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  1. Need help deciding PRW-3000T or ERA-200DB-1AV
  2. OT: Does anyone use bitcoin? Just bought my first watch with BTC!
  3. WRUW Wednesday 16 December 2015
  4. WRUW Wednesday 16th December 2015
  5. Alternative Straps for Casio G-Shock MTG-G1000/ MTG-S1000?
  6. Buying first G Shock - Need some help
  7. G-Steel vs G-1400D ?
  8. Custom GW-M5610
  9. casio waveceptor WVA-430DU-2A2VER - stored for 20 months. How to activate it?
  10. Rangeman for small wrists
  11. I'm not going to debate if I want a Rangeman if I had the money, but will it be $200 to $150 range?
  12. Fixing G-Shock in Singapore?
  13. Need Help On Picking A New Watch
  14. Replacement straps
  15. WRUW Tuesday 15 December 2015
  16. Hourly time signal
  17. WRUW Monday 14 December 2015
  18. I need a bit of help boys
  19. Bargain basement beater for work
  20. This close to buying an MRG-1000 today
  21. Incoming Frogman!!!
  22. WRUW Sunday 13 December 2015
  23. Solar beats out regular battery watches, and here is why.
  24. Yep, my head hurts. But, the 6900 won over the 69000 mudman for my needs. I think.
  25. If you could only have one G, what would it be? What are some of the memories associated with it?
  26. what do you think?
  27. 5500 owners and counting thread
  28. What is the G-Shock that has the barometer alarm?
  29. WRUW Saturday 12 December 2015
  30. My best G-Shock deal
  31. G-Shock Stops Working?
  32. Dim/off display on DW-5600E
  34. Newly acquired - need bezel n band
  35. 9th G-Shock In 'Da House
  36. Permanent haze in Mudman?
  37. WRUW Friday 11 December 2015
  38. G-056 (or any Casio, really) not responding to button presses after rebuild?
  39. ProTrek PRW-6000-1er tripple sensor ver.3?
  40. What are your wackiest and weirdest mods ever attempted?
  41. Is it possible of finding a replacement for the net foil of 5600? Or, can we make it by self.
  42. casio gw2500b changing the analog
  43. WRUW Thursday 10 December 2015
  44. Hold on to your GSET-30s guys
  45. DW5600E test
  46. WRUW Wednesday 9 December 2015
  47. New GW4000R
  48. G-9100 or G-7900
  49. Casio G-Shock DW5600C Parts
  50. CELEBRITIES who wear G-SHOCK
  51. PRW-6000-SYT Good price on ebay
  52. Can a Edifice EQS500 strap be changed?
  53. A square that's unlike any other - the DW-056-USV-5T (pics heavy)
  54. Where to buy G-Shock Rangeman (GW9400) at a decent price and thoughts thoughts on ebay stores?
  55. Project Rangeman: a three part modification
  56. is my 6900 coming apart?
  57. Another NCAA football coach wearing a G-Shock
  58. I converted a Casio LCD to negative! Not a watch, but inspired by this forum.
  59. Kinda-Impossible-Quest - minimalistic (mostly) analog (as much as possible) metal G-Shock
  61. Modded dw9052
  62. In search of the perfect digital watch....(warning long post) GW-5000
  63. Question...can you replace the bracelet on the MTGS1000BD-1 with a strap from a GPW1000-1B?
  64. New modal as old model GW-400J modul 2931
  65. CLASS OF 2015! (What you got this year)
  66. Servicing GShock on the West Coat of Canada
  67. How good is the Casio G Shock GW-A 1100R 4A
  68. WRUW Monday 7 December 2015
  69. Help out a G-Shock newb
  70. Switched out the polarizing film in 5600....
  71. G-Shock No. 4,5,6,7,8 Added to Collection
  72. Is square G the best for long term use, maintenance and collection?
  73. DW5600E-1V: A year (and then a second year) on a mechanic's wrist
  74. For the dirty jobs, Casio is the way to go
  75. WRUW Sunday 6 December 2015
  76. My Two New G's Join My Collection!
  77. New stealthy 6900 joins its stealthy 5600 brother....
  78. NOS DW5600C on ebay last night, who got it?
  79. Got a GWX-5600C without resin and band, can I replace them by DW-5600's gear?
  80. Longer bands for BGD501
  81. WRUW Saturday 5 December 2015
  82. Another NOS catch, this time as my first Christmas present!
  83. Opinions on the Combi bracelet for the Aviator series
  84. My three new squares joining the square family....
  85. My first vintage 5600C, restoration advice please :)
  86. G-shock Rangeman won't sync
  87. BIG brothers
  88. Friday just got even better
  89. G-Shock US SOHO Store Collectors Event- Early Release of Limited Edition G-Shock
  90. ^ WRUW Friday 4th December 2015 WRUW ^
  91. Did I get a Fake DW-5600EG or
  92. Nicest square with always visible time?
  93. What Square is this?
  94. Oh, I make a big mistake, destroy a DW-5900 bezel just now.
  95. The Official Count - The White Burton Rangeman GW-9400BTJ-8JR/8DR 2015
  96. How to fix the black and white color corruption on the dial?
  97. G-SHOCK X Scion Racing Video
  98. WRUW Thursday 3 December 2015
  99. Composite band on DWD5600P?
  100. New Member - my story and my collection...
  101. A module question, not entirely G-Shock...
  102. Just picked up the MTGS1000BD-1A - Wow, what a watch!!
  103. WRUW Wednesday 2 December 2015
  104. gulfman GW-9100 module pictures needed
  105. GD-100....why is it so cheap? is there a catch?
  106. The Beast made it home early for X-mas!!!
  107. WRUW Tuesday 1 December 2015
  108. Bezel from GW-9330B match the stock G9300 black strap?
  109. Given my first G-Shock today
  110. Small wrists - retaining the strap "tail"? What do you guys use?
  111. Casio DW-5600M-2, 3, 4, and 8 at Macy's for $99 USD
  112. How to know which parts of given two models can interchange?
  114. WRUW Monday 30 November 2015
  115. Newest Addition Help
  116. My G-Shocks among friends
  117. My great CASIO
  118. DW-5900 light mod solution, is it possible?
  119. WRUW Sunday 29 November 2015
  120. 3 different bro's on 1 arm
  121. Fake g shock? Someone help
  122. when's the next Frogman?
  123. My first JDM watch; A CASIO GW-5000-1jf from CHINO. Unboxing and checking for radiation
  124. I passed a guy wearing a DW5600EG and now I want one
  125. Does DW-56RTB-7 and DW-5600E-1V using the same rubber shell?
  126. WRUW Saturday 28 November 2015
  127. How do you store/organize your G-Shocks? Help me decide on a box!
  128. Any love for the GW-500
  129. BPC Chinese Radio Disruption
  130. Baby-G BGD-501-1JF
  131. Who bought/is buying something for Black Friday??
  132. "Temple of G" magazine of G-Shock available in PDF
  133. WRUW Friday 27 November 2015
  134. After G-Shock advice for son's present
  135. Just ordered myself some new G's for the holidays!
  136. Did anyone just score a camo Frog bargain on the bay?
  137. My G-Shock #2 Out of 7 has arrived
  138. WRUW Thursday 26 November 2015
  139. Question About New Mudmaster (Hand)
  140. Suggestions on size
  141. Dye another day - The Brick
  142. WRUW Wednesday 25 November 2015
  143. Black Friday through Cyber Monday?
  144. New GW9300CM-1JR! Please add me to the counting thread Piowa
  145. AQ160W series robustness ?
  146. What is the material use for the g-shock case?
  147. My first G-shock (with datejust pic)
  148. **WRUW TUESDAY 24TH NOVEMBER 2015**
  150. Are the Gravitymaster GA1000 series as big or bigger than the GA100 XL series?
  151. General questions about Casio watches being sold in lots
  152. Why turn power save off?
  153. G9300 Mudman Strap variations...
  154. GLX5600 Backplate Difference Between Model Variations
  155. Sneaker Freaker x G-shock Nightowl collab launch party recap (heaps o pix)
  156. Oceanus Manta thinness
  157. WRUW Tuesday 24 November 2015
  158. Square fans: Educate me on the square following
  159. **WRUW MONDAY 23rd NOVEMBER 2015**
  160. My First G-Shock - New to Casio - Rangeman
  161. HI from Georgia, USA
  162. GW-M5610MD-9JF here in the yellow and gold of my days
  163. Casio G-350L, "The un-G-Shock"
  164. CUSTOMIZE your G-SHOCK : color, dress, change parts...
  165. Is this real life?
  166. My G-Shock Has Arrived!
  167. |*_*_*WRUW SUNDAY 22nd NOVEMBER*_*_*|
  168. GWA1000D problem - your expert input please
  169. G702BD won't stay on - moisture?
  170. WRUW Saturday 21 November 2015
  171. Hulk smash! - G-Shock dyed
  172. Positive display Vs Negative display ( GA-110 )
  173. SOLID GOLD DW-5000 - take that AP Royal Oak
  174. Quick question for the cognoscenti....long term thoughts on the Twisted Metal MTGS100BD-1?
  175. WRUW Friday 20 November 2015
  176. Casio TC-500. Any info on this one?
  177. G-Shock price drops?
  178. 1991 Casio G-Shock DW-5600C crash test
  179. GW-S5600-1JF Strap Length
  180. WRUW Thursday 19 November 2015
  181. Best G-Shock for under $100?
  182. Baby-G with the "Running Man"
  183. Casio G-Shock GShock DST ON/OFF HomeCity WTC, time set 3189, 5240, 5184, 5121, 5113, 5229
  184. OCW-G1000-1A vs OCW-T2600-1AJF
  185. Sneaker Freaker - Temple of G book
  186. WRUW Wednesday 18 November 2015
  187. G-Shock G-9000 High Temperature Ranges?
  188. Is it worth yet?
  189. Orange is the new black
  190. GWA1000D-1A seconds hand not aligned
  191. WRUW Tuesday 16 November 2015
  192. G Shocks with Flash Alert
  193. Will there be a G-Shock Gundam for Rangeman?
  194. WRUW Monday 16 November 2015
  195. How accurate are your non-RC Casios?
  196. Gravity Defier
  197. My DIY homemade solar charging station
  198. A(nother) case for G-Shocks as the "Ideal Field Watch"
  199. What G would you wear to a G-Shock launch party?
  200. WRUW Sunday 15th November 2015
  201. List of G-shock with finite auto repeat CDT?
  202. Got 2 G shocks Incoming. Arrived with pics
  203. GW-7900B strap options (specifically nylon)
  204. Success at last, I found TWO of my grail watches!
  205. WRUW Saturday 14th of November 2015
  206. *** Heads-up about Macy's sale.....for those of you in the U.S.
  207. My custom Star Wars Stormtrooper tribute GW6900
  208. Gulfmaster, how do you calibrate the tide and what is the digit after the dot in moon age view?
  209. Did not expect this!! (new G content; pic heavy :) )
  210. GR-8900 stuck in "CHG" mode even after replacing the battery
  211. WRUW Friday 13th November 2015
  212. Then and now.
  213. Official Display Stands X2 in Australia
  214. DJ Stylewarz 30 years G-Shock Collab (only 30 made)
  215. Square that can display 2 time zones simultaneously?
  216. WRUW Thursday 12 November 2015
  217. watch band care?
  218. Clearest 5600 LCD?
  219. GD-100-1B Black Buckle
  220. G-SHOCK G-STEEL video from G-SHOCK RUSSIA
  221. Need opinions about medium/large size gshocks on small(skinny) wrists.
  222. GW-5000 vs GW-M5610BC - Need Help
  223. WRUW Wednesday 11 November 2015
  224. How does an LCD get like this?
  225. SHOPPING in New York
  226. Polarizing film. Where do you get yours?
  227. Paint type for bands?
  228. WRUW Tuesday 10th November 2015
  229. THE WINNER IS - the best of the best in your collection...
  230. Alpha Gel test video - VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! A MUST SEE!!
  231. Anyone bought from Expedite? Real or Fake?
  232. WRUW Monday 9th November 2015
  233. G-shocks you wish you had bought when it was produced.
  234. New Rangman "adjust" button making clicking noise
  235. WRUW Sunday 8 November 2015
  236. Vintage looking Casios
  237. G at bonfire
  238. [WDYRT] What Did You Receive Today: post your latest acquisitions
  239. Band Replacement For Casio Protrek prw3500
  240. G-Shock Atomic Time Sync Using JJY Simulator
  241. Couple of new G's
  242. Coin battery capacity compared - for all of us NON-SOLAR guys out there :)
  243. G-Shock identification needed.
  244. Casio Men's W-S220-1BVCF Battery Replacement
  246. Problem with pop-ups on just G-Shock/f17 section of this forum
  247. WRUW Saturday 7 November 2015
  248. GW-M5610 vs GA100SD-8A Which is more durable?
  249. G-shock people
  250. DW-6100 Compatible bezels