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  1. And you though "I" pay a lot :) ...
  2. today's project
  3. DW6900MM's are this watches going to be re-stocked?
  4. Tools needed to remove links from GW4000D
  5. Casio International August models
  6. Real Black battery change.
  7. 30th anniversary collection... when and where?
  8. Riseman - my mod
  10. G-Shock straps are uncomfortable
  11. Top One International - anyone ever buy from them?
  12. WRUW Wednesday 8-8-2012
  13. What next?
  14. Post your GW-5000/GW-5000B mods (pic heavy)
  15. DW-5900 button problem (help appreciated)
  16. G-Shock spotted in London 2012 Olympics Greco-Roman Wrestling...
  17. Just in time for Halloween...
  18. G-Shock Review: GW810D
  19. OT: Equestrian Dressage in the Olympics???
  20. Post all your daily barometric graph shots here. No two are the same.
  21. WTF GW-4000 32.99
  22. G-Shock with Black and Purple Combinations
  23. Am I a bad G-Shock owner?
  24. Hi everyone. Can some tell me whts the safest way the clean our Gshocks.
  25. my next resto project (before pic)...and after pics
  26. The Rare DW-5600B-3V Green Speed :) ...
  27. just ordered my first g-shock ever!!
  28. First time G-Shock owner
  29. Attachments
  30. Anyone else notice?
  31. Golden Titans
  32. G-Shock DW-6900 'G' button problem???
  33. Some questions and recommendations!
  34. Ayako Just a question to all those frogman lover's out there...
  35. New GW-A1000D
  36. G9200MBJ Riseman question.
  37. WRUW / 8-7-2012
  38. Gw 5600j
  39. How "Long" do you wear your G ...
  40. 2 New Arrivals plus other group shots of my collection so far!! Pic Heavy!!
  41. G-Shock GW 3500B-1A Aviation Series arrived today!
  42. New Frogman Additions and Boys Toys from Japan
  43. Amazon GW-6900-1
  44. G-9300 Mudman on silicone strap. Proof of concept.
  45. G-Shock Review: bape 5600 + fake report
  46. Great watch cases for cheap?
  47. G5600a-9 Yellow....Debating whether to keep it or return it....
  48. Baby-G white resin strap
  49. What is the proper method for unfastening and taking off the single prong G Shock wristband?
  50. W-214H-4: Quick Review of An Inexpensive Beater
  51. Mineral glass?
  52. GShock G5600E ToughSolar
  53. Lume of new Casio analogs?
  54. More fake G100s - Ebay, I really despair!
  55. ^^^WRUW MO 8. 6^^^
  56. Riseman..I want a new Riseman, what can you tell me about them?
  57. 5600 Square suggestion
  58. Looking for a G-shock GW6900A-9 Yellow Atomic Help finding one?
  59. Jigsaw Watch
  60. Is the GW 3500BB-1AJF a Japan only watch? If not is it avail in the U.S.?
  61. Battery change be afraid! (7700 anyway)
  62. Negative displays
  63. My G-Shock Collection: StaRemix
  64. Is my Riseman (already) dying ? (fixed, see pics in thread)
  65. "G Shocks Up"
  66. Beauty and The Beast and A Couple of G's
  67. August Great Inter-Forum Watch Photography Contest!
  68. <<<<<< WRUW Sunday 5th August 2012 >>>>>>
  69. Riseman Bull Bars??
  70. An old Geezer puzzeled
  71. DW-500 brought back to life.
  72. Help me decide :)
  73. Any one deal with Ratuken Quelleheure?
  74. Atomic watch questions?
  75. Renting in Singapore
  76. GIEZ overview video WATCH-TANAKA
  77. Checking 2nd time zone on GW-3000
  78. Cleaning your G
  79. Help Identifying G Shock
  80. Favorite companion the...
  81. Help please: DW-004 Bezel needed
  82. 2 Special delivery's today while at work! (pic heavy)
  83. Where to buy g-shocks for modding? Need GW-M5600 or M5610 cosmetic problems not an issue.
  84. master-piece 5600
  85. do i need silicon grease every time i open the case?
  86. Which one would you choose and why?
  87. Casio Casio G-Shock GW3500B-1A
  88. Let's start the fire - WRUW Saturday 4 August
  89. AYAKO New Acquisitions ...
  90. G-Shock Review - G5500MC-5 Jam'in Color Series, Brown Camouflage / camo
  91. Boomslice Goes to G-Shockland
  92. Why so small?
  93. Maharishi GA-110MH-7 shows up at Macy Arizona
  94. My MRGs and a couple of mods
  95. 3268 Module Manual?
  96. GW-A1000-1AJF unboxing
  97. g's bought from a 'photo' shop!
  98. Heading to the Virgin Islands for some scuba diving!
  99. My RAF just came in .... with a scratched crystal :( WWWUSD?
  100. My new Casio G-Shock G300 colour blue.
  101. Had a special delivery arrive yesterday...
  103. Frogman is amazing!
  104. Riseman packaging
  105. Riseman "In Color". Would you wear this? (photoshop nonsense)
  106. Kinetics - Custom G Shocks
  107. GW9200-1 / Riseman toughness question
  108. will a gw-5600cfj strap fit a gw-5000?
  109. What wrist do you wear your G's on??
  110. G-Shock Review
  111. A warning about the GA150 with the negative displays
  112. ๑۩۞۩๑ WRUW Friday, 3rd August 2012 ๑۩۞۩๑
  113. Atomic update questions
  114. Shill bidding much? Seriously!
  116. g shockers other favourites
  117. just picked up my self a new G- GA-110FC-2AER
  118. G-Shock Japan factory tour with pics of blue and orange GW-4000
  119. Parra Revisited
  120. Last two GW-A1000RAF at Casio Covent Garden London...
  121. Mudman Idea (Color Scheme)
  122. Who's getting the Dark Knight/Mountain Dew G?
  123. Light through the window and solar G-shock question
  124. Maharishi GA-110MH-7AER showing as in stock on
  125. G9000MX-4 question
  126. Time in stopwatch mode
  127. My recent pick-ups aka watch journey #2 ***PIC HEAVY***
  128. AYAKO Presidential G
  129. Recent trip to G Shock East
  130. G-Shock Photoshop request thread
  131. DW-087?
  132. Pre G-Shock vintage DW-1000 battery/seal replacement questions
  133. AYAKO ? How should I end up my G-SHOCK Display
  134. ***** WRUW Thursday, 2nd August 2012 ******
  135. AYAKO Today I found Mos Def the most tastiest G-shock Store window of them all (pics Heavy)
  136. Great Price on Garish Black GD100BW
  137. G-9300 mudman 'test' screen
  138. Is this a good deal?
  139. DW-5600C restoration journal
  140. 5600 faceplate
  141. recomend me a G-shock plz:)
  142. Anyone heard about US retailer availability for GW-9300K? (Love The Sea And The Earth)
  143. Attempt at photography :)
  144. My new 5600 Build/Mod GW-M5600bc
  145. GA that's EL backlit?
  146. What's the exact model # of this multi band 5?
  147. ***** WRUW Wednesday, 1st August 2012 *****
  148. Shower?
  149. GW-2310-1
  150. Frogmans?
  151. Water transfer printing a g-shock
  152. 2 new FROGS, with impressions from a 7in wrist.
  153. gw-6900: Acetone ate away the G-button ...
  154. to Frog or not to Frog, that is the question
  155. New Models
  156. Hey guys! Long time no "G"... (RAF content ) >>>
  157. Hello, it's been a while...and some pics of my Atomic Frogman GWF-1000
  158. 5300: What if...
  159. Todays new arrival - GA-150MF-7AJF
  160. Atomic update erratic
  161. Photo contest winners!
  162. AYAKO Design Study (G-shock Update)
  163. G-Shock Japan August Models rolling out....
  164. Presenting the GW-A1000RAF-1AJR. (Lots of large, bad quality pics included!)
  165. shop.casio has upset me
  166. Where to buy a 6900
  167. Iced Out casio anyone?
  168. GWM5600BC case
  169. Casio and the new world of watches
  170. I need help from the G shock community
  171. WRUW / 7-31-2012
  172. When buying from Japan....
  174. My Collection (New Member)
  175. You Guys Gotta Help Me!
  176. Being in a Recession
  177. DW5600E new strap
  178. First G-shock now in my collection :G-9300-1DR
  179. DW-5600 strap options?
  180. my G collection (quickie pic)
  181. Where to buy GW-A1000 outside of London?
  182. Where to buy links / pins? Casio GW-1200BA
  183. The wait is over, I`ve got the Mudman. GD9300-1
  184. riseman
  185. To the Olympic cycling road race with a GW 7900
  186. Are the best Gs with metal bracelets?
  187. 5600 BB -1ER vs 1JF
  188. My G collection for the month of July 2012....
  189. I have had an expensive couple of weeks
  190. My baby frog collection
  191. ***** WRUW Monday, 30th July 2012 ******
  192. Debut of my G in Hollywood flick?
  193. VIDEO: comparison of gw-5000 and gw-5000b
  194. Mudman mod. What do you think?
  195. Is My G-Shock DW6900CC fake?
  196. The 6100 Saga
  197. Can Missing Number Segments Be Fixed?
  198. While we do G reviews, Who the hell is Robert Himler (CAR THREAD)
  199. which white and gold baby g to buy?
  200. Photo Contest Voting! (now with voting option)
  201. HELP TO BUY
  202. One more GA Mod just for the Olympics
  203. About the GW-A1000RAF AER Vs AJR
  204. Photo Contest Voting!
  205. Frog Frog Frog Frog
  206. What happens when you visit a watch store?
  207. Ever feel naked...
  208. Is this the Real Deal?
  209. My fav Frogman, finally. DW 9902GWC
  210. >>>>> WRUW - Sunday 29th July 2012 <<<<<<
  211. Recomendations on second Gshock
  212. G-Shockers Rides... Let us see those Machines
  213. Anyone watching the Olympics tonight ?
  214. Customs/tracking question
  215. Does a 5600 or 6900 in "Stormtrooper" grey exist?
  216. Brand hew GW7900b buttons locked.
  217. AYAKO .Off Topic - Bombing my City...
  218. Tough Mvt + Screwback + Battery : Does it Exist??
  219. Just Ordered Up A Fresh New Edition,...
  220. Casio GW2310 inner bezel metal or chrome plastic?
  221. Just done some more GA110 Mods
  222. Decide on my next G
  223. GGGGG Saturday Gees July 28 2012 GGGGG
  224. AYAKO ? More work on that soon to be Ayako's G-SHOCK Display
  225. VIDEO: installing resin/composite bracelet
  226. 5600c with a 1545 module.
  227. Polarized Film!
  228. Anyone ever deal with
  229. GW-M5600/DW5600 strap on GW-6900?
  230. AYAKO NEED some Help with this custom I'm Making....
  231. Does high temperature affect internal circuits?
  232. DW-5600C battery change ...?
  233. Where to buy DW-6900 Module?
  234. vintage Casio G-Shock DW-8050 - some photos
  235. Replacement Strap for AW-591RL
  236. Now I'm one of "those" guys
  237. Who Knew Buying My First G-Shock Would be So Hard?
  238. Is the GW-5000-1JF that much better than a DW-5600E?
  239. ***** WRUW Friday, 27th July 2012 ******
  240. Hey look, another Raysman! (Middle Sea Race)
  241. Cheap White/light G shocks?
  242. Ideas to fix this G
  243. Dumb Camo Dye Question!
  244. Anyone know any online stores that ship from Japan?
  245. Everybody needs a little sun........Even an Addict!!!
  246. GR-8900-1ER purchased instead of GR-8900A-7
  247. The Translucent G
  248. OT: Why are there no Twincept models in the G line?
  249. DW-9500US (Blue and Yellow)... Learn me plz
  250. Simple GWM-5600/5610 question