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  1. Vintage Zenith
  2. date change
  3. Help re Valjoux 7750
  4. So my dad said he wanted a watch.......
  5. Winding your watch while its operating
  6. Anyone in Los Angeles with PO 45.5 - non ceramic
  7. How to deal with pretend-WIS
  8. Crown for SWATCH Scuba "CLOWNFISH ORANGE" (2012/2013)
  9. Do you accessorize your watch?
  10. if some can hlp me
  11. Eterna Media Competition
  12. I haven't had much interest in a bronze case ... until I saw the patina on this one.
  13. New Tudor Pelagos With In House Movement vs The Rolex Submariner
  14. An everyday all-arounder...
  15. Three months, 64 bumps, and counting...
  16. Grand Seiko SBGM027 or the Explorer 1?
  17. Invicta Russian Diver Ghost Bridge Automatic
  18. Ocean 1 Pics on 7.5" wrist anyone?
  19. Returning a Cronograph to its official COSC performance.
  20. Don't check your watches when flying!
  21. What's GaGa Milano like as a brand?
  22. Help needed! Shipping FROM Greece to Australia.
  23. Hello!
  24. Owners of watches that cost as much as your car.
  25. Just take a picture
  26. ....{TUESDAY WRIST CHECKZ 4-14-15......
  27. Alpha Jump hour: help finding replacement crystal.
  28. Marathon Navigator broken bezel
  29. Rolex polar 2 vs gmt\blnr
  30. Tale of Two Cliftons Please help me decide!!
  31. List of Automatic Watches with Ceramic Bezels upto 2K
  32. Mystery Timepiece... Can you identify it?
  33. Bezel insert question!
  34. What Timepiece should be in every collection?
  35. Help me find a new "beater" (Lotsa lume!)
  36. looking for ultra thin dress quartz
  37. Gold Stunners - Show them here
  38. Why Do you Wear an Expensive Watch?
  39. Watch fans in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami
  40. Ulysee Nardin Vintage Military Boy Watch - Real or Fake? Please help
  41. Swiss movement inscription?
  42. Asian 2836-2
  43. Suggestions for a no-second-hand quartz dress watch
  44. Help needed! In search of an affordable quartz diver's watch.
  45. Delayed start after winding automatic watch
  46. Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional 311.
  47. WRUW Monday 4/13/15 *********************************
  48. Need some help with winding action issue
  49. New user first post--Pita Barcelona Roadster
  50. Your views on Triarrows Poet Watch (Kickstarter Funded)
  51. How to remove this watch band?
  52. Polishing a Heuer Autavia crystal
  53. ISOfrane strap for smaller wrists?
  54. Before pulling the trigger on Rolex Datejust II this summer
  55. Junkers watch on a small wrist (6.5')
  56. Masters Golf Tournament Watches
  57. First time purchase.
  58. Top 10 Most Expensive Watches
  59. Need assistance on servicing a Rado
  60. New arrival.... BLNRl!!
  61. seeking nice watch straps for pilot, dress and diver: they've sure come a long way.
  62. Need help to determine this Rotary Watch
  63., anyone ?
  64. Protecting watch against damage from perspiration effects
  65. Scratches - how do you home polish Stainless Steel Watch?
  66. Universal watch around $400
  67. Is there a ceiling on price on a Quartz movement watches?
  68. What's the Rush?
  69. Sweet story about a clock and a boy
  70. Is STALT trying to scam me?
  71. I want to start a thread, but don't know if this place is too restrictive
  72. Watches of significance
  73. Siam Paragon Bangkok watch floor
  74. your opinion and any info on this Chopard Ref. 171278-5005
  75. American Watch Companies - The List
  76. Watch Art
  77. Selling Watches
  78. Does anyone use the Swatch Group Repair Center at Culver City, CA recently?
  79. Need some strap combo inspiration for the Tudor Pelagos (aka show off your straps)
  80. I have no use for that "blank dial with a jewel at the 12" Movado. But this ....
  81. Do end links reinforce spring bars?
  82. Full body shots
  83. Watch Demagnetizer in Northern Jersey?
  84. Omega speedmaster 9300, no serial on the case
  85. ....{WRUW 12/04/15......
  86. OLED changeable display watch...
  87. Popular brand that has not yet appealed to you?
  88. Rolex Yachtmaster (Why no love)
  89. Skagen Men's SKW6017 Havene Quartz 3 Hand Stainless Steel Black Watch
  90. combination bezels
  92. State of my collection...
  93. Post your most outrageous and over the top watch!!
  94. Anywhere still stock yellow frankenmonster?
  95. Purchasing used timepieces, why?
  96. Advice on recent purchases? Sharing my newbie collection and holy grail question
  97. IWC Portugieser 75th Anniversary Collection live report (loads of pics)
  98. Help me choose my first watch
  99. Logical sense or no ?
  100. Europe and its CITES law - any way around?
  101. Do you buy watches as gifts? And how are they received?
  102. List watches under $2,000 really made in Switzerland
  103. do you find increasingly you like one style of watch ie dressy vs sporty or whatever
  104. About how customs duty work after the initial trip abroad
  105. high end stainless steel watch
  106. Macy's Nordstrom Tourneau Outlets etc. MRP? $$$
  107. Winding an Automatic
  108. Pics to give you ideas -- Purple dial watches
  109. Refined Hardware?!?
  110. New to the Forum! And already looking into a few watches :)
  111. Fear of flying with an expensive watch
  112. Convincing parents to let you spend money on watches?
  113. Has anyone ordered a watch from Japan?
  114. Macau luxury watch fair cancelled
  115. Grail achieved - Grand Seiko SBGA003
  116. -----xxxxx WRUW 11th of April 2015 xxxxx-----
  117. Has anyone used the Bergon 6825 pliers for bracelet and strap changes?
  118. Is it wrong to ask what watch
  119. Just received my first Deep Blue, not a good experience.
  120. What other subforums on Watchuseek do you peruse...
  121. Size matters: Is it too big for my wrist?
  122. Need Help On Identifying Unknown Watch Model (Cerix CX-7778)
  123. Question about lume
  124. service for cheaper watches
  125. Marathon or other military/field watches in San Diego?
  126. day/date will only change at 2:50 am
  127. Rolex explorer ii or speedmaster reduced
  128. Can anyone comment on an AP RO durability?
  129. Hello and Help...
  130. Please delete this thread... No longer needed. Thank you
  131. Need Info on Mondea wristwatch!
  132. Help picking a Nomos watch
  133. In Santa Monica, CA - Where to go?
  134. Question about My New Citizen
  135. Brand spanking new 2015 Seiko Sportura Perpetual Solar Chronograph
  136. Help me choose - Totally open to ideas
  137. RGM 801 Corps of Engineers Watch
  138. Help, need a new watch 1000-2000
  139. Pleasing case backs. Share yours.
  140. I think i am getting there - collection musings and the path there (longish)
  141. Help: Looking for a watch to never take off... ever!
  142. Change acrylic for sapphire crystal Rolex Datejust 26 mm Ladies
  143. How did I got my watch magnetized by a laptop??!!
  144. Best small automatic watch under 350?
  145. Best small automatic watch under 350?
  146. Small chronographs under 500?
  147. How many stem winds for a 2892A2?
  148. WRUW Friday 4/10/15 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  149. The Wayback macine
  150. Tapatalk
  151. Times you were glad you wear a watch
  152. Watches: Mexican political scandal
  153. Beater at the door>>>verbatim>>>
  154. U boat flight deck watch
  155. Omega Speedmaster sizes
  156. Miscellaneous Ramblings -- Watches, Celebs, Presidents, Fashion, Independence
  157. I've never had disdain for Hublot...I still don't
  158. What do you think about this strap/watch combo
  159. Invicta Reserve 47mm Pro Diver Swiss Valjoux 7750 Automatic Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch
  160. Sandoz watch - do I fix it?
  161. HELP: Scratches on my brand new watch.
  162. Seiko Field Master
  163. New watch for a runner....Need help to find one!
  164. Tag Heuer Formula 1 Concerns
  165. CVSTOS ?Proud to be Russian? Collection
  166. strap code nato band review
  167. Citizen Skyhawk Blue Angel
  168. Three Options: Which One?
  169. 3thirty3 Black PVD Savannah Ranger Chronograph
  170. I was very impressed by this Ball. Any thoughts?
  171. My Friend Inherited a Patek: Travel Time? :Patek Question:
  172. Anyone let a watch they love go because the movement was not great? - Considering it
  173. Tag out of the closet.
  174. New to watches, need help finding one - specific criteria
  175. Please help me remove these weird pins
  176. Worst watch ads - turnoffs
  177. Transaction with twelvegaugetim
  178. Can someone with a small wrist buy this watch and take it from my sight? It's tormenting me.
  179. Who said big watches are going out of fashion?
  180. Where to find service for a watch - is there a recommended list or thread/sub-forum?
  181. Lightweight Automatic Day Date choices
  182. -----xxxxx WRUW 9th of April 2015 xxxxx-----
  183. Why wait for Baselworld?
  184. Was there ever a TAG Heuer Monaco Quartz version??
  185. Can't decide between a Seiko and a Orient. Looking for advice
  186. Do you have a specific rotation order? ....and other questions
  187. Lister Agent in Italy
  188. Brand name Ideas
  189. Gold
  190. Ladies Seiko SKY714P1 - Thoughts?
  191. Amazing Mail packaging from India (interesting picture) = HMT Jawan
  192. Possible trade
  193. Show me your white straps!!!!!
  194. NATO Strap on Yacht-Master or Datejust?
  195. Hatton Garden, London theft- including many watches...
  196. Looking to buy my first luxury watch, any suggestions
  197. Setting the date between 9 & 3
  198. RJ-Romain Jerome Steampunk Tourbillon
  199. Easy question
  200. Suggestions for watch restorations, preferably in Australia but will post anywhere!
  201. People love to hate TAG Heuer, it's STUPID
  202. Got one of my grail timepieces
  203. Looking For Modern Vintage-Inspired Watch
  204. Birth year watch suggestions
  205. Help Identify This Pocket Watch
  206. What found at Mum's house
  207. Stainless steel Citizen watch.
  208. Patek Philippe watches
  209. [[[[Which WATCH on your WRIST? Wendesday 4-8-15]]]
  210. Pictures
  211. A Speedy Pro Moonwatch in NYC?
  212. Is there a database for the watch production year?
  213. Two questions about dress watches
  214. Interesting Article / Video on Bathys Watches and Volvo P1800s
  215. Tissot t-race t472
  216. New Olio Watch ...
  217. 21mm strap suggestions for my newly acquired Orient GMT
  218. Sacrilege
  220. Rolex Submariner ref. 5513 vs. Omega Speedmaster 35th anniversary panda dial
  221. Best limited edition speedmaster
  222. Looking for Wedding watch for Fiance.... please help!
  223. Breitling Navitimer GMT vs. Zenith Pilot Annual Calendar? Help me choose...
  224. Reasonable price for vintage chrono 7750
  225. AP Royal Oak - Real or Fake?
  226. Citizen Quartz Crystron
  227. A few Seiko diver projects - last batch
  229. AP 15450 VS 15300 - Pics. Your input appreciated
  230. Aqua terra Gauss VS rlx explorer 1 214270
  231. Wanting a new strap. Suggestions
  232. Chrono24
  233. Swatch Theoratos
  234. Tennis Ace Borna Coric Announced as Hublot?s Newest Brand Ambassador
  235. Old watch: Wille Freres
  236. Watch changes date at midday - can't figure out how to fix
  237. Where are you on this WIS scale?
  238. Help me choose a divers/sports watch - Budget around $8,000
  239. Nivada Antarctic weird Caseback how to open?
  240. Show off your cheap movement!
  241. Purchases from Europe: VATs?
  242. EYE CANDIES to share
  243. Compete Assemble Movement Speed
  244. I Call You Out for Count: JLC MUT Moon Owner
  245. The 10 greatest watches of all time
  246. What a mechanical watch guy does when his friends brag about thier smartwatch...
  247. Can manufacturers change the hands for you?
  248. Do you have a safe? Do you have an alarm?
  249. ***Tuesday Wrist Checks 4-7-15***
  250. Tudor Rolex Oyster Prince Day Date