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  2. Baddest to the bone Aviatar watch on a budget!
  3. Hazard 4® Heavy Water Diver opinions
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  5. Falling out of love / with new eyes
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  7. F1 Teams' 2016 Associated Watch Brands
  8. women style watches, better than Daniel Wellington, but same look.
  9. Black DLC watch on uncoated stainless steel bracelet?
  10. When do new watches make it to market?
  11. Grand Seiko vs Rolex (in Japan)
  12. Help me name this watch
  13. Datejust design
  14. Globemaster vs Explorer 1
  15. Rado serial number help
  16. 20k FOR 10 WATCHES. What's your choice?
  17. Luminox Losing Time
  18. Movements. In-house modified and 'transitional' Manufacture.
  19. Perfect dress watch
  20. Help with my victorinox watch 241630
  21. Fed-Ex Sent me a Bill?
  22. Best Christopher Ward C60 Trident Color with Staib Mesh Bracelet?
  23. Which watch is this one?
  24. WRUW ::: Wed 3/2/16 :::
  25. What do you think about this watch?
  26. HELP with this vintage Omega Seamaster!
  27. Orient Star Elegant Classic vs. Aerowatch 1942 Gent Balancier
  28. DaLuca Nato and Zulu straps
  29. Guinand English website is now up and running
  30. Is oversized 12 and 6 the new orange?
  31. I'm afraid to wear this watch!
  32. My first 12, 6, 9 dial. Please show yours...
  33. American Express deal $50
  34. Questions about Breitling Emergency I vs II
  35. Overseas purchases
  36. Any Canadians/Australians wish they purchased watches before our currency plummeted?
  37. Looking forward to anything in particular at Baselworld 2016?
  38. New Arrival
  39. Help Choosing an Upgrade
  40. Seiko SARG011 revisited
  41. Gold Content? >>>
  42. Any information on Favre leuba 1155 movement
  43. Yep, I missed it too.
  44. Sonofagun - the package did show up
  45. Tudor North Flag detailed review & macro shots (pic heavy)
  46. Any watches like this? And straps also?
  47. Total lume shot...!!!
  48. Three pocket watches, don't know anything about them.
  49. Omega Seamaster suggestions
  50. Swiss Military Hanowa Ace Chronograph
  51. New Eterna Kontiki Chronograph with in-house movement - Are Eterna Back!
  52. Which will you choose? Omega Globemaster vs Tudor North Flag
  53. Stuhrling came not working
  54. Suggestion: Longines Triple Cal. Chronograph
  55. Heading to San Diego
  56. ***WRUW RIGHT NOW!!!...Show ?EM!!! Part 2 +++
  57. <<<<<<<<<< WRUW Tue 3/1/16 >>>>>>>>>>>
  58. Have you considered Arnold & son?
  59. Looking for black diver with glossy/sunburst bezel 1$00-200/300
  60. My son, the WIS-Jr.
  61. now tomorrow'll be the first...
  62. Needing some guidance
  63. Question on eta 2824
  64. Quick Set Date change
  65. A Vietnam watch story
  66. I love the weather in SoCal
  67. When buying used, does it matter whether you pick up a GM or AD watch?
  68. Mid Range Classical watch Known for Quality movement
  69. Los Angeles G2G?
  70. New Hamilton from Jomashop
  71. Is this GP seems genuine??
  72. Can anyone tell me anything about this watch?
  73. Happy Leap Day!
  74. Vintage classic or Start up phenomenon?
  75. Rolex datejust vs PP Nautilus vs PP Aquanaut
  76. Please help me by voting or suggesting
  77. Help with Breguet Type XX serial numbers...
  78. Which one is better? Seiko Sarb035 or Tissot Pr100 Automatic
  79. Mido? Is this a chinese 2$ junk? ....I hate people like that. You?
  80. Looking for something like this...
  81. ODM / OEM Manufacturers Switzerland
  82. Only every four years we can see them for a full day... Let's see those 29'ners perpetual !
  83. Watch Thickness - What Are Your Thoughts?
  84. Lange 1815 Up/Down or AP 15400?
  85. One word only
  86. Do you still appreciate your Quartz watches?
  87. ---LEAP DAY Wrist CheckZ 2-29-16--
  88. My modification blog
  89. What Is Your Favorite Dial Color?
  90. Repairing a Gerald Genta
  91. Quartz only? Or go righty?
  92. Introduction and my collection in *pics*
  93. Montine
  94. Help needed identifying 1990's Citizen
  95. Recommendations wanted for midsize beater and everyday watches
  96. Show me your creative ways to store your watches.
  97. Gallet - Basking in the glow of my post service 12H
  98. Help buying this piece.
  99. Need Help Deciding What's Next: Glashuette vs. AP
  100. New Duty Free Exemption for online Purchases (USA) $800!!!
  101. Breitling Tabarly
  102. New (to me) Sub 5513!!!!
  103. New member waving hi
  104. Obscure
  105. UPDATE: HELP! Marrying a Korean Woman!
  106. Vacheron Overseas 37mm Blue
  107. Zero-maintenance longevity
  108. The thinnest watch with a power reserve indicator
  109. Finally I can wear my sun023
  110. Please help me identify these 2 watchs!!!
  111. How do Fake Watches Make you Feel?
  112. Christopher Ward Trident pro?
  113. A different strap
  114. Squale from the Watch Boutique in Bahrain
  115. Identify this watch: Shark Tank / Daymond John
  116. Heads Up! I saw a Giveaway here! (List place) -Thread #1 (2016)
  117. High School Prom Watch
  118. What watches are on your radar?
  119. What is Snoop Dogg's wearing for his new watch?
  120. <<<<<< WRUW SUN 2/28/16 >>>>>>
  121. Recommend Breitling AD
  122. First Nato .......
  123. Steinhart lack of boxes resulting in shipping delay?
  124. Which blue titanium diver? Omega PO or Tudor Pelagos?
  125. How many times to wind a manual watch?
  126. Monaco vs Speedy?
  128. I have identified an old Swatch but the strap is different
  129. Hour-minute hands displacement
  130. Independents like Roger W. Smith vs Patek et al.
  131. Happy Swatch Owner
  132. GMT, dual time and Worldtimers
  133. Help Needed
  134. Help with Vintage Girard Perregaux Gyromatic
  135. Vote for your favorite boutique Grand Seiko model!
  136. How much are these watches worth?
  137. Usefulness: rotating bezel, chrono, or both?
  138. 4 o'clock crown position
  139. deleting a sales post
  140. Dallas GTG Saturday, March 26th, 2016
  141. Watch under 500
  142. Advice on dress/elegant watch around 3000 EUR
  143. ORIS Aquis small date Titan date change problem
  144. Damaged crown of my speedbird PRS-22
  145. Let's have some fun with our perpetual calendar watches this leap year
  146. ORIS Aquis small date Titan date change problem
  147. Victorinox vs. Victorinox Swiss Army on dial
  148. New watch: Damasko DC67 Si Chrono
  149. Are these diamonds real?
  150. Helson Sharkdiver 42 has Arrived!
  151. WRUW Sat 2/27/16^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  152. Is this a real Omega?
  153. Best size watch for a 7" wrist - Help me out.
  154. Possible Watch Related Email Scam Involving FS Thread I Supposedly Made?
  155. Davidoff Very Zino Review - Is it a keeper?
  156. Oil/discoloration on Chrono movement?
  157. Anyone in the Netherlands buying from US?
  158. Finally.
  159. Seeking Suggestions
  160. What Just Came In: Grand Seiko SBGV019
  161. advice best watch for under 900 dollars
  162. Simple watch recommendation?
  163. Seeking Advice About Micro Brand Purchase....
  164. Tudor Style. Anyone actually own this watch? Is it any good?
  165. Grand Seiko SBGA059 Snowflake Review
  166. Servicing a Certina (I'm in North America)
  167. Which Luminox?
  168. Mini Tuna? Seiko SRP637
  169. Tissot PR 516 automatic
  170. I Did the Unthinkable
  171. Since i got this Flagship Heritage..
  172. JLC Incoming...
  173. Hamilton Khaki Automatic - Advice
  174. Good place to buy pre-owned Patek in Kuala Lumpur ?
  175. Why would anyone want to buy a watch X over a Patek Philippe?
  176. Chateau Watch Question
  177. How many watches have you retained long-term?
  178. Does Victorinox makes watches for the Swiss Army?
  179. Shipping Costs?
  180. Which FC watches?
  181. Mechanical watches suck!
  182. Why is this legal ?
  183. Lurking for a Year...and finally an introduction.
  184. ***WRUW Friday 26/02/16 ? ***
  185. Two requests for 1 watch... impossible combination?
  186. Seiko 007 or Orient Ray
  187. ID req'd by UPS for seller to send to me?
  188. Which one would you choose?
  189. Is this a good deal?
  190. Advice on buying used watches online
  191. Help identifying this swatch ?
  192. Yes, another watch recommendation thread
  193. Oris Carlos Coste Cenote Record Edición
  194. Passing Down Watches - What About My Daughter?
  195. What is the ideal watch for me?
  196. Black dial Dress watch , Oris Coltrane or Hamy Intra-matic..please help
  197. Better Movement: Tissot Visodate or Longines Conquest Classic?
  198. Christopher Ward Preview Sale, 50 Percent off!!!!
  199. Breitling Limited editions
  200. First watch that you were proud to wear. When/Where/Why?
  201. What watch do watchmakers wear?
  202. Most memorable watch companies that vanished
  203. Most Legible Auto Swiss Chronograph?
  204. Is this Speedmaster MK40 too small on my 6.5-6.75 wrist?
  205. NIB Tudor Black Bay or Rolex GMT with no box or papers....
  206. WRUW Thursday 2/25/16 * * * * * * * * * *
  207. Black on black automatic to round out the collection (continue the addiction)
  208. Is it "I-So-Frayn" or "Ee-So-Frah-Nay" ?
  209. Help Me Pick Out A New One
  210. Questions about Nite Icon Automatic-215L
  211. New member intro
  212. Watch Recommendation
  213. LOOSE OR SNUG??
  214. Ever been BLOCKED by an eBay seller?
  215. Walmart is stepping up it's game....Dramatically
  216. Has anyone here ever received a Rolex after years of service to their employer
  217. Affordable Automatic Movements with Sub Second Hand?
  218. B.R.M. V-6 as a sport / Pool Watch
  219. One word for each Brand
  220. Any Idea if True ??
  221. Elegant & "eternal" watch choice: Eterna Vaughan vs Ball Trainmaster Eternity, which one?
  222. Which watch to save for: Squale 1545 Root Beer or Seiko SARB017?
  223. Is this an easy fix
  224. How durable/ suited to daily wear is the JLC Reverso?
  225. Pairing professions with watches
  226. SISTEM51: Glass is Sapphire?
  227. SISTEM51 Batteries>???
  228. Is this Nomos Orion legit?
  229. Vintage Watch Restoration
  230. Coffee shop woes and sleeveless dilemmas
  231. Breitling Caliber 01
  232. New watch
  233. Seiko 5 homage. Timex Homage. Homages 'R Us
  234. Luch mechanical one hander from Minsk, Belarus - review - preliminary
  235. WRUW Wednesday, February 24, 2016
  236. Any sellers experience this?
  237. Help me find my new dress watch
  238. Undeserved bad feedback?
  239. Need help identifying this Zeno
  240. introduction from quebec
  241. Quick-release or Interchangeable Bands - Where to buy?
  242. Anyone else experience this weird audible effect???
  243. Los Angeles Jewelry mart
  244. Help with Physics Related Question Specific to Automatic Movements
  245. Watches Used For Dressy Occassions: What I Use as a Dress Watch
  246. Ernest Borel Kaleidoscope -- where to buy?
  247. Quartz Watches and Upkeep
  248. Guidance on an everyday watch
  249. Watch is running too fast, what should be the price to fix?
  250. You're going in a one week beach vacation. Which watch(es) do you take?