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  1. swatch repair?
  2. Seiko Sportura Kinetic 7L22
  3. Really liking the idea of returning to manual wind
  4. Need help identifying watch
  5. Too big or just right for a 7inch wrist?
  6. "Time is Time": CITIZEN's Fantastic Installation.
  7. Why are some movements gold?
  8. Panerai Power Reserve DNA
  9. Klaus Kobec Watch
  10. Newbie finally registering and joining in on the site
  11. Problems - CW C60 Bezel
  12. Watch brand?
  14. WRUW :: Thursday 4/21/16 ::
  15. Tricky Maurice Lacroix warranty situation - help needed
  16. My boyfriend sent me two watches he found on the internet and wants as a gift, idk which one 2 choos
  17. Service in Arkansas?
  18. Help me save my friend from himself
  19. A watch for each occasion, or One Watch to Rule Them All?
  20. Factory Order or Buy from Display?
  21. A New Fortis AD for North America
  22. Newbie and new member! Here's my collection - please comment!
  23. Moon Phase Help.
  24. Lets see your shiny polished watches!
  25. What's the chances this $180 Omega on Letgo was real?
  26. Watch Store in Santa Barbara, CA?
  27. Think, I have just bought a fake.
  28. Pocket watch for graduation present recommendations
  29. Im done with watches.
  30. Watch Trade Gone Wrong. (What Would You Do?)
  31. post pierce duofon
  32. Calling all WIS spreadsheet nerds!
  33. new on the collection
  34. Hi guys! Suggest me some watches!
  35. What range does MIDO belong to?
  36. A dive WIS looking to expand my horizons
  37. What happened to Phosphor watches?
  38. New watch: Longines Conquest Heritage 1954-201
  39. Finishing Last?
  40. SKX007 vs TAG Formula 1 Quartz
  41. Swatch bezel
  42. Auto accuracy wearing and face down
  43. DIESEL MR. DADDY DZ7313-how to set 24 hands hours
  44. Most interesting chronograph under $10k?
  46. New member with new Orient Flight
  47. WRUW Wednesday 4/20/16 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  48. PR 200 to Seiko 5
  49. Help with spring bar
  50. Really flashy watches?
  51. How to keep watch from sliding
  52. What's 50-year-old lume look like?
  53. Longtime watch 'watcher' - Here is to the start to my collection!
  54. Quick question for next piece Zenith or rolex
  55. bracelet 1/2 hole adjustment needed
  56. Skeleton Quartz?
  57. Domed Sapphire? Show 'em!!
  58. How to set the Moonphase?
  59. New Baume & Mercier Classima 10214
  60. Guys you Pre-ordered on the last batch of Halios Delfin
  61. Show us your back side
  62. Do you track the accuracy of your watches?
  63. Good buy?
  64. Tisell Watches
  65. Watch repair in Minneapolis?
  66. IWC Portuguese Auto Vs JLC Master Control
  67. Boston watch shops
  68. In-Transit, Delayed - USPS
  69. If you had £400/$300 to buy a watch, what would you get?
  70. years of contemplation has resulted in a momentous day.
  71. How it works... The mechanisms of a watch.
  72. Need Help-Information to this Particular Watch I have here Please
  73. Please i need help EBERHARD CHRONO 4 fake or not?
  74. Tissot Heritage Visodate (black) question
  75. Need help with info for a Gruen Geneve
  76. Is there a comprehensive guide on various strap and bracelet styles?
  77. Announcing a new Legacy Machine No.1: the LM1 M.A.D. DUBAI!
  78. Confessions of a Recent College Graduate and future Law School student...
  79. Need help with authentic or fake Rolex oyster
  80. What the safest way for a private seller to sell a 10k watch.
  82. Need opinion: Orient Ray II OR DETOMASO Men's DT1025-H OR Stuhrling Original Men's 792.02 Aquadiver
  83. My parents watches.
  85. Citizen Eco Drive One as a dress watch?
  86. Selling scams?
  87. Custom Strap for Omega Speedmaster
  88. WRUW Tuesday 4/19/16 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  89. Effective 2nd Time Zone Watches
  90. Let's see some Russian Hardware
  91. What do you do when you can't make up your mind between
  92. Weekend deals
  93. Red Sundays
  94. Sub-38 mm Watches Considered Feminine?
  95. Incoming ...
  96. Ikepod Megapode MG0x instructions
  97. Sinclair Black LED
  98. Chronograph question
  99. Unique watches under £1000?
  100. New to watches
  101. How do you deal with indecision?
  102. Can anyone identify the maker of this watch?
  103. How to custom fit a curved strap on a watch?
  104. So a funny thing happened to me on my way to eBay....
  105. MY 1000TH POST .. Giveaway WINNER!!!
  106. Contemporary "Instant Timeless Classic" Mechanical Movements for ~$500 (USD, new)
  107. Suggest your best buy pre-owned (non-dress) watch under $1,000
  108. Shopping For Watches In New Orleans??
  109. Alpina addict asking for your opinion.
  110. My crystal is a smudge magnet
  111. Seeking for advice
  112. Hello, a new member.
  113. Rolex Submariner real or fake?
  114. What model is this?
  115. Show us your favorite quartz watch
  116. Relide Fantasm
  117. Back from the King of Prussia GTG ............
  118. -/-/Monday Watch on your WRIST 4-18-16-/-/
  119. Can any body tell me that what is this type of watch
  120. Does accuracy matter to you?
  121. JBW Watches??
  122. Realigning hands
  123. It Takes Two
  124. New member from Virginia
  125. My top 5 horology annoyances
  126. Suggestions for my first automatic watch, and that will last.
  127. GMT/Dual Time watch with Power Reserve under 4000 USD - please recommend
  128. Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Tradition Réserve de Marche - Review & Pics
  129. Air Blue?
  130. Watch shops in Vienna airport
  131. Maratac GPT-1 on Massdrop
  132. Skeletal Watches and Omega De Ville Tresor lookalikey!
  133. Nomos Tangente Topper Edition : Short review and pics
  134. What makes a watch a "sport" watch?
  135. Did I Make a Good Decision on My New Strap?
  136. Vacheron Constantin classic
  137. Incoming Vintage Snowflake!!
  138. DIESEL MR. DADDY DZ7313 - need help how to now it is authentic
  139. 2016 Chinese Subforum project: a promising movement & interesting designs
  140. WRUW Sunday 4/17/16 * * * * * *
  141. MM300 on Dimodell Chronossimo?
  142. Help identify models of watches/assess their worth (Bulova, Patek Philippe, Longines)
  143. Advice - why you shouldn't buy a copy
  144. Gift for my son...looking for some advice!
  145. Heart Arrhythmia Watches?
  146. Yet another suggestion thread...1st automatic please
  147. The Four Watch Collection, Let's See Them;
  148. A watch for both work and dress?
  149. Graduation Watch for First Job (Nomos vs Montblanc)
  150. Tudor Glamour Day Date - opinions and movement
  151. Watch Chatting on Slack?
  152. Watch Brand Pricing Strategy
  153. Muti-coloured Lume question
  154. The "must have" manual wind watch - your opinion
  155. Omega Globemaster Review
  156. Any harm for watches in really fast winder?
  157. Advise Needed: Need suggestions for new addition
  158. Helium escape valve, pros and cons please?
  159. 7 year olds collection !
  160. Eberhard & Co. Unveiled a special edition chrono for the 100th anniversary of the Targa Florio
  161. Size DOESN'T matter (despite what she says) thanks to Mr. Hanz straps
  162. Various inherited watches with no background information. Need help identifying the watch make/model
  163. Ball Marvelight vs Longines Conquest GMT. Which one to keep?
  164. I have an addiction problem and I don't know what to do.
  165. So I had my first true Seller's Remorse today
  166. Old Timex Titanium Watch any useful?
  167. Why cant i post in the Sales Forum
  168. Need help with watch history
  169. I have this watch hamilton
  170. <<<<<<<<<< WRUW Saturday 4/16/2016 >>>>>>>>>>>>
  171. internal bezel - - 40mm or smaller?
  172. Recommendations for a Bulova Precisionist strap
  173. ⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙ WRUW Saturday 16, April 2016 WRUW ⊙⊙⊙⊙⊙
  174. WRUW Saturday 4/16/16 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  175. Which measurement is more important to you?
  176. Watchville time function -- now Tudor?
  177. Best Daily Wear Watches Around $2k With In House Caliber?
  178. Which is better , metal caseback or clear glass caseback?
  179. Watches with a minute numeral register on the internal bezel
  180. A little help with strap mod please
  181. Can you help me identify this Baume et Mercier watch?
  182. Longines and the Watch Conglomerate
  183. New watch - thanks for the advice
  184. Watch height differences within your collection
  185. PF Pershing night vision camera watch!
  186. My collection after one year. Pics!
  187. 1 at 3K or 3 at 1K each?
  188. Tired of these yet? Help me choose a graduation present!
  189. Air Blue Watch
  190. Greetings from Italy
  191. Help identify a watch please
  192. Is this Vaceron & Constantine real or fake? Please advise.
  193. Need Help Identifying 2 watches...
  194. Need something with style and color
  195. Unusual opinions that go against the grain? Tag beats my Omega on looks and feeling.
  196. Rolex Datejust II vs. Omega Globemaster vs Zenith El Primero 410
  197. Sure, I'll take this ceramic AP for $17.99
  198. The MM300 is WOW...JUST WOW! (new owner)
  199. The latest new guy...
  200. American made ?!
  201. Best Gray/Anthracite Dials?
  202. Jake from tricked me!
  203. The cheapest Mechanical watch you ever purchase !!!
  204. Help on swatch identification: GB703 French DOW?
  205. Watch Shops in Orange Co Ca?
  206. Setting a non-date auto
  207. WRUW Friday 4/15/2016
  208. My first repair!
  209. Driving watch recommendation
  210. Thoughts on Girard Perregaux Traveler GMT II?
  211. PM Choice ...
  212. Solar watches
  215. Rado Broken Ceramic Link Source - Rado Diastar 152.0332.3
  216. Can't I just be happy with a Timex?
  218. Is it just me
  219. I Was Shocked When I Saw How Ugly and Expensive This Is...
  220. Watch Brands That Hardly Ever Get Mentioned
  221. Help me.... GO DARK!
  222. Long time lurker and review reader, new member/poster
  223. What is this?!
  224. Question- Would you do this trade?
  225. One watch for the rest of your life?
  226. Recommended dive/chrono watch on a budget
  227. I like this watch except for one LITTLE thing...
  228. Omega Seamaster Ceramic ( noise
  229. Can you help with information about Dorley
  230. What is this watch worn by Frank Underwood in House of Cards?
  231. [REFERENCE REQUEST] FOR globaltempus
  232. The trade route I took and some folks will disagree
  233. The Moderate Upgrade: Trading in one diver for another . . .
  234. WRUW Thursday 4/14/16 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  235. Newbie's Collection Review and thoughts
  236. Collection as of Today...Any Suggestions?
  237. Need advice
  238. Small dive watch: Lunimox Navy Seal or Victorinox Dive Master 500
  239. Thinking about my retirement watch
  240. Meet Nomos Glashütte's Merlin Schwertner Friday & Saturday, April 22nd & 23rd @ Topper Fine Jewelers
  241. Need help with finding a replacement movement
  242. Rado Dress
  243. Your Watches and the Stories Behind Them
  244. Conan O'brian's watch?
  245. Will you ever buy a Tourbillon that not Show?
  246. What Next for My Watch Collection?
  247. Lets see your mother of pearl dials!
  248. Newbie, help on a watch please?
  249. Need advice on a the next purchase
  250. Speedy arrived today.