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  1. Can someone help I'd this watch from the film: "The Word"
  2. Need help with my automatic Hamilton Jazzmaster
  3. Correct customs declaration for an international trade of two used watches?
  4. Another help me choose thread
  5. Worst custom you've ever seen?
  6. Metal Detecting
  7. How do we read the specs of a domed crystal?
  8. WRYST Ultimate ES40, Hands On
  9. My new watch.
  10. Do you wait for an occasion before buying your next watch? (assuming expensive purchase)
  11. Bulova @ Jcrew
  12. Help my family and I pick out a watch for my sister! Graduation gift
  13. Useless Lume
  14. Comments on Renato watches
  15. A blast from my past...
  16. How do you prepare for 11:59:60 PM, June 30 2015?
  17. Help please- Service needed for vintage king seiko in UK
  18. Watches you LOVE but vicariously, not on your own wrist
  19. I thought I would share my personal experience of selling my vintage submariner a year ago. origina
  20. Going to Japan - What to buy for $500-1500?
  21. ---Monday Wrist CheckZ 6-8-15---
  22. Advice re a disappointing trade experience.
  23. Show Your Inheritance Pieces!
  24. The old "sell 5 for 1" collection move.. thoughts?
  25. Someone Help Please!
  26. Question about images posted with watch sales
  27. Looking for Longines Watch value/model type
  28. Rotary Strap repair/replacement needed
  29. Momentum Cobalt....opinions?
  30. Which Chris Ward C60 GMT?
  31. Chronograph Pushers and Accidental Pushes?
  32. Your take on the Maurice Lacroix Pontos Green
  33. Introduction and my WIS story
  34. Watch recommendations aboard Submarine
  35. LLD vs Kontiki Date...What say you?
  36. Question about marco valentino watch ??!!
  37. Victorinox Men's 241497 any good on value?
  38. Incoming.... And fesh out of orbit! (Pic heavy)
  39. Watch to celebrate first child +/- $500
  40. Manual Chronograph Movements - all similar?
  41. <<<<WRUW 7/6/15 Sunday>>>>
  42. QUESTION: Buying piece from Non AD however they purchased from AUTHORIZED Dealer
  43. Longines commercial before the Belmont Stakes
  44. Help identifying brand
  45. Did I purchase a Ladies Watch?
  46. Rolex price increase.
  47. Duty & fees importing into Canada
  48. Magnetization applied to a slow running watch
  49. Watch hunt - Help me find this
  50. Curve(tilted) hour and minute hands
  51. Dealer taking advantage of me and my Speedmaster?
  52. Why do some watches have a lot bigger case than its movement?
  53. RGM Chrono on GMC Commercial
  54. Incoming: Cota Japanese Microbrand Watch
  55. Modern watches with vintage looks
  56. I have what is probably a silly question about how a watch functions
  57. Gray and Sons Florida Non Authorized Dealer
  58. What watch is this? (The Good Wife, Peter Florrick)
  59. Which watch makes you go weak at the knees?
  60. Castle - Season 07, Episode 21 - In Plane Sight (AKA - Poor Public Watch Knowledge)
  61. I would like to know more about this rare watch.
  62. A watch you re-activated from retirement?
  63. The thrill of the acquisition . .
  64. WRUW Sat 6/6/15 * * * * * * * * *
  65. what kind of watch is this?
  66. Need help with selection
  67. My Latest Acquisition ? A Tale of Two Spaceliners
  68. Hello from me!
  69. WOW! Bargain of the century
  70. Giorgio Milano watches... Are those just fancy watches?
  71. Demagnetizing is great!
  72. Prospective Watch Collection (With Commentary and Pictures)
  73. Suggestions for an inexpensive gym watch..
  74. how do you choose your next purchase?
  75. Real or Replica Breitling Navitimer
  76. Just got into watches a few days ago, guide me!
  77. Groupon scam?
  78. Suggestions for next watch purchase
  79. Help needed in identifying Victorinox model
  80. What are these spots on the polished surfaces?
  81. Help with first watch purchase
  82. New to the forums: Looking for some directive
  83. Alpina Seastrong Diver 300 Chronograph Big Date
  84. A WIS Movement in the Wild
  85. Tudor Ranger or Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 6?
  86. Shinola finally made a watch that interests me
  87. Nomos Dial Diameter & Lug-To-Lug Measurements (35 vs 38)
  88. Is Carbon the new Bronze?
  89. Patek Aquanaut 5164 Water Resistance. Ok to Shower or Swim?
  90. My New Strap Came Today...
  91. .................... WRUW FRIDAY 2015-06-05 ....................
  92. Tuning fork sweep second envy
  93. Attention fellow Toronto WIS!!!
  94. Omega vs Breitling
  95. Any husband AND wife WIS's on this forum?
  96. Water Resistance pet peeve.
  97. What do you think of the Victorinox I.N.O.X?
  98. Something wierd happen to my watch
  99. ETA vs In-house movement for entry level Automatic watches.
  100. What's your slowest watch to set?
  101. Bulova AccuSwiss Murren
  102. Presentation of Collection
  103. Why doesn't anyone make a simple rotating crystal bezel?
  104. Farewell To Arms...Or something like that.
  105. Impact of Chronograph on Reserve
  106. China and the Quartz Crisis
  107. [TourBillion]Is this the most amazing TourBillion watch? Need expert advice
  108. First brand or watch with AR coating ?
  109. I didn't need another diver, but...
  110. Dress watch with black dial and rose gold markers - Wich one?
  111. Prentetious watches in your mind?
  112. ....{WATCH on your WRIST Thursday 6-4-15......
  113. Swatch Group - Middle Range (Update)
  114. What actually is the "lug to lug" measurement?
  115. Helgray has surprisingly good customer service!
  116. Interesting Nigerian scam in the sales forums
  117. Used Ball or Sinn
  118. eBay: New Case and Bracelet??
  119. A new project CREPAS/T.A.C.T.I.C.O.
  120. Need help (Michel Herbelin)
  121. Small-wrist men's automatic?
  122. Need help picking a watch for playing spors (tennis!)
  123. 24 horw dial watch
  124. A review and my thoughts on the Oak and Oscar Burnham!
  125. Interesting article from the NY Times....
  126. Jomashop Experience (
  127. The accidental snob - has it happened to you?
  128. Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1
  129. Is the Bronze Age Over?
  130. Trust in a seller: Is it a breach in trust if you find out the seller also deals in replica watches?
  131. Does this watch exist?
  132. Looking for black pvd see through mechanical /automatic
  133. WatchBuys New York Road Show - Registration Now Open
  134. Watches On Campus
  135. Hype about Shinola
  136. Dumbest ever reason to buy a watch?
  137. Need urgent help on this Cartier Santos 100 XL
  138. Another unknown!
  139. New Watch Day!
  140. What keeps you hungry?
  141. My not so good experience buying at Time4tritium
  142. Has this watch been used/returned???
  143. 2nd watch: JLC master or an El Primero?
  144. Seiko 5 SNZG09 Legit?
  145. Watches and phones that match, in some way.
  146. Need help finding a watch that is between 2000-3000
  147. Should I trade my Omega Planet Ocean 8500 for a 2004 Rolex Explorer II 16570?
  148. Replica Watches??
  149. <<<<<WRUW 3/6/15 Wednesday>>>>>
  150. Looking for watch with 3 subdials for day, date, and 24-hour indicator
  151. Eterna Garrard 9ct gold watch
  152. Anyone own a Ressence type 1?
  153. Service Intervals: A Fool's Errand?
  155. Will you actually pass your watches down to your children/family members?
  156. Maritime Chronometer exhibit in DC - Mar 19-Aug 23
  157. My story so far
  158. Should it stay or should it go?
  159. Newbie question re: servicing an old automatic
  160. Does it bother you if your watch is common in the wild?
  161. Looking for a nice dress watch
  162. Excuse me , what time is it now ?
  163. Yes - a much sought after homage is available
  164. A help me decide thread
  165. Eterna Artena Lady and Gent
  166. My thoughts on the Rolex Submariner, and why I got rid of it in 1 month...
  167. Functionality in the sales forum
  168. Hamilton Khaki Filed Mechanical second hand defect?
  169. Which Nomos??
  170. Whats a good watch for me to buy, how to tell if I am being ripped off when I buy watch
  171. Forgive me if these are newbie-ish questions but ... springbars?
  172. Need help on which G-Shock to get!
  173. WRUW Tuesday 6/2/15 * * * * * * * * * * *
  174. Watches and Razors
  175. Trying to find out more of this watch
  176. Illinois Watch Co pocket watch
  177. Help! My watch has somehow rotated!
  178. Is this Panerai a fake?
  179. I love watches
  180. Hamilton khaki king for six inch wrist?
  181. When you buy a watch...
  182. Should i bid on this vintage omega advice needed
  183. no seconds hand lume?
  184. Strap match a grey dial
  185. Hondinkee: Has The Term 'In-House Movement' Become Obsolete?
  186. Canada Post tracking
  187. Best choice for a Seiko daily beater: SKX007, SBDC007 or SBDX001
  188. Raymond Weil Freelancer - Tag Heuer Carrera Alternative
  189. What's a good watch under $3000 for a son who is turning 21?
  190. Ulysse Nardinís new addition to the Black Sea Collection
  191. Tonneau, Square & Rectangular Watches - Show Us What You Have
  192. Is It Just Me... Or ?
  193. Ignorance is bliss eh?
  194. Introduction
  195. Luminox 3001 Advice
  196. question on the movement for my tissot T12
  197. Rafael Nadal and the $775,000 Watch
  198. Help please, newbie
  199. Arnold & son dealers ??
  200. Jerome & OE ?
  201. francona watches.
  202. Raymond Weil Limited Edition freelancer Piper
  203. Some random GS photos
  204. Just did my first 1 AM watch shopping.
  205. Rado ladies watch
  206. Watch runs faster when worn or shaken.
  207. Smart-looking, attractive, and affordable dress watches with versatility (under 40mm)
  208. Fun WIS gear.
  209. Need a Trusted Horologist Shop in Dallas
  210. "swiss guilloche main" on Breguet Tradition
  211. 3k Budget, here are the contenders, HELP!
  212. 1st of June 2015 - WRUW??????
  213. New to Forum - Saying Hello and Question on a $800-$1300 Diver
  214. Modern reverse panda chronograph?
  215. Need moral support...
  216. Brathwait in San Andreas movie?
  217. New hands for Miyota 2s60? Where to look?
  218. Servicing question (jlc)
  219. Fake Titoni ?
  220. Eberhard & Co., Helping Indentifying this watch
  221. Advice on next watch
  222. Which To Get: Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch or Grand Seiko SBGA011 "Snowflake"
  223. Why do YOU deserve a new watch?
  224. Which Cartier would you recommend to pair w/ a BLNR...Calibre deC, smaller size Calibre, or Tank MC?
  225. Fishing trip today
  226. Raw watches first thoughts
  227. WRUW Sunday 5/31/15 * * * * * * * * * *
  228. Movement swap from quartz to automatic
  229. Flip Submariner 114060 for Sea Dweller 116600?!
  230. Sale value vs. Trade value
  231. Yobokies beads of rice bracelets - fit and flex
  232. Please, give a warm welcome to....
  233. UPS: Customs exception?! For a watch?!
  234. People who preordered Helgray Silverstone: what color did you get?
  235. Chrononext
  236. New Arrival: Georg Jensen Delta Dive (lots of pics)
  237. What's Arsene Wenger wearing?
  238. Help in identifying this watch
  239. What's like an Orient Bambino - but in the $1-3k range?
  240. Titanium Automatic with Screw Down Crown
  241. The line between fun and obessive (aka wear what you want, nobody cares)
  242. The Swiss Watch Industry - Proof That Goverment Intervention Does Work in Business
  243. Which brand is least searched on watchrecon?
  244. Help me! Can't find anything
  245. Registered Mail Painfully Slow - Lost My Package?
  246. Pics from a watch fair yesterday!
  247. Delfin Edox Chronograph-Help Please
  248. What is wrong with me?
  249. Question for learned members
  250. Why I no longer collect or wear watches