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  1. so even the sales forum mod is gone...
  2. What is the most attractive quartz watch with a moon face?
  3. Something different
  4. Does a watch company need to know the time
  5. I think I may be done (for the time being, at least)
  6. Can anyone help me identify these watches please?
  7. Im looking for a big watch that will stand out on my wrist
  8. My new fantastic beater!
  9. I NEED SOME ADVICE! Datejust questions.....
  10. 3000: Entertain me and win big!
  11. About Branding: Please read the first post so you understand the question
  12. Anyone else hate metal bracelets?
  13. Replica Breitling Navitimer
  14. Please help me identify these 2 watches which were in the family for years
  15. Interesting Article
  16. Lets play a game: match a watch to my description (Diver Ratchet 4oclock crown etc)
  17. Rare 18k orator?
  18. This watch is sexy! Or is it just me? Citizen BL5500-07E
  19. Meeting Your Heroes
  20. My divers! Your thoughts?
  21. New KS project American Artisan watch. Opinion request
  22. #### MONDAY 17th Nov 2014; WRUW WUSF2? ####
  23. Need help picking out one of these watches
  24. Help me find my next watch based on my criteria.
  25. When and If a safe becomes a watches new home ?
  26. Curiosity: What causes crown play and hand micro-jumps?
  27. Put my Tmt Ball into the freezer today
  28. Halios Laguna - objective feedback on strap/bracelet please
  29. Need Help on Steel Mesh Bracelets
  30. Not another trite `What to buy?` thread
  31. Ball Fireman Racer
  32. Please help me identify this old Swiss made watch I found as a kid in my grandfathers old WWII chest
  33. "Is it still for sale?" with no further reply = some kind of scam?
  34. Confessions of a Watchaholic
  35. Luminescent Date Wheel?
  36. Madalo, good, bad or indifferent?
  37. Croton watch (vintage)
  38. Not normally my thing but I wanna Space Pirate!!! Amazing movement within...
  39. Interstellar - Hamilton Khaki Day Date Cheaper Alternatives?
  40. Buying a G Shock in South-Korea.
  41. Authentic watch?
  42. Help Identifying Watch!!
  43. Help Identifying Watch!!
  44. A GTG with some Alberta boys.
  45. My wife is giving me funny looks !!!
  46. Do you think watch size is seasonal?
  47. ...:::: Early SUNDAY Start WRUW November 16 2014 ::::....
  48. Bought a Citizen Eco-Drive at a thrift store today, looking for watch band
  49. Before and After
  50. Frowny face pics!
  51. Put My Order in for a Lum Tec M63 Cobalt
  52. Hamilton Jazzmaster Chrono Info
  53. Bell & Ross type Demineur
  54. Need watch +-1500$ I'm lost
  55. Seconds hand on retro inspired watches? With poll.
  56. Yep, maybe the perfect 'BEATER' (Picture Heavy)
  57. What do you think?
  58. A fact about watches
  59. Fall is here and its cold out! Post your favorite sweater/watch combo!
  60. Need A New Watch
  61. Rolex Explorer 36mm vs Omega Seamaster 2254
  62. Raymond Weil? Over/Under rated?
  63. BATTERY ID NUMBERS: Why so many? Are they all INTERCHANGEABLE?
  64. Removing the crown on Casio MDV-102
  65. Sapphire Caseback: Yay or Nay?
  66. Mayweather vs Amir khan - Duel of watches
  67. New Member Intro and Thank You
  68. I need help picking out one of these watches.
  69. Sold my Speedy reduced, to buy....
  70. Winter Weather Watch Wear
  71. Winding - is this normal?
  72. Are you a Rolex or a Patek?
  73. It hurts SO much!
  74. Max Bill Handwinding
  75. Thoughts on Christopher Ward C7 Rapide Mk II
  76. Authentic watch?
  77. This can't be a real Mondaine stop2go (eBay auction, seller pier18retail)
  78. Looking for a busy dial!
  79. Pull the Trigger now or wait?
  80. Really sexy watches
  81. Looking for Second Nice Watch
  82. Tudor Grantour watches
  83. Recommendations for a good automatic Fleiger / B-Uhr / Type-B pilot watch with date
  84. WRUW - SATURDAY - 15 November 2014
  85. watch servicing
  86. What should be my "second watch" from the brands I already own?
  87. What watch?
  88. My first
  89. Two different styles of bracelet clasps
  90. Just Arrived: Chocolate Daytona
  91. Selling Watches for Gift Money?
  92. What do you really like about the GMT Master model?
  93. Obris Morgan, Dead in the Water?
  94. Just bought my first used watch off Ebay, what should I do next?
  95. Is this something i should be excited about?
  96. Guy with a small wrist wearing what may be a women's watch?
  97. Watch brands based on criteria
  98. This or that with a twist
  99. Cycling with a mechanical watch
  100. Nomos Metro Review
  101. Is This A Dress Watch?
  102. How can I free myself from the death-grip of BRANDING?
  103. Take your pick:
  104. Most Popular Watch-Grading Scale?
  105. hand wound center second
  106. Any other useful functions for a GMT hand?
  107. Viva Las Vegas
  108. Repair Shop in London? Shattered Crystal / Broken Glass of Rolex
  109. What Chronograph/meter
  110. An Omega Seamaster at the heart of the story
  111. Arrived today
  112. Eberhard & Co 8 jours - anyone owned or owns one ?
  113. Zebra Wooden Wood Date Watch
  114. Watches with 19mm lug widths
  115. Review EPOS 3397 Pilot
  116. Should I fix it?
  117. A novel answer to fakes
  118. What are your favorite watch hands? (Owning not required)
  119. 1st post - Saying "hi"
  120. Record price for Patek
  121. What is an acceptable level of imperfection or damage in a brand new watch?
  122. WRUW - FRIDAY - 14 November 2014
  123. Can somebody tell me the uniqueness of my Rado Starliner Daymaster?
  124. Who has a Gavox and Who likes Gavox watches, Show your Pics
  125. Your AVATAR: Some show their real face, some do not. Your reason?
  126. Any German speakers able to translate this for me? Customs Export License?
  127. News flash: Bored internet surfing at work leads to the discovery of another must have watch...
  128. Three versions of the Timex Scout
  129. Leather Strap Peeling
  130. seem to have bashed my watch !
  131. Davosa watch brand
  132. Help a newbie: First watch, looking for certain qualities, need advice.
  133. Victorinox and the Swiss Army Brand
  134. Rolex or Omega?
  135. Suggestion for Improving WUS' Usefulness
  136. Shall i take lum-Tec m20?
  137. Does anybody know what Time, Date, and Day it is ...
  138. my first Patek experience ;)
  139. Good Watch Under $150
  140. Does this watch look too big on my wrist?
  141. Luminox 1828 stopped
  142. Killer deal on the Bombfrog Minesweeper
  143. Does a 35mm Look Right on Me?
  144. Best place to buy pre-owned Rolex
  145. For how long did you keep your first auto watch?
  146. Aaaa cartier!!
  147. Too Young for Watch Gathering Event?
  148. Any Recommendation for Rolex Submariner
  149. Flipping Omega SMP ceramic to buy a Tag Carrera cal 5?
  150. 4000 posts and still going
  151. Turning Weapons Into High-End Watches
  152. New to watches
  153. What watch is this??
  154. Watch date gets hung up, falls behind
  155. I'm In Love
  156. 11/16 Minneapolis / St. Paul Vintage Watch Show Heads Up
  157. ###WRUW Thursday 13th November 2014???###
  158. Workhorse Day-Date Automatic, >40mm?
  159. Alternative to eBay: Is it possible?
  160. Does anyone make see-through casebacks for Vintage Omegas?
  161. Unboxing Timex T2P1339J elevated Classics
  162. Back on the wrist again.....
  163. What is your most satisfying purchase AND your least satisfying purchase
  164. Help chosing my next watch (Breitling or Tudor)
  165. Is The Hamilton Field Auto 38 mm Too Big and Bulky?
  166. SOTC, a few Swiss and some Brits!
  167. Sell Rolex DateJust and buy.......?
  168. How do you "look" at a new watch?
  169. A new thread to actually discuss watches!
  170. Tasty AP wrist shot
  171. In mint condition on chrono24: what can we expect from that description?
  172. Seiko beater, kinetic or solar?
  173. Zenith Espada vs Rolex Explorer II (40mm)
  174. WUS Haiku
  175. Seiko blue dial Explorer project
  176. Is there an issue with the PM system?
  177. I thought about starting a 'Watch Pun' thread
  178. I just knowingly bought a redialed frankenstrocity from India!
  179. Need help with watch choice (Initiation :) )
  180. What do you like about WUS? Let's inject some positivity.
  181. Russia watch info
  182. So I want a dive watch
  183. Newbie quick question - why are used aquaracers about the same as used seamasters?
  184. ABSURDLY OVERPRICED WATCHSTROCITIES (with imaginative value comparisons)
  185. Something I do not like about the WUS forums
  186. wow...a FS thread that goes higher???
  187. Detroit based Shinola opens London store.
  188. G-ShocK Adapters.
  189. Thoughts on military tie in watches
  190. 4 divers, 3 chronos, 1 pilot (SOTC)
  191. help finding a watch with these features, please!
  192. Hamilton Pan Europ Chrono LE Blue?
  194. Can somebody helps me identify this watch please?
  195. Watch style for varied style
  196. Holy intrigue, Patek-man! Coincidence, or.....
  197. Just another cautionary tale about getting service from unauthorized service/repair centers
  198. Accidental thread or post your best pics thread? you decide!
  199. The best watch picture(s) you've ever seen
  200. Seiko event in tampa this Thursday night.
  201. New to New York
  202. Lets see your Watch Cases / Boxes!
  203. Patek Phillipe vs Rolex
  204. More on the Hamilton's used in Interstellar.
  205. The Elusive Louis Erard 1931 ...50 Shades of Grey
  206. WRUW Wednesday November 12th 2014 (Early start) ===
  207. Nomos Weltzeit True Blue & Swing System Review
  208. Help me identify this watch!
  209. Gucci Watch Identification?
  210. Who is the best Horologist/watch assembler you know?
  211. How long will a swiss made watch last?
  212. Help me find a strap for my Divemaster 500 Chrono
  213. Show us what you have on a NATO strap!
  214. Complementary watch to a Tudor Black Bay blue?
  215. Best Insurance Methods for Shipping
  216. Suggestions- Good used watch for under 500$
  217. eBay Dispute experiences
  218. Here's the new piece!
  219. Watch Rotation for Sentimental Pieces
  220. Automatic watch with lockable rotor
  221. Depreciation across brands
  222. Bought it cause of the movie
  223. Damasko blew it, but Kudos to Anders at Gnomon Watches
  224. Divers galore! Clasps bracelets & lume!!
  225. Seiko 5 power reserve
  226. Help - Holiday shopping in Sg, Tw, USA.
  227. Custom Design Dress Watch Mockup
  228. Is this the end of WUS??
  229. WUS, help me choose a great daily watch!
  230. Hanging up my boots
  231. Building the Right Watch Collection: Is there too much overlap?
  232. HELP! Dress recangle watch under 300$
  233. Rose Gold Skydweller & Breitling Professional on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee S1E1
  234. I don't know why, but I suddenly want one of these...
  235. It has begun... my first watch
  236. Tissot visodate or hamilton navy pioneer
  237. Help ID'ing my Grandfather's Watch
  238. Rolex used as brass knuckles!
  239. Parnis open heart
  240. Need Help to Choose! AP, JLC, Rolex, Zenith
  241. Isn't it kind of neat..
  243. For those who wear their watches on the right wrist.
  244. Is my Invicta Grand Diver Genuine?
  245. Anyone have a Slo Jo watch?
  246. Most versatile between these two watches
  247. Longines automatic l994.1 ( real or fake )
  248. Suggest alternative to Longines Legend Diver?
  249. Best metal bracelet chrono under $500-600
  250. ...:::: Super Early TuesDAY Start WRUW NOvember 111 2014 ::::....