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  1. The watches you wear on campus
  2. Your thoughts on this 6263 please...
  3. How do I wind a Poljot de luxe 23 jewels?
  4. Do You Admit the Cost of the Watch Hobby to Your Significant Other?
  5. Matching your watch to your shoes? Let's play a game...
  6. ****** WRUW On Sat Mar 12th 2016 ******
  7. Review : Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro Automatic
  8. Which Breitling Superocean Heritage?
  9. LeGran Watches - Anyone have any experience with them?
  10. Another Fight Over Homages, Courtesy of Gear Patrol
  11. Question on Omega shark mesh bracelet
  12. Mercedes Watch any information?
  13. End of Flipping. Cathartic.
  14. What is the Worst Sounding Watch Brand or Model?
  15. Looks like Oris is launching a reference in carbon fibre at Basel...
  16. Breaking 1000
  17. Can someone explain the whole ETA servicing situation to me?
  18. Is this normal for a Bezel Insert?
  19. favre leuba harpoon
  20. 90 days on the forum
  21. New Addition to the Collection
  22. Can I have your opinions on these two watches and which one you prefer more
  23. Gruppo Gamma?
  24. Follow the Watch Project!
  25. Automatic Watch stops over night
  26. Meeting a wus member in seoul..super cool
  27. 2nd hand purchase
  28. Best watch under $100?
  29. Multiband 6 works in NB or NS Canada?
  30. Help with Omega Crown Lock position
  31. Watch for the outfit? Or Outfit for the watch?
  32. ****** WRUW On Friday march 11 2016
  33. My Hamilton was sent for repair & I'm not happy
  34. Boat Repair with an Invicta? Yet another ugly one?
  35. What is this thing?
  36. Nautilus vs AP RO
  37. Do the newer accutron watches still sweep or tick?
  38. Keep the one I have or go for another?
  39. Help to identify silver watch...
  40. Autavia Cup
  41. How do you pick?????
  42. On the fence: Tissot T-Touch II
  43. Which Zenith El Primero Chrono to aim for?
  44. Space Geek Read - watches involved ;)
  45. Help me Fix my late father's watch!!!!!
  46. Stowa discounts purchase
  47. Your tool watch
  48. Nine Times More Expensive For The Same Movement
  49. Movement identification - Swiss 25 jewels, help please
  50. My watch collection seized by customs at Madrid Airport
  51. History of watches (probably again)
  52. Always the bridesmaid....
  53. Possibly a fake Hamilton Khaki Chronograph??
  54. The Logic of a Collection. What framework do you apply?
  55. Hamilton Intra-matic 35mm?
  56. How do you keep your unused watches?
  57. Searching Watch crafted with silver
  58. I need a quiet vibrating alarm 15min followed by 5 min after reset; is there such a watch?
  59. ****** WRUW **** Thur, Mar 10, 2016 ******
  60. IWC Big Pilot vs Rolex BLNR vs IWC Portuguese Automatic
  61. day/date wheel recs?
  62. Which Watch?
  63. Watches with 3ATM WR, pressure-fitted caseback, do you still wear them as daily beater ?
  65. Rolex Datejust 40 or the Rolex Explorer 1 39mm?
  66. Why do some lugs extend way further than the hole of the spring bars
  67. Wrist watch ID
  68. Disease name for WIS?
  69. Audemars Piguet Royak Oak vs Patek Philippe Calatrava
  70. Blancpain Bathyscaphe Ti in the flesh!
  71. Any 6.75inch wristed Stowa Flieger owners out there?
  72. Burn or Stamp Words on a Leather Watch Strap
  73. new watch guy
  74. Broken crystal on my week old Seiko
  75. Smiths? Rolex? Which watch did Sir Edmund Hillary wear?
  76. Identify this watch - ?
  77. Torn between two watches. Wife going berserk over my hobby
  78. Would you buy a Tiffany & Co. watch?
  79. Hamlton Jazzmaster Viewmatic vs. Certina DS-1??
  80. Looking for a dress watch
  81. Is Swiss Military Hanowa Made by Roamer of Switzerland?
  82. Simple or complicated watches - which do you prefer?
  83. Any experts on The Independents?
  84. Any buying experience with wristwatchdotcom ?
  85. Buying mentality: Upper tier, inhouse vs manufactured movements
  86. Maurice Lacroix or Frederique Constant Moonphase
  87. JLC Master Ultra Thin 38.5 vs JLC MUT Moonphase 39 size comparison
  88. <<<<<<< WRUW WED 3-9-16 >>>>>>>>>
  89. Thoughts on Deep Blue watches?
  90. Diver watches: CWC vs. Precista vs. O&W
  91. What are some great ADs in Oahu?
  92. Wife bought me a new watch some advice please
  93. Help for a beginner
  94. Watches born to be on straps...
  95. Unity watches & Valanvron movement
  96. Nomos at Jomashop?
  97. Can anyone identify this lucien piccard watch?
  98. I need help!!!!
  99. How Far have your Spring Bars Flown?
  100. Watches with "Obelisk Hands", like the Oris Big Crown ProPilot?
  101. I am at a loss for what watch to get
  102. Watch Recon
  103. Buying at an Airport's Boutique? Anyone?
  104. Battery life for Seiko Tuna - 7C46...
  105. Dilemma to decide between a JLC, Omega or GO?
  106. Thoughts on ETA 2824 and SEIKO NH35? OR suggestions of equals!
  107. Fox Mulder's watches
  108. Need help with brand
  109. Which watch brands are able to engrave the movement like Stowa?
  110. ---WRUW Tuesday 3-8-16---
  111. Authenticating an Ebay puechase
  112. Deciding between Tissot Le Locle, Hamilton Khaki Field/Viewmatic, and Melbourne Portsea?
  113. First Tag Heuer at Pawn Shop
  114. What if Your Favorite GMT Watch for under 7K?
  115. Mechanical Watch Service Intervals: Years vs. Actual Wrist Time?
  116. Does Stowa comes with warranty cards?
  117. Too much Christopher Ward?
  118. Small screwdriver size??
  119. Trade/ Flip thought ? Hmmmm
  120. So nice, you bought it twice?
  121. Explorer's watch recommendations!
  122. Of homages, CONUS exceptions and new toy . . .
  123. Yes, another consolidation post... but with a twist
  124. Keeping watches at the office: Thoughts?
  125. What is your Price Limit at Amazon?
  126. A Very &amp;quot;Watchy&amp;quot; Birthday!
  127. My SOTC at March 2016
  128. What watch(es) do you get asked about or compliments on the most?
  129. Timecrafters 2016 and any interest in potential NYC GTG in May?
  130. Suggest a retro watch that's cheaper than a glashutte original
  131. Is This Company Safe To Order?
  132. Does anyone have a Squale 1521 and a 1545?
  133. Your Taste and Aesthetics: How has it changed over the years?
  134. Titanium clasp
  135. If I?m enamored by the Rodina, would you recommend moving up to the Stowa or Nomos?
  136. The watch watching on this season of House of Cards
  137. Watch dials and case materials.
  138. Starting my New Hobby and asking for your help.
  139. Seiko movement?!
  140. Parnis pilot date moonphase quality
  141. Re-Lume for Seiko Skz207 atlas white?
  142. first "nice" watch for a watch newbie
  143. WRUW Monday 3/7/16^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  144. I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!
  145. My Current Collection
  146. Collection Direction
  147. Is it possible to make unidirectional bezel into bidirectional?
  148. New Watch: Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch "Sapphire Sandwich"
  149. I know I know what you like best for A CHRONO ALL BLACK (well mostly).
  150. Advice on OMEGA Seamaster Pro
  151. Real or fake ?
  152. Full numeral dials! (Under $1500)
  153. Vintage Watch Repair in MPLS
  154. Bathys BenthicTI
  155. Pulled Tudors of the shelf at US ad's
  156. Is Omega's strategy being successful?
  157. Tudor Pelagos Black or Blue Rubber Strap
  158. I'm stumped on the brand of this watch band.
  159. Please close
  160. G SHOCK DW 6600
  161. Paris: used watches?
  162. At what income can/ could you justify buying a Patek?
  163. ID please
  164. Help me choose between Omega and Tudor
  165. Size matters
  166. swiss emperor 25 Jewel incabloc
  167. is the concord la scala a nice mans watch
  168. How much formal can this watch get ?
  169. Liestal watch
  170. New arrivals from the far east
  171. Show me your Seiko Giugiaro designed watches!
  172. Is there a watch you've been after for a while now?
  173. Great everyday work watch. < $500 . Accompany Seiko Scuba200 weekend watch...
  174. WRUW Sunday 3/6/16* * * * * * * *
  175. Taking a chance on a Narval Seven pam homage. What do you guys think?
  176. Looking for Hand-Wound recommendations.
  177. Feel the Bern
  178. Glycine or Hamilton or Steinhart ?
  179. Is Your Perfect Watch Not In the Market?
  180. Is the juice worth the Squeeze???
  181. Selling on WUS
  182. Feedback wanted on new 3D Printed watch design concepts...
  183. What would YOU buy with $6000?
  184. Grand Seiko Anti-Magnetic SBGR077 & SBGR079 Review
  185. Nixon Insider - How many batteries?
  186. Need help identifying watch by picture
  187. What presentation of the date do you like
  188. Anyone bought from Chronext ?
  189. SMALL WRIST Gent-What Thin, Small, Luxury Watch, Under $10K is There?
  190. Who says Rolex are thief magnets? Interesting & unfortunate experience
  191. PLEASE....VOTE....NOW!!! (relax, it's a watch poll :P)
  192. Cases without Bezels: Need Opinions and Guidance
  193. Question,doubts many doubts
  194. Seiko Premier, to buy or not?
  195. IWC mark XVI rattle
  196. Finally acquired my dream watch..
  197. New Member Introduction
  198. @#$%@#$% WRUW - March 5, 2016 [email protected]$#@^#@!$#
  199. Seiko 6139 Pogue Chronograph Question
  200. Newb
  202. 34mm Dial
  203. I'm going to Basel, I need to make room...
  204. Manufacturer's Time (Hand positions in marketing pics): Timex 10:09:36, Rolex 10:10:31...
  205. Using a TimeGrapher to judge servicing times - possible?
  206. The NOMOS in its natural habitat
  207. What's up with the new trend of crystal protectors on the bay?
  208. Watchuseek: How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Tag Heuer (Rolex etc.) And L...
  209. ETA 2824-2 Rotor noise. Is this normal?
  210. The best four words in WISdom
  211. Would like some input on this watch from eBay
  212. Last few days at home before he flies out to his new home over the weekend. He'll be missed!
  213. Dress Diver Options
  214. What watch used for current ISS Soyuz launches / landings?
  215. Show me your Blue dial GMTs
  217. Watch coming from Russia, tracking question
  218. First Watch over 2000 USD...What to get????
  219. Few of My Recent Rebuilds...
  220. WRUW ::: FRIDAY 3/4/16 :::
  221. Strap Ideas for JLC Master Control Date?
  222. Who orders a strap before the watch?
  223. What is the meaning of F71?
  224. Looking for recommendations for handwind
  225. Humorous 'anti-watch' advice
  226. A watch flippers diary
  227. Franken ?
  228. Anybody know what Conor Mcgregor is wearing here? Just interested
  229. Look at this beauty!
  230. Halios Delfin Stainless Steel is Retired Already?
  231. After market bezel insert needed
  232. Help with shape watches...square or tonneau
  233. Custom End Links - Is There Such a Thing?
  234. Patient came in with the best watch strap ever!
  235. Purchased this, saving for that thread
  236. Time for a Cocktail!
  237. Yet another watch size thread - Baume & Mercier Capeland edition
  238. New addition as of yesterday...GO PML
  239. Oyster bracelet question:
  240. NEW WATCH DAY: Rebuilding the Collection
  241. Watches for novel characters
  242. Anyone know anything about this watch?
  243. What brands will keep/increase in value in the future ?
  244. Where is my other post
  245. "Will this fit under my cuff?" - solved
  246. HAQ vs COSC ETA Quartz
  247. Junkers - where do they sell them?
  248. WRUW Thursday 3/3/16^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  249. Claude Bernard Watches?
  250. Pic request: black diver on off colored rubber strap