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  1. Recommended dive/chrono watch on a budget
  2. I like this watch except for one LITTLE thing...
  3. Omega Seamaster Ceramic ( noise
  4. Can you help with information about Dorley
  5. What is this watch worn by Frank Underwood in House of Cards?
  6. [REFERENCE REQUEST] FOR globaltempus
  7. The trade route I took and some folks will disagree
  8. The Moderate Upgrade: Trading in one diver for another . . .
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  10. Newbie's Collection Review and thoughts
  11. Collection as of Today...Any Suggestions?
  12. Need advice
  13. Small dive watch: Lunimox Navy Seal or Victorinox Dive Master 500
  14. Thinking about my retirement watch
  15. Meet Nomos Glashütte's Merlin Schwertner Friday & Saturday, April 22nd & 23rd @ Topper Fine Jewelers
  16. Need help with finding a replacement movement
  17. Rado Dress
  18. Your Watches and the Stories Behind Them
  19. Conan O'brian's watch?
  20. Will you ever buy a Tourbillon that not Show?
  21. What Next for My Watch Collection?
  22. Lets see your mother of pearl dials!
  23. Newbie, help on a watch please?
  24. Need advice on a the next purchase
  25. Speedy arrived today.
  26. WRUW Wednesday 4/13/16 * * * * * * *
  27. I want to address the listing for the Omega that is currently on Ebay
  28. Suggest a Cheap Beater
  29. IWC Mark XVII or Mark XVIII
  30. Any Major Florida or Southeast USA Watch Collector's GTG this year?
  31. Testing watch in the fridge?
  32. Where do you guys find your pre owned bargains
  33. Secure your watches while travelling
  34. $41K watch as bonus
  35. Is there a "Independent" Forum I'm not seeing?
  36. The funniest fake Omega speed master on eBay right now ! hahahaha
  37. Nomos Ahoi or Club 38.5mm Datum?
  38. Newest Vintage Addition
  39. Military and regular time
  40. Thanks, sorry, and have a question.
  41. Living Legendary Watches
  42. Rolex "wearability" question
  44. UTC module for Breitling Evolution B13356 (Gold/Steel)
  45. An another 'State of the Collection' Post. Omega, IWC, Heuer, Journe, Chrono's...
  46. Strap/Watch Question!? Need Help
  47. Anyone know what VAT and customs duty I'd have to pay buying from outside EU?
  48. Custom Vostok finally complete!
  49. My collection thus far. Any suggestions?
  50. Rolex photoshop fun...
  51. Watch for my Special Forces trainig and deployment
  52. Help me decide - Neo monster or mako
  53. _-_-_-_-_-^ WRUW Tuesday, April 12, 2016 ^-_-_-_-_-_
  54. watch return
  55. (Much) Cheaper alternatives to the ALS Saxonia?
  56. East Bay Contra Costa Cty. (SFO, Ca. Bay Area) GTG
  57. Quartz service help
  58. Will you ever buy a watch on long-term credit/loan payment?
  59. Saphire glass for my seikos
  60. If I had to consolidate down to 'One Watch' ...
  61. Navitimer 01 keeper?
  62. What are you wearing... Underwater
  63. Hypothetical Crazy Gift Scenario
  64. Damasko DA38 pics
  65. Are GOs movements unfinished behind the dial?
  66. Nomos Tetra: Is it unisex or ladies?
  67. Help! A not so reputable website stole my watch pictures!
  68. Question about Seiko Age of Discovery alarm functionality
  69. Better pictures ...
  70. Backup watch?
  71. Mystery Swiss Watch
  72. Best discounts on new in the United Kingdom
  73. Watches with history
  74. Experienced buyers... is a buying a used rolex a bad idea?
  75. His and hers
  76. Vulcain Cricket
  77. Mens 38mm watches - suggestions for the girlfriend
  78. Movado Buy...Is this Real?
  79. Has Ebay's Global Shipping Program killed international purchases?
  80. ##@@ --->> WRUW MONDAY 11th APRIL <<--- @@##
  81. The Case Back Thread
  82. Getting the itch again.....
  83. Vintage watch for my Dads 60th
  84. Selling a watch
  85. Help needed from someone located in Australia
  86. Gift for Wife (approx USD 1000)
  87. Investor Needed - Swiss Watch Brand - Turnaround
  88. Photoshop Retouching 101: Give Your Watch Photos Some Polish
  89. First watch, first post
  90. Anybody Denver, CO metro area?
  91. Each Brand's most iconic/best known watch.
  92. Accuracy To +25 Seconds Per Day
  93. Dust on the dial
  94. Your opinion please: Tag, Corum or IWC?
  95. Bought a watch on a cruise ship buyers remorse?
  96. Any positive Vibe for VAPAUS
  97. Bracelets that wiggle vs. bracelets that don't - watch comfort
  98. Seiko SKX007 vs Karlskrona Baltic Shield
  99. Watch mishap on way to party...moment of slight panic
  100. Help on Laurent dodane? Very confusing
  101. Lum-tec V1 vs Oris Big Crown Pro Pilot?
  102. Help me pick a new manual wind watch.
  103. ^^^^^^^WRUW- Sunday 4/10/2016 ^^^^^^^
  104. Navy Blue Suit, Which watch?
  105. Newbie first post.
  106. Managed a ding on sapphire glass
  107. Looking for a Seiko SUN019 bracelet
  108. What Should I Do With These Watches?
  109. Is this new Patek Philippe genuine?
  110. Seiko world time solar Waking up
  111. Custom Speedies!
  112. Peeling numbers on Luminox
  113. is it a fake IWC ?
  114. Rainy day and looking at some of my wife's family heirloom pocket watches
  115. Can't get the Tudor Black Bay Bronze out of my mind...
  116. My current 3 watch collection. what should I change?
  117. ETA 6497/98 performance and accuracy
  118. Speedmaster reduced size
  119. Does anyone have a link to a good desktop live clock for Mac?
  120. Advice on Next Purchase
  121. First Post, First Auto
  122. Lists of watches with ETA Chronometer movements?
  123. BARTON 17 JEWELS w/ Hinged lid
  124. I live in Europe. Why does some sellers won't sell watches to europe? Seiko models specifically. The
  125. Need help to identify a later model Universal Geneve Compax
  126. watch sold/mixed feelings/ Crown & Caliber great
  127. Montblanc...don't buy a watch from a pen manufacturer...
  128. All Patek Philippe experts, please help me identify this vintage beauty
  129. Stay Omega or go for Zenith / Breitling / Rolex
  130. What Just Came In: Armin Strom One Week Skeleton
  131. Girard-Perregaux Laureato Review (Both Dial Colors)
  132. If Batman wore a watch while fighting crime, what would it be?
  133. Am I an a-hole!
  134. WRUW Saturday 4/9/16^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  135. Minase HiZ - The Swiss Grand Seiko
  136. Greetings and overdue intro
  137. Input Requested: Rolex No-Date Submariner vs Omega Aqua Terra 41.5 Teak-Gray
  138. Help on a watch I was given - 18k electroplated Laurent Dodane
  139. One's habit of daily wearing
  140. My next watch - need guidance!
  141. 1960s Dive Watch!
  142. Please suggest a watch for this strap
  143. Antimagnetic?
  144. Brand Name watch with resell value
  145. PLEASE HELP: trying to decide...Tag or Corum?
  146. Fresh perspective on my small collection
  147. Finally arrived!
  148. 1962 omega caliber 268 thoughts
  149. New Member - I'll Introduce Myself!
  150. What do you all think of my new watch? (part 2)
  151. Let's See Your Beaters !
  152. Sacrilegious watch collection question........
  153. Adjusted to 6 Positions More Accurate than Adjusted to 5?
  154. What watch is he wearing
  155. Swatch sistem 51 accuracy - impressive!!
  156. Thoughts of a novice collector
  157. Rolex Sub VS Seiko SBEX001/SBEX003...Opinions, Thoughts, Review, Pics?
  158. When I am finally ready to purchase a Submariner LVC Hulk...
  159. Can I suggest a Dress Watch forum?
  160. Is there an universally accepted Diver watch design that's not considered an homage?
  161. Outfit selection for blue/blue watch
  162. Quest for my ultimate beater: recommendations please
  163. Nicholas Cage Wrist Watch from The Trust (2016)
  164. WRUW Friday 4/8/16 * * * * * * * * * * *
  165. 2 Old Vacheron Constantin Watches
  166. No news flash here....
  167. Dilemna....
  168. Rado Golden Gazelle
  169. Any idea what is going on with my moonphase function?
  170. Just Because...
  171. Tudor North Flag With Pelagos Rubber Strap: It Works
  172. How Do You Rest Your Watch at Night for Accuracy
  173. GMT watch with blue dial? What about with a rotating bezel too?
  174. Rado Purple Horse - Real or not?
  175. Spotlight Movie ... Michael Keaton's Watch?
  176. diy watch pouch
  177. Just Another Noob with Just Another Watch ID Request
  179. Is there an misalignment issue with dial? Opinions sought!
  180. ~`~`~`~`~`WRUW ~ Thur April 7, 2016 `~`~`~`~`~
  181. So now that the Black Bay Black has in house movm't.......
  182. Rolex Explorer I 39mm alternative?
  183. Opinions on a Potate Phillippe
  184. Next Watch Recommendation
  185. Victorinox Swiss Army Airboss Mach 4
  186. I started a BLOG!
  188. Supposing there were no discounts.....
  189. Anyone Heard of Truway??
  190. Do you have a "strategy" for your watch budget?
  191. Major reason how I got hooked on watches
  192. ~`~`~`~`~`WRUW ~ Thur April 7, 2016 `~`~`~`~`~
  193. Rolled the dice and bought an invicta.
  194. A question accuracy.
  195. Harveystore / watchitalyclub on Chrono24
  196. Everyday watch: Tissot PRS 516 vs Hamilton Khaki Field
  197. My three watch collection - SOTC 2016
  198. Zenith Captain Central Seconds
  199. Help to identify this old Swiss Watch
  200. What's the Theme of Your Collection?
  201. 2824-2 damaged by hand winding?
  202. Hello and some advice please
  203. Are Complications a Useless Feature for Many?
  204. Sharing a few pics of two recent Seiko diver projects
  205. What Just Came In: Omega Globemaster
  206. Great WUS member - tknospdr - wanted to recognize him publicly
  207. WRUW Separate Thread Category
  208. 4 Beautiful Color Options. Which do you Choose?!?
  209. Watch Advice
  210. Watch beginner question
  211. Need help identifying a Buren watch
  213. Wat your watch says about you!
  214. Please help me to identify this watch
  215. Badly need an advice for my **Baume Chrono Classima**
  216. One watch for a trip around the world
  217. He or the watch, which is more sexy?
  218. Fair price for installing new quartz movement
  219. How much cheaper should a used watch be?
  220. Please help :( its urgent
  221. Squale 1521 Stainless Steel Finishes
  222. <<<<<<<< WRUW Wednesday 4/6/16 >>>>>>>
  223. New Guy Introduction
  224. Squale GMT Bezel Insert and Insert Replacement?
  225. Second hand slightly move back when adjusting time
  226. First job watch
  227. Two Reversos too redundant in a small collection?
  228. I am requesting help
  229. Affordable Vintage Website?
  230. Help me pick my mid-life crisis watch!
  231. On the nature and personal rules of watch collecting
  233. Quartz vs. Manual vs. Automatic
  234. April 5th 1947
  235. 50th Birthday gift choice, Help!!
  236. 36mm diving watch. New or vintage.
  237. Iconic Rolex Submariner look
  238. When did IV become IIII ?
  239. Hello
  240. What are my chances? (a cautionary tale)
  241. What watch is he wearing
  242. Is Jomashop fake? Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra James Bond
  243. Russian-American-British-Scottish style. :D
  244. Haggle with GM dealer?
  245. WUS Required Watch Tool: Before you get a nice watch you need a nice camera
  246. Salve mi presento
  247. Now in India :) Yeeaah :D
  248. GO Senator hand date or Zenith el Primero Synopsis-help me choose
  249. Why does Tourby watch run so fast?
  250. 7750 with a trikompax module - should I be concerned?