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  5. Can anyone identify Gibbs new watch on NCIS??
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  10. IF You Rely On the iphone to tell the time think again
  11. Chronograph, Moon Phase, or Neither?
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  13. Raymond Weil Toccata vs Frederique Constant Slimline
  14. Proud New Owner of an Seiko h558'Arnie'
  15. Dress watch - Shark Tank content
  16. Current SOTC, recommendations on additions?
  17. What Major Brand Pulled Off The Best Copy?
  18. Do these have any value? Opinions?
  19. ***************WRUW Wednesday 1/14/15************
  20. Watch Bucket List - Killing 2 Birds...
  21. Ebel - does anyone buy them and why are they so heavily discounted?
  22. West Marine watch
  23. Suggest 42-44mm titanium watches
  24. Do you ever lust after something just because it's so "cheap?" (e.g. Concord Saratoga)
  25. Jambor store jewellers....
  26. [Orient/Seiko] I am looking for a watch with a blue dial[Advice].
  27. Autodromo Stradale strap changes
  28. Help find a watch: hexagon shape...
  29. What to do with fake rolex?
  30. Hack function not working - Omega SMP 2254.50
  31. Beat Aluminium
  32. Chronograph recommendations.
  33. Steinhart Ocean One Vintage VS Helson Skindiver VS DIEVAS Vintage 3646
  34. If you could buy only one watch. Would it be an everyday one, or an occasional one?
  35. Tapping on Crystal (Basically top or face of watch) makes clacking sound?
  36. Mini Rant - observation of hobby lately...
  37. My new Roamer Searock
  38. Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Auto Chrono or Steinhart Nav-B II 44mm Chrono?
  39. Tag Monaco reissue service
  40. What is your favourite watch you own due to it's exclusivity?
  41. Bespoke watch: Are custom built watches accessible to anyone?
  42. Bremont Kingsman all set for starring role in Kingsman: The Secret Service
  43. Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono H32596741...any other suggestions?
  44. Omega Aqua Terra 2500 or 8500 purchase
  45. la montre royale de geneve watch info
  46. Good Place / Online Store to Sell Used Watches??
  47. Collection ideas?
  48. How do you choose a $3000 piece?
  49. Dress watch for casual wear...white or black?
  50. Should I get this Perrelet?
  51. Have your watch tastes changed over time?
  52. Suggestions for watch bracelet
  53. Choices - ML & Tudor or JLC & Helberg!
  54. What're your watch wearing habits?
  55. @@@@@@ WRUW ON TUESDAY JANUARY 13TH 2015 @@@@@@
  56. Ervil Pocket Watch - Anyone heard of it?
  57. Itchy trigger finger - Hamilton Pan Europ (non chrono)
  58. Question about complications
  59. Looking to purchase Citizens AT2100-09E, and cant find it Anywhere? Help Please
  60. Retro/unusual diver
  61. I need a watch that has it all: chrono, sliderule, tachy, day-date
  62. American Waltham U S A Traveler No. 20480737 Hunter
  63. How often do you take your watch for a full service?
  64. Purchasing from Swiss Watches Direct
  65. Montblanc Heritage Spirit Obris Terrarum
  66. Which watch has a better value
  67. Where can i get a blanc watch backcase?
  68. Help me choose my birthday watch
  69. Anyone purchased off
  70. Rolex oyster perpetual Tudor?
  71. Reputable watch service centres in UK
  72. Recommendations for service - Chicago area
  73. Adee kaye? Any thoughts?
  74. Out of Business
  75. Watch Stores in New York (near West 31st Street)
  76. SIHH 2015: Roger Dubuis’ countdown to the Astral Gateway
  77. Problem with Certina DS-1
  78. Omega or Tag Heuer??
  79. Ignore - Issue Solved
  80. Help. How to wind my watch?
  81. ##### WRUW ON MONDAY JANUARY 12TH 2015 #####
  82. Fake $300 Citizen?
  83. Does anyone know what Buti watch Model is this?
  84. A bit stressed with my watch shipment
  85. A good old-fashioned watchmaker in Sydney
  86. What's it worth?
  87. Anybody knows ELGIN SOLAR RADIO CONTROLLED watches ?
  88. Chronograph Love
  89. Galvanized Blue Gold Dials?
  90. Bulova UDT. The rarest of the rare?
  91. Montredo....
  92. Where do you buy your watches ??
  93. I couldn't decide
  94. Another 'Is this Rado an original' thread
  95. Date markers on perimeter of face?
  96. Problem keeping watches charged...Hi Hel
  97. Best options for shipping <$10K pre-owned watch within USA
  98. Luminox 3051 Blackout vs Casio Protrek prg550bd
  99. Looking for a watch with arabic numbers on the dial <3000 USD
  100. What happened to?
  101. Help with oris watch
  102. Jay Leno on Real Time this week
  103. Is this Timex watch worth buying?
  104. Pls Help me decide! PAM111 vs PO liquid metal Ti 45.5
  105. Dress-y watch between $2000-$3000?
  106. New Member
  107. why I can't see the Vicotrinox 241315 in victorinox website
  108. Recommend me a watch please
  109. I'm firsrt real watch
  110. Cheapest, chintziest watch that you just can't get rid of?
  111. How much punishment can an automatic take?
  112. Upcoming Purchase . . . Advice Please
  113. COSC watch accuracy
  114. Sales Advice: Selling to new user
  115. ~~~WRUW~~~ Sunday11 Jan?
  116. Uh no not one off these threads again.
  117. Pro's and Con's to bracelet polishing on a Rolex. Advice welcome!
  118. New Guy Here!
  119. Taken 3 - Forest Whitakers watch, any ideas?
  120. Sekonda 3921 crown and stem and part numbers in general
  121. Best watch for $300/ £200
  122. Help with repairs for Hamilton pilot
  123. Victorinox Summit XLT - Replaced 3 times due to defective bezel - And broke again!
  124. For those that wear bracelets with the watch, doesn't it scratch the crown? Curious
  125. Tag Heuer Monaco for a U-Boat U42
  126. Are these Rolexes Authentic or replicas?
  127. Omega GMT Dilemma!!!!
  128. Importing alligator straps into Australia
  129. Exam for watch salespeople
  130. Biggest Watch Regret?
  131. Hermès alligator leather strap
  132. Raymond Weil Milos vs Longines Conquest-H
  133. Can anyone help me identify this watch?
  134. Battery cover mechanics with plastic Swatches
  135. ###########WRUW Saturday 1/10/15#############
  136. My Birthday present came a few days early...
  137. New project watch Tissot F1 Seastar
  138. ~~~ Got a PANDA?.... Show your [email protected]@@@@ ~~~
  139. Finally made my new purchase
  140. Reset seconds on an apparently unique Fossil Blue
  141. Any experience with the Beta 21
  143. The replacement...
  144. CHECK OUT THIS Swatch Irony Tachymeter
  145. Watch similar to hamilton jazzmaster regulator
  146. NEW WATCH BUT NEED HELP! Omega speedmaster automatic SS/18K Blue Dial Ref. 3311.80
  148. Philip Watch 150th anniversary E.L.
  149. What is this tachymeter surrounding area made of?
  150. Those Swatch guys are smart...
  152. Did you meet a WIS outside the watch forums and Internet world?
  153. Crystal Protector- Same Idea as a Screen Protector
  154. I've singled my next purchase down to citizen eco-drive
  155. What exactly is super titanium?
  156. Watches with unusual features
  157. Eterna watch identification.
  158. Thinking over my watch collection
  159. Is Authorized Service necessary to preserve water resistance?
  160. Opinions on this watch?
  161. New Member Checking In
  162. Looking at your watch despite using your phone?
  163. What is the most complicated/interesting quartz movement out there?
  164. 2015 Watch related wall Calendar
  165. Watch to buy under $450
  166. Information needed re: brand and model
  167. Red dial Victorinox Inox at Baselworld 2015
  168. Help finding a new watch!
  169. DuBois et Fils Flyback Chronograph DBF001-10 Limited Edition
  170. I took a punt on Thomas Earnshaw.
  171. If you could choose one watch...
  172. Selling watches within the EU
  173. What the heck is with this holiday season?
  174. Komono Watches
  175. Help me make a good decision
  176. update of my I LOVE MY NEW LUMINOX Space post
  177. Experiences in shopping for watches in Aruba & rest of the Caribbean. Anyone?
  178. A question about automatics
  179. Anyone/anywhere that reapplies tritium lume?
  180. a quick question about a victorinox watch
  181. Should watch auctions from China be trusted?
  182. Things that irritate you in the watch world
  183. Whatcha Got on for... >>>>>>>>> WRUW Friday 01/09/15 <<<<<<<<<<<
  184. How often to service a vintage
  185. Irony Metel Bracelet Replacement
  186. Questions about Tissot PRC200
  187. Please help a newbie decide on a new purchase
  188. Miyota 9015 watches?
  189. Dressy on a bracelet?
  190. Moisture in my watch
  191. Storing watches
  192. White dreams! An Orient Saturation Diver wearing black/white rubber!
  193. Seiko Watch movement 7N43
  194. casio amw 320r
  195. Finally in Switzerland !
  196. Best starter automatic?
  197. Affordable Space Watch?
  198. Trying to identify a Tiffany & Co. Movement
  199. Mares?
  200. I'm sorry, but
  201. Tourbillon for the desk / horological paper weight - best source?
  202. Some appreciation for you all (and some help with a tricky decision...)
  203. How often do you actually use the "day" function on your watch?
  204. Le Cheminant Nivada (Scubapro 500) ASA 2784 C-5
  205. Watches in cold
  206. Christopher Ward Trident c60 - discontinued ? redesign?
  207. Movie errors in The Equalizer watch. Can you find it?
  208. Looking for a collector of rare watches with controversy
  209. Marathon gsar s/number
  210. Crazy to trade 2 nice watches for a sub?
  211. 2nd Aquaracer same problem - Very disappointed - keeps stopping
  212. Would You Wear these Wittnauers?
  213. If you had to choose...
  214. Suggestions for rectangular watches?
  215. Sapphire Crystal - Are some more scratch resistant than others?
  216. State of my collection: My High End Watches
  217. enexpensive mens watch recomendation
  218. Can black ion PVD hold its own in the long run despite wear?
  219. Newbie has a mystery watch
  220. Is there a higher quality analog of Casio Illuminator?
  221. After 40 years in this hobby ...
  222. Name the bad ones - The WUS Disillusionment Exercise
  223. Well played Amazon...well played.
  224. >>>>>>>>> WRUW Thursday 1/8/15 <<<<<<<<<<<
  225. Need advice on a nice, cool permanent watch
  226. 1983 Swatch white face roman numerals back strap worth selling?
  227. Accuracy reference.
  228. Day at the AD . . . Lots of Watches
  229. Hideous watches: I like TAG but this 6000 model is hideous, that strap! Soooo dated
  230. Help Choosing the right Watch
  231. Could black ion watches be permanent/restorable?
  232. Leap second will strike again
  233. Moonphase or Cartier please help!
  234. Looking for a watch
  235. Please help: What are the buyer/seller protections when going through PayPal?
  236. recommendation for durable inexpensive water resistant luminescent women's watch
  237. Watch salesman hit the watches..
  238. Movado Red Label Planisphere
  239. Bulova Marine Star Quartz Minute Hand Shake
  240. What Is This Called ?
  241. Can you help solve a watch mystery?
  242. STEINHART ocean 1
  243. Advise requested on issue with online order from watch store.
  244. Help choosing a watch for work
  245. Please help - recommendation sought for casual silver-faced watch (with pics)
  246. Interview with Aldo Magada, new CEO and president of Zenith
  247. Just purchased first nice watch.. advice needed
  248. Pre-SIHH 2015: Piaget Black Tie “vintage inspiration”
  249. Help starting up my collection
  250. State of my collection: My Art Watches