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  1. Green military color is in the house (quick pictures)
  2. Gimme a break! Can't decide on GW-4000
  3. I have to take a break :(
  4. Is the GW4000 Series only G-Shock with Metal?
  5. The summer is upon us...
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  7. Man On A Ledge (2012): A G-Shock Movie
  8. The GA110-1B: are the hands painted?
  9. g shock 301b-scratch.
  10. Help needed recommissioning a DW-002
  11. Price trends of Gshock in next future
  12. What G shock is this?
  13. Metal bracelet for GW-3500BB?
  14. WRUW 29th May 2012
  15. Rookie to the G-world
  16. What model to buy wanting a black reversed face GW5600
  17. Difference between gwm5600 and gwm5610
  18. WYHI June 2012
  19. Will the bumblebee ever come back?
  20. G-shock tin "raffle"
  21. I have bought 2 New frogman watches :) in past 3 weeks. I am so happy.
  22. I have bought 2 New frogman watches :) in past 3 weeks. I am so happy.
  23. Casio G-Shock GX-56KG-3HDR Limited Model
  24. Zulu fitted! My first watch mod.
  25. Pathfinder service - Toronto area
  26. decieded to get a casio pathfinder prw-2000...any good?
  27. Favorite Gshock Lineup????
  28. After the the Garrish Black Riseman, Tanaka did again with the Gulfman!
  29. Which Extreme indestructible G-Shock ?
  30. Dilemma: keep or flip my GWF-1000RD-4 Burning Red Frog?
  31. Modernization of displays?
  32. My tradr G-Shock Groups - do you like?
  33. G-Shcok with rotating bezel
  34. How good enough to.....
  35. The cheapest watch I've ever purchased
  36. Bezel for DW5025
  37. Which one look better ?
  38. My First Custom Camo Job,...
  39. ******* WRUW 28th May 2012 *******
  40. GRRRR.......this forum is a pain sometimes!!!
  41. Life is good...
  42. need help/advive...size comparison between gdf-100 and gd100
  43. 2 JDMs i bought over the weekend!! GL-100 & AMW 320-C (long & pix)
  44. Just got my AWGM100B-1ACR . Looks cool!
  45. WRUW Today? SU 5-27 Edition
  46. Watch Geek Day (one of "those" days)
  47. Small heaven of vintage Casios
  48. Need help with my GLX-6900
  49. Couple new arrivals for the weekend - LRGs, Froggie, Rescue, Oh My!!!
  50. Casio Edifice EF-336L-7AV
  51. Where can I get G Shock tins?
  52. 9300 Mudman debut
  53. Explain high speed hand movement
  54. A real handful
  55. Arms stuck
  56. What's wrong w/ this picture?
  57. Mudman 9300ER-5 availibility?
  58. Need some help finding an MTG-910, please.
  59. Question About GA120BB Stopwatch
  60. Couple of Protrek Questions
  61. Look what arrived from Japan! (A few pics included.)
  62. Where are all the GW5600J-1?
  63. Source for GW-4000-1A3JF?
  64. G-Lide range
  65. WRUW - Sat 26th May
  66. What if Casio....decide Two Men Standing
  67. New all black Armitron digital
  68. Custom pieced together G-Shock?? Is this a possibility?
  69. I ordered a GA110hc-1A and it came in a "Baby G Shock" box What happened?
  70. Resin strap for GW4000D-1A
  71. Smoky grey frogman?
  72. GDF-100 The highest G-Shock in Ireland
  73. Worst fake I've seen in a while
  74. Hurry guys, 25% off on
  75. We be Jammin Rasta Style......
  76. Incoming G 7900 & GW 7900 RD
  77. Rolex G-Shock?
  78. Does New Mudman 9300-1JF show both Fahrenheit and Celsius?
  79. WRUW Today, Friday, May 25, 2012
  80. Frogman question about generations.
  81. Them Belly Full But We Hungry
  82. G-Shock for 8-year old nephew
  83. First G-Shock is on its Way!
  84. MADE IN JAPAN ,,,,,Black or White !!!!
  85. change of color
  86. Grass strimming in the UK, geeze it's hot!
  87. What's with GW700A-1V pricing?
  88. It takes a big man to admit he's wrong. (GW-3500)
  89. Any Stussy Experts here?
  90. Wrist Watch Thursday 24th May
  91. CALLING YOU OUT! Camo 5500
  92. What are your thoughts on Made (cased) in China G Shocks
  93. Protek 2500 on Leather Nato!!
  94. Trying to find a G7900ms-1a (Black Military Series with black ballistic band)
  95. can the original gdf 1000 atomic frogman be manualy synched ?
  96. The King has landed...
  97. New Casio Edifice release... EFR-520RB
  98. My G-Shocks...
  99. Can someone point me in the right direction? Looking for tough solar Baby-Gs or Minis
  100. Spicy 5600!
  101. Temperatures today
  102. Question re: Riseman Models
  103. Youtube Video Review of GW-5000 includes comparisons to 5600C and HD
  104. Casio G Shock GA-100-1A1ER Cast Iron Case/bezel - on Ebay!
  105. New Addition GW-9300ER !!!!!!
  106. What's on your wrist? 23rd May 2012
  107. Just bought AWGM100B-1ACR .Haven't bought a G in a while....oh wait I bought one 2-3 months ago.
  108. Help Me Pick a GShock
  109. Earth Tone G's...
  110. Real or Fake GD100HC-1
  111. Question Regarding The 5600
  112. G-Shock Mini GMN-691-1AJF - Negative Display
  113. Help needed with identification of DW-8200 Frogman and aviator GW-3000b
  114. What a fake G7900 actually looks like - it's not pretty!
  115. Finally got it! GW-2310FB-1
  116. G-SHOCK GIEZ GS100 (Unboxing Video)
  117. GX-56 King discontinued??
  118. Is this the rarest of all?... Eric Clapton collaboration.
  119. Have you ever experienced slightly wonky/loose operation buttons on G-Shocks / Baby G's?
  120. Finally US Gets New Atomic G-Shock --- G-Lide GWX-8900B-7
  121. Zulu strap question re my PRG240
  122. Atomic signal in Boston
  123. How cheap can they get? G-9000-3VER for GBP 53
  124. Custom GW9300GY: Stealthed "Swampman"
  125. Help needed,best toolish stealthy type G-shock
  126. Camo G-Shocks !!!!
  127. WRUW Tuesday 5-22?
  128. My lady surprised me with a new G! GW6900
  129. Mudman (9300) buttons.
  130. Next one: GD-100MS-1ER. Comments?
  131. My G collection for the month of May 2012....
  132. Please report this fake...
  133. If You Could Have Only ONE G-Shock....
  134. Casio Riseman problem
  135. Which Casio G-Shock for Firefighting?
  136. Garish Black Riseman Spotted!
  137. Ebay seller cky2k3
  138. Probably a stupid question, but...
  139. A quick question to the G shock fam
  140. I've got a G-Shock GL-201-2A1 G-LIDE. Trying to find out more info.
  141. Worst abuse your Gshock has endured?
  142. Favorite Aviation G-Shock
  143. WRUW Today, Monday, May 21, 2012
  144. Help With My King's Buckle
  146. *Help needed, springs possibly broken* How do you know if your GW6900 is charging?
  147. Casio adaptors
  148. At least one G-Shock at the (para)Olympics
  149. Help please with the Aviator GW-3000BB-1AJF. Lume or No Lume?
  150. About GW-9300
  151. GW-5600J bezel screws
  152. Is there any place that sells replacement case backs/help me find replacement parts for a Subcrew
  153. I know this is an odd post but, why did he have to touch my watch?
  154. What do you guys think?
  155. Searching for a G Shock
  156. Is the gulfman resistant to low temps and mud?
  157. GW-4000 Crystal Thickness
  158. Sai's Tutorial #1: How to Militarize your G-shock
  159. GX56-1A vs GX-56-1AER
  160. Any good deals for a G in NYC?
  161. Made in Thailand vs. Made in China
  162. whats the diference?
  163. ---Wrist Checks Sunday 5-20-12---
  164. Discontinue of GWF- 1000 series?
  165. G9000MS-1 display
  166. Is gulfman resistant to low temps?
  167. G-shock for the skinny wrist
  168. How do I know if my G synced?
  169. Casio Frogman GWF-1000BS-1JF is it fake?
  170. GW-3000B 24hr problem
  171. Mudman 9300 Light question
  172. Could this rip off G-Shocks any more without calling itself one
  173. Want a Free DW-6000?
  174. 5600 too small?
  175. Casio Specific Parts Help.... Module Insulator
  176. Does anyone know anything about this Casio Thermo Meter Wristwatch?
  177. Trio Acquisition : Part 3 (Ultra-Man)
  178. TRIO Acquisition : Part 2 (Ultra-Man)
  179. G-Shock Recommedation for Scuba Diving
  180. TRIO Acquisition : Part 1 (AstroBoy)
  181. GA-110gb bezel and strap removal how to
  182. Discoloration of my G Shock strap and face
  183. I can't find a GDF-100-1B online. Alternative? (Not riseman)
  184. Assistance Required: Looking to buy a "New" G-9100R-4DR ORANGE
  185. bullbar : aesthetic or function wise?
  186. Need Help With My New Riseman
  187. New G-Factory opening in Paradigm Mall (Malaysia)
  188. Uncrate Apocalypse PAK. Vol. Which G-Shock?
  189. GW-810D or MTG-930 - Which one to keep...?
  190. gd100 backlight while in config mode
  191. Looks Like a G!
  192. GA120BB-1A vs. GA110-1B
  193. Well gents, I did it. I finally got a decent watch case.
  194. WRUW Saturday! May 19, 2012
  195. 1st G-Shock GA-110-1B too big?
  196. Kung-Fusion
  197. Casio DW-7500 (Module 913) Manual? Info?
  198. First Dye Job
  199. Like my new EQW M1100DC-1A2
  200. Hand Home Question for GW3500B Owners
  201. What's This Mean?
  202. What do u think about...
  203. Of interest? MIY Riseman Found on eBay not bid.
  204. The bluetooth GB6900
  205. wanting to mod my GA110-GB gold
  206. G5600KG-3
  207. What G-Shock is this? [VIDEO]
  208. YouTube Video Review of MRG-7500 in HD Goodness
  210. WRUW - Friday, 18th May 2012
  211. 9250 vs 6900
  212. fall camo g shock
  213. casio gdf-100 sensor painted
  214. Gaijin's strap picture. Help identifying please.
  215. GW-7900MS-3ER Screw Missing
  216. Where to find G5600-1?
  217. first g shock! G5600A!
  218. First dye job, GA 100b
  219. negative display 7900s :S
  220. WRUW Today? THU 5-17 Edition
  221. Digging up old watches. ID help needed (pic heavy)
  222. Mudman in action
  223. GW-9200 vs GDF-100
  224. Couldn't wait for more GW-5000-1JF so ...
  225. You're great ...yes YOU!
  226. Really Struggling on which to get GR-8900A-7 or DW6900NB-7
  227. DW-003 Wristband
  228. Mutation Mudman
  229. Uk gadget show
  230. Fire Fox the other way around
  231. Oh dear....I feel it coming on again....please help...
  232. These just came in the mail today (unboxing), pic heavy
  233. Version/value check
  234. Has anyone tried a neg mod on gdf100-1a
  235. GW2310-1ER arrived today!
  236. DW-5600E-1 vs. DW-5600E-1V vs. DW-5600E-1VER: differences?
  237. Can I replace the band of WVA-M600D-1AJF?
  238. G-Shock RASTAFARIAN 2012
  239. WRUW today??? - 16th May 2012
  240. I thought I'd share .............. (picture heavy)
  241. Where can I find a GA-110FC (red or blue model, and preferably in the US)?
  242. Show your craziest color Mudman
  243. Understanding Casio watch's measurements H x W x D
  244. GA110C-7ACR or GA120-7A?
  245. Where can I buy military green G-Shocks?
  246. 2 month old G Shock GW 7900B Is Locked Up: Buttons Won't Work
  247. 50 G's!
  248. Please help!! can DW5600C screws fit Frogman 2xx bezel screws?
  249. Question for all...Especially those age 45 and older!
  250. GW2310FB-1 Available now