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  1. It's FINALLY Here! The Rising Red Mudman Arrives! Unboxing pics inside!
  2. G-Shock Aviation GWA1000-1A & GWA1000D-1A ? New Arrival
  3. What is the model # of the following?
  4. Any new Atomic/Solar models coming down the pike this year or next?
  5. Casio G Shock MRG 100T.....HELP REQUIRED!
  6. Questions about my new watch and charging
  7. GX-56-4DR for $80 on Ebay
  8. Hi guys newbie here, is this protrek legit?
  9. The gw-a1000fc
  10. g-shock straps
  11. 3 new arrivals
  12. What G-shock is this?
  13. <<<<<<<<WRUW 9.26.12>>>>>>>>>
  14. GA150MF-1A.. where can I get one??
  15. Another Strategist00 Thread.... (NEW WATCH) (Pics) (GTFIH)
  16. First G-Shock a GD100BW-1 with pics
  17. This ebayer is a bit cheeky.
  18. Baby G Frogman
  19. What G-Shocks have double tang clasps?
  20. Can I swap the module on the GW-5000 and the GW-M5630?
  21. what screw driver set?
  22. The trails and tribulations of an OCD minimalist G-shock flipper
  23. frogman virgin pops his cherry
  24. New Arrival from JPN to USA - ERIC HAZE x G-Shock 30th Anniversary GA-110EH-8AJR
  25. Help Me Choose a G-Sock for a Gift
  26. Anyone Identify This Watch
  27. WRUW 9/25/2012
  28. Funny G-shock story
  29. Casio USA Releases Eric Haze Collaboration Watch
  30. How about that MNF game?
  31. Indifference
  32. Dyeing a DW6900NB-7
  33. Need help with the following
  34. Has anyone seen this?
  35. Other peoples G's
  36. Eric Haze Vid
  37. Help what is this modell in pic...
  38. Look what I found At the store in Texas!
  39. second hole 6900
  40. Difference 1000 vs 8250 Frogman
  41. Solar G battery worries
  42. Haze fever spreads to the UK *pics*
  43. G Shock with Atomic Time Sync from Japan & China
  44. Am I crazy??
  45. New arrival
  46. Unboxing, it's a Casio, not a G but it brings back a lot of good memories. CA501 minty, mint.
  47. Wruw 24/9
  48. My new addition! My biggest watch ever!
  49. Gulfman G-9100-2 Backlight question
  50. Looks like I beat the Casio US website with my latest pickup
  51. How tough is the mtg-900?
  52. Replacement Strap Holder
  53. Gulfman G9100 and GLX5600 weird UTC setting ???
  54. G-Shock GW-A1000 series
  55. Myth or Reality? Does 8200BK really have a sapphire crystal?
  56. DW-8300
  57. Thinking I might try a GW-M5600BC/5610BC; Is the display legible?
  58. Between Strap Hole Sizes
  59. New G-Shock!
  60. Sunday Wrist Check (Sept 23, 2012) >>>
  61. I'm beginning to see a pattern here...
  62. Help me pick my next watch for Christmas.
  63. PRG 200-T Bracelet links
  64. 10 Months After The FEVER!
  65. G7900 2DR, Button swap.
  66. Which G Shock for the Mrs.?
  67. old age pensioners and g's!!
  68. Buying a Riseman in Miami
  69. Toughest G-Shock of the chosen, HELP!
  70. GF-1000BS-1: my new Frog mod
  71. What to Do With A Seaman Surprise
  72. the price was right...
  73. Module 3279 Power Level Indicator Question
  74. Latest ArrivaL..!!! Edifice vs Sky Cockpit
  75. G-7900 World time problem
  76. Vacation! Sometimes it is Home Sweet Home!
  77. At my local store....
  78. Saturday Wrist Check (Sept 22, 2012) >>>
  79. Limited Edition GDF-100BB-1CR Blackout Pack Total Eclipse
  80. You know you're a G-shock fanatic when.... (Game) (Play with me) (Rules inside)
  81. Where did you get your last G from?
  82. A Couple New Solar G's
  83. Which G's have home time in all modes?
  84. how do you turn off power save function on a gw 9010-1 mudman?
  85. G-Shocks On Vacation!
  86. Frogman
  87. My first Mudman
  88. My next is....
  89. choosing first g-shock, help!!!!
  90. Where to find replacement Bezels and Straps?
  91. I've never held a fake before.
  93. a question for the GW-A1000(any model) owners :-)
  94. New Arrival - Two classics meet for the first time - GW-206K ICERC & Friend
  95. My first Muddy has arrived :-D
  96. Which color do you prefer--GA-100-1A-2 or GA-100-1A-4?
  97. Casio launches Black X Gold series
  98. Wruw 21/9
  99. First G-Shock, HELP, Please!!
  100. First post: What G-Shock (or ProTrek?) do I want?
  101. 30th Anniversary Rising Red Owners Report Here: Let's Get An Official Count
  102. The Frogman Hype: I get it now
  103. help me ! noooob !
  104. Is this Casio G Shock DW-7900 Real or Fake???
  105. No G-Shocks for a month, now suddenly a whole bunch at my doorstep! 30th Anniversary content!
  106. help with syncing atomic
  107. Casio DW290 strap question?
  108. Casio Edifice Black X Rose Gold Series
  109. replacement band for GD200
  110. 7
  111. Dawn Black vs Final Frog
  112. Wruw 20 sep
  113. White G-Shock cleaning help/tips
  114. Too skinny for GD-100
  115. Need some advice
  116. tough test on GA110?
  117. Hello. I'm sure this has been discussed at length, but which is the Best Value for a Frogman?
  118. Olive drab to Orange black
  119. Is this special in anyway?
  120. The 240 Module Shrine :D !>>>
  121. How do you store your collection
  122. My G-Shock buying ban is well and truly in the toilet.
  123. Frogman Replacement Screw Sets?
  124. I just couldn't resist....................
  125. Casio GW4000 Questions
  126. My watch cases
  127. My own Black x Gold 6900 (DW-069V-9V)
  128. Take a look at this photo gallery of upcoming models
  129. Which Mudman and Gulfman models were the last really "Made in Japan" G-Shocks...?
  130. Riseman barometer/altimeter/altitude readings (again!)
  131. Power saving
  132. Just got a new DW-6900CB-1DR
  133. Anybody looking for a GF-8230A Rising Red Frogman?
  134. Wruw Sept 19 2012
  135. New Video: G-Shock Athlete Pedro Barros Charging the MegaRamp Tehachapi CA
  136. White GA-110C-7A vs GA-100B-7A. Which is nicer?
  137. Have you ever wondered if one of us WUS members are secretly working for Casio?
  138. Atomic signal test
  139. Seriously....
  140. GD-100-1BDR
  141. G-Shock Watch that is atomic, but is not solar?
  142. spotted dee and ricky in the wild
  143. My "new" Riseman
  144. Can anyone help me with a specific 5600 model number?
  145. (game) Rate the above G-shock
  146. Show your Love for AMW-320
  147. GW4000 questions, straps?
  148. Frogman 2000 Authenticity Question
  149. Frogman or GX56
  150. Men In Rescue Orange (MIRO), Rescue G's, and Extended Family
  151. Screwbacks
  152. New Arrival: G001HC-1 "Jason" Foundation Exclusive
  153. Wruw 18 sep
  154. I just bought my first G-shock! I'm so excited!
  155. G-001: Voorhees!
  156. Incoming!
  157. DW-6600 Question
  158. Anyone in Europe (even the that USA) bought from these guys..
  159. Can you trust this pic???
  160. Two New Out of the Ordinary 5600 Arrivals
  161. Diff. between Magnetic resistance and anti-magnetic structure?
  162. New arrival with some pics
  163. Best 'all black' choice
  164. 75th G-Shock to my Frogman GWF-1000 Collection.. to be continued...?
  165. New arrival od skool l DW6900h-4 (pics)
  166. DW6930a-4 Rising Red
  167. New arrival today
  168. GF/GWF 1000 Frogman Band and Bezel: Best Place to Buy?/ Any Differences?
  169. Volts, Amps, Watts and G-shocks
  170. Another dye question
  171. Torture Test Part 1 - Gymkhana Teaser
  172. Screwback or screw down plate. Which would you prefer?
  173. New g-shock wanted. Which one to buy?
  174. Addict Frogman. Two up on eBay.
  175. New addition. Rare Real Black. G-100BK
  176. Small Mods, big difference ? - DW8500-1 Codename, G9010-1 Mudman
  177. ****** WRUW Monday September 17? ******
  178. Would you buy a franken G from a store?
  179. G-8900-1ER >>> newbie at home
  180. Latest arrival! GA110-HC 6 *pics*
  181. Test Screen on G-Shock
  182. Coming soon: G-9000MC-8 Mudman!!!!!!!!
  183. Recommendations Non solar G-shock
  184. Where did my favorite G-Shock go?
  185. Difference between G1400a-1ADR AND GW4000d?
  186. [Suggestion] Change the "Casio G-Shock" subforum name to "Casio"?
  187. Weird thing about new G-shock tins....
  188. Frogman GWF-1000/GF-1000 Zulu 24mm Adapters?
  189. Whats the difference between these froggies other than colour?
  190. Frogman Comparison
  191. Real Frogman?
  192. Modern Day Classic: The New Baby-G BG6900/6901
  193. Sunday Wrist Check (Sept 16, 2012) >>>
  194. Old School G-Shock comeback PLEASE!
  195. Green Lantern: 7710
  196. g-shock dw-8600k spares?
  197. ADVICE NEEDED: DW-5600MS resin band fits GW-M5610BC ?
  198. WRUW: Professional Attire/Formal Wear Edition
  199. King Macro
  200. Took the GW5000 out fishing today...
  201. Potential watch thieves can kiss my you-know-what!!!
  202. GW 4000 Auto Sync explained?
  203. GWM5610 vs. G5600E-1 Digit Size
  204. G-3011 world tour, Northern Ireland teaser!!
  205. size comparison glx 150 and 6900
  206. How do you insert photos rather than them appearing as attachments?
  207. Atomic Syncing, Two Watches, Six Hours Later Time Differences
  208. FratelloWatches Interviews A G-Shock Authority
  209. Rocking watch
  210. New Arrival: G Shock x Maharishi GA110MH-7A
  211. Question about GWX-8900 ?
  212. import taxes?
  213. WRUW Saturday 9/15/12
  214. My first ever G-SHOCK has FINALLY arrived!!!! G-9300
  215. New Addition G-Shock BW3000
  216. "ALIFE COLLABORATION" - G-shock.... Value?
  217. Watch Tanaka previews the GW-9330A
  218. Help me pick my first watch.
  219. Help Needed...white with black face g-shock?
  221. My new arrivals today
  222. Watch Tanaka's first look at the GF-8230A-4JR
  223. Old school backpack straps make great watch bands. They have 20mm and 22mm straps on them.
  224. Antenna Citizen RCW/SU-3 for Greman transmitter.
  225. Wrist Show Friday September 14 2012 WRUW
  226. Brown "scuff" on GA110B-3 bezel
  227. My GW-5610BC-1ER has come
  228. How many times should you press the push buttons on your watch if you don't press them often?
  229. My collection wants a case...
  230. G-Lovers! Show us your cool rides!
  231. Looking for a Frog....
  232. My collection 1 year on...
  233. Wife got home from NY with my early b-day present last night...
  234. lucky find...almost nos casio g shock mr-g 200 t
  235. The arrival of....
  236. For Us G-Shocker's, what do you think about when you hear the word "CUSTOMS"?
  237. Atomic Watch Questions For Australians Do They Work Here?
  238. Looking for a new G-Shock
  239. A pair from the early 90s: DW-6000CJ. And a question!
  240. Casio Models. What are the strengths of each? Which is best for me?
  241. Aaarrrggghhh!!! G-shock!
  242. G1400a-1adr for $195, is it a good price?
  243. Wruw 13/9
  244. Suggestions for my next G
  245. GW7900B-1 tide graph
  246. Triple Crown Frogman - Craigslist Fresno!!
  247. September/October Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!
  248. Place, person, or center to service "vintage" G-Shock DW-5600C
  249. A Trip To Melbourne
  250. Looking for a Comfortable G