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  7. Difference between GWX-8900-1JF and GWX-8900-1ER
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  9. 30th Anniversary Resist Black Series - 19 April 2013
  10. May as well be a Darth Vader G-Shock. WDUT?
  11. The value of Mudman G-9000MC-8ER
  12. Quick Question on G-Shocks with Timer-to-Timer Function
  13. Report Your WW-5100/5300/DW5200/5400/5500/5600/5700/5800 (Screwback Only) - The Official Count
  14. G Shock date HELP! and..........Time update
  15. going to Hong Kong Next week, anyone knows the price for GW-A1000 there ?
  16. [email protected]
  17. Singapore Sync
  18. New Protrek PRW-3000 by Clement Wong (July 2013 Release)
  19. new arrivals !!! :D
  20. G-Bonanza - The Great Feb 2013 Haul
  21. Another GD-350-1B in the house
  22. First camo dye job, didn't go as planned
  23. GDF 100 info
  24. Square and Frogman bezel questions
  25. help with a couple of gshock
  26. help with a couple of gshock
  27. help me to decide between GW-A1000 vs GA-100 need suggestions.
  28. servicing my Old G-Shock ? how and where ? G-SHOCK DW-002
  29. Assistance please! Trying to convince wife! Suggest G-Shock!!
  30. New Riseman Owner (pics)
  31. I have JUST catch a GL-7500 blue !!
  32. GD-350: legibility and availability, 2Qs
  33. Haha just made myself laugh - watch resemblance
  34. Interview with TR853-1 on Shock The World Singapore!
  35. Finally I can join the club - GD-350 - 1st impressions
  36. MTG1500 has 30% from Casio UK for few days
  37. New arrival (DW-5600E)
  38. Need Advice on Trade of a Pro-Trek PRG-60 for a KING G-Shock.....Help?
  39. Any Love for the KING G-Shock??
  40. WRUW 3-13-13
  41. Advice on my next g purchase
  42. New Video Review up!!
  43. Advice on 5600 series price??
  44. opinions on this frankenstein GW-M5600
  45. Malware Alert
  46. Photo Contest Reminder!
  47. Death of a Giez...
  48. Where to buy a GW-4000-1A3ER ?
  49. Another recent arrival. The granddaddy of the DW-6900s. The DW-5994 World Cup 94
  50. Which Frogman should I get?
  51. Man down!
  52. Strap Replacement
  53. DW6600 issues
  54. TU [ 3-12] --> what are you wearing today?
  55. G-Shocks u flipped...
  56. NEW G-5500MC-5 AND G-5500MC-8 JUST ARRIVED
  57. Identify me the model to get
  58. GD 350 Win Win
  60. Difference in GW-5000 and DW-5030
  61. CHeck out my G-Shock Reviews on Youtube
  62. GA100 and dual time
  63. Is this g-shock real?
  64. Whaddaya Wearin' Mon. 11 Mar 2013
  65. quick question about buying a watch here
  66. Price Check on Illest G Shock DW-6900?
  67. GA150A Orange or Red?
  68. Help me identify this teal, cool-if-it's-not-fake G?
  69. daylight savings
  70. 56XX
  71. Questions about the g-shock 5600
  72. GF8250ER Frog Lumincent Panel Question
  73. GD-350 segments test screen? How?
  74. G-shock noob and some questions on the 5610/5000
  75. Swapping bezels on my Gundams
  76. GD-350 with wings clipped
  77. Daylight Saving Time Atomic Sync
  78. The toughest G-Shock?
  80. <~ WRUW Sunday, March the 10th 2013 ~>
  81. Spring Bar Vs. Screw-in Strap Attachment System - The Truth
  82. Ebay seller with old NOS parts
  83. Casio launches new Pro Trek Timepiece to kick off 2013
  84. To those of you who own the new GWM-530A...
  85. Ive got this G thing and its bleeping golden
  86. Gold tone, DW-5400C arrived, and a question about modding...
  87. Fake G spotted... Be advice it is a repulsive thing to [email protected]!
  88. my g-shocks so far
  90. Preoccupied with my newly Aviator watch GWA1000-1A
  91. Adapter for AWG series
  92. GD-350 Released in US Market for $120
  93. black gold GD100 came today....
  94. GF8250ER Frogman Before & After
  95. What Bezel/Band to make glx5600 all matte resin?
  96. Where can I find this particular G?
  97. How do U store your watches? Pelican, Fancy Cabinet, Lying Around, Towers; don'
  98. DGK spotted NYC.
  99. Whaddaya Wearin' Sat. 9 Mar 2013
  100. Stripped screw heads on factory new Casio watches
  101. My First G-Shock
  102. Help finding a G-Shock?
  103. Two new arrivals - DW-5600VT BALS & AWG-525B-7JF
  104. GW-A1100
  105. At last, a foolproof HiTech way to keep my solars on charge!!
  106. New Release Crazy Colors DW-6900PL-1JF Makes A Dazzling Entrance
  107. GD-350: The excitement, the disappointment, the purchase, the sale - my opinion about that watch
  108. Anyone order from tiktox?
  109. AVIATOR's out for service !
  110. [email protected]~tOdaY~08032013
  111. Is there a strap adapter for GW2310-1?
  112. Found another pretty horrendous looking fake.
  113. GX56 vs GXW56: Is Multiband 6 worth the extra?
  114. A solar casio panel question
  115. From The April- July Releases, Which Is Your Fave? Pick One!
  116. GW-A1000-FC-1AJF - Temperature
  117. Rounded up my 5500 Solar Army for a little charging up time!
  118. Help with Casio MRG-7100BJ band links
  119. GD200, whaddya mean "glass fiber"?
  120. Has anyone ever used this before?
  121. [email protected]?
  122. Please recommend me a G-Shock...
  123. Please Help! (need to find GA110 Bezel Screws)
  124. WHOA!!! UPCOMING G-SHOCK'S!! Clement Wong I LOVE YOU!!
  125. Clement Wong Just Uploaded This (Upcoming Stuff)
  126. DW6900 age and a longer band ?
  127. GW-4000A-1AJF vs. GW-4000D-1AER what's the difference?
  128. New G-Shock owner
  129. Nigel Sylvester "Black Out"
  130. Anyone ever tried dying a Glossy Resin? Would like some pictures and advice
  131. Screwback cases for module 3159?
  132. can you tell what's wrong with this G
  133. Has Anyone Put This Bracelet on a G-Shock DW5600 or GW5000?
  134. what is your favorite G shock model?
  135. ?WRUW @ Wed 03-06-13?
  136. DW6600 Rehab Questions
  137. Casio/G Shock dealers in London, ON
  138. What else would you consider an "Almost G-Shock"?
  139. GD-350-8JF got stealth - post your mod here
  140. ultimate storage for resin? brainstorm
  141. Just landed G-Shock GA-1000-1AER!
  142. Broken pusher on Data Memory Model worth fixing or where to get parts?
  143. Report Post Button?
  144. If you had to choose only one...
  145. Casio Model Search HELP
  146. Mudman with a compass??
  147. Well that was easy...
  148. wruw tuesday 3-5-13
  149. Buying from ebay japan seller?
  150. GW-9000a - Blacked out, reversed on Suunto adapters velcro. Ready for it to warm up and get outside!
  151. Speaking of G-Shocks
  152. Frog Alarm Question
  153. Who subjects their G-Shock to this kind of treatment?
  154. G-Shock: Tried & True
  155. Help with GW3000 parts
  156. Atomic clock and GPS constellation clock - are they the same?
  157. Check this out
  158. Casio G-Shock GX-56-4ER KING discontinued?
  159. Casio G-Shock G-800D - some photos
  160. EQW-M710DB-1A1ER manual sync
  161. pink riseman (GW-9200kj-4jr)
  162. Whaddaya Wearin' Mon. 4 Mar 2013
  163. Never owned a g-Shock, now I have 2 and they are awesome!
  164. Rakuten G Shock seller
  165. DW5600 Speidel Expansion Band Pic Request
  166. GB 5600 / 6900
  167. New Protrek PRG-260
  168. Can any one identify G-shock ?
  169. ProTrek giveaway
  170. Are new GW-5600-J watches still being made or are they all old stock?
  171. Please help me decide which new Aviation model to get?
  172. Searching for casio model.......
  173. --Which CASIO is on your WRIST on Sunday? 3-3-13--
  174. Black & Gold GD-350-1B Good Vibrations...Excitations! Part Two
  175. More fake G's...a really bad GX561-A
  176. Is the DW 6600 discontinued?
  177. Closed
  178. Gloss to matte post your pics
  179. DW-5600E
  180. Riseman vs SGW400H
  181. The DW5600B-3V ( Green Speed ) has risen again!
  182. My first collaboration, the DGK8900
  183. Pulled the trigger on the 5610!
  184. Whaddaya Wearin' Sat. 2 Mar 2013
  185. GW-500A....What do you think of it?
  186. Difference between GW-A1000FC-1AJF and GW-A1000FC-1?
  187. GF8250ER Frogman Makeover
  188. Gears Of War G-Shock
  189. New bands on 7710C and 5600MS
  190. Pictures: GA-1000FC-1ADR (April Release)
  191. GD 100 ?
  192. Where to buy Riseman Garish GW9200?
  193. US Customs delays?
  194. Where are the digital modules made?
  195. Massive Riseman haul/unboxings! (30th blue, vintage grey, garish black)
  196. ***WRUW FRIDAY 2013/03/01***
  197. Question about the current G lineup...
  198. Torn Between These Two...
  199. Going to Hong Kong: What to get?
  200. Are these REAL
  201. Initial Blue for sale in US
  202. DGK: TSip style
  203. GD-350-8JF Vibe Alarm or Vibrator?
  204. NY Times Review of Smart Watches
  205. A little help deciding please
  206. Give me compass, direction, a second hand and illuminate! Just released GA-1000 delivers it all
  207. Fake Riseman?
  208. Silicone spray for resin?
  209. Whaddaya Wearin' Thursday 28 Feb 2013?
  210. Where can I get 7900 bezel screw :(
  211. ShopCasio.Com promo codes?
  212. Which 5600 Series Has the Largest Digits?
  213. March 2013 G-Shock Japan Releases
  214. Looking for a 5600, features question
  215. To keep GWM5610 or not to keep GWM5610
  216. Sorry guys had to show off 2 my new friends on its own thread.... '=(
  217. New Slingshox Skins (Animal Print, Camo etc..)
  218. Show Me Your Clot (red g-shock) on wrist
  219. G shock gw3000b-1a help!
  220. Best place to pick up a Casio Edifice EQWM1100CG-1?
  221. My first G-Shock...
  222. February purchases
  223. redman x casio g-shock aw-591red-4ajr
  224. G-9300-1ER & G79001ER Size Comparison
  225. Stussy x Bape x G-Shock Frogman
  226. ₩r₩ ₩DĘ?dť 02-27-13
  227. Help with a ref. #, please.
  228. Fake aviator spotted.
  229. My definition of frustrating
  230. Some new pics of my G-5600BC
  231. Who can tell me anything about this watch?
  232. Best spots for older JDM G-Shocks
  233. Casio Moon Graph GMW-15 Crystal Clean
  234. Does anyone have......
  235. ✰✰✰ Tuesday G February 26 2013 WRUW ✰✰✰
  236. I'm Starfished. Finally!
  237. Looks Like A G, Feels Like A G, But,...
  238. whoaaaaaaa my sunknots GD-350 pair just limped in to NYC
  239. Casio Touchscreen VDB-101 ENGLISH Manual
  240. Size Comparison Picture Thread ALL MODELS
  241. Monday now with Tueday's Delivery from Japan - One vintage and Four New G's
  242. GW-2500B - is it possible to fit a combi bracelet?
  243. WRUW Monday 2013-02-25?
  244. G-shock experts what was the orignal gshocks and do they still make them
  245. GD-350 PDF manual now online
  246. >>>> Gees On Monday February 25 2013 WRUW >>>>
  247. Purchasing Krink G-Shock and Rising Red DW6930?
  248. Just had to get one....
  249. G-Shock Bluetooth App
  250. would 6900 bull bars fit a 9010 mudman>