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  1. Watches and NMR
  2. First post intro.
  3. WRUW Wednesday 23 September 2015
  4. When catastrophe strikes
  5. San Diego WIS Role Call
  6. Collecting Watches for Display Only
  7. Does your watch has to fit under a shirt cuff?
  8. Secondhand watch loses time
  9. The Pope's wrist watch
  10. Would you take a Tissot T Race Moto GP Automatic for a swim?
  11. So.... silver, gold or rose gold case and black or white face for formal dress watch?
  12. Rolex Sub 114060 vs Omega Seamaster 300 co-axial
  13. Advice Needed - Would this 41.5 mm Chronograph, 50mm lug to lug fit me?
  14. Advice Needed - $400-500 to spend on every day watch
  15. Help Me Identify A Watch
  16. kickstarter vs Established brand
  17. Buying assistance please
  18. Can't get bracelet back on...
  19. Bulova 90B50 value
  20. Need your advice for my first watch (women's)
  21. Time for a date!
  22. Where are the decent, true hand wind watches between $250 - $1000?
  23. Shark attack. Mesh.
  24. Automatic Swiss watches with world time
  25. automatic watch winder for big watch?
  26. Do quartz movements come with the center post?
  27. Why the dearth of affordable "Overseas" GMT watches?
  28. My offer was excepted
  29. Need help finding 40mm sport watch?
  30. Help me date and price this Revue Thommen Skeleton watch
  31. Watch ID: President Putin!
  32. ...... WRUW 22 SEPT '15 ......
  33. Best way to polish stainless steel?
  34. Eberhard Chrono 4 Authenticity Check !!
  35. David Beckham's watch?
  36. Perrelet limited edition chrono
  37. Cheapest way to ship with USPS?
  38. Need Help, question about Strap Change
  39. Just gained a Sistem51, early views......
  40. Anyone ever heard of or used
  41. 6 months in the making...
  42. Alert!! Jomashop update!!!
  43. Vid: 7 Reasons to Wear a Watch
  44. Planet Ocean 46mm vs G.O. Sixties Panorama Date
  45. Watch shopping in Asheville, NC?
  46. Help Please! - Wife's birthday present.
  47. Watch dealers in Atlantic City?
  48. Panerai PAM512 bracelet!!
  49. Affordable alternative to my dream watch
  50. What's the funniest thing you've seen at WUS?
  51. Which of these? Need your expert suggestion
  52. Forget pringles! Watches, once you pop...
  53. OEM watch manufacturing
  54. Usually I dislike non-fitted bracelets, but......
  55. Blocking dealers in Sales Forum?
  56. steinhart ocean 1 (vintage red, vintage military, black) / armida a2 200m
  57. How do you cope with not being able/allowed to wear a watch?
  58. <<WRUW>> Monday, 21 September
  59. Accuracy of Mondaine wall clocks
  60. is it normal for automatic watch second to stop (for 1 sec) when you tap it to get rotor whirling?
  61. Help - is this a replica/fake Maurice Lacroix watch?
  62. Does this work?
  63. Certina DS First Date
  64. Chopard happy sport vs bulgari serpenti turbogas
  65. Why 10:08?
  66. Fair price for a Rolex Submariner from 1983?
  67. automatic spinner noise in valjoux 7750?
  68. Looking for Thin Grand Seiko, any suggestion?
  69. Finally have it narrowed down (I think)
  70. Duty free Omega
  71. New REACTOR GAMMA model sneak peek..
  72. Halios Laguna vs. Glycine Lagunare
  73. Watch Advice Please.
  74. Does it ever happen to you guys? Aim to buy certain watch, then bought another!
  75. How many straps per watch do you buy to get it just right?
  76. My first luxury watch! Looking for a diver under or around 3000 Euros
  77. Favre Leuba Bovet Moonphase and Automatic Moonphase: Why Costly?
  78. Two of My Favorites on the wrist- Sinn 356 and Bell & Ross Vintage 126
  79. Looking for a dress watch Bauhaus Minimalist Style
  80. Impulse Purchase - Sep 15 - Junghans Meister Handwind 027/3200
  81. Opinion on Casio watches?
  82. Quick Question: Movado 0606093 Repair Cost
  83. ~~~Sun 20/09/15~~~
  84. One watch only: GP Richeville vs FC Rose Gold
  85. Universal Geneve
  86. Hamilton thin o matic
  87. Omega Seamaster 300 Review
  88. Hamilton stormking iv
  89. Have you had your laugh today? ArchieLuxury goes on about Tag Heuer on youtube.
  90. Bill Clinton Watch ID
  91. Missing Movement Screws
  92. Victorinox? or go with Citizen
  93. Need your opinion regarding my next possible purchase (Longines)
  94. HELP: searching for black (PVD or DLC) three handed automatic
  95. Can anyone identify this watch?
  96. Yet another (quite specific) Zenith v Omega v Rolex thread
  97. Whats the difference.
  98. Where to Have my Rolex DateJust Repaired?
  99. Is there any differences between UV lights and led lights when we recharge the Superluminova?
  100. Quick Question: Movado 0606093 Repair Cost. Tallahassee help!
  101. WRUW Saturday 9/19/15 * * * * * *
  102. Help Me Decide, Blue Dial, under $2k
  103. 30th Birthday gift - Deciding between Eterna Tangaroa and Junghans Meister Chronoscope?
  104. Summer Crazy: Post your summer acquisitions!
  105. RGM Donates Watch to Rebuild Playground...Your Help is Needed!
  106. Even though watch is rated at 200m, I read to avoid showers due to soap damaging gaskets.
  107. Deal watch suggestions, ASAP!!
  108. Help Me Decide, Please?
  109. Looking for small, sub $1k, gold filled
  110. sistem51 movement observations
  111. Fold !! Help me .
  112. From how far away can you tell a quality watch / strap?
  113. Eterna KonTiki
  114. $5k budget but you can only get one watch. What would YOU do?
  115. DIY NOS?
  116. Speedmaster (???) in FX's The Strain
  117. Tudor BB Red or Omega PO 2500?
  118. Help identifying watch from new Legend movie
  119. Someone from Japan, here? I need a little help about a search on the japanese web...
  120. Vacation and Watches(veryvery pic heavy!)
  121. Theo and Harris anyone have experience?
  123. Vacheron Constantin unveil the most complicated watch ever.
  124. New member
  125. Any ideas for an interesting, shiny and flashy watch??? $500 and below ?
  126. Quick question: NATO on Orient Curator?
  127. WRUW Friday September 18th 2015...
  128. 21st Birthday gift ideas
  129. Gubelin watch
  130. Help with vintage Bulova Marine Star Chrono
  131. Luminox 6500 Daywheel
  132. What would be cool
  133. Breguet exhibit at San Francisco Legion of Honor
  134. Practicality of an adjustable bracelet? A real benefit or no?
  135. Timekeeping -- Omega and Rolex
  136. Rolex Submariner 116610 vs Omega Speedmaster Sapphire Sandwich 3573.50
  137. Looking for advise on a decent watch
  138. Newbie here
  139. Going straight to 5k+ watch.
  140. Cheap watches made to look expensive!
  141. Trying to find a watch
  142. New to WUS and watches in general - desperately need advice! :)
  143. Christopher Ward C9 Moonphase
  144. Watchmaking 101
  145. Jeanrichard Aquascope
  146. Movement Identification Help!
  147. Stepping up then stepping back down
  148. WRUW Thursday September 17th 2015...
  149. Do you think dress watches with blue hands will be able to be timeless and never go out of style?
  150. A little Tag Heuer love...
  151. Advice to finish my daily wear collection.
  152. Breitling Colt in need of tidy up before gift to son - England UK
  153. hands going round by themselves on a watch
  154. Anything more "affortable" but similar to this Hamilton?
  155. eBay bonus: Earn 5X eBay Bucks on qualifying items, $50 or more until 9/17!
  156. Surprising finds on Groupon
  157. Newest purchase! Rotary Les Originales Super 25 (Swiss)
  158. Which watch should I get: Rolex Explorer 2 42mm (black face) or Jaeger LeCoultre Compressor Extreme
  159. Cool Flieger Historical Catalogue
  160. CK k22311 - Watch Back Gasket
  161. Terrible Experience with Helgray
  163. Work watch.
  164. Does this make sense to you? (on the greediness of Swatch Grroup AG)
  165. The origin of the Poire Hand watch design
  166. Happy Jewish New Year and Shana Tova!
  167. Is Hamilton a worthy brand?
  168. The future of Seiko: an interview with Shinji Hattori
  169. Everest the movie - which watch to wear to watch it?
  170. Watch Rotation vs Beater Watch Logic
  171. What are your opinions on this watch?
  172. Buying value?
  173. Deciding between JLC Reverso Grand Taille & Panerai Radiomir
  174. X-MAS IN SEPT.................I NEED HELP!!!
  175. Value question
  176. Can't Decide: Tudor Black Bay Blue, FC Moonphase Classic, FC Moonphase Slim 38
  177. Are Regulators more accurate? If so, why?
  178. Anyone ever notice this before? (MLB/Rolex connection)
  179. WRUW Wednesday September 16th 2015...
  180. Is it possible to fix DLC coatings once scratched?
  181. Just a Flesh Case Wound - Thoughts on Case Scratches and Dents
  182. ID for a 18k Gold Pocket Watch Back
  183. GMT hand not in lign with main hour hand - what to do?
  184. Has the Certina DS Action diver been discontinued? C013.407.11.051.00
  185. Pre-WIS watches?
  186. Newbie saying hi
  187. Watch strap size when buying online?
  188. Tissot PRS or Oris Aquis
  189. Watch with 15 min chime
  190. Would you trade a new Tag Aquaracer + new Porsche Design flat six for a Cartier Tank MC?
  191. SDGM001 make sense?
  192. Anyone here try shoe polishing their straps??
  193. Geophysic - New Collection Reveal
  194. What is it with Paypal now?
  195. Ideas for slim / small-ish chrono for small wrist....
  196. Rolex Sub No Date v Rolex Explorer I v PAM 000
  197. How much is it worth?
  198. Quartz Analog Movements that use Lithium/"10 Year" batteries?
  199. Poll: What type of hour marker do you prefer on a dress watch?
  200. Have the Swiss finally beaten Seiko in accuracy? (Rolex and Omega especially)
  201. Hello everyone, I'm back !
  202. Prices Through the Decades
  203. Pelagos Date Size
  204. Site Hacked?
  205. **WRUW** Tuesday, 15 September 2015
  206. EMS?
  207. movement question
  208. Which retailers should I visit in Toronto?
  209. Jake doesn't disappoint!
  210. 1964 Tudor Prince Oysterdate
  211. Who will be the next Nomos?
  212. My brother's first automatic watch: Tissot Le Locle?
  213. Newsflash: the first bi-weekly WIS cartoon live! Watches & Pencils
  214. Getting first Panerai - advice?
  216. GP Vintage 1945 vs GO Sixties Senator Square vs JLC Reverso
  217. Casio Edifice EQW-M100SV-1AER Vettel Limited Edition?
  218. Brooks Bros vs. Tissot AutoIII or Visodate
  219. WRUW Monday 9/14/2015
  220. Quartz, Rugged, and Elegant. What are my options?
  221. Help me open this watch to replace battery
  222. Quick question: warranty from grey dealer - can you make it official?
  223. Modern Classics?
  224. USPS is off the rails
  225. Best Way To Charge Solar Watches With Artificial Light. IMO
  226. Keeping watches for the WRONG reason?
  227. Timex outlasting my other watches
  228. Historic Dodgers Watch...
  229. Discount Watch Store Review
  230. my first watch
  231. Kemmner
  232. Aftermarket rubber rolex bands
  233. If you could buy one GMT watch under $800, what would it be?
  234. Zenith chronomaster or rolex gmt/sub
  235. RIP Bruce Welby Watchmaker
  236. Quick Question on Montblanc Timewalker UTC
  237. What causes a watch to slow down?
  238. Stupid question
  239. Usefulness of world timer vs GMT
  240. WRUW Sunday?
  241. Movado Museum from Jomashop. Some help please
  242. Please post your "chick magnet" watch(es).
  243. Noob Says Hi!!!
  244. HELP, needs identifying, old Rotary, What is it!!!
  245. My new explorer 2 16570
  246. What type of movement or watch is this? I have searched all I know.
  247. Would you tell me what kind of watch is this.
  248. There... I went and did it!!!!!
  249. Help, Stuck date
  250. What kind of watch it this?