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  1. Seagull M198S silver or cream?
  2. ----Monday 11-24-14 WATCH on your WRIST---
  3. Daniel Wellington
  4. I wish we could still comment on Sales Corner threads
  5. ETA 2824-2 micro adjustment screw
  6. Kramer vs. Kramer - Orient Somes vs. Orient Somes
  7. AR coating for Hamiliton
  8. Why do diving watches have a circle on the hour hand?
  9. What do you think of the Longines Legend Diver OEM strap?
  10. Is this watch too big for my wrist
  11. I'm looking to buy my very first quality watch....
  12. Thinking about a Rolex..........
  13. Anyone know what this is
  14. Chris Ward's Christopher Ward
  15. Final watch till the end of the time (max 2-3000USD +-)
  16. Omega De Ville Automatic
  17. Just spotted a 500 Fathoms at a cooking demonstration!
  18. Selling your collection for one watch
  19. How to approach ebay seller after purchase with problem?
  20. What is a realistic discount at an AD in the states for a Rolex Explorer (or any Professionals)?
  21. Size of hands and accuracy
  22. What are the biggest/heaviest watches on a steel bacelet that you've heard of or worn? (w pics)
  23. Another diver or dressy? Aquaracer vs Clifton
  24. How do you choose a good dealer?
  25. SOTC
  26. New Arrival: Eterna Madison Spherodrive
  27. Rolex? Omega? Nope, 007 would wear THIS!!
  28. Can you ID this watch?
  29. Recommendations for Day/date watch <40 mm
  31. WRUW Sunday 23 Nov 2014
  32. were Deep Blue Juggernaut II autos limited collection?
  33. Are low-budget luxury watches (Invicta, Stuhrling, etc.) worth it?
  34. World's first laser beam complication ?
  35. special delivery...
  36. Just in...Tudor Pelagos
  37. Frederique Constant FC-930AS4H6
  38. HELP! I dropped my CSAR and now it makes noise.... :(
  39. Maurice Laxcroix Masterpiece Worldtimer - Unboxing
  40. Wondering about alternatives to the Bell & Ross BR03-97
  41. How can I force myself to rotate my watches? Why do I want to only wear my nicest watch?
  42. Show your bracelet watch combo!
  43. Fake constellation? Please help!
  44. Victorinox Maverick GS Dual -repair or throw?
  45. Dressy watches on bracelets? Let's see 'em!
  46. Do you want your expensive watches to look expensive?
  47. Help with staying focused GMT,AP, Patek
  48. Armida A4
  49. Question on a Chopard Mille Maglia
  50. Watch Ticking Counter Clockwise...
  51. Movado "Men's Collection" 0606367- Is it real?
  52. Maurice Lacroix Accuracy
  53. Wittnauer Watch
  54. Why most of Day or Date on watches don't get illumination treatment?
  55. Any Black Friday specials on watches?
  56. >>>-------WRUW? Saturday - November 22, 2014------->
  57. Pulsar PT3609X1 dimensions ? (Speedmaster-like)
  58. Whoa, blue?
  59. Decent watch for a boy
  60. Grand Seiko SBGH035 Hi-Beat SPECIAL Review
  61. NY Times Article on Swiss Watch Industry
  62. My new bracelet adjustment tool
  63. Watch safety reminder
  64. Sicura Cordura Seagull - how do you get the date to change?
  65. Black Friday Thread?
  66. Accuracy - night and day variation
  67. Emperor Napoleon?s DNA to feature in DeWitt watches
  68. Start up Watch Collection
  69. maybe a dumb question...but why do Automatics lose time????
  70. Are your watches "he", "she", or "it"?
  71. OK... sell me on the Victorinox INOX
  72. does anyone have any infomation on this watch
  73. Does this style of case have a name? And where can I see more?
  74. What is your history of owning watches, and what was your first "real watch"? Story time!
  75. question ETA 2824-2 accuracy dependence on power reserve level
  76. Have you ever bought a watch whilst on a plane?
  77. Looking for a roman numeral quartz / solar, < 40mm
  78. Which of these watches to buy?
  79. Mesh is for squares!
  80. anyone ordered a new watch from Italy to the U.S. online?
  81. White face or black face?
  82. Best vintage watch that can be found for under 300
  83. Breitling Transocean - Yay or nay?
  84. Deep Blue Watches RAISED their sale prices???
  85. WRUW Friday November 21
  86. Watches from the 60's & 70's
  87. Watch accident disasters
  88. Louis Erard.Which one is fake?
  89. Selling 3 to buy 1, thoughts please?
  90. Conrad Jensen Varde Pocket Watch HELP!
  91. Vintage Zenith - real or fake?
  92. My watchmaker said a mechanical watch should be worn every 2 weeks at least
  93. Vintage Finds!
  94. Hanowa Box Set
  95. Which watch is in the most demand with limited supply?
  96. Deep Blue watches...thoughts? Models?
  97. Finally...a good use for replicas...
  98. Anybody Knows?
  99. Rate My Purchase
  100. Can I see your Gasgasbones strap/watch combinations?
  101. MONTREAL : WUS get together Friday Nov 21, 8pm
  102. Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronometer
  103. Rado Love? Let's see 'em!
  104. Let's see your "on handlebar" watch pic!
  105. Anyone else enjoy short watch videos with music?
  106. Which one? Help me to pick one. Bulova vs. Rotary
  107. Victorinox Inox design
  108. iwc kevlar strap
  109. Marks on dial from hands ?
  110. Waiting, watching...
  111. Alternative to Heuer Carrera 17
  112. is this watch authentic
  113. Minds can change...50 fathoms love!
  114. This Blancpain is my current grail..
  115. Removed outer blue AR coating. Here are the before and after pictures
  117. Setting avatar picture
  118. My god this is ugly, gimme a gold plated Invicta any day (Montegrappa Chaos Gold)
  119. Thrift store score!
  120. Vintage Heuer Dial
  121. A question on sales etiquette
  122. Flipping is bad. Don't do it.
  123. Lucien Piccard Ladies watch 14k with all ruby pave face
  124. Setting a watch backward in time/hacking
  125. Fake Rolex crystal ?
  126. A Guide To Every Grand Seiko
  127. Do watch end links fit the same on both sides?
  128. Best Skeleton Watch for under 5k
  129. Movie Trivia Contest! Win Prizes!
  130. Seiko "Mediterraneo" blue dial project
  131. New member looking for opinions
  132. Vintage omega seamaster Deville
  133. Same Color Dial & Hands: Elegant? Idiotic?
  134. Why Ernie called ‘Time’s up’
  135. Century presents Jewels of Time, a new corporate film
  136. "Phantom" watch suggestions (aka. "Alternatives to the Dievas Shadow ?")
  137. Least favorite Grand Seiko?
  138. what does everybody think of this Pinion/Iron Heart collaboration?
  139. Hamilton Jazzmaster vs Longines HydroConquest
  140. Identify Watch Brand
  141. AR coating... Who applies it?
  142. List of not-too expensive 2-hand watches
  143. Any experience with purchasing on Ebay using bank wire transfers?
  144. NOVICE ALERT: Portuguese or Pelagos?
  145. -------Mid Week WRUW 11 19 14-----
  146. Help with Casio AMW-320
  147. Timex x J.Crew = worth it?
  148. Birthday presents
  149. Advice needed from Watch enthusiasts !
  150. Soprod A-10, which is least expensive watch so equipped?
  151. Is this guy safe to buy from? Chrono24 seller in Germany
  152. Please i need more info about Cyma watch
  153. Recommendations on mechanical watch
  154. JIUSKO?
  155. My thoughts on the Shogun (yes a worthy "Grail")
  156. Gio Monaco Hypnos 671-A
  157. So where did they all go.......................
  158. My TAG F1 love affair: A WIS travesty?
  159. Wittnauer Watch - how to set moon phase, etc?
  160. Update Louis Erard gift watch Mishap... :(
  161. Tag Heuer the brand
  162. Champagne With Girard-Perregaux!
  163. Omega 3513 or a Sinn 103
  164. What watch would Indiana Jones wear?
  165. Seiko SKX007/9 or Orient Mako Blue
  166. Dress Watch Wearers: Above or On Wrist Bone
  167. winter
  168. Speedmaster 3572.50.....pipedream?
  169. Experience with "loan" or "courtesy" watches??
  170. Need help buying 18k gold Cartier Panthere watch
  171. Looking for direction on commissioning a watch for my employees.
  172. Resale value of mid-tier watches
  173. Help Identifying a Possible Maurice Lacroix Watch
  174. SOTC: too homogenous?
  175. Logo fell off crown tag carrera help!!!
  176. anyone know where to buy G-SHOCK KING FULL BLACK GX-56 now
  177. Pulsar or Caravelle New York?
  178. I don't give a crap about the date!! Show me non-dates.
  179. Couples watches
  180. Bernhardt Binnacle Diver Review
  181. Orthos Diving Watch Giveaway
  182. Party in a watch - Tritium!
  183. Seiko Watch for my Dad
  184. Luminox Men's 'Mariner 6252 Stainless Steel worth it?
  185. Old to new, any brand vintage to modern lets see your sets thru the ages
  186. Hi Guys . Citizen watch
  187. «««««««««« WRUW - TUESDAY - 18 November 2014 »»»»»»»»»
  188. Help me ID this watch!
  189. It takes balls to blow your wad on a pricey watch you can't try on
  190. Help Identifying Watch, "Walton" Older
  191. Orient Ray on a Nato, Only how much $$$$$$$
  192. Show your Citizen...
  193. Does anyone know any good watch jokes?
  194. Can you identify this watch?
  195. New Addition
  196. LIV watches
  197. Buying in the Carribean
  198. I don't get the "Grail" thing. I like too many watches
  199. A gap in the market for affordable movement style watches?
  200. Homage "Bund" Style Chrono - New Kemmner production
  201. Certina DS 1 Chrono Automatic & DS Podium Shape Chrono Automatic
  202. What's up with Oceanus?
  203. The Time Has Come... But Way Too Soon.
  204. First luxury watch.
  205. RADO Diastar Help
  206. Should form follow function?
  207. Tag Heuer Carrera or Nomos?
  208. Raymond Weil good price?
  209. MuDu
  210. How Do I Save a Forum Search?
  211. so even the sales forum mod is gone...
  212. What is the most attractive quartz watch with a moon face?
  213. Something different
  214. Does a watch company need to know the time
  215. I think I may be done (for the time being, at least)
  216. Can anyone help me identify these watches please?
  217. Im looking for a big watch that will stand out on my wrist
  218. My new fantastic beater!
  219. I NEED SOME ADVICE! Datejust questions.....
  220. 3000: Entertain me and win big!
  221. About Branding: Please read the first post so you understand the question
  222. Anyone else hate metal bracelets?
  223. Replica Breitling Navitimer
  224. Please help me identify these 2 watches which were in the family for years
  225. Interesting Article
  226. Lets play a game: match a watch to my description (Diver Ratchet 4oclock crown etc)
  227. Rare 18k orator?
  228. This watch is sexy! Or is it just me? Citizen BL5500-07E
  229. Meeting Your Heroes
  230. My divers! Your thoughts?
  231. New KS project American Artisan watch. Opinion request
  232. #### MONDAY 17th Nov 2014; WRUW WUSF2? ####
  233. Need help picking out one of these watches
  234. Help me find my next watch based on my criteria.
  235. When and If a safe becomes a watches new home ?
  236. Curiosity: What causes crown play and hand micro-jumps?
  237. Put my Tmt Ball into the freezer today
  238. Halios Laguna - objective feedback on strap/bracelet please
  239. Need Help on Steel Mesh Bracelets
  240. Not another trite `What to buy?` thread
  241. Ball Fireman Racer
  242. Please help me identify this old Swiss made watch I found as a kid in my grandfathers old WWII chest
  243. "Is it still for sale?" with no further reply = some kind of scam?
  244. Confessions of a Watchaholic
  245. Luminescent Date Wheel?
  246. Madalo, good, bad or indifferent?
  247. Croton watch (vintage)
  248. Not normally my thing but I wanna Space Pirate!!! Amazing movement within...
  249. Interstellar - Hamilton Khaki Day Date Cheaper Alternatives?
  250. Buying a G Shock in South-Korea.