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  12. Philip Stein has Natural Frequency Technology that reduces stress and improves life???
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  17. Looking for a Proposal Watch... Thoughts?
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  22. Brief, glorious period in which our (general population) wrists were free..
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  24. Photographic wrist / watch size correlation matrix?
  25. Why do some collections on here vary so much?
  26. Has anyone seen this Aqua Terra in the flesh?
  27. Traveling with watches and the regret of not bringing them all with you
  28. new to me - perhaps not a surprise to those that know me !
  29. Venus 17 Rubis Incabloc Swiss Made...
  30. antiquorum non payment
  31. Help is this hallmark jules jurgensen,watch movement pocketwatch????
  32. Great Service - Rolex UK (again!)
  33. Check out this gem ;) ....
  34. Very strange experience with Worn and Wound web store
  35. About Kemmner skeleton
  36. Alice in Confoederatio Helvetica Chapter 6 - Humpty Dumpty
  37. Xw dials or murphy bezel for sale
  38. building the perfect watch
  39. Please Help Me Decide
  40. AR Coating Resistance to Damage
  41. ++++ Watcha Wearin' Wednesday 1st October 2014 ++++
  42. Do companies try to create more accurate automatic watches or have stopped?
  43. What's Wrong with Maurice LaCroix?
  44. RGM Factory Tour and NAWCC Museum Visit
  45. Info Request ("Gigandet" watch)
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  47. Customizable Watches
  48. Nomos and German Watch GTG at Toppers
  49. Thoughts on the new Panerai movement?
  50. "Watches you?re glad you didn?t buy"
  51. Indulging my inner curmudgeon
  52. Why does anyone buy a watch in the $500-1500 range?
  53. Which Watch? 4 Steel bracelet ones to chose from
  54. Best Place to Find Vintage Vacheron Constantin Info and Sales
  56. Zex day later
  57. Diversity Is For The Weak: a brief SOTC
  58. Good Steel Band for SNK809
  59. Sexy women, sexy watches
  60. Babies and Ball Watches
  61. Is GPS "cheating"?
  62. When Watchuseek really is watch u get!
  63. Is Rado Hyperchrome XXL too big for 7" wrist?
  64. WRUW while drinking.
  65. Talk me out of a Seiko Sumo auto with blue face
  66. Bill Gates wears a $10 watch ... What say you?
  67. Question for the experts
  68. Watches that make it painful to be "poor".
  69. Gmt under $400. Do they exist?
  70. A Matter of Size -- Any Size Fits All
  71. How do you go about haggling a discount at an AD? - Got laughed out of a jewellery store this aftern
  72. Nassau pocket watch
  73. The, "I Hate G-Shocks Poll"...
  74. <><><> WRUW? Tuesday - September 30, 2014 <><><>
  75. For small watch lovers: The return of the discreet and elegant dress watch
  76. What do i have here??
  77. What would you wear with a suit/tuxedo?
  78. Help: list all auto chronographs with center minutes (and preferably sapphire crystal)
  79. Are Speedy Pros for old people? And have you ever been told you're too young for a watch?
  80. TUDOR back in the UK!
  81. Looking to buy a Raymond Weil, but I'm looking for the best price for an authorized dealer
  82. Clicking sound from automatic watch. Is this normal?
  83. Zeno Zex just landed
  84. Stuhrling Watches any Good?
  85. for Faiz: a different SOTC...sorry geoffbot
  86. I need help finding a watch.
  87. Dubois Dupraz Module
  88. Eterna Matic 1945 - Need Information for future restoration
  89. Girard-Perregaux 1966 Dual Time
  90. So I was asking about Cartier vs VC vs's what I did
  91. Tutima Service
  92. Anyone has any information about this watch?
  93. Enicar bezels
  94. Why do we NOT want a spotless vintage watch?
  95. Help me find an alternative to this Jules Audemars
  96. Which bezel insert for my Seiko SKX007?
  97. aquaracer ceramic or sinn 856 utc
  98. most accurate quartz, dress, analog, $100 USD or less?
  99. Which one - Oris Chronoris vs Meccaniche or anything else?
  100. 1972 vintage Accutron value?
  101. What are you wearing while drinking?
  102. Doctor Who Invisibility Watch
  103. NYC Watch Repair Recomenndations
  104. How long has your Zulu strap lasted you?
  105. Half links shouldn?t be half links
  106. Watches and Fashion Bracelets!
  107. 3d printed watch case
  108. ««««««««« WRUW - MONDAY - 29 September 2014 »»»»»»»»»
  109. A serious really it is.
  110. Best resources for referencing Retail Prices
  111. How close are you to the lifestyle/persona/concept of your watch?
  112. Grand Seiko, Nomos or Bremont?
  113. My 1st State of the Collection (SOTC) post
  114. Wanted dead or alive! No no, live and kicking retro handsomes!
  115. Trying to find a similar watch
  116. Does a WUS member's number of posts = WISdom?
  117. My collection
  118. why would a manufacturer choose to make their movement run at 18,000bps?
  119. Which brand does the most scientific research about time?
  120. HELP PLEASE with U-BOAT authenticity
  121. Tabula rasa
  122. Mechanical watch with battery
  123. Astor+Banks chrono
  124. Grand Seiko SBGA011 vs Rolex Explorer II
  125. Ridiculous three bears: Tudor Heritage Chrono, Speedmaster Pro, GMT-Master etc. Screw down pushers
  126. FIFTY FATHOMS - You never forget your first love
  127. Marathon GSARs at local jeweler
  128. Interesting vintage pieces at a friend's place
  129. Size comparison--Zenith EP to Moto smartwatch
  130. Is A. Lange & Söhne and Lange from the same group?
  131. Unadjusted vs. Adjusted Movements, Advantages to Each.
  132. Afraid / Concerned how your watch choices will affect your employees / subordinates?
  133. Astronaut Watches how do automatics work in zero gravity ?
  134. ...:::: Early Sunday Start WRUW Sept 28 2014 ::::....
  135. The ever unending question?
  136. Any good watch shops in Manila?
  137. Watches and Clothes Combos
  138. Is this U Boat real?
  139. Between -Tissot/Hamilton- and -Rolex/Patek Philippe- what?
  140. Back when invicta was actually invicta
  141. Help with allergy?
  142. If TagHeuer Bought the Cal. 1887 Today, Would the Reactions be Different?
  143. simple, elegant dress watch with no numerals and sub seconds
  144. Please help identify this watch
  145. Do watch retailers buy the watches from the brand's distributors, or "borrow" them?
  146. Please identify this watch for me
  147. Omega SMP - Luxury watch?
  148. My collection
  149. My New Nomos
  150. Watches at he Ryder Cup
  151. My first ORIS. Colored ORIS . And one question please
  152. Dagaz typhoon T2 or typhoon TII
  153. AD Recommendations?
  154. Help on chronograph please
  155. My Main Rant About Polish and Ukranian crooks
  156. Rotary 9ct Gold watch, please help me identify
  157. Speedy bracelet. Can't get it to fit right
  158. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ WURW Saturday 27 Sept 2014 ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞
  159. How much is it worth??!! Baume & Mercier Formula S Diver
  160. Considering the Rolex Oyster Perpetual vs Omega SMP
  161. Why are men obsessed with watches? (UK article)
  162. What is the world's biggest watch collection?
  163. MTM Special Ops watches
  164. What is the reasonable price for a japanese Miyota automatic watches?
  165. Help id'ing a watch....
  166. Cheaper vintage watches
  167. Do people prefer the brand name/status or the actual watch?
  168. Christopher Ward C60 Trident vs Longines Hydroconquest Automatic
  169. Hm ... the introduction of the CW SH21 caliber got me thinking ...
  170. Would you do this trade? 3 for 1
  171. Rolex shopping
  172. Hello and watch decision
  173. Hamilton Spirit of liberty - opinion pls
  174. What's more important to you: Fit or Finish?
  175. Red's Watch brand? (The Blacklist)
  176. JEANRICHARD and MasterChef USA winner, Italian Luca Manfé, in Milan and Rome
  177. Jomashop Repair Service
  178. Central Watch Repair/Service Review, Story - Grand Central Watch
  179. minimalist watches recommendation
  180. Allow me to introduce myself
  181. What Watch???
  182. Has f2 become The Mid-Range Forum?
  183. i think this could be citizenM's new lust??
  184. Does a mechanical watch "last" less when all complications are running?
  185. You a fan of boxes!?!?! Check this one out......arrived fresh today
  186. Help me figure out this Christophe-Claire watch !
  187. Truth in advertising
  188. Replace mechanical dress watches with quartz? Since I almost never wear them.
  189. Newbie Question
  190. Manual winding watch - Cannot move the hands/adjust the time at all!! Help?
  191. The Friday WRUW Thread 9/26/14
  192. Don't like the lack of a second hand?... then this will drive you insane!
  193. Need help identifying this CYMA watch
  194. Yet another one: Portuguese Automatic vs GO Panoreserve
  195. The 3 Firsts
  196. Help! Jomashop is legit? How to contact customer service?!
  197. If WUS and sites of its ilk didn't exist....
  198. Need a new watch (Need lol) Another Hammie or try a Marathon?
  199. Modding
  200. Help Me: GO Senator Hand Date vs Zenith Captain Power Reserve
  201. Ideal watch for a teenager
  202. Longines Legend Diver / LLD No Date version
  203. Really cool article
  204. JLC Master Control Chrono 1999
  205. Air King or Air Queen? UPDATE WITH PICS
  206. OT: Proper introduction
  207. JLC Master Control Chrono 1999
  208. Best watch Brand/Collection/Model with English (arabic) numbers?
  209. Who is going on the RGM tour this Saturday?
  210. Trying to identify gorgeous watch...
  211. Recommendation for stainless rugged quartz
  212. Watch event in Denver this weekend (Sept 26th-28th)
  213. $4,800 and 48 Weeks
  214. Lume that glows like crazy in ultraviolet / blacklight
  215. I haven't done one of these in a while.
  216. Buying with confidence
  217. Shamed into good behaviour
  218. Getting tritium rods (and maybe earn some mutation superpower)
  219. Help identifying this watch
  220. just got a Seiko SBDA003 Blue Ti Samurai... new strap suggestions please!
  221. The Guest (2014) movie wristwatch - HELP identifying please !
  222. Just brought my new Sub to the Service Centre and they told me it was fake.
  223. seoul searching for watches
  224. Complete noob question about box value
  225. Most in demand sellable watch?
  226. Rolex Geneva
  227. Omega Seamaster vs James Bond
  228. Heading to Wiesbaden Germany
  229. Any good watch stores in San Antonio?
  230. White, cream or silver dials, post them up.
  231. What your watches say about you
  232. Mechanical, power reserve indicator, swiss, manual (auto -ok), dressy, Help finding perfect watch.
  233. ---------------- Thursday 25 September, WRUW? ----------------
  234. DIY i-phone 6 repair kit
  235. Sort of a "newby" chronograph question
  236. Help deciding on first rolex
  237. The Watch That Refuses to Be
  238. Do I report this or let it ride?
  239. Problems posting ?
  240. Spring bars creating "tick" sound
  241. RE: M8215 movement
  242. My first post/purchase
  243. Have everyone see this Girard Perragaux before?
  244. Get a Good laugh my timepiece friends!
  245. Educate me about Audemars Piguet
  246. The new GP Dual Time looks pretty awesome
  247. A video to tell you how to tell time on a watch. Is it just me?
  248. What?
  249. Need help finding a nice square watch
  250. A Bad experience with Creation Watch