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  3. Ticino Watches, your thoughts.
  4. Master Calendar or Perpetual Calendar
  5. Oris 65 bracelet
  6. Are blacked out watches easy to read at night?
  7. Grail watches
  8. Accurist - 25 years old - only battery changes.
  9. Oris R4118 Flight Timer
  10. Comparison: IWC Mark XVIII vs Stowa Flieger
  11. ***** Shaking an automatic watch *****
  12. Homage watch: how to put my own logo on?
  13. Cannot determine the brand name for watch which I found on the street
  14. Recommend me a watch!
  15. Newbie
  16. Feeling compelled to wear Grand Seiko vs. Rolex to business meetings
  17. Need ID-ing an ORIS for a friend
  18. Matching watches with partner
  19. Is it weird or do others think it's wrong
  20. Can someone tell me if this is a fake or real Movado?
  21. The Road to WISdom
  22. What do you think of Breitling?
  23. Would this make you avoid wearing a Rolex?
  24. JeanRichard Black Friday Family
  25. What's your preferred Watch Accuracy App for Android?
  26. Grand Seiko etching on see-through case back.
  27. What to save for next?
  28. Vintage seiko advice
  29. New guy - where to start?
  30. Help Identify this Vintage Seastar?
  31. Let's see those tanks!
  32. Are the Invicta pins the same as a Seiko and Citizen?
  33. Three watches, three strap recommendations?
  34. WRUW Monday 18 January???????
  35. How Much Punishment Can An Automatic Take - 2016
  36. Help me choose Diver for under $1,000!!
  37. Birthday present
  38. Final bits of advice before confirming Purchase Omega PO vs Tag Carrera 1887
  39. Identify this Girard Perregaux?
  40. Help me choose a "right wrist" second watch? (with poll)
  41. What size crystal for an accutron 214?
  42. What happened to the Genequand 30-day power reserve?
  43. If you had one watch that never left your wrist...
  44. Black or White dial? Which is more elegant?
  45. Finally willing to admit I might be a collector...
  46. help me pick my next watch pls!
  47. Winding a watch
  48. Dressy entry level chronograph watch
  49. Quick temperature variations bad for mechanical movement?
  50. Pita Barcelona
  51. JLC Memovox Photoshoot and Alarm Video
  52. What Is The Smartest Way To Spend 1K On A Watch?
  53. Bracelet vs Perlon
  54. Which Oris watch should I get?
  55. Boy was I disappointed, Suunto Core
  56. Everyone in the room had an apple watch except me.
  57. Watch styles for mature men
  58. >>WRUW on Sunday, 17 January 2016<<
  59. best affordable tachymeter?
  60. Any Modern Vintage looking watches? Besides the hamilton intramatic?
  61. What make a deck /marine watch?
  62. What chronograph should I get???
  63. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 and Omega Aquaterra Master co-ax : A short comparo
  64. Please help! Is this a Dagaz Superdome?
  65. Who Remembers Their First Watch? Pics? Story?
  66. How To Properly Clean A Watch
  67. Let's see your beautiful rotors
  68. Anyone have their watch Cerakoted?
  69. Need more advise
  70. National association of watch collectors
  71. Seiko sale + Daily beater??
  72. Maurice Lacroix Miros Men's Silver Quartz
  73. Tudor Black Pelagos 2.0 Review
  74. M II K Watches Good Quality?
  75. What is your weekend beater?
  76. Advice needed for a gift watch... Chime in!
  77. A new member to this forum
  78. Watch related art for the office
  79. What would Indiana Jones wear (today)?
  80. How to check stainless steel finishing quality?
  81. Mystery Orven Swiss Rally Diver
  82. Enquiry on on rolex daytona
  83. Why do you like WRUW threads
  84. <<<<WRUW 16/01/16 Saturday>>>>
  85. Watches and Photography
  86. First Mechanical Watch! Help?
  87. Stop having ADs do your job for you
  88. Mondia (Zenith daughter )
  89. Crown size and shape matters?
  90. Tritium? Is it as good as it seems??
  91. what is up with the beads and bracelets?
  92. Rotary Limited Edition!
  93. Fun with numbers
  94. Vintage Nino
  95. Any watches with date complication at 9 o'clock?
  96. Fogged Crystal On Humid Days = $900 Repair?
  97. Milgauss: Not feeling for that thunderbolt hand!!!
  98. When it comes to band color, where do you draw the line?
  99. Watch as a wedding gift - circa 3-5k?
  100. NYC or SFO watch shopping for Jaeger LeCoultre
  101. Choosing a watch
  102. How to restore/polish a mineral watch crystal
  103. need some advise
  104. Get a good deal on watches in Turkey?
  105. Ever buy a watch because you had an extra strap?
  106. Ever worked in a watch/jewelry store?
  107. St. Louis WIS Meet up.
  108. Watching the ISS spacewalk right now!!
  109. Notable quality watch brands which don't shout conspicuous consumption?
  110. Tic Tac AreaAny help would be appreciated.
  111. Incoming - Prim Sport Diver
  112. First Peli Case... so much room now for MORE!!!!
  113. Has anyone purchased a watch from
  115. First Serious Watch, Finally
  116. ??? WRUW Friday Jan 15 ???
  117. Citizen Grand Classic MODEL: NB0040-58E Accuracy/Setting
  118. Tapatalk Crashing I0S
  119. Recommendation: My god I'm picky.
  120. Help Identifying A Revue Thommen
  121. Best Practices for a Face-to-Face Sale
  122. Recommend a watch for me!
  123. Help Me Pick: Rolex Polar Explorer II, Tudor Black Bay Black or Pelagos
  124. Heavy watches - what to do?
  125. Hamilton Pan Europ Auto on Nato
  126. Overnight resting crown up - source of increased wear and tear?
  127. I couldn't even make it through January...
  128. Chronographe Suisse 1950s Gold Plated
  129. I'll be the first to admit: My collection, mostly acquired in 2015, is not very diverse
  130. Last Chance To Buy Prospex SRP653 & SRP655!
  131. Seconds hand adjustment
  132. Watch crown winder for Speedmaster?
  133. Tried so many grails this afternoon in Frankfurt!! (Heavy PICS)
  134. Brand/Manufacturer "Felser's" - any information?
  135. am i paying too much?!!
  136. Simple casual / dress watch. Opinions needed please. (Sinn and Oris)
  137. How to Buy Vintage Watches Online - Ultimate Guide
  138. Vacheron Overseas Chrono versus Zenith El Primero Reserve
  139. Smaller wrist and tall watches (lug-to-lug)
  140. Please Share
  141. Christopher Ward C5 Slimline Square
  142. One jewel pin lever service
  143. Tried a Rolex explorer 214270
  144. Shopping list (collection)
  145. Casio F-91W gasket/ o-ring
  146. What's the catch?
  147. French watches
  148. Has this ever happened to you?
  149. My 2016 additions thus first Tag Heuer and an Omega LE
  150. New to Forum: In search of a Mougin & Piquard
  151. Breatling Slowing Down
  152. .................... WRUW THURSDAY 2016-01-14 ....................
  153. Powerball Dreams
  154. Pennsylvania or close
  155. Porsche Design 6625 Titanium Chronograph
  156. Help please ! How to protect my Swatch Printed Strap ?
  157. Help find a watch?
  158. Steinhart OVM 1.0 vs Oris Sixty Five?
  159. GP 7000
  160. Paging Dr Roland Ranfft ?
  161. My New Watch Blog... What do you guys think? :)
  162. Victorinox Airboss 241507
  163. 2 Pocket watches: Kramer and Sun Dial...can somebody tell me about them?
  164. What is your least-expensive "go to" watch
  165. Citizen Nighthawk! NWD!
  166. Rolex Explorers
  167. Hello All!
  168. Has anyone had any experiences with Omicron Watches?
  169. I'm searching for this Alpina watch
  170. What should I do with my Ball Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime?
  171. Everyday Drivers watch??
  172. need help for a friend buying his first watch
  173. What watch is the guy wearing?
  174. Please help identify this watch...VC?
  175. Tell me about this automatic Choisi watch
  176. Wasn't looking for this watch but once I tried it on....
  177. <<WRUW 13 January 2016>>
  178. Arabic Vs Roman
  179. My Slimmed down 4 piece rotation is complete!
  180. How Important is a Quick-Set feature to You?
  181. Creation watches .com Legitimate? or Stay away? HELP
  182. need advice: small scratches on polished parts
  183. New Watch Box
  184. Watching new watches (online or AD)
  185. Newbie Question - Upgrade Seiko 6R15?
  186. Show me (Wrist Shot) fashion bracelet/watch pairing.
  187. Paypal fees raised?
  188. Your bike and watch
  189. Watch misconceptions
  190. Ball bearing rotor vs no ball bearing
  191. Is this a genuine Rado movement?
  192. Stuck between the two - Breitling Navitimer World 46mm vs Omega Planet Ocean 45mm Ceramic?
  193. Recommendation of a diving watch with "depth"?
  194. The A on the Chronoswiss Timemaster Dial?
  195. I just received an Alpina Alpiner 4 GMT when I saw the sun ray Dial!!! Post yours up.
  196. ----WRIST CHECKS Tuesday 1-12-16----
  197. Vintage Omegas Please Help me with expertise!!!
  198. Interval Timer
  199. Movie watches - how many can we get?
  200. What is your opinion?
  201. SKX007 vs Amphibia
  202. Sure going to miss this one...
  203. What Watch Makes You Think Its Wearer Is A WIS?
  204. What is the starting price of a high-end watch?
  205. Skewed perception of money with this watch hobby
  206. Went on a princess cruise this past weekend. Here is what they have.
  207. Rolex Milgauss or Seiko Snowflake
  208. Technomarine Mesh Bracelet Question
  209. Blued Steel Watch Components
  210. Is my new GMT watch Broken?
  211. Tell me about your favorite over-engineered watch
  212. Odd Couples
  213. I need a longer strap
  214. Need help with a watch for my wife
  215. What's In Your Pipeline?
  216. So which one would you pick?
  217. Dressing Down a Dressy Watch
  218. MONDAINE Stop2go - ZAR 239.00!!??
  219. The Daily Dali Check-in
  220. Matching fonts on date wheels and dials
  221. Is there an Android equivalent of WatchTracker for iOS?
  222. Certina Watches
  223. This or that - Seamaster Professional
  224. Ebel 1911 - what did I get?
  225. WRUW - Monday Jan 11, 2016
  226. 100% PURE COKE
  227. Buying and selling your watch rules
  228. Pilot with manual wind?
  229. Manually over winding a mechanical watch?
  230. Please help identify this stamp
  231. Seiko Spring Drive Dilemma ? MM600 or Landmaster
  232. Patek 5711 VS FPJ Bleu. What is your pick?
  233. Best bracelet quality?
  234. Additions & Improvements to my collection
  235. Can u ID this 20mm Link Please?
  236. Which: IWC 3717 Flieger Chrono or Zenith EP?
  237. Crown replacing in Hamburg, Germany !!
  238. Enjoying watches and enjoying fashion, linked?
  239. Tag Heuer Professional 200M Stainless Steel
  240. Replacing jumping hour watch hands - trickier?
  241. About buying used
  242. SOTC - 15 months in (long)
  243. Watch recommendation for a life achievement
  244. A New member...
  245. Need help finding a watch that fits my criteria
  246. Certina DS Action Diver VS. Prometheus Piranha?
  247. Show Off Your Stainless (Firearms and Timepieces)
  248. Question regarding Auto-Winding:
  249. Certina DS Eagle Precidrive Quartz EOL vs Archimede Outdoor Automatik
  250. Your oldest and most recent watches on the same wrist ?