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  1. Seiko 5 a series of questions
  2. Breitling Transocean vs. Nomos Club Automat
  3. Buying a Submariner - What colour ?
  4. Which white face watch to get? Rolex Exp II or GS Snowlake?
  5. Ugliest watch bracelets made by man
  6. Seiko Sarb Party
  7. WRUW Monday 29 December 2014
  8. Watches and more in Thailand, Germany and Paris
  9. Is the forum PM function broken?
  10. Alternative to Rolex Oyster??
  11. What Next to Complete Three Watch Collection?
  12. Intro Post
  13. Orient em58-a00t
  14. Seiko SNAF51
  15. JLC master ultra thin 38.5 vs Omega aqua terra?
  16. Need helping identifying Movado watch
  17. Any Kansas City based Watch Makers?
  18. For those of you who wear suit - I am afraid to commit a Faux Pas care to help me?
  19. Omega Speedmaster is this normal?
  20. Scratched brand new watch value?
  21. Vintage Omega Seamaster Repair Recommendations
  22. Help identify please?!
  23. Neat thin complications
  24. Did the Co-Axial escapement exist prior to, or independent of George Daniels?
  25. Android Incoming...
  26. I didnt see a thread for Helsbro. I just got my first one, very nice and sick picture
  27. WUS - Has it become more sales oriented?
  28. Refinished Dial?
  29. Cost of a day date function
  30. Can someone help me to identified this Bucherer?
  31. New member to WUS
  32. Another Tag Question.
  33. First watch buy
  34. What kind of 3D scanner is best for scanning watch parts?
  35. Fake watch VS real watch over the internet?
  36. New Watch Recommendation . . . So Many Choices
  37. Automatic watch accuracy; a very irregular matter!
  38. She Listens even when i am not sending signals
  39. Looked at the holiday watch deals lately?
  40. ........-----WRUW 28 DECEMBER 2014 ? -----........
  41. watch identification help please - MCDONALDS SPECIAL
  42. Hate the Orange monster
  43. Women's watch or ungrateful bastard?
  44. Techne Harrier w/ Myiota 9015 running FAST!
  45. I Want to buy special watch to 40 birthday
  46. Strange and really cool - my EFA-120 Casio Edifice is a new watch!
  47. First post: Does your watchband do this to your clothes?
  48. Help Water in Watch
  49. Rose gold triple calendar watch.
  50. High end quality?
  51. grey market
  52. Watch with the glow (lumin?) function around $1000?
  53. My new passion/hobby or call it whatever :)
  54. What would you pay for this quartz watch?
  55. Regulating mechanical watch
  56. Why is the second hand not geared with the minute and hour hands?
  57. New Christmas Watch!
  58. Could really use some help. 24 subdial
  59. Skiing with a leather strap
  60. Do you think Omega misrepresents it's "founding" date?
  61. &&&&&& WRUW ON SATURDAY DECEMBER 27TH 2014 &&&&&&
  62. Rodina Automatic stops moving on & off???? help??
  63. The best watch under 10k ? Please help
  64. Is the Rolex Sub' the WIS equivalent of the Harley Davidson Heritage Softtail?
  65. Small mechanical watch recommendations. ~$1000 range.
  66. Pelican 1150 / 1170 / 1200 - Which will fit my (modest) collection??
  67. Inherited a Jaeger LeCoultre, is it legit?
  68. I'm wearing the Rolex 1675 GMT on my birthday....
  69. Convince me to get a Rolex Submariner 116610?!
  70. True of false ? water proof / resistant but not shower proof ???
  71. Where are Bulova watches made
  72. Pierre Kunz
  73. Privately held watch makers: Is there a list?
  74. Any New Year's Watch Resolutions?
  75. Next generation enjoys wrist watches with a retro touch
  76. I Have a question.
  77. Size Does Matter - SuperAvenger Vs LuminorMarina Vs Railmaster XXL
  78. New addition to my collection - Alexandre Meerson Altitude Premiere
  79. Standout pieces of 1995
  80. *_*_*_* WRUW 26 DECEMBER 2014 *_*_*_*
  81. Watch case questions
  82. Think I'm Falling In Love
  83. could I have possibly damaged my skx 007 by setting it improperly?
  84. A watch for dad - extremely difficult
  85. Anyone know what movement this is?
  86. Advice requested on Omega (£3000) vs Rolex (£6000)
  87. Dagaz Thunderbolt or Archimede 39mm pilot
  88. Status of collection
  89. Best answer when people say 'But my iPhone tells the same time as your watch'
  90. PSA: "Factory Made" will have a segment on watches
  91. Vintage Chronographs $1k or less with a large (> 39mm) dial
  92. Opinions on a Tag Heuer WT111P.BA0550 Diamond Link
  93. Tritium upgrade
  94. HELP me ID the watch I just got for Christmas please
  95. Watch broken after battery change
  96. Revue Thommen - location of serial number?
  97. Christmas present watches. Show us all.
  98. alpex? trying to identify the movement
  99. Merry Christmas to All!
  100. That moment when you...
  101. Anyone Ever Bet Watch In Poker Game - Like In the Movies?
  102. Feeding my sickness on Christmas Eve.
  103. A message from my Tudor Prince D/D!
  104. Swatch Nitespeed Help (Sub Dial Confusion)
  105. How much is too much to pay for quartz watches?
  106. Pelagos or what for christmas??
  107. Cartier Santos 100
  108. Need some help
  109. Hello all
  110. Mystery Lucien Piccard
  111. *_*_*_* WRUW 25 DECEMBER 2014 *_*_*_*
  112. Raymond Weil the brand
  113. No private sellers Panerai?
  114. What is your "reference time" to which you set and measure your mechanicals against ?
  115. Nicest watches around 2k euros?
  116. A cryptic Christmas message from Watchuseek
  117. need info regarding HMT automatic watch that can fit on small wrist for men
  118. Christmas Eve arm bling LETS SEE YOURS
  119. Citroen dedicated watch to Sebastién Loeb
  120. uts 3000m vs uts 4000m ?
  121. What was the First See-Through Caseback Wristwatch?
  122. Ressence!
  123. Need help identifying this watch please...
  124. Taking A Watch On A Dive?
  125. Another first watch purchase, please help :)
  126. Kicking a Dead Horse: A Bit of Advise and Direction
  127. Motorcycle Riders: What watch do you Wear when Riding?
  128. What would you pay????
  129. Odd resistance & clicking when manually winding up TAG Carrera
  130. How to Set Date/Time on a Watch
  131. Need your expert advice so I don't ruin my watch!
  132. ...:::::WRUW-WEDNESDAY-DECEMBER-24-2014:::::...
  133. What's your favorite precious metal on a Rolex and why?
  134. Ever rose chocolate dial Daytona
  135. How do you guys define beater?
  136. new aquistitions
  137. Need help on identifying this Timex Watch
  138. #shareyourwatch
  139. Advice on a new watch
  140. Quick question - Tag Heuer
  141. 197x Omega Geneve
  142. Do all watches have a reference number?
  143. Afraid of what I might get for Christmas
  144. Here we go AGAIN: Tudor BB vs Omega SMPc
  145. Couldn't be happier ...
  146. Blancpain launches ‘Innovation is our tradition’ corporate movie
  147. WAYKW - What are your KIDS wearing ?
  148. How watch size can be misleading...
  149. Watch Crown Too Small
  150. Which JLC Master series is almost Versatile
  151. Real 'statement' Wristwatch Suggestions
  152. Best Precious Metal Watch
  153. Changing links without arrows
  154. Seiko SARB031 Repair
  155. ┳┗┛┳┗┛┳┗┛ Tuesday December 23 2014 WRUW ┳┗┛┳┗┛┳┗┛
  156. Identify: Doctor Who Watches
  157. Tissot PRS 516 Mens Chronograph Watch T044.417.21.051.00 (USED, HELP)
  158. citizen eco drive super titanium ca0021-02e compatible titanium bracelet
  159. T-touch water resistance question... (AKA "oh no, not this again")
  160. Watch heaven in Singapore
  161. Iconic watches - grey market or not?
  162. New Seiko Sea Urchin But Disappointed
  163. Trade or add
  164. Skiing with watches?
  165. Battery For Kenneth Cole KC9110
  166. When being a watch snob is fun!
  167. Incoming!!!
  168. Help to identify / value a Vacheron Constantin watch
  169. saying goodbye to an old friend
  170. Getting past the stigma of wearing a noticeably expensive watch?
  171. Hamilton or St Moritz Momentum
  172. Mainspring Question
  173. Can you help me find some good watches under $1000
  174. Last chance to get a Nomos, Grand Seiko, Bremont or more and get it in time for Christmas!
  175. Pressure Testing
  176. Looking for Grey Market watch dealers in Canada
  177. Speedy Moonwatch vs. Rolex Explorer II - which one should I go for? Need to decide today..
  178. Taunton, Massachusetts - It's About Time Clock Repair
  179. Meet Britain's most exclusive watchmaker
  180. Blue Hour Girard Perregaux 1966
  181. Year in review- 2014, otherwise known as "why I need to chill out"
  182. Help Needed For Buying A Watch
  183. Serious Question - What watch does Santa wear ?
  184. What Louis Erard model is this? (First post)
  185. Breitling A57350 - genuine?
  186. change day from German to English-ETA 2824-2
  187. What to expect? Watch is to be delivered today.
  188. My new day date 2 yellow gold
  189. Bulova broke. Independent watch store quoted 190$ to fix it.
  190. Movement Performance
  191. Another help-me-find-a-watch thread... Degree of difficulty: Smaller than 40mm
  192. Swiss Made Bulova?
  193. About this Roger Dubuis- fake or legit?
  194. Thoughts on Shinola Runwell? + Watch recommendation
  195. Watch enthusiasm explanations
  196. ....-....-.... WRUW? Monday- December 22, 2014 ....-....-....
  197. Omega Speedmaster co-axial 3313 - recent model
  198. Rolex Day date 2 dial?
  199. How does Timex do it?
  200. GS vs Citizen
  201. Need help to identify Santa's watch
  202. Temptation to swap
  203. Watch ID, Greg Kinnear in Heaven Is For Real
  204. Pelagos vs Black Bay Blue vs Black Bay Red
  205. I should have listened and steered clear of MWC......
  206. Batteries: 377 same as SR626SW?
  207. Girard Perregaux 8020 in UK. Newbie advice needed please
  208. Jeweller damaged my Rolex, Help!
  209. Ernst Benz holliday greetings>>>>
  210. Need an opinion
  211. I Dream of Nomos
  212. Omega speedmaster vs Nomos metro
  213. Choices under $3500
  214. Balber / Balbertime
  215. Picked up a piece today.
  216. Seiko SKX007 vs. Seiko Sumo
  217. Overdue?
  218. The Illusive Ulysse Nardin Valjoux 72 ref. 7536-2
  219. Watches and customs...
  220. Omega Dynamic vs Heuer CS3113
  221. Watchadoo Bracelet: Does it work on my Breitling?
  222. Timex-cellent?
  223. Crown sign
  224. collection evolution over 14 years...
  225. Armitron's newest model - Vintage look
  226. Thoughts and Opinions on Seiko SRP453
  227. ~~~ WAUW~~~Sunday 21/12/14?
  228. 2 vintage VC ultra-thins for one new JLC ultra thin Reverso: Dumb move?
  229. Funny quote from JLC service manual
  230. Have you ever had a mechanical watch become magnetised?
  231. Waltham 8 day
  232. Timex Ironman
  233. Can I use Seiko SARB035 bracelet on Seiko Sumo SBDC005?
  234. Pictures of the Production models of the Bremont Boeing
  235. My 40th Bday Watch, suggestions welcome
  236. Cartier Santos - please help is it authentic?
  237. How To Force Patina On A Bronze Watch???
  238. Mulco watches (forum sponsor)
  239. Oops Jomashop!
  240. Looking for a Benrus style watch with earth colors
  241. Do you care about the movement?
  242. There needs to be a WIS addicts forum.....
  243. Your initial offer on ebay or chrono24 sale with "make an offer?"
  244. Movado
  245. My Chronosport collection
  247. For 5K, Omega De ville (3313) or Zenith El Primero stratos or rainbow
  248. Bvlgari Diagono Scuba Real or replica
  249. ---Saturday Wrist CheckZ 12 20-14---
  250. Noob questions about quick setting a date in the danger zone?