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  1. Deepsea's fifth Frogman has arrived
  2. WRUW Sunday September 1, 2013
  3. DW-6900 Surgery-Guts And Vital Organs Exposed
  4. Besides black, what color G-shocks do you prefer and why?
  5. Pose your G-Man
  6. Crazy Colors Collection In Store
  7. Photo Contest Voting! incl. poll!
  8. I may need an intervention or not!
  9. Recommendation for a WIS' first G-Shock
  10. Photo Contest Voting!
  11. Question about Casio referee timer DW-56RT band/bezel
  12. Recent pickup -- late to the party, but....better late than never!! (ribbit)
  13. How big is the GR-8900A-1?
  14. Unboxing -- I am Devastated....
  15. GW-6900-1 Made in China or Thailand.
  16. Bezel comparability?
  17. The fraternal triplets, the 9000 series Mudmen
  18. w r u w Saturday 31 August, 2013
  19. Any GX-56 Straps/Adapters help
  20. Aviators Lume. Old and new.
  21. 'Extra Large' G-Shocks
  22. Some New G-Shock Vids
  23. Online sellers
  24. Riseman - Mudman - Rangeman
  25. Can u fit G7900 'wings' to a GA100?
  26. G-Shock
  27. Riseman beeps 5 minutes and 30 second too late.
  28. GR8900-1 vs GW6900-1. Sizing questions
  29. Casio MTGM-900DA Band Question
  30. Starscream's G-Shock Collection Thread
  31. Request for pictures of the GD-350 without the wings
  32. Seconds hand misalignment on my GW-3000
  33. Just want to share my two restored watches; DW-5400C & DW-5900
  34. GLX-Michelangelo (GLX-150B-3)
  35. September 2013 Japan G-Shock Releases!*Updated*
  36. GW6900-1 solar question
  37. W R U W Friday 30 August, 2013
  38. Storing non-Solar G's
  39. Messing Around With GWX8900's
  40. old 6100 in action
  41. My modest grouping of Casios...
  42. New to G-Shock Family: HelloOooo!
  43. Last photo contest reminder!
  44. This forum needs more pictures of the blue aviator GW-A1100FC-1AJF
  45. A YT video review of the titanium PRW-3000T
  46. Grail has arrived :) BIG PHOTOS!
  47. Friendly Notificatoin
  48. Looking for a G shock w/Solar + Moon + Made in Thailand?
  49. Test screen mystery...
  50. Bearbrick DW-5600MT?
  51. Strap adapter mod on a DW-5600e
  52. Replacement metal bracelet for GW2310
  53. Limited Edition "Blue Zombie Slayer" G-Shock. 1 of 1
  54. Are G-Shocks with resin straps usually hard to take off?
  55. W R U W Thursday 29th Aug 2013
  56. Pressure Test
  57. Wife dropped my gshock down 15 floors!
  58. What got you started with G's?
  59. Lineage LCW-M100DSE-2AER
  60. G-Shock Atomic Synchronization - HELP
  61. Samsung smartwatch - galaxy gear 04/09/13
  62. PRW-3000-1A
  63. Buying a G-Shock that isn't working
  64. My First G-Shock Watches - Bitten Hard by the G-Bug!!
  65. To sell or not to sell...need advice
  66. 1
  67. Where do you guys get your limited edition updates?
  68. Sky Cockpit GW-A1100-1AJF in France
  69. THe Missing LInk arrived! Unboxing thread
  70. Casio G-Shock: Curved Extensions
  71. Anyone see this?
  72. Is this real?
  73. W R U W Wednesday 28th Aug 2013
  74. DW-6901UD-3 VIDEO
  75. How rare/limited are the G-Shock Undefeated collabs? I was only allowed to buy 1 (1 per customer)
  76. Heads up: GW-9400 already listed on German Casio site
  77. Help with Rakuten! Please!
  78. Confused by my...
  79. Silly question: DW-5000SP vs DW-5000-1
  80. Hourly Time Signal(s) - different
  81. Unboxing!!!
  82. DW-002 Bezel
  83. G-Shock x Globe GRX-5600 Composite Bracelet
  84. Confused..difference between these 2 MTG models!!!
  85. Casio G-Shock GW-500A
  86. w r u w Tuesday 27 August, 2013
  87. Getting my first G-Shock
  88. These Low Temp Models How Are They Different?
  89. One question for the dye experts (King not taking dye too well)
  90. off topic: some questions to ask
  91. just joined—is this where I post question re my Casio Pathfinder? (no other Casio threads?)
  92. Zip-lining Mudman
  93. A Change of Clothes does wonders!
  94. Baby-G finally arrived yay :D
  95. Help ! the wirstband of my Casio Pathfinder/Protrek 1300T is broken :(
  96. Mudman Help
  97. w r u w Monday 26 August, 2013
  98. Military Cloth GA-100MC Gang Arrives, Quick Review and Pic, Pic, Pic..
  99. A little unboxing...
  100. Holes in G Shock strap
  101. gwf-1000 or gw-1000bp
  102. What's your most comfortable "G", and or other watch you own or owned?
  103. Revitalising of Casio DW-5000SP (20th Anniversary Edition)
  104. Wruw Sunday,25 August
  105. GX56 on a small wrist?
  106. Total Devastation Strike 2...
  107. G-Shock Aviation GWA1100-1A3 - Review
  108. Can someone find in the market.....
  109. New g-shock added to the collection!
  110. Stealthed DW-5900
  111. Multiple Murakami Frogman GWF-1000TM-4JR for sale on Yahoo Japan.
  112. Problem Receiving the "FULL" Signal on my GW9000A Mudman. I Get Only A "PARTIAL" Signal
  113. Grown up G-SHOCK: MT-G Metal Twisted G-SHOCK
  114. w r u w. Saturday 23 August, 2013
  115. Help Me Choose My First G Shock
  116. Red or Red??
  117. Question/Help : Casio GW 3500
  118. Photo Contest Reminder!
  119. Dang impulse purchases.......
  120. Back to School G-Shocks
  121. How Do I Identify What "3H" or "9H" Part Is?
  122. Going to bed now.....
  123. Help me decide between these two G5600 Please :)
  124. A sudden longing for the classic DW-5600E
  125. Received my GW-A1100, a couple questions (and some detailed photos I took)
  126. DEVASTATOR Arrives Devastated
  127. Advice on getting my first G-Shock
  128. Late to the Game: want to buy the King! GX-56GB Gold/Black
  129. 9100 Gulfmen, the fraternal twins
  130. W R U W Friday 23rd August 2013 TGIF!!!
  131. DW5600C crystal removal?
  132. Has there ever been s Square with...
  133. Another new arrival. Or should that be six new arrivals!
  134. Just ordered my First G-Shock ever! :D
  135. Bezel Change Question - Are all DW-6900's the same?
  136. Casio Protrek - "spring bar" issue
  137. Why isn't Casio getting involved in makiing a G Shock 'smart watch'?
  138. Assistance request - looking for a new G Shock.
  139. How to get rid of this large band gap?
  140. Worth waiting for the rangeman ?
  141. Noob Intro - Confessions of a G-Shockaholic
  142. What were your first G-shock and the story behind it ?
  143. Simple analog G shock
  144. Dye question
  145. Help me decide! Curse you Rangeman!
  146. W R U W Thursday 22nd August 2013
  147. question bout the links on a combi bracelet for a 6900 and a 5600
  148. Watches and Activity Trackers
  149. G9000MC-3 or Not???
  150. Broken Casio
  151. My first 'G'
  152. 1st Dye Job, What do you think?
  153. Displaying/Storing G's
  154. Protrek PRW-3000 quick review
  155. HELP! Auto EL Light on my GW9000A Mudman Works Intermittently when I Flick my Wrist to Turn it ON
  156. GW-M5630D or DW-6930D 30 Stars???
  157. WRUW - Wednesday 21.08.2013
  158. What G would you recommend for $100?
  159. Casio Men's AQ-S810W-1AV scratch protection
  160. Slight mod to a G-7900-3
  161. a dream we all dreamed...
  162. CASIO advances PRO TREK series with innovative new timepiece
  163. Looking to purchase a G-Shock for college, but have small wrists. What to consider?
  164. DQ-7511 - Unloved G-brother (Non Casio content)
  165. simple g-shocks
  166. Any Love for the 30 Stars DW-6930D?
  167. Why no GPS or HRM G-Shocks??
  168. GDX69006900 VS DW6900
  169. Help needed! Need your help to decide on an inexpensive and small(ish) G-Shock.
  170. What G would you spend a free £130 on??
  171. buying from sunknots
  172. New version of GA-1000 series.... GA-1000-4AJF
  173. Wruw Tuesday Aug 20?
  174. We need to talk. . .. . .
  175. Wruw Tuesday Aug 20?
  177. DW-5600E Alarm
  178. GF-1000BP Bezel and Band replacement questions
  179. Ga 110b-4
  180. HELP: looking for the Japanese Android CASIO APK
  181. Starting a G Shock collection Advice or Tips?
  182. User configurable menus order
  183. gwa1000 band?
  184. WRUW Monday, 19 aug.
  185. G-7800 strap adapter?
  186. Query on Tough Solar + Multiband 6. Help Needed!
  187. anyone knows what happened to xevious ???
  188. Why isn't there a.......
  189. Show off your GD100:s!
  190. G-man and my Squares!
  191. wruw sunday 18.8.2013
  192. best tough solar g shock under 112.00
  193. Is it possible to remove scratches from the crystal?
  194. DW-6900WW Mod (Pic Heavy)
  195. Casio pathfinder prt 2gp GPS settings
  196. Holy Grail Arrived - DW-1983-1
  197. Is this Hundreds G-Shock legit?
  198. What does this 'asterisk' means in G7900 and other Gs too?
  199. EL - any way to troubleshoot?
  200. Doing a bit of (reluctant) purging
  202. WRUW, Saturday August 17, 2013
  203. A word of caution about PacParts.
  204. Question RE: Eminem release in Dec...
  205. The Undefeated is now available the G-Shock Soho NYC store...
  206. 2 New Purchases! X Undefeated & DW6900DS
  207. Disassembled GD350?
  208. My ideal Casio / G-Shock
  209. Why is this 'G' so unloved?
  210. Aviator has crashed into the mountains...
  211. What's Your Favourite 'Series' Ever?
  212. Looking for a colourful Display (red, fuchsia, blue, purple... whatever but no B/W)
  213. Mudman GW- 9300ER- 5J. has landed
  214. Which G to choose?
  215. Casio "optimises" distribution strategy
  216. Shock The World 2013
  217. GW7900 stealth mod
  218. What is the part covering a module?
  219. 3D printed G-shock with lugs
  221. WRUW: Froggy Friday 16-08-'13
  222. Your Opinion on the GW330A-9V Atomic Solar G-Shock
  223. A/S Mudman keeps reseting! (aka: They don't make 'em like they used to...)
  224. Anyone got some 5600/6900 bullbars?
  225. how to get clean camo shapes?
  226. Why are these warnings about Analogue Quartz G Shocks in the manual?
  227. Mark Webber with a red GA-100 on a Top Gear track.
  228. GW-M5600 and GW-M5610 strap compatibility
  229. Meet the Shockers
  230. So will you be buying a GW-9400 Rangeman? UK Release details...
  231. Need a good online retailer for GW-A1100FC-1AJF
  232. Poisoned by G's
  233. understated vs. overt
  234. Casio sticking it to the small business: Rant, not happy with them right now....
  235. Favorite G-Shock for travel.
  236. Which XL to add to the collection? GA/GD content
  237. wruw thursday august 15,2013
  238. Comming back to the G-shock
  239. First G-Shock for me, some questions
  240. Your Opinions on the GW9000A-1 Atomic Solar 5 Band Mudman
  241. G-Shock made the big time (Watch Time Magazine)!
  242. Limited edition military issue DW5600?
  243. UNBOXING: GD-100PS-3 G-Man!! (& Cognac's over-dued self-intro)
  244. caveat emptor
  245. dw5600 and 6900 or gw6900
  246. WRUW - Wednesday August 14, 2013
  247. Pictures of New Brown and Green Aviators GW-A-1000FC-5 and FC-3
  248. Wu-Tang just posted this on Facebook
  249. Will a gf8250-9j band for a frogman fit a gf8250-9 watch?
  250. casio pag240-1cr vs g shock GW9000A-1 vs GW9200-1