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  1. are you informed an informed buyer?
  2. Watches as an alternative investment?
  3. Friends won't let friends wear.........fill in the blank
  4. Let's talk about LOVE
  5. Information on a crownless Bulova watch
  6. Alain Silberstein. Who? What? Why?
  7. Different watch styles, accidental common theme
  8. What watch is this?
  9. how I learned about the slap watch
  10. Tritium H3, are you a fan?
  11. Largest percentage of discount...
  12. I would like to buy my wife a watch, but don't know which one...
  13. Vintage Style -Going out of Style? Pam372
  14. WRUW Sunday 2/14/16 * * * * * * * * * * *
  15. Valentine's Day: Photo of your + partner's watches
  16. Getting ripped off
  17. Chopard LUC Sport 2000
  18. What's better then a Sumo? (My first mod)
  19. Engineers Testing...
  20. Australia: $250K of Gifted Watches Returned
  21. Can Tritium Turn BLACK?
  22. what makes a really great watch, have you stepped up yet?
  23. My New Automatics
  24. Help plz. Changed my Swiss army battery, now it doesn't work
  25. The accuracy wars for mechnical watches heat up...
  26. Paying It Forward: Steinhart Ocean 1 Giveaway and Adventures of the Traveling Watch
  27. Not Your Average Wooden Clock
  28. Ceramic Bezel
  29. Longines Vs Mont Blonc
  30. Italy Watch Purchase
  31. Watches and status
  32. Rose Gold Dress Watch - under $1000
  33. Horology 101
  34. What watch is Steve Weatherford wearing in this workout video?
  35. Is anyone interested in cleaning up my vintage Hamilton?
  36. Buying a used Rolex
  38. budget for watches at 200k/yr income
  39. Best Longines Watch Model
  40. What watch is this?
  41. Looking for 43mm+ watch without "second" Marker on the dial [HELP]
  42. Best 'watch-city' to visit for watch-lovers
  43. Tudor Heritage Chrono just stopped. Looking for insight.
  44. Help with buying a new watch
  45. *** WRUW 13 Feb ***
  46. Leather Strap Break In
  47. Identify Watch
  48. Keeping tabs: O1V
  49. when did you step up to your first good Swiss watch?
  50. Laco Atacama/Tundra or steinhart apollon
  51. Super Bowl 50 Half-Tine Watches
  52. Valentine's Day Special Offer!
  53. Oris vs Longines
  54. How to avoid being scammed...
  55. [SOTC of TITONI]- A Walk into the park of plumy blossoms, following the scent to 2016 CNY
  56. Suunto Essential Copper
  57. Alpina Alpiner 4 Chrono Race For Water LE
  58. Mass clear out and getting in replacements. What do you think and what have you done in the past?
  59. Looking for rectangular dress watch
  60. The radical plan to destroy time zones...
  61. Sleeper agent edition watch.
  62. Help with Wakmann chronograph identification
  63. What Size does your Watch Wear?
  64. Brands You Stay Away From B/C Of Their Business Model
  65. Looking to buy an Aviation watch $1k budget
  66. Rolex Prince
  67. The Triplets
  68. Why do some people wear watches face down?
  69. Which automatic Seiko?
  70. Vinyl or real leather strap from Tissot?
  71. Submariner 14060 Z serial 2 liner
  72. Info on this Omega?
  73. Review my Raymond Weil Maestro Moonphase
  74. Hybrid Automatic/Smart Watch - The Future or a Flop
  75. OK, Jazz lovers, let's play a little game...
  76. If you're scared get a dog. Otherwise buy better watches
  77. The Swiss have gone transparent
  78. Best vintage watch restoration/cleaning service?
  79. Restored my 1958 longines linen dial.
  80. <<<<< - WRUW 12/02/16 Friday - >>>>>
  81. help me identify this watch
  82. Pocket watch from estate doesn't match serial
  83. What other GMT watches should I consider?
  84. Bremont Releases 3 New Models!
  85. what would you buy?
  86. Father Forgive Me For I Have Sinned
  87. Looking for a watch similar to THE MACKINAW FIELD CHRONO WATCH
  88. Should I?
  89. Losing fat with my watch
  90. Hi everybody!
  91. The watch I'm waiting for...
  92. Polishing your watches?
  93. Elegant and whimsical chronographs?
  94. Am I too picky when it comes to lug design?
  95. New Here: First Mechanical Watch Purchase! :)
  96. New Watch....
  97. Anyone have a Single brand collection?
  98. Show us your "well loved" (aka worn/scratched/dinged) watches!
  99. My new Bulova
  100. How to sell a bunch of affordables?
  101. Recommendation for a thin, generic folding deployment clasp
  102. Watches with odd size lug width for band sizes
  103. Two holiday watches, 1k budget
  104. IWC or JLC
  105. Help Identify this Watch!
  106. Watch Brand Identification
  107. <<<<WRUW 11/02/16 Thursday>>>>
  108. IWC/Omega or Save for JLC?
  109. Thoughts on collection size and neglected watches...
  110. Greetings
  111. The Lume Guessing Game
  112. Mido Baroncelli Power Reserve PVD rose gold
  113. When and how did your passion for watches begin?
  114. Blue sailcloth strap for Seiko SKX?
  115. Do you tend to keep your German watches over your Swiss?
  116. dropped my TSAR on the floor this morning
  117. **GTG Cincinnati Ohio/NKY Saturday February 20th**
  118. TAG Smart Watch. Poor Review
  119. Bay Area California USA
  120. Where can I send my Wyler get serviced??
  121. Hello from Scotland! Here is my collection....
  122. Help - Fitted curved strap for Montblanc Star 4810 (wide lugs)
  123. Where to have a Seiko regulated in London?
  124. watch query
  125. Spot the watch on the Alcoa CEO
  126. Spot the watch on the Nomura CEO (Japanese Investment Brokerage House)
  127. Watch Case Finishes - What's your favorite?
  128. 5th watch suggestion
  129. Am I the only one that opportunities pass by?
  130. Please check out my Youtube watch channel
  131. Anyone deal with Mika13 on ebay
  132. Dress Watch Advice
  133. /////WATCH on your WRIST 2-10-16 Wednesday/////
  134. Is it worth it to...
  135. Is social media redefining our watch-buying behaviour?
  136. Anniversary gift for husband - $1000budget
  137. Help me pick my first NICE watch...Sinn 6068 vs TAG Carrera
  138. ISC NY (USPS) Any problems getting your watches recently?
  139. Alligator Band on Field Watch = Dressy Watch?
  140. Some of my wrist shoots!
  141. Hello WUS experts, need help on a concern and hoping its nothing serious....
  142. Hello WUS, new here.. Thanks for having me!
  143. My little collection
  144. CITIZEN CALIBRE 2100 Cal. e210 model: AV0031-59A
  145. Teen temptress busted in yet another Rolex heist...
  146. The "I'm looking to buy a $10,000 watch" guy
  147. I got something special...
  149. Options for Next Watch
  150. Recommend me a Sydney AD
  151. WRUW Tuesday 2/9/16* * * * * * *
  152. Looking for a specific Tourneau watch
  153. 70-DAY power reserve from Parmigiani
  154. Has your new watch died?
  155. Seiko Monster or Bulova Accutron or other?
  156. GMT or Chrono [What should I get?]
  157. Kemmner vs Laco flieger
  158. magnetic bracelet
  159. Experience with gray dealers (Jomashop, Authenticwatches, AF): 8 easy, but senseble questions
  160. Hi, everyone!
  161. Are there any hidden gems people might not be aware of in the under $10 000 category?
  162. Raleigh, NC Area GTG Tomorrow 2/09/16
  163. Is it Time to do Away with the Date
  164. Micro Brand VS Boutique Brand VS Big Guys/Giants....How do you classify each?
  165. Swiss army Maverick chrono vs Tissot prc200
  166. How much did you pay for your most expensive watch?
  167. Victorinox Swiss Army 241377 Infantry Mechanical Watch - Should I?
  168. London GTG - 14 May 2016
  169. Tissot Seamaster 1000 auto chrono or tag Heuer f1 chrono
  170. Questions about a Clebar electronic gold watch, Swiss made.
  171. Movement identification GA3, S11BCT - ETA 2892?
  172. Marloe Cherwell (white or blue?)
  173. What bugs you the most about watch pics?
  174. Should I do this trade?
  175. New Speedy?
  176. GERMAN!!!
  177. Miami / South Florida Meetup
  178. Homage-ish quartz diver?
  179. Watch off at home??
  180. Need help choosing vintage dress watch
  181. Prices
  182. Waltham Mass - Part Mystery
  183. Wruw February 8 - Happy Chinese / lunar new year
  184. I'm torn between Blue or Green
  185. My Current 4 Watch Collection
  186. WRUW while watching the big game?
  187. 40th Birthday Watch
  188. Building the minimalist budget collection - 2 watches & $1,200
  189. My 12 Step Watch Buying Programme
  190. New member
  191. What Is It With The NATO Straps ? I don't get it.
  192. Invicta Diver Model 4095
  193. New member - help with formal watch choice for wedding
  194. Opinions wanted - swim with Omega Speedmaster Date?
  195. Two of the same watch, just different colors?
  196. Experiences with
  197. WRUW Sunday 2/7/16^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  198. I need help! Too many choices.
  199. Who prefers hand wind movements?
  200. Help Identifying a Watch
  201. Recommendations requested for 33-36mm everyday / dress watch. $3500 budget.
  202. Question about winding
  203. What do you dislike most about watches, and why is it spring bars?
  204. Thoughts on Davosa?
  205. A Magnificent Timing Bezel
  206. Versatility of a two tone watch
  207. Fashion Rules and Semantics (sport, casual, dress, formal...)
  208. What are you reading and wearing now!
  209. Omega De Ville Annual Calendar Review
  210. IWC Big Pilot on Smaller Wrists
  211. Demagnetize a watch with a tape measure ? Sure thing!
  212. Pros and cons of buying an old TAG Heuer 2000
  213. Rolex on Custom Rubber from Everest
  214. Mom is looking for first watch
  215. Trimming down collection to 4
  216. GMT (12-hour) Bezel watches?
  217. How do I gain feedback on watch recon ?
  218. SOTC - February 2016
  219. Watch History & Aspirations - Your Story
  220. Astronaut or diver or explorer?
  221. Patek 5711 for Vintage Daytona 6265?
  222. Last Resort: Flipping in a Pawn Shop?
  223. Breitling - Any ideas what model this is???
  224. Ten post topics I promise never to start:
  225. Thanks Watchvault NYC.... for basically the stupidest thing I've ever seen....
  226. How do you guys feel about hairline scratches on your watches?
  227. Philly WUS GTG - April 17th, 2016
  228. +-+-+-+-+-+-+-WRUW Saturday Feb 6 -+-+-+-+-+-+
  229. Wear your Speedy - honoring Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
  230. Buyers(trading) remorse
  231. Fake Tissot watch?
  232. Thermal Speedmaster Image
  233. If WUS could only have one watch, it would be...
  234. Starting a mini-collection - looking for opinions on dive & dress components
  235. "Inbound into Customs" ... ?
  236. OWC MS 9411 or ???
  237. Watch Reccommendation: INOX vs Hamilton Khaki
  238. watch running 2hour ahead
  239. Apple Watch creates a mechanical watch fan...
  240. SARB033 Large Wrists Pics Please!
  241. Interesting rubber strap! (pics included)
  242. Big watches...why do they keep making so many?
  243. Incoming! (Need to take a break)
  244. Crisis? Runaway with your watches? How Fast? [Feat Stowa]
  245. Gong Xi Fa Cai, people
  246. Show us your military homage
  247. Passed on Orient
  248. Help deciding - Glashutte Original vs. Zenith
  249. Short intro
  250. So i overhauled my 1925 "ETON" today...