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  1. tough movement g-shocks does anybody have a list
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  4. G-2000CG-8MJF
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  10. 5600/5610: Bezel compatibility / interchangeability
  11. I accidently bought two G-Shocks and they arrived the same day (so many pics)
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  13. DO IT Yourself Tanning Bed !
  14. Black range men movement where buy
  15. Help Please
  16. Opinions on vintage Casio H104
  17. Score! Casio DW-1000 (Pre-G)
  18. How do I set atomic,and triple sensor "rangeman"
  19. Casio EDIFICE
  20. WRUW Saturday 10 January 2015
  21. Opinions of G-Shock GPS
  22. Gwm5610 or GW5510?
  23. G-7710 negative vs GB-5600B negative display
  24. DW-9900 Frogman (band)
  25. Rakuten New Year Coupon
  26. WRUW Friday 9 January 2015
  27. NATO/ZULU adapter for GW810H-2?
  28. Casio Triple Sensor v3 Watches Queries
  29. The most beautiful Casio G Shock, DW5600BB, thanks Tic Tac area, online vendor from Spain, non-scam
  30. G Shock GWM5610-1. Will other G Shock bands fit?
  31. Charge indicator problem??
  32. Isuzu DMAX G Shock collab
  33. WRUW Thursday 8 January 2015
  34. GA-110 randomly resets to incorrect data (timezone, date, time, hand position, speed hand position)
  35. G-Shock / Baby-G in washing machine?
  36. New to GSHOCK, anything better than DW6900NB-1?
  37. auto illuminate shuts itself off after a bit?
  38. Finally got my GD-350! Thank you for everyone who helped me.
  39. LOL G-Shock Russia Official IG Likes Fake G's
  40. Finally the DW 5600 arrived in Jerusalem
  41. Got a new G! I like this 5600 the most!
  42. Has anybody had this issue before?
  43. Casio at CES 2015
  44. Interesting g-shock weigh-in.... Who's the heavyweight champ??!!!
  45. Help Identify my Gshock Frogman.
  46. GW9200RDJ Mod - Hellboy Gets A Brother
  47. WRUW Wednesday 7 January 2015
  48. Eleven days in Dolomites with GD-400
  49. Forza Horizon 2 G-Shock Car Pack (Video Game Content)
  50. Band of G-Brothers...expanded
  51. Why So less thread about G A-1000? Does t has any faults?
  52. temperature
  53. Sync question to GPW-1000 and MRG-G1000 owners
  54. WRUW Tuesday 6 January 2015
  55. Replacing speaker disc?
  56. Can anything be done with the chome looking bezel on the mudman?
  57. Took back off ProTrek - now light & alarm doesn't work, help!
  58. GD-X6900HT Heathered Collection
  59. G7900 (green) replacement strap?
  60. WRUW Monday 5 January 2015
  61. Does anyone else find the "cyclops" on the Rangeman...pointless?
  62. Battery replacement in GXW-56BG
  63. Looking for a GW2310FB-1 in Canada? Or online?
  64. January Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!
  65. QUESTIONS from a soon to be G-Shock Owner
  66. Help with finding age of a CASIO
  67. DW6900 HULK mod!
  68. Cam Newton wearing a King
  69. DW-6900 Watch Band Alternative?
  70. Casio Locking Crown Question and Other Issue
  71. Misaligned glass of paw-2000?
  72. WRUW Sunday 4 January 2015
  73. Smart Crown Users, Whats the Consensus?
  74. When logical perfection doesn't work
  75. Welcome to club RAF.. exclusive G-shock club..
  76. What to sync watch to?
  77. What to buy a non-watch friend?
  78. q. on G-Shock varieties and making the first buy
  79. Anyone having problems with Pacparts lately?
  80. Confused - please help me decide which G-shock
  81. New member and my GSHOCK collection
  82. ++What Do You Have Incoming 2015???++
  83. Quick Look at the GWM850-7CR vs G2900F-1V
  84. GPS Pro-Trek or Oceanus
  85. Thinning the herd and looking for advice
  86. Large watches like The King?
  87. WRUW Sat Jan-3 2015
  88. DW-9000 and DW002 - Can they be refurbished?
  89. Oceanus arrived
  90. Sorry if this has been covered.......................but
  91. favorite matte grey g shock? (suggestions?)
  92. Camo riseman (now sold)
  95. i just bought a glx5600 used online. am I going to be happy or disappointed?
  96. g-shock mtgm900da-8
  97. My Xmas haul! Sorry crappy pics
  98. probably my last
  99. WRUW Friday 2 January 2015
  100. GA1000 or GW3500B-1A
  101. Happy 2015 from your friends at WatchUSeek!
  102. dial size
  103. What size G-Shock and what size wrist
  104. GShocks with unusual backlights?
  105. Riseman now a collectible?
  106. Countdown timer G-Shock DW-9050
  107. My First G-Shock!
  108. "Five Minutes" - G-shock zombie apocalypse interactive video
  109. Site Admin Alert - Another Site Is Copying Our Threads Here in WUS!
  110. Help: Need to decide between GW-9400 and Protrek PRW-3000
  111. DW-5600E on NATO strap w/ adapters?do you prefer 22mm or 24mm strap?
  113. GWX-5600-1jf quick question
  114. G-Shock Rangeman or GW7900 for smaller wrist?
  115. a couple of questions for GD400 owners....
  116. New life for dw5700
  117. Mudman model number clarification
  118. G-Shock with Solar + Vibration
  119. GWA1000D-1a vs GWA1000FC-1a question
  120. Ushering into the new year... WRUW 31st December 2014
  121. Is my DW-6900 Real?
  122. What' s your model for ringing in the New Year 2015?!
  123. My first G-Shock
  124. Post your G-Shock working hard
  125. GW9300 Mod (Spiderman's Little Brother? Captain America?)
  126. GWX-8900D - Tide Graph Question
  127. GW4000 and GW3000 Orange Band Mods (with Hulk Photobomb)
  128. Is it possible???
  129. What is this sticker?
  130. Identify this GW200 Frogman
  131. GW-9200 Riseman battery dying?
  132. Headache over which GShock to add into my collection (need some help) =D
  133. WRUW Tuesday December 30
  134. Will a Rangeman GW-9400 work in Canada?
  135. Lost gold spring, g5600 not working!
  136. Can't Decide on watch Analogue "Gravity Defier"
  137. No light...MTGS1000D-1A
  138. What you think about this G-Shock
  139. Red Comparison - GWF1000BS vs GW9300RD
  140. DW9052 mod
  141. Let's see those Gulfmans...
  142. Questions about the: Casio G-Shocks GPW-1000RAF Limited Edition
  143. Which choose? Casio G-Shock gpw-1000RAF or the gwn-1000 Gulfmaster
  144. Great Info about G-Shocks
  145. Does the G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary Lightning Yellow GA-100LG-8AJF get dirty easily?
  146. Following my GW-4000R-4AJF from Tokyo to Montreal
  147. WRUW Monday December 29th
  148. My first Gshock (giant Panda)
  149. Inadvertently Testing the Elements with my Rangeman
  150. military black series
  151. Which G-Shock for me?
  152. Questions about Barometer on Rangeman
  153. WRUW Sunday December 28th
  154. charging solar with sad lamps?
  155. Cleaning of a King
  156. My GSHOCKS went kaput
  157. G9000MS mudman - my first G-Shock
  158. G9000MS mudman - my first G-Shock
  159. WRUW december 27th 2014, latest wruw launch ever
  160. negative face
  161. Got my third 5610 square!
  162. Triage 7900 edition...
  163. CTL1616 , CTL1616F Difference? Newest Model rechargeable battery
  164. First G Shock
  165. GA-300 Problems
  166. Oceanus bracelet question
  167. GPS Hybrid issue?
  168. I present my DW 5000 .....
  169. WRUW December 26th Friday Boxing Day!
  170. GWX8900B-7 keeps flashing?
  171. Fun watch, thought G fans would enjoy
  172. PRW-5000-1ER - what do you think?
  173. +WRUW on Christmas, 20141225, Thursday+
  174. Whats some specialist professions/sports Casio should be making watches for that they arnt ?
  175. shocked by my wife
  177. GW9400RD-4 Rangeman VS. G9300RD-4 Mudman
  178. MRG-G1000 construction
  179. Gulfman MISG
  180. Casio uses Citizen (Miyota) movements?
  181. HELP: DW-8800 - Need Buttons
  182. Anyone know where I could find a GW-9200RDJ Strap and bezel?
  183. DW 5600e back light question
  184. Solar watches and charging?
  185. WRUW December 24th Wednesday
  186. Men in burning Red GW-9200RDJ-4JF
  187. DW-6900 1V lcd problem
  188. New Acquire in a long time.
  189. Which G to wear on Christmas?
  190. WRUW Tuesday 23 December 2014
  191. MRG-G1000B-1A Unboxing Thread
  192. DW5030 case with DW5600E internals?
  193. Do you think Casio's going to bring back the Duplex Display?
  194. [Need advice] Looking for the best Ana-Digi G-Shock with Tough Solar. AWGM100, GW3500, or wait?
  195. OT: Anyone here wearing a fitness tracker or smartwatch?
  196. A big HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all the WUS shocker gang.
  197. Early Holiday Cheer - now with 7900 and 9052 content!
  198. Range man red with black positive face?
  199. What would be on your "wish list" for g-shocks in 2015??
  200. WRUW Monday 22 December 2014
  201. need and buying red rangeman bezel and bands
  202. GWX5600C-4 module swap question
  203. Looks like a new BB is headed stateside
  204. super shock
  205. Spare bezel for gwa-1100r either orange or black?
  206. GWF1000-1DR availibility
  207. G9300RD-4 Master of G Series Vs. GW-7900RD-4ER
  208. Lookout -- GPS MRG (MRG-G1000) now available in the U.S.!!!
  209. ≈≈≈≈≈ G-Sunday December 21 2014 WRUW ≈≈≈≈≈
  210. GW2000 -
  211. Casio G-Shock GW-7900RD-4ER screws/rivets falling out?
  212. Rangeman, Gulfmaster or GX-56?
  213. Looking to modify the rivets on my GW7900B-1
  214. Couldn't resist
  215. Gulfman G-9100 VS GravityMaster GA-1000-8A
  216. Auto EL problems GW-7900NV (UPDATE)
  217. Casio G-Shock GW-M5610BC-ER
  218. 2015 RELEASES!
  219. BEST MOD and/or RESIN SWAP OF 2014
  220. Out of the G-shocks you've bought this year, what are your favorites of 2014?
  221. WRUW Saturday 20 December 2014
  222. Solar models, Battery charge High
  223. Just bought my first King!
  225. GW2310FB-1CR bezel replacement
  226. Aftermarket strap retaining loops (aka "keepers")
  227. Building a DW5030C from parts.Help with piezo buzzer
  228. WRUW Fri. 19 Dec. 2014 >>>
  229. My Custom GWX-6900
  230. G9000 and DW9052 Accuracy
  231. First G-Shock: GW-5510-1JF vs. GW-5510-1BJF
  232. What is your current wallpaper?
  233. Bluetooth GB-6900B-1BJF simple review
  234. Christmas Came Early!
  235. How Many Gs to Be Considered a Collector ?
  236. Vive le roi! (but I don't speak french)
  237. Anyone reverse a G9000-MS1 to make it a positive?
  238. WRUW Thurs 18 Dec. 2014 >>>
  239. New on US website: Beast/Gulfmaster
  240. G shock tool sizes
  241. Let's try this model again... (NEW G CONTENT)
  242. Stealth mod : module 1597/ dw003
  243. G-Shock X CHAR AZNABLE GD-100 Collab
  244. Casio G-Shock Bug!
  245. Where to buy GPW-1000RAF?
  246. Orange or Black PRW-3000. Only keeping one.
  247. Recent additions from eBay
  248. WRUW. Wednesday 17 December 2014
  249. Casio Oceanus OCW-S100-1AJF
  250. Just got my first G Shock and I love it!!!