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  1. Looking for a watch for my wife, she has big wrists..
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  4. Can a date be inverted?
  5. My Carbon Fiber 5600.
  6. GB-5600AA-1JF... Unbelievable LCD viewing angles!
  7. GW-T5030C-1JR G-Shock 30th Anniversary Owners Check-In!
  8. w r u w Thursday 30 May, 2013
  9. Help with finding a g shock
  10. DW5600 vs DW9052 in pictures???
  11. withdrawn
  12. [gshock] how to evaluate battery level?
  13. GW-T5030 MANY PICS and a Video Clip
  14. Where do you get yours ?
  15. Good as Gold ...
  16. GA-110 light modding idea/query
  17. Casio Twincept Data Bank ABX-23 module 2358 battery replacement question
  18. White hot gears -- GA-300-7AJF arrives from Japan
  19. Timex Shock
  20. In praise of Casio G-Shock accuracy
  21. Pelican Case Configurations To Store G-Shocks
  22. NATO strap on a G-Shock?
  23. Request for pics or info of a Casio divers watch from late 80s
  24. Rescuing a Rescue Orange Riseman
  25. Flight Composite Band for GW-A1000
  26. Casio GW-200 Frogman... Please Identify
  27. WRUW Wednesday May 29, 2013
  28. Haze Pic
  29. Dyeing Brazilian Resin
  30. Does heavy smoke or smoking affect watch's performance overtime?
  31. Lost cause or salvageable ?
  32. A royal dilemma
  33. New G-Shock Purchased Today --> GW-A1000
  34. Where to get the wrist strap "wings"
  35. Jam hot: It’s About Time G-Shock and Supra Vaider collaboration
  36. DW-5030C
  37. Was this a dumb move?
  38. w r u w Tuesday May 28, 2013
  39. wruw monday may 27,2013
  40. Why are these □square□ G-shocks so irresistible?
  41. Solar Charging Station for G-Shocks -- High Tech!
  42. The perfect 5000 screwback - What would you want?
  43. Can fading bezel paint be re-painted?
  44. Is the GD-350 good for athletic activities?
  45. Fun thread: Show your sunbathing G's !
  46. First-time G-Shock buyer needs HELP!
  47. spring bar for wave ceptor gw 1400du
  48. Does this exist?
  49. DW-5030C or GW-5000
  50. Overseas Dealer advise
  51. GW-T5030c and brothers in arms
  52. my new bought "muddie"...
  53. Restore OLD G-5600. Need suggestion and your opinion :)
  54. Help on GW-A1000 Bezel
  55. 30 min GW-A1000-1AER bezel stealthing.
  56. GW9100 Parts Question
  57. w r u w Monday 27 May, 2013
  58. GD100 strap alternative
  59. G-SHOCK LOVE !
  60. Part number band GWF-1000-BS ...???
  61. G-SHOCK GA 100 1A4ER
  62. How durable is Casio's PVD ?
  63. Negative LCD Display advice
  64. G-Shock at flea market, what model is this?
  65. Matte Metallic Series 5600/6900
  66. What kind of Frogman is this? Is it a mod?
  68. w r u w Sunday May 26, 2013
  69. New GA300-1 Display Macro Pic
  70. New G-Shock Reviews up on Youtube!
  71. A rare lucky find!
  72. GW-A1000FC 1A unboxing
  73. Which of these G-shock models for a girl with 16cm wrist?
  74. Realistically, how long can a digital watch last?
  75. Another G-Shock newb needs advice
  76. Could a few people please verify a picture for a seller that I have been sold a fake?
  77. Which GD-350 should I get?
  78. Where to buy discontinued models (such as Protrek 510GB-4DR or BGR-30WH-7E)
  79. =========WRUW 25/5 /2013 Saturday =========
  80. Unboxing GW-T5030c
  81. GGG G-Sat May 25 2013 WRUW GGG
  82. Funky!
  83. Why is the 30th Anniversary Initial Blue so unpopular?
  84. Question; Casio Cockpit on Seiya Site
  85. Casio DW-310: the Heavy Duty has landed :-)
  86. G shock website
  87. Thread for heretics: GW-M5600/5610 outranks all other squares regarding wrist comfort?!
  88. Another new rare bird >>>>> Casio DW-240
  89. Photo Contest Reminder!
  90. New Arrival Casio EDIFICE Red Bull Racing EFR-528RB-1A
  91. Jus got back from the post office.. :)
  92. cow modded DW-5600E
  93. Yet another DW-6600
  95. Pro trek or G-shock
  96. Green Lime Bezel - Strap for G-6900A
  97. One line of LCD has faded on Riseman
  98. Aegis Weather Watch = Casio BM-500W Weather Station rebranded??
  99. G-shock First time Buying Guide/Recommendation
  100. What to do
  101. Should you really be wearing a rare G Shock?
  102. Another Dyed G-Shock: GA-110RG - Dyed Beige = The Perfect Color
  103. wruw friday may 24,2013
  104. 5500 Blackout
  105. Screen fogging up????
  106. Got me an as new DW6600!!
  107. So, gave my GA303B-1A to my son.
  108. casio dw5600c expert help needed
  109. Javy's Hong Kong
  110. gshock G-100 SPEED edition
  111. El backlight for Casio DW 9052
  112. G-9300 on a small wrist?
  113. Is there an available model with Vibrate and Solar?
  114. DW6600 owners unite!!
  115. Favorite Aviator GWA1000FC-2 pic
  116. wruw Thursday 230513...
  117. The Desert Beige DW-6900SD-8JF arrives!
  118. Advice in buying a G-SHOCK GW 7900 B
  119. Recommend me a G-Shock ~ $100
  120. A very rare bird indeed. Kenwood Cup MRG Tactician.
  121. Accidentally cut my Wristband! How to re-attach / glue ?
  122. GWA1000 Loose keeper solution.
  123. Camouflage Dye Job on My GA-110RG - Not Too Shabby
  124. July Release: GA110BR-5A (Garish Brown Series)
  125. Edifice EQW-T610-7AJF Super Chrono Flexes Muscle
  126. wruw wednesday 5-22-2013
  127. Recently Dyed Frogman Ready to go
  128. Advice on these Pathfinders
  129. This site is sluggish - just me?
  130. What's it worth?
  131. Questions for casio sa-100 owners.
  132. Unboxing some new squares!
  133. Does the GW-5000 Have Dual-Time? What About the DW-5030?
  134. What other negative display Atomic/Solar Mudman models besides 9010-MB1?
  135. Can't make pick next me out!
  136. Nice Rising Red Pic
  137. Best place to buy my first G-Shock?
  138. Cool observation about GW-M500A.
  139. If you thought "smart access" was fast - take a look at this O_o
  140. WRUW!! *** 05/21/2013, Tues ***
  141. LCD display problems
  142. Dye job on Men in Military colors Frogman
  143. Fake Casio G-Shock Frogman with no Frogman written on it ?
  144. Vacation in Cancun, Mexico
  145. How tough is Casio's "Tough Movement"?
  146. GW3000B-1A module 5121 - Can MultiBand6 be turned off?
  147. my new G~~~
  148. GW-T5030C-1JR Arrived... WOO HOOO!
  149. Buying ONE G-Shock in NYC
  150. new dw6900 x Fragment Design
  151. ╱╲╱╲◯╱╲╱ G-Monday May 20 2013 WRUW ╱╲╱╲◯╱╲╱
  152. 8201: Restoring then Dyeing My First Frogman (lots of pix)
  153. Paint/words on straps/strap adapters
  154. Heads-up for a huge price drop on the DW-5600E-1VER
  155. G-shock Bullbars: How do they function as face protectors?
  156. Waiting for my WS210H-1AVCF to arrive.
  157. DW5600C Suddenly shuts off
  158. thats what happens, when a new pack of vintage watches arrives at home...
  159. Unpacking & 1000th Post! PIC HEAAAAAAVY
  160. G-Shock stops ticking after a while.
  161. DW-8200 replacement bezel
  162. How do you track EMS shipping?
  163. Damaged my GD350 1B on first day!!!
  164. List Your Summer G-Shocks For The Summer Of 2013!
  165. Coupla new arrivals! Baselworld 6930 & Vibrator!
  166. Serial number on my GW-225A
  167. wruw sunday may 19,2013
  168. WRUW 5/18/13 gshock
  169. Does the new DW5030 bezel would fit the old DW5600C?
  170. Daily Driver Thread. Pics.
  171. Super Clear and clean pic of GD350-1B
  172. My modded ga-110 and ga-100
  173. Any cheaper watches which look like the GW3000s?
  174. Hot Stuff - NY Firefighters G-Shock GW-300FMJ-8JR Fire Zone Arrival
  175. Nato Strap Converters
  176. tsetse's G Shock Thread
  177. wruw saturday may 18,2013
  178. Advice needed on my new G2900
  179. G-Shock GA200SH-8A Watch Band Options
  180. Naked froggie no more!
  181. GD-350-1B Arrival and Pic
  182. If you Love G-shocks and hate fakes check this out
  183. Looking for Large Square Model
  184. gf-8250bs-1 video
  185. My First Python
  186. Does anyone have a Froggy GW-200-TC with really weak back light?
  187. What Are Your Favorite Non-G Casios?
  188. wruw friday may 170513
  189. Received a new watch in the mail a few days ago..
  190. Looking for my first G-Shock
  191. Swapped Resins on My GD350's
  192. Where to get a new bezel for GW-A1000RAF?
  193. Warning! Non-G content within. Nice though. ;-)
  194. GD-350 auto el
  195. How to set time on GW3000BB-1A?
  196. G-Shock Baselworld DW-6930BS-8JR "Live" Pics!
  197. Casio New Trustgram Anti-counterfeit Sticker Viewer
  198. wruw thursday may 16,2013
  199. Picked up the 30th Anniversary GW-5530C-1JR
  200. Finally got a Mudman! G9000MX-8
  201. I bought a GW5530C for the black buckle to make ultimate G5500!
  202. Can I change band from dw5600 to dw9050 ?
  203. Naked froggie
  204. Painted Copper Letters on My MIRB Frogman
  205. Help to finish my DW-002RS mod project
  206. Why has Casio not taken advantage of getting into the pedometer/fitness market?
  207. Been awhile, back with couple of new toys
  208. Edifice with a touch of pink, EF-130D-1A4V, anyone own it or fancy it?
  209. Post Deployment Report : A tale of two watches
  210. Buying from Japan
  211. Looking for a blue 22mm Nato/Maratac strap - know where I can get one?
  212. DW-5600E loses time
  213. Another Casio DW-340 300m WR Diver - rare bird part II
  214. 5600C Bezel help!!
  215. Love my GX-56-4: how strange am I?! (G-Shock Therapy Group)
  216. Adjusting DW5600c trimmer screw
  217. legit check on this ebay auction. thanks
  218. recommend a g-shock model :o
  219. DW-5030C, DW-6930C and Supra GA-200SPR Will Be in US in May!
  220. 4th wave?
  221. Optimal wrist positioning for triggering Auto-EL?
  222. Got Taptalk
  223. Need Help! G Shock Replacement Question
  224. questions re ordering watches from Casio
  225. WRUW? **May 15/2013** WRUW® **WE [ 5-15]** WRUW©
  226. Small Dye Job on My Men in Military Colors Frogman
  227. Band/Bezel Swaps on GD-350's: Now Have Gray Strap With Negative Display
  228. New DW5030C arrived today :)
  229. EDIFICE EQW-T1010 Series vs EQW-T720 Series
  230. Newbie, be gentle....
  231. G-Shock G5600NV-2 Tough Solar swapped
  232. How to help.
  233. addition... to G-shock's combi bracelets
  234. Recent pick ups
  235. ✰✰✰ G-Tuesday May 14 2013 WRUW ✰✰✰
  236. Reccomendations For Reputable Sellers For Edifice?
  237. Ultimate Square question
  238. Am I alone in the move FROM solar?
  239. Frogman comparison.
  240. Just came in!!!!!
  241. RED or White
  242. New Arrival of DW-5600BB-1JF
  243. Question about atomic time coverage around the world.
  244. Brazilian Froggie, why so high?
  245. Can a dude wear Baby-G watch?
  246. WRUW / 05-13-2013
  247. Anyone ever use
  248. Attn: Riseman experts, please tell me more about the GW9200 BWJ-1
  249. My wife scratched my G-Shock!!!
  250. Received DW-5030C and the Module is Crooked