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  1. The Sleep With Your Watch Experiment
  2. Sources for Watch Pricing
  3. Lady's Day/Date $20K or less.
  4. My Seiko Prospex Divers SRP639K is Almost Here!
  5. wrist 6 inch and watch 41 mm
  6. $2000 Diver Poll: Doxa, Tuna, or KonTiki
  7. Help Me Find A Watch!
  8. Sell or not sell? 9 Seiko watches
  9. Have you ever settled for nth best and later regretted it?
  10. Casio Solar and/or Atomic with 20mm lug width. Does it exist? Thanks
  11. Need Watch Suggestions
  12. Thoughts / experiences with Bremont watches
  13. Hamilton and Victorinox bracelet quality
  14. 1960s Bulova LaPetite 23 Jewel Watch - Date???
  15. Typical out of the box accuracy.
  16. How Should i store my watches?.... I only have three.
  17. <<<<WRUW 27/06/15 Saturday>>>>
  18. Going to Japan. My wife wants a Cocktail Time SARB065. Is that too big?
  19. Any recommendation please - rectangular / square watch
  20. Iconic watches/flagship for each watch brand?
  21. Damasko DA38 Black Review
  22. Homages Made by the Original Manufacturer: Are they Homages?
  23. Is there any way, to turn off the sales posts?
  24. Opinion on DUO Adapter?? 2 wataches on one bracelet
  25. Watch serial numbers and the internet...
  26. Sweep quartz that is affordable
  27. 10 questions from a watch rookie
  28. 6 essential vacation watches
  29. Omega PO8500 or Tudor Fastrider Black Shield. Advice appreciated.
  30. Movado Movement Distress
  31. Would you buy a Grand Seiko from Rakuten?
  32. Better than the pics . . .
  33. My first unboxing thread! (IWC Laureus content)
  34. What's the basic idea re: "price available upon request"?
  35. Black date window on white dial: a nice example (pic)
  36. <<<<WRUW 26/06/15 Friday>>>>
  37. Oh no! Another random nonsensical This or That!
  38. Watch identification
  39. Help sway me one way or another: Omega 565 vs. Omega 285
  40. I need help finding this supposed watch
  41. Seiko SARB033 on a Nato
  42. Omega De Ville Co Axial vs IWC Portofino
  43. Not bad for a 1980
  44. If you could only own one watch BRAND which would it be?
  45. Omega AT - Too Thick?
  46. Custom graphic on dial
  47. Three Summer Rotation
  48. [Authenticating] Need help with a Longines
  49. Setting time disrupts the rhythm of the movement.
  50. Help me decide: Watch for my wedding
  51. Names and numbers: how do you folks keep up with them?
  52. Chopard Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Jacky Ickx Edition
  54. Watch delivery advice
  55. Persistent Dust In Watch Dial Issues Despite Numerous Servicings..Clean Dials Impossible?
  56. Some spring bar help, please
  57. Original Grain 'The Barrel' Rosewood Chrome Hands On
  58. Planning to buy watch in Switzerland need help.
  59. Question about cleaning and scratches.
  60. To Buy or To Finance
  61. I think I've been on the watch forums too long.
  62. Yes sometimes pilots do buy pilots watches!
  63. Looking for a watch for my boyfriend between $200-$400, pleeeease help
  64. Time for battery?
  65. Find me a watch
  66. <<<<WRUW 25/06/15 Thursday>>>>
  67. Got a new bracelet for a SKX007
  68. Affordable chrono
  69. Sterile Caseback - opinions?
  70. Grand Seiko Unboxing...
  71. New Watch Recommendations
  72. Anyone use swisswatchtrader UK seller?
  73. Hamilton 17 jewel Swiss manual wind
  74. Looking for automatic retrograde watches.
  75. Quartz, watch problems (Luminox)
  76. Is Victorinox 1/100 worth $600?
  77. What is your watch of choice when performing kids duties?
  78. a black and blue dilema
  79. I like cheap watches and I cannot lie!
  80. My first automatic! Finally!
  81. Techne Goshawk not working, repair?
  82. Got a new watch yesterday!
  83. Christopher Ward #makehisday Father?s Day Competition
  84. Watch review website
  85. What replaced tritium on dials before Luminova was introduced?
  86. Doing Business with the Seiko Boutique
  87. First service: leave it alone or make it new?
  88. Tudor Pelagos vs Bulova Marine Star
  89. I can't believe that there's an actual Seiko watch forum!
  90. <<<<WRUW 24/06/15 Wednesday>>>>
  91. Sub-dials with guilloche pattern other than concentric circles?
  92. Affordable (1K or less) Swiss brands not found in department stores?
  93. What's the next watch that's going to be too popular for it's own good?
  94. Classic ladies watch around $2,000??
  95. Help me pick my first watch
  96. Hamilton Digital Automatic. How does that work?
  97. Ever tell yourself "If I got this watch, I don't think I will want to wear another"?
  98. What is wrong with this eBay listing? Citizen Nighthawk
  99. Degaussing with HDD degausser?
  100. Breitling Caliber 01 thoughts....
  101. What's up with Android?
  102. Tritium tube under SuperLuminova = (Bright) Lume all night?
  103. My Strap Steal Of A Deal
  104. Did I get bamboozled... Seiko 7002
  105. Frederique Constant Vintage Rally Healey Chronograph Automatic
  106. Has anyone had first hand experience with horologytrader?
  107. One Watch to Rule Them ALL....Or at Least Steal all my Wrist Time!
  108. EPOS ref. 3415...
  109. Mondaine chronograph
  110. Help Wanted Choosing New Watch!
  111. 1998 Irony leaks
  112. AD discount experience (Bristol UK anyone?)
  113. Is this genuine tag ??
  114. Is this the same watch? Maurice Lacroix Squelette vs Aerowatch Renaissance Skeleton
  115. The Apex of Watch OCD
  116. Let's see your chronographs!
  117. <<<<WRUW 23/06/15 Tuesday>>>>
  118. [More Updates] Almost Perfect. Grand Seiko Quartz, My Wedding Watch
  119. WWYD: Have 8 Keeper Pieces, Buying 1-3 More Pieces
  120. Omega 2531.80 help needed
  121. My First Automatic
  122. If you're looking to buy a Rolex this month
  123. Parts for a Vintage rolex -Cal 745 suppliers
  124. Cannot remove links?
  125. US Open Winner Jordan Spieth's watch
  126. I rewatched The Game last night, the David Fincher/Michael Douglas film from the 90s (bear with me).
  127. Help a young guy with a watch dilemma.
  128. JLC faceoff between a reverso, memovox, and moonphase. Thoughts and opinions welcome
  129. Hi
  130. Any modern Single Pusher Chronograph?
  131. Unknown TH
  132. Thoughts on the size of this AP RO on my wrists?
  133. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Blancpain formalize an Institutional Partnership
  134. Skeleton automatic sub $1000 watch (non-chinese)
  135. Help me spend some money...
  136. Lost my watch at a party one time...
  137. Hamilton automatic problem
  138. Do you have a bracelet on your Autodromo Prototipo
  139. Watches from the Swiss?
  140. Rolex Submariner, Breitling Super Ocean.. what next?
  141. Where do you get answers when asked for help identifying?
  142. Help choose second watch please (<$2,000)
  143. No ADs Here = No Idea.....
  144. Damaged Watch Bezel - Help
  145. Where do these people come from?
  146. What do you do when your watches don't sell?
  147. <<<<WRUW 22/06/15 Monday>>>>
  148. World of Watches or The Watchery?
  149. Advice on marketing auction of rare watches (international)
  150. Recommended Watch Stores in Tucson?
  151. Happy Fathers Day! What watch did you where today and why?
  152. Interpretation: ...including PayPal
  153. What Sunglasses do you wear with your watch?
  154. Any good watch stores in Boston?
  155. Watchbuys Roadshow NYC - 062015 report - picture heavy
  156. Best fitness center name for a WIS
  157. 3 New Watches for Fathers Day - Devon, IWC, Visconti
  158. GS Titanium Diver & High Beat. A whole bunch of pictures simply because...
  159. How many folks carry around a watch microfiber cloth with them......?
  160. Looking for inexpensive skeleton
  161. Watches in key west
  162. Lume Intensity & Duration vs. Layers Info?
  163. Need your expert opinions..
  164. Running intervals (HIIT) + Skiing watch
  165. Omega
  166. How do you feel about mechanical's inaccuracy, or the fickle nature of watch love
  167. Bentley watch? I'm wondering how far to go?
  168. marcel alarm watch
  169. Where to buy hollow ground screwdrivers?
  170. Road (Watch) Trip in Italy
  171. Dress watch question
  172. Should I get this Seiko? What do you think?
  173. FeDex branded 17 Jewels windup?
  174. Archimede Sporttaucher or....
  175. Brand Fan or Model Fan
  176. Gucci Watch...authenticity
  177. Father's Day! (watch related gift)
  178. How do you authenticate your watches?
  179. <<<<WRUW 21/06/15 Sunday>>>>
  180. N00b introduction: jmcafee
  181. Questions about Raymond Weil Parsifal 2970-SG5-00208
  182. Brass Watch Tarnish Experiment
  183. Fooled by Amazon
  184. What to do when sold a fake on the sales forum?
  185. Decision made! (I think) Tudor threw a spanner into the works! (Pics)
  186. Help choose my next watch..
  187. Help needed adjusting Tudor Ranger steel bracelet
  188. Just when I thought my collection was complete!
  189. What makes a watch a 'great watch'
  190. DEWITT Concept
  191. Changed my mind - newest addition
  192. Changed my mind - newest addition
  193. Fake G-100a VS Real G-100a
  194. Pierre DeRoche TNT Royal Retro GMT
  195. SKX007 Crown
  196. Case back stamping, personalized
  197. help me to choose dress watch under 1500 dollars
  198. How can i tell if this Piaget is real?
  199. It's my 2000th Post so another watch giveaway.
  200. I don't stand a chance...
  201. Help Finding The Perfect Wedding Watch
  202. Any Other Watch Stores in Anchorage, AK?
  203. Omega AT gauss,omega mark II, Ball marvelight or Breitling seawolf
  204. Red Sox Manager John Farrell's watch
  205. Will Ferrell in Get Hard - What Watch is he Wearing?
  206. <<<<WRUW 20/06/15 Saturday>>>>
  207. Photoshopped Tissot watch Mission Impossible?
  208. Poll: Do you match your leathers?
  209. Are you a bezel fiddler?
  210. Suggestions for affordable dress chronograph
  211. New to WUS... Suggestions for Seiko Sportmatic strap
  212. My Seiko 6923 7059 from the 80's
  213. Common or an issue?
  214. Raymond Weil Old School
  215. Where is the release thingy ?
  216. Will your watch survive being frozen in ice?
  217. Want a shorter Breitling deployant strap
  218. Tag Carrera 1887 price reduction
  219. New to Watch Collecting
  220. Alexandre Meerson D15 MK-1 GMT
  221. Watch advise needed!
  222. What do you think is a good starting point for someone interested in watches?
  223. Black/Yellow Black/Red Accent Suggestions
  224. Rolex Explorer 1
  225. Edox Ice Shark II Limited Edition variant
  226. Help me solve a watch mystery!
  227. Watch sitting idle for 5+ years
  228. All hail the apple watch guy, seriously
  229. What to buy
  230. Can you help me find my vintage looking watch?
  231. Anybody know about older U-Boat watches? Circa 2005 Left Hook
  232. Bering watches; Just another Skagen?
  233. Would you wear an expensive (for you) watch while traveling? Region-specific poll included!
  234. Valjoux 7750 weird thing happened
  235. Need advice how to set up forum view preferences
  236. ++++++WRUW TGIF June 19, 2015++++++
  237. A little about my watch journey to date
  238. Unknown Rotring
  239. AD ($4500) vs gray ($3200). What am I missing?
  240. Beauty and the Beast
  241. Watch took exactly 49 years to arrive at my home today..;)
  242. Replacement Aqua Terra crystal in Toronto
  243. Chrono24 Dealer Contact Black Hole
  244. Steel bracelet vs Rubber/leather for you casuals?
  245. Luxury or Lie? How to identify genuine from fake watches
  246. Deal fell through, but ready to spend the money. How do I shut up that idiot inside my head?
  247. Reliable source for Casio F-91W?
  248. Review of an amazing value watch.
  249. Fossil watches?
  250. 1980s swatch watch duvet cover