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  1. NOS sitting on G-shock Portugal shelfs...
  2. Guess what was in my desk when I arrive home today?
  3. Help on finding spares for my old DW-002 (1446)
  4. My new G-9200GY-1ER
  5. Forced Watch Bonding
  6. LED light on the GA110GB-1A useless?
  7. Regarding the banner - your comments
  8. First G-Shock on the way
  9. New member of the Mudman G(W) 9300 Club
  10. Does Casio make.....?
  11. --Gshock mrg220-- Help please
  12. Unboxing: GR-9110BW-1DR Basic Black Gulfman
  13. Is this vintage Casio G-Shock Rare and Valuable?
  14. ***** WRUW Monday, 23rd July 2012 *****
  15. NEED Your Help! Wasted My G9300GY Crystal, Replacement?
  16. Newest Acquisition
  17. How tough is a riseman?
  18. which g-shock to keep. Only one
  19. Legibility, digit size: GD-100 vs dw6900
  20. Pretty frustrated and need some advice
  21. AYAKO ? Adam Nathaniel Yauch AKA "MCA" 6900 Beastie Boys
  22. G Shock for Good
  23. Petitions for a Screwback 6900.
  24. Sponsored Banner
  25. WRUW sunday 7/22/2012?
  26. How do you remove the strap on a Casio G101?
  27. The reason why we do not need a Gx-56 30th anniversary edition
  28. One last look at the tranquil GD100WW-7
  29. New arrival - GWF1000 - My first Frog.
  30. My First mods Part 2
  31. G-Shock 30th Anniversary watches
  32. CAN THIS BE FIXED?? (Pictures Included)
  33. Upcoming G-Shock Catalog LEAKED!!!
  34. For the Frogman fanatics
  35. Wish the postman would hurry.... got a GD-100SC-6D in the post!
  36. Morning Minor Mod Madness: GW-A1000RAF --> GW-A1000D (RAF) [Pic heavy!]
  37. *** WRUW for today 21st July ***
  38. One PANDA short!
  39. DW-5900 DW-6100
  40. BROTHERS!!
  41. Went on vacation and brought back 4 new friends!
  42. LEGIT RISEMAN???????
  43. Compare/Contrast these watches
  44. is the GW9010MB-1ER Limited Edition ?
  45. Best of these three?
  46. Casio London Launching RAF A-1000 tomorrow
  47. Used Risemans on ebay
  48. New acquisition
  49. Parra G-Shock collab questions
  50. Bape ape fake
  51. A video of an ordinary day at work.
  52. Are fake Frogmans getting better, or is this real?
  53. The Dark Knight Rises
  54. Riseman barometer issue
  55. Did I win the game? DW-8400
  56. ***** WRUW Friday, 20th July 2012 ******
  57. Low Temp Resistant G's?
  58. Darken LCD, will a polar film fix the problem?
  59. How was it?
  60. Super dual led illuminator and motorcycle Q
  61. king's new clothes!
  62. Newbie needing help on first Gshock
  63. (GW-A1000-8AYA) Ayako Design Study on SKY Cockpit (F22 inspired... )
  64. My first Camo dye job on G7900 A
  65. G-9000MX-8 OWNERS! What color is the lume/light?
  66. The BIG "3" "0"
  67. Is the GX-56-GB-1 limited edition?
  68. 5600 or 6900
  69. DW5600E-1V vs. G-5600E-1DR
  70. NOS 5200 or GW-5000
  71. Which G-Shock for running?
  72. Limited Edition Rant...
  73. Recent pickups: DW-6900BW Garish & GA-201
  74. GW-A1000 has arrived
  75. Was the green GA150A-3A meant to be a brief, limited edition?
  76. Sidevolution
  77. ***** WRUW Thursday 19th July 2012*****
  78. Which 5600 should I add into my collection?
  79. Sorry no G-shock on this one Just some WIP of my latest Work
  80. ***** WRUW Thursday, 19th July 2012 ******
  81. Tough time picking out a Watch for the Summer
  82. This is what I want....does it exist?
  83. My New Old DW9400.
  84. DW 6600 Display question
  85. What's the difference between the 3230 and 1289 modules??
  86. High polygon... part of a project...
  87. Maharishi x G-Shock rollcall!
  88. Cheap 8900 strap mod
  89. Another legendary one added
  90. What is a Carbon Fiber Strap?
  91. New arrival - GW-3500B-1AER impressions
  92. Please help me sourcing this CASIO watch
  93. Help please - looking for Oceanus watch service in Edinburgh
  94. anybody have a contact email for Clement Wong
  95. UK Members 20% off G-Shock East This Friday
  96. Your favorite g shock
  97. Pic request: King + Frog
  98. Picking up a DW9052-1V tomorrow. To mod or not to mod????
  99. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST G-SHOCK (Pictures Please!!!)
  100. Does the solar 6900's have month day alarms like the non-solar 6900?
  101. Is this a legit Mudman??
  102. ***** WRUW Wednesday, 18th July 2012 ******
  103. (ADDED PHOTO) Guess what!!! Just went in...From Twilight zone to my apartment...
  104. Photo Contest Reminder!
  105. What's your "goto" watch, when you can't wear a G-Shock
  106. CAN THIS BE FIXED??!? (Pics Included)
  107. G 7900 internal shock proofing changed from older models?
  108. question about dw8800-2t
  109. lovers collection LOV-11A-7AJR
  110. Creaking/CLIKKING NOISE FROM MUDMAN 9010- faulty watch?
  111. Mods -- Spot 'em and post 'em!
  112. GW5600J-1 rcvd but missing indicator? w/ pics
  113. Found a DW-500(540)
  114. DW5600E on composite bracelet questions
  115. How do you like the "Stormtrooper" Mudman?
  116. G-Shocks...made to be tough
  117. G-Shock GW4000-1A3E vs GW-A1000AJF
  118. My first Casio watch GW-M5610BC-1JF
  119. ICERC's in the house
  120. R/C Reception report
  121. Replacement bezel for DQM
  122. >>>>> G-Tuesday July 17 2012 WRUW <<<<<
  125. New to collecting. Here is what I have on my first week
  126. EDC with a G.
  127. In what colors does the GX-56 really come?
  128. questionable G-Shock
  130. Here's what I have.... what next?
  131. Unboxed some spare resin/straps and found ... ... ... (In Progress)
  132. PAW 5000 Calibration - Doing something wrong?
  133. New Episode on my UNKEI SAN series (You'll Find G-shock's there too)
  134. G-shock metallic dial dw-6900
  136. My new G-shock got a scratch. Can you show me yours?
  137. worst fake I have seen on ebay
  138. How much for a DW-5300?
  139. Collections :)
  140. new addition to the G-8000-family: G-8000B-4ER
  141. ***** WRUW Monday, 16th July 2012 ******
  142. RISEMAN GW-9200 funky case back
  143. Crystal size of Edifice EFA-132-BK?
  144. Casio G-Shock Collectors who only collect the first G's with the first innovations.
  145. ****WRUW****Sunday 15, July 2012
  146. Finally my Krink Arrived...
  148. Looking for a GW9010-1
  149. Assistance needed
  150. FINALLY!!! I got myself a DW8400BK! kinda sorta MOD!
  151. What good is PACPARTS when they have no parts?
  152. Size comparisons of different models
  153. Tools of the trade
  154. New G!!
  155. Need A good list from you guys PLEASE. (Running out of time)
  156. I'm a geek!
  157. Look ma! I made a rainbow :)
  158. How to deal with Thailand watches
  159. Help picking perfect G-shock
  160. OT: Why some USA sellers refuse to ship to other countries
  161. DW-5300
  162. My first attempt at GA110 modding.
  164. G7900 RF Reggae Rasta limited edition - Less than 80!!
  165. Mudman strap adapters by Suunto
  166. Are there any [aftermarket] bracelets available for the X Large Series (GA, GD)?
  167. WRUW - July 14, 2012
  168. Questions regarding water and the solar panel
  169. Roughest thing you did with a G on your wrist.
  170. Need help posting pics from android phone
  171. "Tough Solar"... not G-Shock; what makes it tough?
  172. New G-Shock forum member
  173. The Newest Member AND Former Member of the G-Shock Owner's Club
  174. Hack Feature?
  175. Lookg for a zulu adapter for my new Casio GW3000BB-1A...
  176. Loose light switch on my new Rasta G
  177. My New G
  178. It's Friday the 13th POST YOUR JASONS...
  179. New Addition. . . FrankenMonster (WARNING NON G CONTENT)
  180. Finally..
  182. Gx-56 copy cat at walmart link for pic added
  183. Help Needed: GW-3000BB Date Wheel Misaligned
  184. Gw-810d links?
  185. Which G has the loudest alarm?
  186. What size maratac strap best fits the casio adapters on a 5000/5600?
  187. geiz rose coloured
  188. My Humbled Collection...So far. (just started this past Christmas)
  189. Where to buy the G9300ER-5
  190. At a last moment. What Casio G-Shock would you take with you?
  191. My First Frogman... the GWF-1000RD-4JF; The Frogman in Burning Red
  192. ***** WRUW Friday, 13th July 2012 ******
  193. Link to Hockey Slapshot?
  194. A-158 or A-168?
  195. G-SHOCK aviators as tough as digitals, video to prove it.
  196. Not a G-Shock or a Casio, but a cool watch nonetheless :D
  197. What did your Shock do today?
  198. 9300 MUDMAN REVIEW
  199. a few 6900s
  200. The Hundreds and a stupid dog...
  201. g9300 mudman moon function
  202. Casio G-Shock GW-M850-1
  203. Casio G-Shock GW-M850-1
  204. GW-5600J
  205. Help with code for GW-3500
  206. Bull bars?
  207. $50 for an F91W
  208. G Shock addiction
  209. I asked for a Pink SN 6900's they brought me this... Couldn't resist...
  210. ***** WRUW Thursday, 12th July 2012 *****
  211. Cheeky Bxxxxxx!! Ebay auction which is a complete rip off from the G shock Forum.
  212. [HELP!] Any tried to assemble a brand NEW frogman by just buying all the parts?
  213. It arrived! (GW-A1000!)
  214. New guy with questions about G-Shock Mudman 9300-1
  215. Even better in person! Tsip's GF8250NCAA-3BU Sic 'Em!
  216. How would this look as a negative display?
  217. Casio SPM-30H
  218. Is this G-Shock sold by Amazon a fake?
  219. Part for DW6900
  220. My first Yahoo Japan auction - A DW-1983 :D !!!
  221. In a pickle.. G-Shock trade.. Need your advice!
  222. Help Trouble Shoot my GW-7900B - stuck in "charge" mode
  223. I've got the GW-5000 itch!
  224. Is It Hopeless To Find A Frogman GW-200MS-1JF MIRB Strap?
  225. 1983 Casio Poster
  226. Which G for Bond?
  227. White nato adaptor
  228. Module 5240 - GW-A1000 Aviator Manual Translated.
  229. Accidentally got this G!
  230. Just Messin' Around...
  231. Module re-installation issues
  232. Sharing my thoughts on my new GDF100BB-1 and short owned GW7900B-1
  233. ***** WRUW Wednesday, 11th July 2012 *****
  234. White 5600s - Show 'em!
  235. Petition for Casio to make an AYAKO collaboration: VOTE HERE
  236. Delete please.
  237. Warranty problem with a Casio G9000BP-1 Mudman
  238. GLX-150X-7ER In4mation
  239. GW-A1000RAF... So who else got something in the post today :) [pic heavy!]
  240. AMAZING NEW Tsip model: GF8250NCAA-3BU Sic 'Em!
  241. GPS in a G-shock?
  242. Do Casio G-Shocks keep their value?
  243. Strap question
  244. It's weird... making purchase decisions against G-shocks
  245. Band ?
  246. Requesting help picking a Casio digital for my bro.
  247. My two Bumblebee's
  248. Steel cased digitals: EFD-1000 and Citizen Promaster Windsurfing
  249. ***** WRUW Tuesday, 10th July 2012 *****
  250. New arrival. Rare watch, Giez GS-100EC, completes my Eric Clapton collection.