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  1. @@@@@ WRUW Friday, March 1, 2019 @@@@@
  2. So I recieved and Ebay Empty Box Today
  3. Great transaction with Tim P!
  5. Warning signs for watch retailers?
  6. The process...
  7. Revue Thommen Air Speed Diver Chronograph
  8. How to Take Care of Your Leather Watch Strap
  9. Nylon vs Rubber Watch Straps - Fun Article
  10. old swatch problem
  11. Bought a Casio.. can't find much info on it online..?
  12. When does a watch become a Classic watch?
  13. Tired of automatics... Quartz recommendations?
  14. Accepting your grail watch wonít fit..
  15. Learning About Watches from the Ground Up
  16. Survey: Watches with cross logo
  17. Real or fake Fortis flieger
  18. If at first you dont succeed - spend more
  19. Hi all
  20. LAmicroLUX - Microbrand gathering
  21. ************Thursday-February-28th-2019-WRUW*************
  22. What Do You Have Your Eye On?
  23. Whatís your current top three?
  24. Please help me choose Oí wise peoples
  25. White dial watch recommendation
  26. Who did it better - Longines or Baume & Mercier?
  27. More on Parnis "Premium" vs. low-price resellers
  28. Technical chronograph manual
  29. I've got this urge again! Please vote.
  30. Unrealistic expectations of some people resulting in Negative Feedback
  31. Raymond Weil Toccata movement
  32. Is Blancpain dying as a brand? or is it the next holy grail watch?
  33. A watch for life... for real!
  34. 5 Watch Heist in NY!
  35. Victorinox Dive Master 500 - White Strap (replacement recommendation)
  36. After a bad couple of weeks I decided to treat myself
  37. What if your grail doesn't exist (yet)?
  38. VICTORINOX AIRBOSS 241721 [opinions]
  39. HELP ID this part
  40. In search of a chronograph like the Tissot Janeiro
  41. Tracking down your childhood watch
  42. Maen Hudson vs. Steinhart Ocean One GMT
  43. Inhorgenta stroll: Facts, figures, impressions and pictures
  44. Proxima Watches Sharkey Bronze (HIMQ)
  45. My 1971 Eterna Matic 1000 is back from the watchmaker
  46. Is the Seiko "5" only for export?
  47. Why does my Seiko SKX...
  48. Let's see your gray face watches
  50. <<<<<<<<< WRUW Wednesday Feb 27th >>>>>>>>>
  51. Need Help Identifying a Watch
  52. Incoming: Oris Divers Sixty-Five
  53. Favorite watch
  54. Last watch ordered arrived today
  55. Just how tough is G-Shock
  56. Unites wrist watch
  57. Want to identify a watch on "The Guardian" tv show that's on Hulu right now
  58. ETA 2804 accuracy fluctuations
  59. Vacheron out with a fairly Wild One
  60. More information about this Daniel Roth Numero 104
  61. How many TPD does an average office person put on a watch
  62. vintage and sports watches, what do you suggest?
  63. Patek 5711 Nautilus "Homage" or blatant knock-off? (Peter Lee)
  64. Recent Purchase: Jean Richard Terrascope
  65. Which watch should come next?
  66. ****** WRUW Tuesday, February 26, 2019 ******
  67. Zenith vs Bremont
  68. Which one would you sell!
  69. Bell and Ross Renault Sport F1 vs Tag Huer Monaco Gulf
  70. Whatís the deal with IWC
  71. 2nd nice watch
  72. I need help
  73. SOTC: My main 13 watches
  74. If you could have had a now extinct brand survive, which would it be?
  75. Advise on Pulsar Time Calculator 901 from 1976
  76. Looking for a nice watch, $750-1000... any ideas?
  77. I am soooooooooo frustrated
  78. Your unnegotiable, seriously serious RESOLUTIONS re this hobby...?
  79. How to spend 12k to 15k on next watch?
  80. (Pls advise) how to spend USD5000 on the next purchase
  81. Second watch for one-watch guy
  82. Need a little help for identification
  83. Grand Seiko on a small wrist
  84. "Registered Mail" from Japan - "In Transit"?
  85. Orbita programmable
  86. Help : Ulysse Nardin 36000 Worth ?
  87. @@@@@ WRUW Monday,February 25, 2019 @@@@@
  88. Recommended place to purchase perlon straps online?
  89. Protruding wrist bone - what to do?
  90. Back from the dark side. Looking for opinions/suggestions
  91. Recommend a watchmaker to service my old Seiko
  92. Two questions about having a watch regulated
  93. Imgur Options
  94. Chronograph Movement Question: Chrono Hour Creep
  95. Effect of High Altitudes and Thin Air on Watches (Shower thoughts)
  96. Looking for a classy Sub-Sexond watch
  97. Buying watch without box or papers
  98. Opinions Please: Certina vs. Revue Thommen
  99. Watches with crystals most likely to be damaged. Post yours!
  100. Why couldn't they just have...
  101. How many is too many?
  102. Which White-Dialled Dress Watch
  103. How Do I Keep This Pin Down in Deployant?
  104. Timex Marlin Automatic Two tone on ebay Italy, but not on website?
  105. ************Sunday-February-24th-2019-WRUW************
  106. Fidget bezel spinners
  107. Biggest Watch on the Market
  108. Thoughts on trading a Black Bay 36 for a Black Bay 58?
  109. Luxury watches as currency
  110. 50 years ago, the first automatic chronograph - let's see yours!
  111. World Timer
  112. Please help identify this watch
  113. aftermarket crystal recommendation
  114. Best bracelet under $5,000?
  115. Ever look at your watch and forget to check the time?
  116. Battle of the blues: Omega vs. Zenith
  117. Bolster
  118. First and only watch.
  119. Two sides of dc
  120. Boston GTG (Spring 2019)
  121. STP-11 Movement
  122. ****** WRUW On Saturday February 23 2019 ******
  123. So I bought a Timegrapher and timed all my (mechanical) watches
  124. The Watch List
  125. Marathon TSAR Year check. Donít know year
  126. Nomos prices in Germany
  127. My wife's small collection
  128. Brand new Quartz watch hands not moving after handling
  129. Ltd Edition Numbering
  130. WatchBandit Advice - UPDATE
  131. Diver vs Diver? Just get both!
  132. Issue with Archimede/Ickler when placing order
  133. Change hands on a Paul Picot chrono?
  134. <<<<<<<<<< WRUW Friday February 22nd >>>>>>>>>
  135. Guidance sought
  136. Invicta Cruise!
  137. Grail, obtained! Glycine Combat Sub.
  138. Is this Wittnauer watch worth fixing?
  139. The search has ended
  140. New Arrivals
  141. Very Thin Dress Watches Under $1000USD, Do They Exist?
  142. Oh Wenger, what are you doing?
  143. Hope: White Rolex Explorer
  144. Omega Speedmaster MOTM back to the future?
  145. The last watch on earth....
  146. My first lower-mid-tier purchase - HELLLLLPPPPPPP!!!
  147. Post the watch you most regret selling
  148. Sell on ebay without paypal. Is that possible?
  149. Need a list of members here that perform watch services
  150. Nato Straps On Divers Watches
  151. Similar watches to the Seiko SARB017 or Alpina Startimer Heritage
  152. <<<<<<<<<< WRUW Thursday February 21st >>>>>>>>>
  153. Will there ever be another Speedmaster?
  154. New Glashutte-Original senator sixties 2019 release
  155. Should I be careful with my "beater" at all or just enjoy the journey of its scratches?
  156. Need some help checking quality of 14 year old JLC (pics attached)
  157. Inexplicably want an AP Royal Oak
  158. Are the watches at Jomashop brand new?
  159. Akteo Watch Brand
  160. French navy ZRC watch alternatives? Homage?
  161. Fumed dial watches within $1000 range
  162. What're some 'art collab' watches similar to my Tag Heuer Formula 1 Alec Monopoly Edition?
  163. Shipping overseas for service
  164. Identify the chrono!
  165. Luminox 3000/3900 Help
  166. How small is TOO small?
  167. Watch Repair in Cleveland, OH
  168. deciding on a watch's value - how?
  169. Sold a watch only to buy it again, what watches are worth a second chance?
  170. Sky Dweller for Patek 5296
  171. Would you do this trade?
  172. @@@@@ WRUW Wednesday, February 20, 2109 @@@@@
  173. Epos now has an online store
  174. Watch meetups in Chicago?
  175. A proper introduction... PLUS one of those weird Ball Quartz watches..
  176. How do you buy/sell online?
  177. I'd like an Explorer - Just not a Rolex Explorer
  178. Best place/way to sell a Rolex in the UK?
  179. Why No Blancpain or Breguet section under Watch Brands?
  180. borealis medusa?
  181. If you had to have just one watch, which would it be and why?
  182. New Watch Recommendation
  183. Hamilton Khaki king Maroon dial?
  184. Which of these two do you feel makes a better daily watch
  185. Anchors Aweigh by UN!
  186. Where to sell online
  187. Is there a significant disadvantage to solar/kinetic movements in comparison to standard quartz?
  188. Listing all mechanical chronographs under 8.5mm thick
  189. Louis Moinet watches?
  190. Please give opinions about these watches/deal
  191. Manual Wind Chronograph
  192. Bill Burr Watches
  193. What should I buy? ($1,500-$2,000)
  195. Luminox Questions
  196. Trying to let go but not able. Being true to myself.
  197. Sell off these four watches for a Nomos Orion?
  198. Titanium IWC vs Breguet
  199. Wife to me: "I like your...strap."
  200. Sell this for that..
  201. Incoming - New PAM 1033
  202. ***---Tuesday 2-19-19 WRIST CHECKZ---***
  203. Pair of vintage gold dress watches - strap recommendations
  204. Urban Gentry and the Value of a Watch
  205. Omega Aqua Terra GMT vs Tudor Pepsi GMT
  206. In Review: Rolex Daytona Its Large and In Charge
  207. To sell or not to sell...
  208. Everyday Watch: Christopher Ward C65 Vintage vs Archimede Outdoor 39
  209. New Chronometer
  210. U Boat U-42 GMT Model 8095
  211. Help me decide which Shinola Runwell to buy
  212. Another "help me decide" thread...
  213. Minute hand tilted up a bit
  214. Funny sales corner
  215. seeking recommendation for a small women's "field watch" or similar, with light and date
  216. Which would you choose and why?
  217. Which watch in your collection would you never part with?
  218. Casio Zaratsu Polishing and How It Compares To GS
  219. Windup Watch Fair returning to San Francisco
  220. ----WRUW Monday 2-18-19----
  221. Opinion
  222. And the new daily beater iiiiiiis....
  223. For No Other Reason Than Curiosity, What Type Of Watch Is My Citizen?
  224. Which Manufacturer has the best website?
  225. Bell and Ross
  226. Orient Mako 2 stem removal
  227. Does the AP Royal Oak use a thin delicate movement?
  228. Watch ID help
  229. Delma Quality?
  230. Is a legit watch seller?
  231. JLC Polaris or El Primero 1969?
  232. Vostok Amphibia
  233. The setup!
  234. Omega: PO 2500C vs 2018 SMP
  235. Watch for Mountain Biking?
  236. Aloha Watches: Update
  237. looking for a watch...
  238. <<<<<<<<<< WRUW Sunday February 17th >>>>>>>>>>>>
  239. Could there possibly be a more appropriate brand name for the "avid" WUS watch collector?!
  240. BB36 VS 556A... Just a little question...
  241. Hello from Chicago
  242. My watch won't start when shaken, only when manually wound
  243. In Review: Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto Gear Patrol Special Edition
  244. Good Read! The Many Reasons to Love Shell Cordovan Watch Straps
  245. Recommendations for a versatile watch under or at $5000? Details inside.
  246. 3 Watch Collection
  247. Rolex scrape?
  248. Stop/Start Bertmar
  249. My $500 Ebel Story (ala Gear 555's Air King)
  250. Thoughts on the Muhle Glashutte Teutonia ii Weltzeit