide ?
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  28. A few Casio pics from a local watch enthusiasts gathering.
  29. Are all Atomic Radio watches obsolete in the USA now?
  30. Black Ion Band Wear
  31. have any of you guys even sent a G back to japan for service? or parts
  32. anyone know the color of the MRG-7100BJ-1AJF
  33. Anyone know the module # for the GW-5500 brothers???
  34. Snow...
  35. How do you display your watches?
  36. Its Wednesday here... What are you wearing today! :)
  37. Which Metal G ?
  38. More new arrivals.
  39. Two great Casio Tough Solars - GW-5600J & GW-056A
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  46. GL-110 and some ice inside my house
  47. Sometimes life just sucksss...
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  57. "Glow in the dark" acrylic paint?
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  59. Got the G'zOne
  60. DW 9052 Problem
  61. Antman questions
  62. The Casio G-Shock GIEZ 1000BJ
  63. analog, ana-digi, digital Poll
  64. Accuracy test
  65. anyone have the black giez model GS-1000BJ-1AJF?? quick question
  66. DW-6900(can't stop wearing it)
  67. For 1414DW6100: DW-9050 Handcuffer
  68. I just wanna say HELLO! :)
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  75. The Story of My First G
  76. The Story of My First G
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  78. Question on Recovery, when is the function normal?
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  85. Sjors..your favourite red!!!
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  94. DW-6900BS Blue Sea ???
  95. Team Tough leader Takashi Nikaido has designed new telephone handsets for KDDI...
  96. Manual For Module QW1431
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  104. Say Cheese!
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  107. A trophy in my hands! ww5100 gold version 1983 5.000 parts in the World!!!
  108. In the post this morning ....
  109. CASIO-CODEname
  110. Dw-6900 W.c.c.s.
  111. Thanks to Sjors - How to...
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  113. Solar Trouble
  114. Charging on module 2597
  115. new BPM counter movie
  116. Bracelet sizing question
  117. Will strap adaptors work on DW-8200 Frogman?
  118. Casio Ww-710
  119. Got the Protrek bug ...
  120. New GL-7000RF arrived!
  121. My new G-Shock GW-800
  122. Removing the back on a GW810D
  123. Any way to fix discolored clear band?
  124. G-2000 question
  125. Jeff_C, Take a look at my new shirt!
  126. RAYSMANIA wrist shots!
  127. Fake 8200 frogmans on the bay. Beware!
  128. Painting a G
  129. Quelque membre de ce forum est Franšais ?
  130. G9000 mudman.. where to buy ???
  131. GW5600 reception
  132. Anyone ever seen this???
  133. NEWS: XLarge G-Shock
  134. Mud on a Mudman!
  135. free hugs for you all
  136. Ebay bidding question
  137. My new Mudresist Codename and silver DW-9500 arrived!
  138. Ebay Song
  139. Ebay purchase
  140. Who else works Saturdays?
  141. arnt you glad you didnt marry this one
  142. what is DW-9500RL-4
  143. this guys is on the ball
  144. the ideal looking g-shock
  145. Need help w/ Pro Trek PRW-1100
  146. DW-5600C resurrection
  147. If You Have A Vintage You Have A Treasure...
  148. Where To Buy Gshock In Toronto??????????????????
  149. to SCHIRRA MEMBER!!!
  150. G-Shock/Baby-G Catalogues
  151. Low temperature resistance?
  152. New watch & flashlight
  153. How do you put a nylon band on a G2300?
  154. Nice mudman display
  155. puresoulhide?
  156. todays what you wearing!!!!
  157. does any body speak danish??
  158. New Arrival of DW-5600 24CTU Edition
  159. Flickering Displays
  160. Itchy Frogman
  161. Fixing odor on resin-band G-Shock?
  162. Why Did They Take Solar off the Market?
  163. DW-6700 Skyforce question!
  164. 2 Jam'in Colors came in today....
  165. Frogman strap combo
  166. What battery does the GW810D take?
  167. Another newbie question? What is the model of G-shock with the "fin" (slanted band)?
  168. Mudman SUper Illuminator question
  169. G-shock Video/expotv/video Opinions..
  170. What Screwback+bezel Do You Have?
  171. Who will reverse display my DW-5900 for me? >>>
  172. How to stomp on everyone's G in one easy step...
  173. 20th Anniversary GW-300 on the Bay
  174. Metal Band, Resin Band Poll
  175. Does anyone modify PRG80's displays?
  176. Which G-Shock is the Dressiest One?
  177. My G2300 arrived today
  178. GW5600BCJ-1 is here.
  179. Looking for a watch. Not a G
  180. What's up! Sjors
  181. Module 1545 Screwbacks
  182. Site for vintage Casios?
  183. How to take a pic of an EL logo in backlight?
  184. Rookie here. Trying to pick a mudman. Any thoughts on the G900MC-3f?
  185. Module 240 - Doubts -
  186. New G makes you appreciate old ones
  187. I think I found a fake G-Raven
  188. 5600 question
  189. Need your pick on one of these 3 Casio's
  190. Potential Adverts for G-shock.
  191. My new purchase
  192. Stars and Stripes - Navy Diver G-Shock
  193. Newbie question (kinda long, kinda verbose)
  194. Anyone have a wrist shot of the cream colored Mudman?
  195. Size of the GW 1310?
  196. There's an authetic G-2000FL
  197. Pictures for Andi1 and Freediver...
  198. A couple of G reviews....
  199. 20th anniversary G-Shock limited arrived
  200. Advice Needed on a ProTrek
  201. Wich G for club night?
  202. Any opinions on the DW-1310A ?
  203. Help! G-Shock DW-069 Black
  204. watch repair tool set
  205. A question about Wave Ceptor frequency reception
  206. What are you wearing today?
  207. Jam'in Color wearers unite!
  208. Any White Collar Wears a G-Shock to Work?
  209. What is Digital Dial Code?
  210. Casio I-Range
  211. How to remove the pins from the band of a GW5600
  212. Anyone own Protek PRW-1100YTJ-1JF
  213. New G on the way
  214. GW-5600J Question
  215. Whiteout!
  216. Drew- Pleasecontact me at the enclosed address- (G-Shock related!) :)
  217. Pathfinder help .....
  218. WUS business cards?
  219. Ike G!
  220. help! which is the best?
  221. Fast Arrival !
  222. Hi Sjors, look this MRG-1200T
  223. GS-1000BJ-1AJF black IP Giez short review and pix
  224. GS-1000BJ-1AJF black IP Giez short review and pix
  225. VIDEO: Black Helios Frogman on a warm Sunday aft.
  226. Got any G backlight shots?
  227. Do you see what I see...
  228. Fog in watch.
  229. my gw-1400e-1
  230. hows this for an ebay question
  231. Which G do you wear most/least???
  232. Heart Rate Monitors
  233. G-Lide question
  234. My small but growing collection
  235. Oldies but goodies....
  236. Has anyone here modified their G-Shock?
  237. OT: LED torches
  238. Recent flea market finds
  239. PRG50 owners,
  240. Advice - Casio G-Shock Mudman Illuminator DW-8400 watch with reverse display
  241. Any ways to find a G-2000 or other SS G
  242. part 3: eric takes a shower
  243. this is unreal: if you love lego or your kids love it
  244. Good Deal? GW300A-1V for $35?
  245. New member band question
  246. Mudman arrives.
  247. Time for a quick Friday survey...?
  248. Are there strap adaptors for the G-9000?
  249. G-Shock 12 Beasts
  250. How do you wear your G-shocks in winter clothings?