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  4. Choosing a timepiece for my wedding
  5. Shipping watches to China for servicing -- worth it?
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  7. What's Your Favorite Offering From SIHH 2015?
  8. Are the back of watches replaceable?
  9. Newbie looking for advice
  10. Can you guys help me to know which watch is this?
  11. ~~~WRUW~~~ Thursday 22/01/15?
  12. Looking for a new watch - What do you think?
  13. Movado overall quality, fit, and finish? On par with other brands in price range?
  14. Is this a good trade? Bulgaria Diagno with Rolex Oyster Perpetual date
  15. So what do you do when you LOVE two watches and can only get one?
  16. SHOT Show 2015: Leatherman Tread - Watch w/multi-tool bracelet
  17. Breitling Superocean Chronograph II : Stuttering Chronograph Second Hand
  18. Unamed Warranty Cards!
  19. This is why CONUS only..... a couple experiences
  20. Which Automatic Watch Under $600 with BEST LUME?
  21. SARB065 OR SARG011 ??
  22. Seiko SGGA08 in automatic version?
  23. Europe vs US...where am I getting the best deal from an AD?
  24. Need help choosing
  25. Junghans Movement - ETA 7750 Noise
  26. Mission to Mars
  27. Orient Star - where should I order one ?
  28. Oris - Red Rotor on TT1?
  29. Jomashop gift cards... what to spend it on?
  30. Dropped my Blue Monster, running +2min/day now
  31. My Collection
  32. Citizen Aqualand Casing
  33. Sea dweller camouflage
  34. Start in hobby.
  35. ---Wednesday WATCH on your WRIST 1-21-15---
  36. Keep hitting my watch on accident! asdfkjaskfhsakfhaskfh;a!!!
  37. Are you tired of big watches?
  38. Pulled the Trigger on the Black Bay
  39. Trying to decide on Smiths Everest or Seiko SARG009
  40. Trying on a Zenith El Primero 1969 38mm
  41. Did anyone notice CW introduced the new Trident Pro 600?
  42. ETA Valgranges - one of the most accurate movements?
  43. 38mm or 42mm?
  44. Rational vs Emotion/Heart. How do you decide on buying a watch?
  45. Held out as long as I could. Given in to The Monster...
  46. Colion Noir #steelwaiting (watch photography)
  47. Dress watch with no minutes or seconds?
  48. Omega speedmaster "alternatives"
  49. Invicta Markup?
  50. Can I buy from Nomos in euros from the US?
  51. 2 Watches I'm noooodling over.... :)
  52. Breitling - Sapphire Crystal - not all created equal!
  53. Chrono24 experience
  54. SIAP: Christopher Ward Rolls Out The New C60 Line
  55. 38mm Watch, Any suggestions
  56. Louis Erard 69 219 AA 21 -> Thoughts, comments?
  57. Help me choose a watch - Budget around $10,000
  58. Owner/Operator manual for Immersion H20 Watch
  59. Problem with Automatic Watch
  60. Anyone else not a fan of steel straps at all?
  61. Help find me a watch 24mm
  62. What pi**es the watch industry off more? Replicas or greys?
  63. Looking for a basic, white-dialed automatic to add to my limited collection
  64. Autodromo prototipo... Feedback from any owners?
  65. A Cautionary Tale (with a Happy Ending)
  66. What are your favorite Ultra-High end watches?
  67. The day I almost liked a Panerai
  68. I.D. this watch.
  69. Vintage Watch Restorer in DC Area?
  70. This man claims that his fancy watch helps him close over$1m in deals.
  71. ??????????.. WRUW Tuesday, January 20th ..??????????
  72. I'm obsessed with watches even though I don't collect or wear them??
  73. Normal for seiko skx007 to stop running after no use for a day or two?
  74. Will a 48mm Bathys Bethnic be too big for my 7.5 inch wrist?
  75. Seiko SRP605K1 vs Seiko SSA183K1
  76. Can't bring myself to flip...
  77. Last watch to pass before you pass?
  78. Help me! i need a watch like this!
  79. AD Mark Up
  80. Dome watch?
  81. Identify some of these watches if possible
  82. Why the redundancy? The dated WRUW & WRUW "Right Now" ???
  83. Typical......just my luck
  84. What do you have coming that you can't wait any longer?
  85. 8.5-inch wrist = can I wear a 36 mm vintage dress watch without it looking ridiculously small?
  86. "Holy Grail" Omega Speedmaster
  87. Get yourself a FREE NATO @ NATO Strap Co!
  88. Let's get some data on ceramic cased watches
  89. MacBook: Metal Bracelet Nemesis
  90. Looking for simple U-boat canteen look with perp. calender and possibly solar? Does it exist?
  91. Sales Corner - International sub-forum?
  92. Nivrel watches any opinions GOOD or BAD
  93. Oris BC3(7501) vs Oris Williams F1(7560)
  94. Forgot how much I liked my Irony Chrono Phoenix
  95. Saphire glass help!!!!!
  96. What do you guys think of this Frederique Constant Index WordTimer? (quartz)
  97. SW200 'clicking' during winding by hand... TAG Heuer's.
  98. Certina ds action diver (black dial) 425 new. is it worth a purchase
  99. Squale 50 atoms (1521) PVD coating.
  100. Servicing costs of high end watches
  101. Grey Market Issue
  102. Wrist watch from "The Guest", can anybody ID it?
  103. Help identify Longmire TV Series watch
  104. if you could have only one....and on a budget
  105. Mark Cross Watch
  106. Is this watch too small for my wrist?
  107. +++++Monday January 19...What's on your wrist+++++
  108. Is it normal that my auto watched stopped working 14 hours after last wear? (worried)
  109. Help to identify
  110. New Member :smiley:
  111. Chris Hemsworth Wristwatch Identification - Movie Blackhat
  112. Looking for watch brand comparisons side by side (in house components)
  113. Casio Lineage second hand alignment issue
  114. Looking for a THIN (12mm or less) Ana-Digital Watch (read more for necessary specs)
  115. Ummm, when did WUS start having advertisements for prescription narcotics?
  116. Strap change sunday
  117. Blue Sunday ...
  118. Looking for advice on a new watch
  119. Suggestion for new purchase
  120. Speedmaster Professional 3570.50 vs Panerai Radiomir Black Seal Logo PAM 380
  121. Help with Girard Perregaux
  122. Oris Propilot Date VS Hamilton Khaki Titanium
  123. Max Watch Size.
  124. Non watch people
  125. Omega Aqua Terra for first watch?
  126. New here, and now I have a watch addiction
  127. Which Watch For Daughter's Wedding?
  128. Watch without a second hand to use with NATO straps?
  129. Need help choosing a casual watch.
  130. I need help on choosing a watch.
  131. Request advice on a trade
  132. Golden Breitling and blingy Rolex, courtesy of your friends at the IRS
  133. ***************WRUW Sunday 1/18/2015***************
  134. Watches That Look Better on Straps/Bracelets Not Sold with Piece
  135. Gold Watch - Observation on Brands and Prices
  136. Everything does not have to to cost big money
  137. Dilemma: Flip Aqua Terrra for Nomos?
  138. Patek Philippe, difference between manufacturing year?
  139. New strap for Alpiner
  140. Analog watch for cyclists?
  141. What is wrong with asking instead of googling?
  142. Advice on classic style watch like Daniels / Smith
  143. I'll never own a mechanical chronograph.
  144. What is the max thickness a watch can be considered an ultra thin?
  145. Shipping etiquette question
  146. Incoming...Muhle 29er midsize, Glashutte's chameleon
  147. Dietrich Watches - Bit of review and amazed
  148. Is this the first Speedmaster ever made?
  149. Diary of a new watch addict -- ***help needed for next watch***
  150. Seeking assistance in choosing a new band
  151. Saving Battery Life on TAG Quartz Aquaracer
  152. Survey Please help me with a brand comparison project
  153. 1970's Atlantic Silverstreak repair?
  154. Bulova parts
  155. Breitling experts, please help.
  156. What is more important to you?..A super accurate time piece or one that looks the buisness??
  157. Walking you through SIHH 2015
  158. New York City - Shops for used or vintage watches?
  159. Looking for a daily driver 600/$1000
  160. Quartz watches are superior to mechanical watches in all aspects except one
  161. New to watches and collecting
  162. Time to flip some divers. But for what? Suggestions please.
  163. Not sure where to post this, Maurice LaCroix pt6227-ss001-13e movement?
  164. Black Hat Movie Watch
  165. Yet another which wrist do you wear a watch on thread - this time with a poll...
  166. $$$$$$$$$$$$WRUW Sat 1/17/15$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  167. What is the most useless complication?
  168. Watch with scottish feel or heritage?
  169. Similar to Stowa Partitio
  170. Has anyone ever heard of Choisi Watches or experiences with it?
  171. Daily wearer with a 15K budget
  172. Bulova parts
  173. I've gone off the watch I've been saving for years for.....need help
  174. Tempograph Retrograde Review
  175. Anyone try a Rolex DateJust with a perlon strap?
  176. Rolex Milgauss
  178. Should I stop a quartz watch I wont be wearing anytime soon?
  179. Pre SIHH 2015: Clerc Hydroscath H1
  180. Is this ETA mov't legit?
  181. They've Been Holding Out on Us
  182. Poll: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT vs. Rolex GMT Master 2
  183. What auto chrono would you buy? 2500 limit
  184. Documentary Re: Counterfeit Watches & Peoples Stories
  185. Help identifying this Rotary
  186. Nipple addicted
  187. Newspaper Page with Omega Moon Watch Advert. 1969 day after moon landing, with Speedy!
  188. What factors affect whether or not you purchase?
  189. Swiss watchmakers dealt heavy blow as Swiss National Bank removes cap on Franc
  190. Fine watch regulation tips
  191. Mechanical chronograph for runners
  192. Enquiry
  193. Need help with old Catamaran Watch
  194. Quartz and Auto
  195. How many in your collection
  196. Solar watch, odd behavior
  197. Buy before the price increases?
  198. Why I don't like buying watches
  199. Watch prices in Japan
  200. On tapatalk so can't find right spot for this
  201. New Valjoux 7750 powered Chronograph for $300, wow that's cheap.
  202. ***TGIF Wrist Checks 1-16-15***
  203. Contacting mods
  204. rolex precision 6694 help
  205. Should I be able to trade in this watch and get an Omega Speed Master? (watch rookie)
  206. EBEL watch help required
  207. Fantasy Watch Box :) [PHOTOS MANDATORY!]
  208. Adler Vacuum Swiss Watch 1960s, any info appreciated
  209. I must share. Beautiful mech dress watch for 20$
  210. green dial and green bezel sub hommage
  211. Some fun for chronograph junkies
  212. Does anyone know the price of this old watch
  213. Hello from new member
  214. Tag Carerra Automatic stopped working
  215. cyma synchron conquistador - remorse
  216. Negotiating pre-owned prices?
  217. Cool vintage bracelet
  218. Amazon Sold Me a Defective Seiko SKX007 :(
  219. Can you tell me if this watch?
  220. Max Bill Automatic --- needs servicing?
  221. Price of swiss watches + currency rates
  222. Isobrite Eclipse iso203mil vs Traser Red Combat
  223. are there thin ladies auto watches out there?
  224. Help is Needed Tudor Black Bay Strap & Rolex Choice.
  225. Can anybody tell me what kind of watch this is?!
  226. Who else hates "pages" in on-line watch articles? Some examples
  227. anyone used them???
  228. Getting Ready tooooooooooo Rumble..........HELLLLLLLLP!
  229. Swiss Eagle Landmaster (9044) - Opinion on the brand/watch
  230. Favorite movement you've ever owned
  231. Snap in caseback VS screw in case back
  232. New Member :)
  233. #############WRUW Thursday 1/15/15###########
  234. Ideas for birthday gift for my Dad
  235. ROSE GOLD + Black dial after BEST suggestions in ~$800 range
  236. Advise on first "high-er end" daily driver - $5k limit
  237. I truly never cared for NATOs, until...
  238. Best option for shipping <$10K watch from USA to Canada
  239. Garonne DeLuxe 3436 Retrograde, what do you think???
  240. Blancpain, Help identify and try to value
  241. Experiences in shopping for watches in Aruba: The results.
  242. Movements that hack but DON'T handwind
  243. "I don't like those diver watches... with those big thick bezels..."
  244. What did I just buy? - Bulova (quartz) help please.
  245. Automatic watch with the longest wound time
  246. Help identifying Accurist watch
  247. Feeling gross, naked, incomplete -- no watch all day
  248. Pierce Brosnan accepts new role as Speake-Marin Brand Ambassador
  249. Wrist size and watches
  250. Bremont Boeing Model 1 Review