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  1. Anyone know this Raymond Weil Parsifal model?
  2. Legitimate question about watch pricing.
  3. Crown Paranoia
  4. Christophe Claret opens two new points of sale in Lucerne and Paris
  5. Dilemma.
  6. Just in, a Pilot Regulator!
  7. Seagull 1963 Chrono in Black and 38mm?
  8. Incoming.......
  9. OT: See you all in a few months!
  10. $25,000 on one watch. What is YOUR pick?
  11. Under $300 watches
  12. CVSTOS sponsors LEON RACING for 2015 season
  13. Here's a nice little read: Inside a shop where time stands still, an 89 year old keeps NYC ticking
  14. Lorus Sports Watch Link Removal, HELP NEEDED!
  15. I caught the bug again... after four years...
  16. AP Royal Oak 36mm v. Rolex Datejust 36mm
  17. Choosing a first watch
  18. The impossible quest: affordable ultra thin automatic?
  19. ---Tuesday Wrist Checks 7-7-15---
  20. Initial Impressions of my new Luxury Watchbox w/ Pics
  21. Contact for Jomashop?
  22. New watch arrived...thinking of returning it
  23. Considering a Hamilton Khaki
  24. My father's new President
  25. My New Vintage Addition!
  26. 10 watches that changed the course of history (in watchmaking terms, at least)
  27. Raymond Weil Freelancer: Screw Down Crown?
  28. Birthday incoming...
  29. Cartier Calibre Authentic Check? Any Experts? Look Right?
  30. Anyone familiar with Alexandre Meerson watches?
  31. Pet Peeve: Does anyone else find black dials w/ a white date wheel annoying?
  32. Finding an unusual seiko/orient atlas faced watch
  33. 1 second off. 3.5 Days. Yeah....
  34. Double rotor; questions to debate
  35. Watch bezel insert replacement
  36. GPHG launches Dubai Watch Week
  37. Official watch pictures from manufacturer's websites. Opinions ??
  38. Best Gold Dress Watch Under $5000?
  39. Vintage VDB today .....
  40. Watch expo - Amazon
  41. Will you buy from Greek dealers considered the exit vote?
  42. looking for custom watch hand modder/installer...
  43. Need help identifying watch
  44. Help identifying a watch please.
  45. <<<<WRUW 06/07/15 Monday>>>>
  46. Road and Track pairs up Cars with Watches
  47. Decent Two-Tone
  48. Seiko 7s26/7s36 Watch Movement Jewels
  49. Trusted sellers in AUS
  50. Need help choosing between two watches. Please help. Opinions based on looks alone!!
  51. Anyone have a timegrapher in Boston??
  52. Things You'll Never Read on WUS
  53. First complete build ish
  54. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms vs Sub & Speedy Professional
  55. Got'cher Watch Tan Lines?
  56. Ideas for a modern sporty/dressy watch with 1960s styling and sunburst dial for under $1500
  57. In praise of cheap fashion watches...
  58. Oyster style case recommendations? Under $3000
  59. Message from Little Big Feathers' son
  60. INTRODUCING: The Sea Rescue Diver "Tactical Model" DLC coated
  61. Style/Etiquette Question
  62. New to watchuseek and looking for advice.
  63. Which Chopard watch is this?
  64. Ever receive a gift watch not really to your liking?
  65. Advice regarding a proposed deal
  66. Any tastefully done watches with sparkles (aka diamonds)?
  67. Are all watch crystals installed with pressure?
  68. Please help me with this...
  69. <<<<WRUW 05/07/15 Sunday>>>>
  70. 4th Annual Boston GTG (Summer Edition)
  71. Omega Aqua Terra Skyfall or Glashütte Original Hand Date?
  72. Watch Prices Around the world? Who has the worst market?
  73. Narrowed down to 2 watches. Need help deiciding.
  74. Rolex & GS eye candy
  75. Lume longevity
  76. Square/Rectangular watches with darker dial
  77. Have you ever felt embarrassed when trying to given someone watch input?
  78. Does anyone else shy away from sellers who ask for 3% if using PayPal?
  79. Who cracks first? Zenith Lacquer El Primero
  80. Which Rolex to go for? Wife hates the sports models.
  81. Sales Corner Security Suggestions
  82. Repair or Replace - Options
  83. Ace Jewelers launches ‘The Ace List’ Volume III on 40th anniversary
  84. Hamilton Pan Europ Chrono or Sinn 240 st or Omega Speedmaster Reduced???
  85. Looking at the Tissot Tradition opinions?
  86. My brother wants to buy a watch! Looking for IWC Portuguese alternatives.
  87. Watch in the new PC Gamer Cover - Hitman
  88. Help me chooseb
  89. Your employer wants to reward you for a big sale you closed. Pick your reward.
  90. Eddie Jordan
  91. Swiss Quartz Question
  92. Perhaps Your Wrist is Too Small if it Looks Like This...
  93. The Watches in the Movie, "Focus"
  94. "Seller details not disclosed": what would you make of this?
  95. .................... WRUW SATURDAY 2015-07-04 Independence Day ....................
  96. Locman Watches - Any opinions or experience with the Brand?
  97. Steinhart Ocean One Vintage Military...HEAVY!
  98. Tip for those who like Rolex but don't like the attention they get in public.
  99. Getting married in an hour...
  100. Omega Watches: Now At Timeless!
  101. Jeweler damaged my watch.
  102. Christopher Ward C9 5-Day Automatic Galvanic Green LE watch
  103. What Just Came In: The Grand Seiko SBGA125 and SBGA127!
  104. Hey guys help me decide
  105. Help me a buy a TAG pls
  106. What's the Best I Can Buy with $4,500?
  107. *New watch*... I just gave in to temptation...
  108. $$$$$----BUY ONE GET ONE FREE NYLONS @ PANATIME.COM!!!----$$$$$ Check it out!
  109. Angled watch face
  110. Ebel manual wind - Help identify caliber number
  111. ***>>>>>>WANT A FREE RAF STRAP?!?!?!?!?!?<<<<<<***
  112. What is regulated vs unregulated?
  113. How did they know the time before the digital age?
  114. Fixing objectives & resources; help
  115. If you're selling a watch, how picky are you when selecting potential buyers
  116. Timeless Luxury store open on July 3?
  117. What do you do while waiting?
  118. WUS contact person at Govberg?
  119. Need help identifying watch... PLEASE!
  120. Tell me I did good ..... I think?
  121. The Stock Market And Watch Purchasing
  122. ++++++WRUW Friday July 3, 2015++++++
  123. Can anyone tell me if this is a counterfeit Chopard movt or watch for that matter?
  124. Is the Nomos Metro (37 mm) Too Big?
  125. Is this watch too small?!
  126. Heavy Duty watch pins
  127. Needs some help.
  128. How much thicker is the PO 2500 compared to my SKX007?
  129. Where to shop for great deals in Milan/Lugano for Rolex and Panerai
  130. Single pusher chronographs with longer than 30 minute counters
  131. I need a long, wide NATO strap (and can't find one!)
  132. JLC Master Chronograph vs Cartier Rotonde de Cartier
  133. Start your own watch company today
  134. Looking for Suggestions - German Rectangular Bauhaus or Art Deco
  135. Noob question ... Is circuit a part of quartz movement or is it the movement itself?
  136. Do you add or subtract the extra leap year second...
  137. How much are you willing to pay for a Japanese watch ?
  138. Lets see your personalised/engraved watches
  139. Hand engraved Apple Watch by Golden Dreams
  140. Rolex develops new watch movement calibre 3255 (stricter COSC)
  141. Are you both a time freak and a watch addict?
  142. Swatch AG 1997 info?
  143. Suggestions for a two subdial (vertical) chronograph that isn't thick as a book?
  144. Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback owners....
  145. Brand new breitling From a GD is slow after one week
  146. Colgor?
  147. One watch for the rest of your gracious life...
  148. <<<<WRUW 02/07/15 Thursday>>>>
  149. Servicing ETA movement questions
  150. 2824-2 Adjustment and Warranty
  151. Looking for a dress wrist watch that looks like this
  152. Have I made the right choice?
  153. Help Identify a Submariner Homage
  154. Chinese Mechanical vs. Swiss Quartz - What would you choose?
  155. How knowledgeable are WIS about the mechanics of the watch they love?
  156. What is this watch font called?
  157. Troubled about flieger (wrist size)
  158. Should I sell my Rolex Submariner 2-tone to buy a Grand Seiko.
  159. Unknown vintage Citizen automatic
  160. Watchuseek is watch u get!
  161. World Cup Watch Line Up
  162. Only Watch 2015: Speake-Marin Resilience ?One Art?
  163. Do You Wear Your Watch At Home?
  164. Sea-Gull M182SK Watch - Is it possible to change leather strap to metal one?
  165. Solar powered perpetual watch
  166. What happened to LouS?
  167. Help Identify a Watch> ceramic center links and bezel, chrono, pushers like on IWC Ingeneur
  168. Incoming, and a bit of a departure for me.....
  169. Help my friend pick out a watch
  170. <<<<WRUW 01/07/15 Wednesday>>>>
  171. What watch is Sonny wearing in this Space Station video?
  172. My next purchase
  173. 1000th post and SOTC!
  174. IWC Portuguese IW544501
  175. Relume: Respect the Chrome?
  176. Perrelet First Class
  177. Conflicted on Purchase
  178. Advice for buying my first watch
  179. Proud owner of a new Stowa
  180. Best Omega Watch
  181. HELP NEEDED!: Gents Monte Swiss Automatic Mechanical Wristwatch.
  182. PayPal and Ebay Concerns
  183. Speake Marin
  184. Introduction to The Watch Collector NY, Luxury Swiss Watch Dealer...
  185. EPOS watch identification
  186. Swiss Legend Commander Second Hand Problem
  187. Springback & resistance on manual wind movement (ValFleurier)
  188. Tudor: why oh why don't they make this a regular production model?
  189. Don't panic!
  190. Does this affect the value of 'Swiss made' to you?
  191. First step in the world of watches
  192. Small blemish on new Tissot Squelette watch - return it or not?
  193. My New Acquisition
  194. To change the Quartz battery before it is out of power?
  195. New Guy and a New Watch
  196. Rolex now has 5-year warranty, 10-year service interval!
  197. 5 ATM Water Resistant
  198. Regulation frequency on "value" watch brand
  199. Recommend me a watch!
  200. <<<<WRUW 30/06/15 Tuesday>>>>
  201. Putting a good word for ebay seller genuine_watches
  202. Tag Heuer Identify maybe value?
  203. a Romanson watch
  204. Reparing a vintage Moeris Tramway pocket watch
  205. Aristo 3H116 Bamboozle?
  206. Watchmaker dilemma- question.
  207. Gaining Leap Second Tonight!
  208. Aegir Grey Dial CD-2 finally on the wrist!
  209. G-Shock GWA-1100-1A3
  210. Do we have professional (paid) thread starters here on WUS?
  211. Jomashop Delays?
  212. What watch did you think you would dislike - but ended up in love with (or the opposite)?
  213. High-end watch stores in Italy
  214. FP Journe Chronometre Bleu - Broken on Delivery at Dealer?? Bad luck or just fragile?
  215. Omega Speedmaster Date vs Tudor Day Date
  216. Is there a Marine watch with no numerals or less than the usual 12 numerals?
  217. BOMBERG introduces new Bolt-68s
  218. Every second counts
  219. Help me tell if this is fake or not [Tag Heuer wac 1110-0]
  220. Price for Strela watch
  221. Every Crown and Stem Combo is Different!
  222. Unboxing My Seiko Prospex Divers SRP639K
  223. Ok, this one got me drooling -picture heavy-
  224. My first "Real" watch.
  225. WRUW Monday 6/29/15 * * * * * * * * * * * *
  226. Rolex Daytona vs Zenith El primero
  227. Automatic Advice
  228. Rolex Daytona vs Zenith El primero
  229. Just in time for July 4th -- America's Founding Fathers were all WISes!
  230. Are Montegrappa Watches any good?
  231. Thoughts on refurbished vintage watches?
  232. Citizen oxy watch
  233. Hublot and FIFA
  234. Looking for amazing husband...
  235. Rolex Submariner 42mm
  236. Overpriced Sales
  237. Quite incoming but my first actual watch case
  238. My First Grail Watch: Ernie Romers
  239. Help identifying a strap
  240. Best experiance unpacking a watch
  241. 42mm or larger dress watches?
  242. White dial, 20mm lugs - watch recommendations?
  243. My small collection
  244. Re-luming a vintage hand: how eggregious a "redial" faux pas on scale of 1-10 (10 equals mortal)
  245. Adjusting moon phase on watch
  246. Chanel Z.G. 58096 Real or Fake?
  247. JLC Master Compressor Extreme LAB: watch with an oil-free movement that was available for purchase!
  248. Bulova help with Half Links/Micro-adjustments
  249. Help with identification please
  250. Baume et Mercier Clifton or Maurice Lacroix Pontos - Thoughts