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  1. Nice Tudor, Dad
  2. Crown behaviour of ETA 2824-2 movement
  3. Watch for my wife she likes the Tank Cartier but so expensive for a quartz
  4. MadMen Watch under $1500 new? 50’s-60’s vibe
  5. Looking for opinions on this Perrelet.
  6. Which strap looks best?
  7. Feedback on my next watch
  8. I finally figured it out - the PERFECT 2 watch collection
  9. With Whom do watch brands consult with for prospective models and designs.
  10. Looking for my next daily watch - Need suggestions
  11. Collecting, gambling and hoarding hip pieces.
  12. Missing: Lorus Sports aviator-style ana-digi watch
  13. Mondaine Sport DayDate - Did I get scammed?
  14. Would love to learn about my dad's watches
  15. Vacheron Constantin oversea Underrated?
  16. Seiko 5 SNKE01 for daily wear?
  17. Bad economy and watch purchases
  18. ****** WRUW Saturday, December 29, 2018 ******
  19. How much Thought do you give to Lugs when buying?
  20. WRUWFS what are you wearing for skiing?
  21. chase durer special forces udt 1000xl
  22. The Daily Beater. A myth?
  23. Help - Ronda Z60 into Zodiac
  24. What's everyones thoughts on Microbrands ?
  25. What is my collection missing?
  26. My 20-year+ search had ended
  27. Impossible straight crown.
  28. My 6 month collecting history
  29. Bronze experiment - opinions needed!
  30. What's your grail watch?
  31. Identification of watch please - Green face, Gold metal
  32. I'm Not Henry.
  33. Show Your Scratched Crystals
  34. Omega Speedmaster ref 145.022 w/ replacement movement??
  35. Miyota 8215 Winding query
  36. What are the most beautiful quartz watches?
  37. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Friday 12/28/18 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  38. Help Me, Please...
  39. Omega Speedmaster 'Moonwatch' VS Tudor Black Bay 58
  40. AP 15400ST Prices
  41. First bang to watch
  42. Watches with railroad tracks on dial
  43. Is it a problem if metal on strap is different from watch metal
  44. Charging solar watches
  45. ..has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed...
  46. Tissot Classic Dream vs Seiko SGEG97P1?
  47. Help me pick a 36-38mm vintage styled (or vintage) dress watch!
  48. Calvin Klein K4B 381, where could I find the screws?
  49. Is it pretty bad that I RANDOMLY bought this Movado?
  50. Looking for a nice new watch
  51. Etiquette- How Long is Too Long For PayPal Dispute?
  52. It begins!! Stowa Flieger??
  53. ************Thursday-December-27th-2018-WRUW************
  54. I don't get it, Why Steel Patek worth more than GOLD Patek ?
  55. Is this Movado good or does it look like a ladies watch?
  56. Panerai 1392 Authenticity Check
  57. Christmas/Hanukkah Watch and......
  58. This or That - Birthday Watch
  59. Ok how does the Orient lume compare to Seiko
  60. Need Help Finding a Similar calendar Watch
  61. Movado Red Label -or- Tag Heuer Link?
  62. *Another* Watch Sugestion Thread...
  63. Own any pairs? A real WIS question
  64. White or black guanqin gj16034
  65. Million Dollar Heist on Christmas Night
  66. Everest Watchworks Re-Lume Job
  67. What movement in guanqin gj16034
  68. Recommend sturdy tool watch for dad - only Speedmasters last
  69. Which Orient?
  70. Your thoughts on Frederic Piguet movements
  71. Movado or Hamilton for dress watch?
  72. Is my crown fully screwed down?
  73. <<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Wednesday 12/26/18 >>>>>>>>>>>
  74. 2 Divers under 400$ (need help)
  75. Question on SEIKO SNZF15K1...hacking,manual wind,lume
  76. What watch is this?
  77. Realistic Handengraving on watch clasp
  78. Do you have a "THAT" watch story?
  79. Never thought Id I like (insert brand here)
  80. Seek or Tissot dress watch?
  81. Hamilton jazzmaster or citizen stiletto
  82. Bulova Accutron from white collar
  83. Talk me out of it...
  84. an end of the year SOTC
  85. Intro
  86. WOCCI Watch straps -are they OK ?
  87. When Did Accuracy Start Mattering?
  88. Marathon TSAR Bracelet ideas
  89. Halios Seaforth III - Merry Christmas to Me!
  90. Which affordable automatic dress watch
  91. 3 edc Watches under 400 bucks (need help)
  92. Is this a half link that I can remove?
  93. Can a lawyer wear a watch with no second hand or would that be horrible?
  94. Are Tissot quartz watches good or do they suck?
  95. Categories of Watches
  96. Picking up a new watch next weekend, need help!
  97. Patek help
  98. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms sapphire bezel
  99. Jumping from Set and forget quartz to Automatic. what's it like?
  100. Any Aussie Panerai enthusiasts? Where to buy? How much discount is normal?
  101. Wife's big yuck
  102. Help to decide Mido vs Hamilton vs ball
  103. If it says Tossit is it probably fake?
  104. Experience with Omega 2254?
  105. Bulova 96B158: Underrated gym of a watch
  106. WRUW Christmas Day 2018.....
  107. Girard Perregaux, what model is it? Yay or Nay?
  108. Merry Christmas all
  109. Rolex 1601 Pie pan dial or Buckley dial?
  110. Input wanted on invicta 25987.
  111. 50th coming up, and I want to treat myself to one watch that might be the one and only...
  112. Is there any DRESS watch you accept to be on BRACELET If...
  113. Best blue sunburst dial watch under $2000
  114. New Vintage Timex
  115. What have is everyone wearing to begin the holidays?
  116. Impressions of the Luminox ICE-SAR Arctic
  117. <<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Monday 12/24/18 >>>>>>>>>>>
  118. Youttube and watch reviews what's everyone thoughts ?
  119. Trying to find more about a watch whose brand no one seems to show - Crescent
  120. Looking for watch with good glow in the dark hands
  121. Vintage watch service in NYC
  122. Help identify this watch
  123. Case Scratches Advice
  124. Specifications of a RONDA 515 HF 6
  125. New to the forum -Hi All and some help please :)
  126. Red Flags When Selling
  127. YALIK-SWISS WATCH - Quality ?
  128. Special Watch for those special times!
  129. Does this type of case/ bezel has a specific name? (See pictures)
  130. ---***Sunday WRIST CheckZ 12-23-18-***---
  131. Vintage 1960 170s wrist watches
  132. Holiday Watch Challenge
  133. UPDATE: Help me Decide between these watches
  134. Aight Fellas Lets See then show us your CHRISTMAS WATCH
  135. Is there anyone selling a Sapphire-Modded new Seiko SNK809 ?
  136. How to remove paint from stuck bezel
  137. Field watches with Olive Green faces ?
  138. State of the Mil Collection
  139. A Very Specific Quartz vs Auto question (300-500$ Range Swiss)
  140. A very cool Citizen I just saw online PROMASTER TSUNO CHRONOGRAPH RACER
  141. Last Chance to Buy a New Watch and Have It Arrive Before Christmas!
  142. Can somebody tell me the model # of this swatch?
  143. Some mistruths and false maxims held by the watch community.
  144. Small Turtle 6309??
  145. Waiting for a timepiece, the agony....
  146. Need help identifying this Timex
  147. Your Opinion on these Watch/Strap combos (picture heavy)
  148. ************Saturday-December-22nd-2018-WRUW************
  149. Whats your recommendation?
  150. New Wine in an Old Bottle?
  151. SOTC End of 2018 - Picture Heavy
  152. Buggered Mainspring
  153. Panerai 535 (42mm) vs 48 (40mm) - which do you prefer on my wrist?
  154. The 50 year Old / Golden Vintage Thread.
  155. The Year in Review
  156. Full Lume Kids Watches
  157. A quick new member hello...
  158. To keep or return watch purchased from Macy's?
  159. A watch you used to hate but now you love
  160. making a living off of a microbrand
  161. Unwrapping My Gift!
  162. Lower cost quality watch for female?
  163. Wolbrook World Time manual wind watch - any info?
  164. Breitling.....really??
  165. Design aesthetics
  166. ---***Friday WATCH on your WRIST 12-21-18***---
  167. So, you’re sitting at the bar...
  168. Help me decide between these watches.
  169. What Sort of Enthusiast Are You
  170. Post your 1 Watch for all occasions.
  171. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all WUS members
  172. 1 Watch: Monta Skyquest GMT vs Seiko SPB053 vs Hamilton Jazzmaster Open Heart
  173. Frankenwatch? Mismatched Junghans Meister
  174. I am trying to understand the new swatch movements.
  175. You know you have a good collection when...
  176. New Love for Quartz
  177. Yema Superman Heritage
  178. Micro adjustment clasp thingy PO
  179. Best way to charge lume
  180. Starting Collection, what do I need?
  181. Your opinion
  182. LJM Behemoth...LOL!!!
  183. New Watch Society in Richmond Virginia: The Richmond Watch Society
  184. Which one should be dumped
  185. A question of sentimentality...
  186. New Watches In Time for the Holidays
  187. Top 15 Search watches of 2018
  188. This old ad shows how bad things used to be...
  189. Do you feel guilty during the honeymoon period...
  190. A Watch Conundrum of Sorts
  191. Design language
  192. My 2018 Watch Search Adventure (A lot of Wrist Shots)
  193. ****** WRUW Thursday, December 20, 2018 ******
  194. I'm too low rent for my own good
  195. I’m wearing my Resevoil
  196. Bernhardt Binnacle GMT II
  197. Modern Alternative to Heuer Bundeswehr
  198. 3atm - enough for heavy rain?
  199. Best watch for wife under $1000
  200. watch listed on several different sites...scam? legit?
  201. Help: Brainstorming groom's watch
  202. Putting expensive straps on crappy watches?
  203. Christmas/Holiday themed shots
  204. Chrono24 Russian listings
  205. SOTC & thoughts (2 years into collecting)
  206. Baume et Mercier Clifton M0A10278 Question
  207. Countdown Timers with Count Up Features
  208. When is a watch 'vintage'?
  209. Tudor BB vs Pelagos
  210. Case type, lug type?
  211. Deciding on my first middle-high end watch
  212. Best everyday watches under $500?
  213. ************Wednesday-December-19th-2018-WRUW************
  214. Can anyone tell me why brand collaborations with Hodinkee are worth it?
  215. help identify this bulova
  216. What watches are these ?
  217. Newest Additon - Tudor 79260
  218. Dilema
  219. What model (model number) of victorinox watch is this?
  220. Jubilee on GMT
  221. Help Me Choose!
  222. Which one of my watches should I take skiing?
  223. New SRPC41J1 Padi with scratches via Amazon
  224. Forum looks all scrambled after a speed poster has been through.
  225. orient Mako 2 - Very unaccurate on wrist
  226. Automatic chronometer accuracy
  227. Chinese watches
  228. Suggestion for heirloom-potential chronograph watch
  229. What discount can you get for Panerai at AD in Sydney?
  230. What To Do With Unworn Watches That You Cant Sell
  231. Probably a stupid question...but....regarding crown winding and water resistance
  232. ****** WRAW Tuesday, December 18, 2018 ******
  233. Seiko alpinist sarb017. Worth it to service?
  234. Gerlach - Overwhelmed, Incompetent or Something Worse?
  235. Casio TS-100, can you calibrate the thermometer?
  236. Real Damage caused by Winder ? - Not a wear and tear thread - Function Stopping Damage
  237. Swiss Army watch
  238. Dust under glass on new watch
  239. Has anyone heard from the Hodinkee shop?
  240. Movements in a microbrand watch
  241. Regrets thread
  242. Show your vintage Football / Soccer timers / Referee chronographs(pre 1980 )
  243. Watches that show anything but time!
  244. Citizen Watches: An Underrated Winner?
  245. Advice on a trade - Tudor vs IWC
  246. Introduction
  247. Lug screw source?
  248. ************Monday-December-17th-2018-WRUW************
  249. ****** WRUW Monday, December 17, 2018 ******
  250. One Brand To Rule Them All...