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  1. ~`~`~`~`~`WRUW ~ Thur April 7, 2016 `~`~`~`~`~
  2. Rolled the dice and bought an invicta.
  3. A question accuracy.
  4. Harveystore / watchitalyclub on Chrono24
  5. Everyday watch: Tissot PRS 516 vs Hamilton Khaki Field
  6. My three watch collection - SOTC 2016
  7. Zenith Captain Central Seconds
  8. Help to identify this old Swiss Watch
  9. What's the Theme of Your Collection?
  10. 2824-2 damaged by hand winding?
  11. Hello and some advice please
  12. Are Complications a Useless Feature for Many?
  13. Sharing a few pics of two recent Seiko diver projects
  14. What Just Came In: Omega Globemaster
  15. Great WUS member - tknospdr - wanted to recognize him publicly
  16. WRUW Separate Thread Category
  17. 4 Beautiful Color Options. Which do you Choose?!?
  18. Watch Advice
  19. Watch beginner question
  20. Need help identifying a Buren watch
  22. Wat your watch says about you!
  23. Please help me to identify this watch
  24. Badly need an advice for my **Baume Chrono Classima**
  25. One watch for a trip around the world
  26. He or the watch, which is more sexy?
  27. Fair price for installing new quartz movement
  28. How much cheaper should a used watch be?
  29. Please help :( its urgent
  30. Squale 1521 Stainless Steel Finishes
  31. <<<<<<<< WRUW Wednesday 4/6/16 >>>>>>>
  32. New Guy Introduction
  33. Squale GMT Bezel Insert and Insert Replacement?
  34. Second hand slightly move back when adjusting time
  35. First job watch
  36. Two Reversos too redundant in a small collection?
  37. I am requesting help
  38. Affordable Vintage Website?
  39. Help me pick my mid-life crisis watch!
  40. On the nature and personal rules of watch collecting
  42. Quartz vs. Manual vs. Automatic
  43. April 5th 1947
  44. 50th Birthday gift choice, Help!!
  45. 36mm diving watch. New or vintage.
  46. Iconic Rolex Submariner look
  47. When did IV become IIII ?
  48. Hello
  49. What are my chances? (a cautionary tale)
  50. What watch is he wearing
  51. Is Jomashop fake? Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra James Bond
  52. Russian-American-British-Scottish style. :D
  53. Haggle with GM dealer?
  54. WUS Required Watch Tool: Before you get a nice watch you need a nice camera
  55. Salve mi presento
  56. Now in India :) Yeeaah :D
  57. GO Senator hand date or Zenith el Primero Synopsis-help me choose
  58. Why does Tourby watch run so fast?
  59. 7750 with a trikompax module - should I be concerned?
  60. My new Aussie watch
  61. Hi I have a camy 57 jewel super automatic Sputnik
  62. Bad Reviews on Amazon
  63. Ulysse Nardin questions!
  64. WRUW Tuesday 4/5/16^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  65. Watch peekaboo!
  66. Blue diver watches: Seiko Blumo, Helson Shark Diver 42mm, Armida 9 500m
  67. WHERE to buy my watch, AD/Boutique etc (Newbie)
  68. When a listing describes a watch as LNIB, do you...
  69. The Watch Hierarchy?
  70. Necessary elements of a watch collection -- by watch TYPE
  71. Hello, new to the forums! Couple questions about my latest purchase...
  72. GMT Watches - Master thread with pictures
  73. Any decent watchmakers in Philly area?
  74. DIY Rolex Tropical dial?
  75. Design your own watch: what would yours look like?
  76. Help Me Pick a Heirloom Graduation Gift for Myself
  77. Could a person with average skills realign position of a lagging hour hand?
  78. Mail going in to France
  79. Rolex Daytona Cosmograph Safari, Reference 11659
  80. Found a bunch of vintage watches today
  81. what is Canadian PM Justin Trudeau wearing
  82. What is prevailing price on a genuine (expensive) Naviforce watch
  83. New Member and Potential Collector
  84. Quick picture review of My New CW C11 titanium Extreme 1000
  85. Getting married soon! Need watch suggestions to match my suit.
  86. Here's a rare one
  87. My new Baume et Mercier after problems with JomaShop! Check it out
  88. Feeling insecure about my watch
  89. Jesper- the ultimate minimalist watch
  90. Are you ready to Jump an Hour?
  91. What type of watch is this ?
  92. Visiting Barcelona, Florence, Istanbul and Venice
  93. Why Wear a Watch?
  94. Direct observation of infinity with your watch
  95. Breitling not in use do I wind it?
  96. Watch collecting newbie saying hi!
  97. Ingersoll Mite Watch
  98. Help! Vacheron Constantin Real or Fake?
  99. Need opinion RW Nabucco vs JR Aeroscope
  100. Gather Round, My Friends, and Hear My Tale Of Woe
  101. Help!!! 1976 omega geneve
  102. Looking for lume
  103. ^^^^ Monday April 4 2016 WRUW ^^^^
  104. Dwight D. Eisenhower's watch
  105. DRESS WATCH you just pulled the trigger on?
  106. Apple Watch Schadenfreude
  107. Wearing my new favorite - Chronosport UDT
  108. Omega and Grey Market Questions
  109. Its pretty obvious
  110. Good watch dealer in Cairo?
  111. Moonwatch 1861 power reserve
  112. Any suggestions for a watch safe?
  113. Now what?
  114. What started it all for you ...
  115. Does your watch have a name?
  116. How many rounds we have to wind the Omega Manual winding
  117. How to clean/re-polish Stowa Flieger? Edges are sharp.
  118. WRUW Sunday 4/3/16* * * * * *
  119. Traser Tornado Pro Review
  120. Talk me into or out of....
  121. Changing Rolex Strap in NJ?
  122. Which of these manual wind watches as a daily wear?
  123. Annual Calendar with Power Reserve Indicator??? Help!
  124. Cutted numbers designs
  125. Real or Fake opinions please
  126. Question regarding COSC certification just another stupid question
  127. What is Glycine Airman 2000's modern equivalent? and is it any good?
  128. Used wathes in Belgium
  129. First Luxury Watch - How To Buy
  130. A little help
  131. Looking for help identifying this vintage Stowa movement
  132. How do you wear your watch - Right arm / Left arm - inside wrist / outside wrist
  133. *** SOTC 2016 - built up over the last 9 years ***
  134. Who does the Best Blue?
  135. Just about the worst thing you could see on a Saturday morning
  136. Grand Prix on Channel 4
  137. Sinn EZM3 build quality vs. Rolex and Omega
  138. Finally my first ever moonphase came in!
  139. 500 automatic versatile bracelet watch?
  140. How long before a Miyota 9015 automatic movement 'breaks in'?
  141. Belated Wedding Gifts for my Buddy
  142. Seiko Solar vs. Eco Drive
  143. How Does Frederique Constant Classics Manufacture Hold Up To $1,000 Watches?
  144. Is this a unisex or a women's watch?
  145. WRUW Saturday 4/2/16* * * * * * *
  146. Help Please! Chronograph Suisse Any formation about this type of dial and movement?
  147. Custom Seiko SKX009
  148. Thoughts on this Strap with the Speedy Pro?
  149. April 1 Horological humour round up 2016
  150. I think I'm in love!!
  151. Best 6538 homages.
  152. Baume and Mercier Clifton...too big for wrist?
  153. Post your Handmaster
  154. What Just Came In: New GP Laureato, Constant Escapement and Shorokhoff Babylonian!
  155. JomaShop has a $374K Rolex?!?!?
  156. Any recommendations for cleaning crevices of stainless vintage cases?
  157. Ernst Benz Review
  158. New Delhi, India GTG 30th March *pic heavy*
  159. Rich Piana and his big watch collection
  160. My Moonphase Watch picks
  161. Hungry to learn
  162. Opinions on catawiki
  163. MINT Watch - Do You Agree?
  164. Swipe left or Swipe right
  165. Help please > Heirloom choice: GP, Omega, or GO?
  166. Watch Service recommendations in Souther California?
  167. Is the Audemars Logo on their current dials a "sticker"?
  168. Hublot Dissed Again IN APRIL FOOLS JOKE
  169. Any overlap with this 4-piece foundation?
  170. GIMME some of 'dem LEAF HANDS (is that what they're called?)
  171. Service an old new watch?
  172. What a difference a strap makes - 24 little hours... Clockwork Synergy Strap
  173. Does the Internet Make Watch Purchases Easier?
  174. Would you pay $250 for a Chinese Movement?
  175. Too good to be true Vintage Chronograph Heuer make me Concerned
  176. Custom Dial Printing
  177. I give up
  178. ---First day of April TGIF WRUW---
  179. Someone talk some sense into me!
  180. Just discovered Bombay special... Woops
  181. Watch thickness - is there a resource available?
  182. Holy Grail - Indiana Jones
  183. Single Hand Watches: Who Owns One?
  184. APM 392 Steel Bracelet
  185. Invicta 8932OB bracelet
  186. I Love My New Invicta (Pic Heavy)
  187. Tough decision - Breguet
  188. Watch info
  189. Why I hate the Apple Watch
  190. What watch is this?
  191. I finally used my chrono
  192. My Watch Collection (I wish)
  193. Lorenz Chrono Sub crown query
  194. Woman's Version Of A Rolex Sub or Omega Speedmaster
  195. Didn't realize my watch had lume until last night.. *pic*
  196. Broken Crown? Tissot PRC200
  197. Looking for a chronograph
  198. The Luxury Watch Industry as a sign of conspicuous consumption
  199. Why do you wear a tool watch?
  200. Chronoswiss Grand Pacific Chronograph Question?
  201. Lunar Moon Watch-made from Soviet era moon rocks.
  202. The Invicta Bro
  203. Christopher Ward - great after sale customer service
  204. How do you handle lowball offers for your watch?
  205. Looking for this watch:
  206. HMT Janata
  207. Chronext Experiences?
  208. Tissot Titanium vs Stainless steel?
  209. Squale 1521 the start of a collection and strap advice
  210. Tissot Titanium vs Stainless steel?
  211. Opinions about this vintage Tudor 7016
  212. General shortage online for Seiko SKX007
  213. Help Find a Quality Watch for $700 or Less
  214. Watch Rentals Now
  215. ||||Thursday Wrist CheckZ 3-31-16||||
  216. Ot? Have a question about my watch
  217. How tell if warranty is 5 years or 2 years for Rolex?
  219. Eterna Adventic buying advice
  220. Need help finding Citizen Nighthawk - UK
  221. Summertime Beater: Luminox or Seiko?
  222. Help me identify this watch
  223. Narrowing down to only four "nice" watches...
  224. The New Timeless Damasko DB1
  225. Move over skx...
  226. Revue Identity help- this is one ugly watch
  227. BLNR lume not working
  228. Bering Watches
  229. Pocket Watch Case/Movement Replacement
  230. Poljot watch
  231. New Omega
  232. Is there any quartz have a smooth sweep second hand as automatic?
  233. Choosing a blue dial: the final four
  234. insider /guided tour of the watch shows?
  235. Baselworld - A funny portrait of a WUS journalist
  236. New YouTube Watch Channel
  237. Life Guard Watch?
  238. This or something similar ?
  239. Help identifying
  240. Anybody own a Traser Tornado Pro?
  241. Watch similar to the Zenith El Primero Chronograph Classic?
  242. What do you know about A. Grimmeissen Uhren in Germany?
  243. Hand wind vs Automatic only - a psychological thriller
  244. "Consumer Reports" for mechanical watches?
  245. New strap on an old friend
  246. Paul Picot - your thoughts and experiences
  247. Name of website
  248. Titan chronograph with rotating bezel (Fake or real)
  249. Size of the original Bulova moon watch?
  250. What happens with customer service of CHRISTOPHER WARD