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  1. UNBOXING: TOKYO DRIFT~ G-8900SC-4JF vs. DW-6900SC-7JF (Crazy Colors)
  2. Where's the cheapest place to buy a G-Shock GA-150 these days?
  3. Returning after some time away...
  4. Other G-Shocks with "Multi-Time" like the GD100 with Atomic Time
  5. Casio GB-6900 Bluetooth
  6. Casio GLX-150CI Purchase
  7. Need help with 1st G Shock
  8. WRUW Monday 22nd July
  9. New GA1000FC-1A
  10. Photo Contest Reminder!
  11. Brazil bezel - it won't come to me...
  12. Value of G-Shocks
  13. UNBOXING: 30th Anniversary Resist Black Classic Square (Japan Edition). -=[DW-5030C-1JR]=-
  14. w r u w. Sunday 21 July, 2013
  15. GW 4000 is a beast of a timekeeper -- no seconds gained in three weeks without atomic assist
  16. Incoming ...
  17. How to Restore the Resin Band?
  18. G-shock wearing hero
  19. Riseman peculiarity?
  20. TOKYO. TOKYO. a G-5500TS-9 in wolfs clothing
  21. G-Shock G-511 - switching from silicon band to SS bracelet
  22. W R U W? Saturday 20 July 2013
  23. Frogman sized but not a frogman?
  25. G- Shocks and sunglasses
  26. What's a good place to find bands for rarer G-shocks?
  27. Lmtd Ed: Jamaica Frogman 200z
  28. Baby-G BA110-7A1
  29. 30th Anniversary DW6930D
  30. 30th Anniversary DW5030D
  31. w r u w. Friday 19 July 2013
  32. GW7900 Charging behavior question
  34. Substitute Strap for ProTrek PRG-550
  35. G schock module no. 3194
  36. What's up with Casio measurements?
  37. Upcoming Aug-Sep models....
  38. Thirty Star Special box set
  39. GW-A1000 Bezel Change
  40. Cheap source for SS case square G-Shocks?
  41. Hmmm, what does *this watch* remind you of?
  42. Second wave of Thirty Star, now with glossy Carbon Fiber Material
  43. HELP Casio GW a1000 HELP
  44. HELP Casio GW a1000 HELP
  45. Anyone buy from
  46. W R U W Thursday 18th July 2013
  47. UNBOXING: Blackout VERSUS Whiteout (GD-100WW vs. GD-101NS) Please support! =D
  48. My first Casio...a story of lose,and abuse
  49. Affordable Square Tough Solar G-Shock?
  50. Backlight image
  51. question regarding the Pathfinder/Pro Trek line
  52. It's here all the way from Japan, superman.
  53. GWF-1000B and GWF-100G Owners - Official Count
  54. GW-A1030A-1AER 30th Anniversary: Is it worth £500?
  55. GD-100 Used from Craigslist for $25 - Should I ?
  56. First G shock LCD left sharp right blurred?
  57. G-Shock Riseman or G-Lide
  58. Casio Scientific Calculator Watch
  59. wruw wed july 17,2013
  60. wruw wednesday july 17,2013
  61. * Mastermind JAPAN x G-Shock 30th Anniversary Watch Set *
  62. Band attachment
  63. Auto-EL on AWG-M100 working intermittently
  64. G shock spares in the uk
  65. Can You tell me what these Brown Stains on the crystal are on this 1983 Vintage DW5000?
  66. 30th Anniversary Undefeated DW-6901UD
  67. planning to buy gshock GA200..doubts regarding amber LED
  68. Casio Releases Limited Edition EDIFICE Metal Watch Designed in Collaboration with Infiniti Red Bull
  69. Casio Releases New Baby-G with Multidimensional Face for a Textured Look (BA-110)
  70. Frogman GW/ 225A- 1JF has arrived!
  71. G-SHOCK 2013 Summer Promotion Video (Sky Cockpit GW-A1100)
  72. First G-Shock suggestions/opinions
  73. Replacing Riseman Altimeter Button Question
  74. wruw tuesday july 16,2013
  75. *** WRUW TUESDAY 2013/07/16 ***
  76. Help me out... GW5600J-1 ----> GW5000-1JF ?
  77. Help choosing a bday gshock
  78. Please advise what digital display G-Shocks have dual time zone
  79. isezumi's collection, year 1
  80. Casio Celebrates Great Outdoors Month with Outside Magazine Partnership and Pro Trek Sweepstakes
  81. Crazy Pink monster the DW 6900 PL4
  82. Need help deciding- G300-3AV or AWGM100B-1A?!?
  83. 30 Years Of G-Shock In 30 Hours
  84. Replacement Bezel for GW M5625E
  85. wruw monday july 15,2013
  86. CAPTCHA system
  87. GA-1000 & Shark Mesh Band
  88. Nato strap
  89. It took time and it was expensive ....
  90. G 7700 bezel
  91. G-Shockers, make a COUNT!!
  92. The Vintage Thread
  93. Greetings
  94. MRG-100-7 VIDEO
  95. Looking for an entry level G-Shock
  96. DW-5900 made in Malaysia. Curious !
  97. My MRW-200H has problem
  98. GW3500B-1A or 25th Anniversary FROGMAN DAWN BLACK GW-225A?
  99. WRUR Sunday 14 July 2013
  100. GW-A1000, A1030A & RAF Owners, I need your help please!
  101. Frogman help needed - tried searching for a specific thread, no luck
  102. DBC-611G-1JF vs DBC-611G-1D
  103. Seiya-san
  104. MY NEW 1100 and 5530C
  105. Weird Characters on My DW-6900MT-7
  106. Black buckle
  107. DW-6600 on NBC's Crossing Lines
  108. GW4000 Question - What did I do?
  109. Wordtime, I have it all at my fingertips
  110. G Shock MRG 120 from 1997
  111. wruw saturday july 13,2013
  112. Question about DW-6900 price differences.
  113. squeaky g shock?
  114. G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary FRANK BOOK JP
  115. New G-Shock owner. DW-5600E strap adapter - how durable is it?
  116. GW-9300GB Fake??
  117. Newbie question concerning Casio G-Shock GW-M5610-1ER (Rattle sound)
  118. Does the GW-5000-1JF have reverse display?
  119. battle of the year
  120. Not a Bad Watch for my First G-Shock
  121. G-SHOCK Black/IP Stainless Steel Band Question
  122. w r u w. Friday 12 July 2013
  123. What were you doing when you had your G on....
  124. Old GW330A still worth to get it?
  126. Using LEGO for my G's...
  127. Screws for DW-5900.
  128. Casio STW-1000
  129. WRUW thursday, july the 11th 2013?
  130. Technical question for the modders - LCD removal and refitting (and reversing??)
  131. My best Casio purchase yet.
  132. Need an all white band without writing
  133. GA-100B-BOTY-7
  134. A few questions about this alternate strap that comes with the PRW-5100G-4JR
  135. At what point is a watch simply too big?
  136. Have to choose just one... DW-5030C-1​JR or GW-5530C-1​JR???
  137. cleaning white g shock
  138. GW-A1100 question
  139. 8900 adaptors
  140. PRW3000 from a G-Shocker's perspective
  141. G-Shock Watch Band Options and Suppliers
  142. Will a GW6900 strap fit a GW5600-J?
  143. wruw wednesday july 10,2013
  144. Just got my GW-9300
  145. Battery Question.
  146. G-Shock US Lists It's Top 10 Watches Of This Past Year
  147. July Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!
  148. A new arrival. A G Shock with 'bags' of style. Manhattan Portage DW-6900FSMP.
  149. My gshock will not come clean
  150. Battery Change for DW-8400BK
  151. gwm5610 zulu strap adapter
  152. Quick question: Frog 8201 battery
  153. Casio G-Shockers!!! It seems like most here prefer stealthier, 'manly' MoG pieces. Yes? No? =D
  154. Doesn anyone have real world pics of the new "khaki" 6900?
  155. Shock The World Bangkok 2013
  156. DW-004VE-1V stealth in progress, paint suggestions, strap width?
  157. Package stuck in customs??
  158. Addiction Underway: What Should I Add Next?
  159. Mudman GW-9330B-1JR Keeps!
  160. Jelly Camo?
  161. w r u w Tuesday 9 July, 2013
  163. Help buying a G-9300GB-1DR
  164. My 2600 arrived, but...
  165. Two Campouts, Two Watches, Two Conclusions
  166. I just got my first G-Shock
  167. Casio's Cotton-Clad Warranty
  168. G-Shock GW-M5600BC-1JF vs. GW-M5610BC-1JF and the regular 5600
  169. Casio Releases New PRO TREK Watch with More Advanced Outdoor Functions and Operability (PRG-270)
  170. G-Shock Module 1545 - how to mute/un-mute the beep sounds?
  171. WRUW Monday the 8th of July 2013?
  172. GW-A1100FC Blue ordered
  173. Aviator G-Shock Prices
  174. Painting the letters on a bezel?
  175. Hi and thank you all
  176. (Original) Wave Ceptor vs. Multi-Band 6 Wave Ceptor
  177. G shock Recommendation
  178. Adaptors for the model 8900 G-Shock
  179. Danish G-Shock fan
  181. WRUW Sunday, the 07.07.2013
  182. DW-5030C-1JR and GW-5000-1J parts questions.
  183. Casio's are not forever
  184. First Adventures in G-Shock Dying (advice appreciated)
  185. How do they do it ....
  186. GD350 Snooze Alarm
  187. Cheers to Summer!
  188. YT videos of GW-A1000FC-5 (mmm, chocolate) and FC-3
  189. GWX5600C-7
  190. Guidelines translation
  191. My first G-Shock: GW9330B-1 30th Anniversary
  192. Some 'sunny' watches on a sunny day.
  193. Weekend surprise
  194. w r u w. Saturday 6 July, 2013
  195. Difference in manuals
  196. Help please: Almost done with my DW-5200... just need a strap.
  197. New addition - ICERC 2013 - GWX-8901K
  198. Tool for screws on G-Shocks
  199. How to register my G-Shock
  200. My DW-004
  201. You Guys Are The Best!
  202. Age of G-Shockaholics
  203. Recommendation
  204. Riseman or Gulfman - which choice?
  205. Does anybody know about crookers x gshock GA-110 model??
  206. new gw-a1100 aviator.. fit for big wrists?
  207. What's the difference between the GW-A1000FC-2JF and the GW-A1000FC-2A?
  208. Going to Paris for Honeymoon! Recommend a place to get cheap G-Shocks!
  209. W R U W 5th July 2013 TGIF!!!
  210. Happy 4th of July
  211. DW-9700 Gulfman EL issue
  212. Casio GW4000: is the watch face large??
  213. from Asia to watchuseek
  214. Dilemma Again!
  215. What are your Casio bugbears?
  216. GLX 5500 hemisphere
  217. Hemisphere GLX 5500
  218. G-Shock at work
  219. Help with Giez GS1001 battery change
  220. Follow @theshockresist on Instagram!
  221. GX56-1B
  222. Is DW-5000-BL-2 a screw back?
  223. Anybody Know Where To Find The Frogman GWF-1000B or GWF-1000G for a Good Price?
  224. GX56 Differences
  225. Washing G-shock after each use?
  226. Frogman now on sale for $35,000.
  227. Does anyone still have a G011?
  228. W R U W Thursday 4th July 2013
  229. Kesha Baby-G
  230. Casio AMW320 loose bezel
  231. G-Shock expert on U Tube a member here?
  232. Oceanus and swimming
  233. Don't say I didn't warn you guys!?
  234. 3rd Dee & Ricky
  235. WRUW Wednesday 3rd July 2013
  236. Square Evolution: A Tale of 90º Angles
  237. SOS, where is my DW-5900?
  238. Another new arrival. One for the summer.
  239. Strap for GW-6900-1ER?
  240. Looking for CASIO TS-1200 black colored Thermometer Watch
  241. any guys here wear a Baby-G?
  242. New G-SHOCK with Color Variation, Based on GA-100 Model for July
  243. Want to get a Frogman
  244. Need help finding NATO adapter for gw3500
  245. Edifice Red Bull EF-550RBSP - Photos needed to help with authentication!!
  246. w r u w Tuesday 2 July, 2013
  247. Itch for GW-A1000FC-2 (Aviator)
  248. Colourful G-Shock wanted - recommendations?
  249. what gives with the DW-5300 G-Shock,it seems like its red headed step child status is not deserved
  250. Desert Beige delivered, GW-M5610-8JF