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  14. Anyone peruse Seiya's offerings as of late?
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  16. Santa stopped by the house......
  17. Consistent Atomic Synching During DST
  18. GA1000-4A moisture seen on inside of crystal? concern or not really?
  19. Photo contest winners!
  20. Is legit ?
  21. Question about Atomic syncing for analog G's
  22. Reviving my old watch
  23. GA-1000 Clicky button
  24. euro seller of Casio Duro 200M MDV-106D ?
  25. Casio archive
  26. whats up with the MR-G(s)
  27. This seller is NOT me
  28. Identify this common Shock
  29. GULFMAN in the house!
  30. Possible to repair The G shock Atomic clock bomb? Or is it the end?
  31. WRUW Friday 5 December 2014
  32. Hello and GA110 digital screen contrast.
  33. Watcoholic Intoxication!
  34. What happened to the 'posting' options on this forum??
  35. Mystery G-Shock Identification
  36. Cult of Frogs
  37. Flea market found
  38. Dead DW9000?! New guts?
  39. FYI Macy's FF Started Last Night!!!
  40. My 1st Casio IDed!
  41. Need help deciding between too many G's (G-9000, GD-350, GD-400)
  42. The King is here!!!
  43. From Swiss automatics to first G. Recommend me an ana-digi please
  44. Christmas gift search for a woman
  45. Replacement Strap Keeper Sought BG169R-4
  46. Lost alarm spring, can you help me out?
  47. ok I lied
  48. Unhappy with GWA1100 Aviator, But...Happy with MTGS1000D
  49. G-Shock advert posters from the nineties
  50. WRUW Thursday 4 December 2014
  51. My GW7900B has just died - suggestions?
  52. Can i still save my g2310 g shock ??
  53. i am trying to find a good.....
  54. lets talk basic square DW5600e...
  55. WRUW Wednesday 3 December 2014
  56. Photo contest voting!
  57. GD-400 craving
  58. Educational question for the new guy
  59. Casio watch collection growing sans the Seikos
  60. HI
  61. WRUW Tuesday 2 December 2014
  62. The BLACK GULFMASTER !!! Need I say more? Awesomeness above the clouds. Photos!! ..of course!
  63. WS-220 not charging
  64. Anyone interested in these?
  65. 9400 help. Battery stuck at m, is that normal?
  66. New G-SHOCK 'Life Is A Journey' Frank Book
  67. MEN IN CAMO SERIES COMING!!! (Only rough info no pics)
  68. G-Shock December 2014 Japan Releases ( G-Shock X Kevin Lyons Limited Edition)
  69. WRUW Monday 1 December 2014
  70. How to test a prw2500? And do you have extra links?
  71. Help Identifying.
  72. GW-4000R-4AJF Sky Cockpit
  73. IS GA110 1BDR watch with negative screen good?
  74. Looking for some advices
  75. cheapest dw5600e available
  76. WRUW Sunday 30th November 2014
  77. My two aviators
  78. First g shock has arrived!!!!!!
  79. casio raysman DW-9300MS-8T, whats its worth?
  80. Whats kind of g-shock can i get for 50.00 at walmart?
  81. GA400-9B in US?
  82. Excellent GW-5000 and GB-5600b comparison by Andrew Nik
  83. DW5600 Hourly time signal not working!
  84. Module 3433
  85. WRUW Saturday 29th of November 2014
  86. Finally!!! DW5600BB conversion & write-up! the right way! SUPER PIC HEAVY!!!!!
  87. DW5600 in silver?
  88. So tough is my gshock
  89. a very SHOCKING Thanksgiving
  90. My next Frogman creation: GWF1000 "Dawn Black" tribute build
  91. DIY: DW5600BB conversion & write-up COMPLETE! the right way! SUPER PIC HEAVY!!!!!
  92. WRUW - Friday, 28 November 2014
  93. G001-2C Anyone have one still?
  94. New GWA1100-1A3 - Home Hand Position is Off
  95. Haven't see Sjors and Sedi for a couple of weeks... how are you guys?
  96. G-Shock 30th Anniversary counting thread
  97. Recommend a G-Shock for a 17yr Old Girl
  98. Best Online store?
  99. WRUW Thursdsy 27 November 2014
  100. If you could design your own watch....
  101. Question regarding G-shock DW Series
  102. New acquisitions on a snowy day!
  103. Which Atomic Frogman Mod to do: Ninja or Purple?
  104. 2039:Casio's calendar comes to an end. What shall we call this occurance?
  105. Help to choose an anadig G-Shock
  106. Baby g frogman
  107. 4 new incomings
  108. Red Rangeman resin on Black positive 9400-1 - looking for pics
  109. Christmas came early! thanks to Pacparts! 56k go home, your drunk..
  110. Vashtie Kola x G-Shock S Series Collab
  112. WRUW on WANGEMAN WEDNESDAY, 26th of November 2014
  113. ZOMBIES and G-SHOCKS !!!!!! check out this interactive Horrorscenario!!!! G-Shocks inside!!
  114. How thorough a rinse after salt water?
  115. DW-6600 LCD Notes
  116. Has the G101 ana-digi gshock been discontinued??
  117. what happens in Vegas...
  118. GX56 black gold or GWX5600
  119. casio milestones
  120. WRUW Tuesday, 25th of November 2014
  121. g-shock g-2200 bezel
  122. g-shock dw-5900
  123. Biten a good way
  124. Identify a G
  125. The first heretic.
  126. My first DW5600E MOD! New method to change lcd colour
  127. Homecoming GPW-1000-4AJR... GPS-GShock
  128. Please Help Me Identify My Childhood Casio!!!
  129. Look Familiar?
  130. WRUW Monday, 24th of November 2014
  131. Dye job-everyone has to try it at least once
  132. Swapped Resin on my GW-5000 for a change of pace: What do you think?
  133. Casio G-Shock Watches Battle: G 7900 (Rescue) vs G 7710 (Trainer)
  134. Photo Contest Reminder!
  135. Gshock 8900A Isn't Recharging
  136. Qn for all the Modders
  137. *WRUW-sunday 23-11-2014*
  138. Would you prefer a more elegant G-Shock?
  139. GD-X6930E: home function
  140. The weight of a square
  141. Not a G-shock, but tough watch cousin anyway!
  142. First Dye Job!
  143. WS-220-2's CTL-1616 not charging. Suggestions requested please.
  144. Why aren't there any TC HAQ G's? Or do they exist?
  145. Only fellow G would understand...
  146. WRUW Sat 22-11-2014
  147. New GDX6900-1
  148. GW-7900MS-3ER Replacement Strap?
  149. Were to buy?
  150. Need Help to identify a Casio Watch
  151. Buying a GWA-1100-1A3 in Australia
  152. New Baby-G X-Girl 5600 Collab
  153. WRUW Friday 21 November 2014
  154. My Casio AMW320B-1A and AMW320R-1EV module mod.
  155. G-SHOCK Urgent help
  156. GD-100MS New Bezels and bands?
  157. activate or not?
  158. Avoid Crazy Gold G-Shock Taipei Collab GA-110GDTW-9A (Print coming off)
  159. baby g on man....
  160. I'm glad this doesn't happen too often... (NEW G CONTENT)
  161. My GPW-1000 got stuck in customs office
  162. Uh oh, I'm in trouble -- 2nd GPW in da 'house!!
  163. WRUW Thursday 20th of November 2014
  164. Carbon fiber strap vs. Regular strap
  165. Help with Casio AMW-320
  166. search for positive, narrowed it down to these two, or did i miss something?
  167. Which 5600 parts will fit a GLX5600
  168. What is the highest number of illuminated G-Shocks in one picture?
  169. Finally my first **** will be here soon! Hate the wait.
  171. GW6900 peripheral vision: Good battery, blank LCD even after AC reset
  172. Strap for G-5500MC-8
  173. WRUW Wednesday 19 November 2014
  174. New to G-Shocks
  175. RAF #2 anyone?
  176. Rangeman question (no audible alarm sound)
  177. Thrift shop finding
  178. Tiny generic question about Casio ana-digis
  179. Cheapest place for g-shock in N.Y.C.?
  180. Got my new GD-350 today
  181. WRUW Tuesday 18 November 2014
  182. Customizable, 'Swap-able' fields in a G-Shock module...
  183. DW-D5600P-1JF Measurement Request
  184. G shock vs Timex
  185. Milan G-Shock Store (The Gripmaster Mission on Monday!)
  186. Dw-9052 bezel compatible with DW-8800 codename ?
  187. Watch syncs during sleeping
  188. Just an epic shot of my White Eminem 6900 G
  189. G-Shock GW-2310-1ER accuracy
  190. Advice on replacing my F91W
  191. Need a new work watch, help me pick~!
  192. Upcoming MRG's
  193. G7710-1 Question for Owners
  194. Incoming!
  195. WRUW Monday 17 November 2014
  196. New Arrival!!!
  197. red camo dw 6900 or gd 120
  198. Introducing number 259 of 500 Limited Edition MTG
  199. Look what I found today!
  200. Just sharing some pics of my first Mudman ever - the Navy G-9300NV-2
  201. G5600E and dw6900g color display mod
  202. Mod: the module from a DW-5600E dressed as a DW-5600BB
  203. Casio DBC32-1A Data Bank Watch
  204. My latest G and first Aviator - the GA-1000-2B (pic heavy)
  205. GD-350 'Wings' removal. Need shorter screws.
  206. WRUW Sunday November 16th 2014!!!
  207. Brought this (GPW-1000-1AJF) home from Japan
  208. how to replace battery - baby-G 5194
  209. The other day someone posted a few square timexs
  210. Is this one real?
  211. Any G-Shocks that allow dual time to be set independently
  212. What you guys think, two new purchases
  213. pro trek options with the big digits
  214. GPW1000 Thoughts?
  215. Is Digital Display Models STILL Core Business for G-Shock?
  216. *accidental* purchase - opps!
  217. WRUW Saturday 15th of November 2014
  218. please help me choose a g-shock
  219. Model no???
  220. GA-1000FC not ok for smaller wrists due to "wings"
  221. How do you rotate your G-shocks?
  222. How to remove buttons on dw6900
  223. How to differentiate a genuine G-Shock & Fake G-Shock
  224. Dw6900 how to: swap/remove dial plate
  225. Mudman or Rangeman? Question and recommendations
  226. Rangeman Day
  227. My 4G
  228. Recommend me a G-Shock!
  229. Newbie G Shock Question
  230. G1400 Aviator loosing minutes in hours.
  231. WRUW on Friday 14th of November 2014
  232. Finally made my decision
  233. Good watch repair in Phoenix or Scottsdale area
  234. A square looking great on a girl's wrist
  235. From Kronos: I Am Stepping Down
  236. My new Gravitymaster GPW1000-1A ...
  237. Dreams do come true...gf1000-nv
  238. Hydration Alarm
  239. PRW 2500 , PRW 3000 and Rangeman GW9400
  240. OVERKILL x G-SHOCK X6900
  241. Reason to not wear a G-Shock...
  242. Baby G's.....wth?
  243. Help: Looking for (GW-9330B-1JR) Mudman Initial Blue Series
  244. gd100bw-1 is this a negative display
  245. Will my gb100-bw-1 be waterproof?
  246. WRUW Thursday 13 Nov 2014!
  247. G-Shock Recommendations
  248. Now I like my GA110-1B Lumed MOD Much easier to see
  249. Poorman's Frogman DW-295 World Tour
  250. Buying experience with