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  11. Birthday Cupcake
  12. How can 38mm cases look so different on a wrist?
  13. Ideal watch for a trip to Argentina
  14. Introducing the Air Controller with leather strap!
  15. Olympics - Atlanta
  16. OEM Manufacturing Company? Help from people in the know greatly appreciated.
  17. Latest Additions
  18. NATO strap on Hydroconquest
  19. Let's see your big watches on small wrists
  20. Living with a bronze/brass watch
  21. Recommend me a similar GMT 24 Hour Watch with Domed Crystal
  22. Choices, choices choices
  23. Swatch Nikephoros
  24. What's Randy Newman wearing?
  25. Two purchases in ten days. I know exactly what to do with myself now.
  26. The Three Musketeers
  27. Anybody knows where to get the module on strap?
  28. /// Watch Inspired interior Upgrade on my 350Z ///
  29. Tattoos OF Timepieces
  30. Bill Maher on Comedy Special
  31. Watch accuracy - on wrist, off wrist, or both?
  32. Gift Watch opinions please
  33. Tudor classy
  34. $50,000 to spend. Watch or Car?
  35. Looking to buy a 14060M no COSC - what price range should I look at
  36. Schofield Signalman DLC
  37. Looking for ideas
  38. Biggest dress watch?
  39. Nice Find
  40. Please help identify vintage movement
  41. My One Year WUS Anniversary - Collection Summary - Long
  42. 8 Things You Need To Know About Watches
  43. ordering a Halios Tropik SS
  44. What is a good, reasonably priced big faced watch?
  45. ...:::: Super Early Sunday Start WRUW September 14 2014 ::::....
  46. Tissot Visodate Mod Ideas
  47. Price hikes, will they ever stop? Possible causes? (WATCHES in general)
  48. Sunrise/Sunset vs Moonphase watch
  49. an authenticity check SKX007J
  50. Mido Baroncelli 3890
  51. Brand Loyalty
  52. Need help choosing a watch similar to 2-3 others
  53. Need some "old fashion" HELP choosing my next watch - ***PLEASE***
  55. A new JLC Navy seal alarm or a pre owned Navy seal chrono GMT?
  56. Meistersiner: a disappointing experience
  57. guide to affordable dress watches
  58. Interesting Time for NITE Watches
  59. Anyone have experience with the Alpha Triple Date Moon Phase?
  60. State of the Collection (Pic Heavy)
  61. New to watches, need help!
  62. Hand Crankers...
  63. How would you level Grand Seiko?
  64. Buying watch to wear for next 20+ years
  65. Suggestions for Red Bezel, Black Dial watch?
  66. The Beauty of Grand Seiko
  67. How much should I pay for a Breguet type XX?
  68. Archie Luxury gushes about Grand Seikos?
  69. Seattle Watch Repair Recommendations?
  70. I'm weak, but happy! New Raymond Weil purchase
  71. A second hand is a must have on all of my watches..
  72. Stop the Madness! Rolex Sub VS. Grand Seiko Diver
  73. ...:::: Early SATURDAY Start WRUW September 13 2014 ::::....
  74. Good watch shop in Vancouver (Canada)?
  75. Should I make this trade?
  76. Montblanc store in O'Hare airport is legit!
  77. Grand Seiko Hi-Beat GMT Review: SBGJ005 Green Dial
  78. Ollech & Wajs Mirage II bezel replacement
  79. Watch band for Citizen AT4010-50E
  80. Deutsch Güte heute!
  81. Seiko Solar Battery Replacement Question
  82. Watch Returns
  83. Just a "You gotta love ebay postings....
  84. Omega Speedmaster Professional - 1963? Looking to learn more about my new (old) watch
  85. Looking for advice: how much is the chance to get price drop compensation from Jomashop?
  86. Incoming JLC reverso duo *UPDATE* ARRIVAL!!! PIC HEAVY!
  87. Any Amazon coupons that work for buying watches? 20% off anyone?
  88. microbrand in kansas??
  89. I don't know what to do with myself right now. Two arrivals this week. And one is a Speedmaster.
  90. Is this True?
  91. 3 Watches? No, 4 is the correct minimum.
  92. Have you every bought a higher-end watch at an airport boutique?
  93. Citizen Nighthawk - Concerns before buying
  94. Thoughts on Cartier Roadster XL Chrono
  95. Watch sales statistics?
  96. If money were no object.....
  97. Hodinkee Talking Watches (New)
  98. General newbie question about autos and winding
  99. Is there / could there be a Seiko Spring Drive ana-digital?
  100. New Breitling SOH.
  101. DIY apple watch
  102. Buying Omega Aqua Terra.
  103. A.S VS I.N??
  104. Trying to Find a Beater Black PVD coated Classic Field Watch
  105. The New Omega Goldfinger: Win or Fail?
  106. Real or fake Patek Philipe?
  107. Citizen Nighthawk low battery
  108. Do you have a monthly Watch Buying Budget?
  109. Need help finding a GMT watch
  110. Roman Num.
  111. There are just to many damn watches that I like, where to start?
  112. ««««««««« WRUW - FRIDAY - 12 September 2014 »»»»»»»»»»
  113. Bell & Ross Carbon Fiber
  114. Extended Warranty Protection Through Credit Card
  115. Where do you wear your watch?
  116. Regarding pvd coating!!!!
  117. What's your opinion of Oris watches?
  118. I.N watches? anyone
  119. Stretch but looking for this swiss watch
  120. repair/maintenance/mod forum?
  121. strange lume phenomenon on used SMP 2535.80?
  122. What do you think of the new 1945 semi-skele?
  123. Oris vs Sinn? Help a newbie!
  124. If not used, watches should sit in the drawer or rented out?
  125. Watches with movable bezels that aren't dive watches?
  126. Help identifying a Bulova Spaceview watch. Real or not??
  127. Identification of strange model
  128. Who says GS don't get exposure..?
  129. for those who want
  130. Just got an Orange Monster, do I have to change the springbars before I use a NATO strap?
  131. Has anyone purchased from
  132. I..... Dont know what to say. Really
  133. good zenith rumor??
  134. Another "Help Me Find an Everyday Watch" Thread
  135. Watch Shopping in Toronto?
  136. Compare the number of watches you own to the crowd
  137. Omega AT 2503.33 vs Rolex 116000 Blue
  138. ««««««««« WRUW - THURSDAY - 11 September 2014 »»»»»»»»»
  139. WRUW Thursday, September 11th, 2014
  140. Just got my first watch with screw pins - HATE IT - not good for a strap changing freak
  141. Big watches equivalent to baggy pants?
  142. GPS watches and time zones
  143. Using Chronograph as dual time
  144. Help locate a Jaguar J635/1 watch
  145. ON NPR Today, Terry Irby, Technical Director for Tourneau, & Student
  146. Ranking of Japanese Makers in Terms of Prestige?
  147. Watch Packaging...Or What's In the Box ?
  148. Bremont supermarine vs Vulcain cricket diver xtreme - which one is the copycat?
  149. Is it wrong?
  150. Victorinox Swiss Army what is a good price range
  151. Watches, Coffee, & Cigarettes
  152. Incoming
  153. Any bad experience from creation watches?
  154. Can anyone identify this watch?
  155. Watch experts needed - Movement backwards?
  156. Help me please? watch bezel got scratched!
  157. Nice little video.
  158. IWC Portofino Chronograph
  159. Android Watch USA "Hotness Pick"
  160. Date function changing at different time
  161. Help ID this watch!
  162. Want to make first "big" watch purchase, but is it worth holding off until Basel 2015?
  163. Melbourne Watch Company - Parkville 36mm Pre-Order Info Thread
  164. Smart Watch Eh???
  165. is Stellie doing a giveaway for 3000 posts???
  166. Help me decide which strap would be better for my Explorer 2.
  167. Unbelievable...
  168. Intro and strange newbie question
  169. Sad day ... Happy day ...
  170. What watch is the Chief PNP wearing?
  171. Help Me Find a Moon Phase
  172. Show your obscure vintage chronos!
  173. WRUW Wednesday, September 10, 2014
  174. 10 September 2014 - WRUW????
  175. Technotime TT 738 Movement: Thoughts Opinions and Experiences
  176. Vintage LeCoultre Watch at Flea Market?Buy or Pass
  177. My first watch sale - which to replace it?
  178. WatchBuys DC / Northern Virginia Road Show Registration Last Few Days to Register
  179. Total 180 with regard to watch type preferences... Anyone else?
  180. Vietnam era pilot watch identification
  181. To me this is important
  182. Story of an AP
  183. High end quartz watches?
  184. Omega Deployment Clasp - Bad Design?
  185. what do you wear
  186. MY OCD/Obsession With Watch Defects
  187. ?? WUS refuses photobucket img link ??
  188. Considering Oris Classic Date or Hamilton Valiant
  189. Your thoughts on Citizen BM7170-53L Titanium Sapphire WR100
  190. Custom watch dial - luminous material
  191. Mind map of watch world
  192. Please suggest better alternatives to my choice.
  193. In-house movement fetish that usually makes no sense
  194. Zenith El primero Deluca Vs Breilting Navitimer
  195. Bad Boys Bad Boys watch u gonna do...............
  196. Bovet Amadeo
  197. Watches with date magnification
  198. Marathon GSAR Day
  199. 30 meter water resistant
  200. Considering These Watches: Tank Solo XL (pink gold) or JLC 1931
  201. what citizen watch is this? Anyone can tell?
  202. Rado Green Horse DayMaster
  203. I need help...
  204. How accurate is your Lange 1 (or any other Lange) or GO PML (or any other GO)
  205. Time to dream - Grand complications
  206. Gotta pay if you want to play. Maintenance ordeals, do they play into purchasing decisions?
  207. &&&&& WRUW Tuesday 9th September 2014 &&&&&
  208. Got my grail: Grand Seiko Spring Drive Snowflake
  209. Can anyone tell me Seiko/Citizen/TMI calibres with moonphase or pointer date?
  210. Did I get a good deal on my Panerai? First watch purchase and need advice.
  211. Skepticism in Ebay Photo Quality and Seller Locations
  212. What will you do ?
  213. Timex Dynabeat
  214. New guy here.
  215. How to polish center links on Oyster Bracelets?
  216. Help!!
  217. Date windows
  218. Watch Websites
  219. Orient Bambino
  220. Options from those in the know.
  221. When do you take your WRUW pic?
  222. What is this "Self-Regulating" Wristwatch from Wilka Watch?
  223. Watch retailer damaged my Rolex Explorer 2
  224. Zodiac Speed Dragon - Second Hand Stuck at 23. Any advise?
  225. Rotherham watch factory and the Coventry UK watch industry
  226. Need the knowledge you posses!
  227. Zodiac GMT Specifications
  228. how much can you spend on quartz watch
  229. SWI trouble contacting
  230. Looking to buy my first 'real' watch need advice
  231. Tsovet ? Any Advice ?
  232. Dependence of the light clockwise and markers o of different watch brands (Seiko, Casio, Android...)
  233. Lucien Piccard Montilla Chronograph good buy?
  234. Watch servicing prices
  235. Love/Hate relationship. How often do you find yourself in one?
  236. Reminder - Houston mini-GTG Sept 18 - need RSVP
  237. Watch for a Diplomat
  238. Do any of your watches have a good story behind them?
  239. Could you go back?
  240. Why do people pay more than the "Buy it Now" price?
  241. Let's Compare
  243. The Second Hand
  244. ««««««««« WRUW - MONDAY - 8 September 2014 »»»»»»»»»
  245. Why a Diving Watch?
  246. Watch repair and modding similar to IWW
  247. First nice watch- ideas needed please!
  248. Montblanc Meisterstuck Heritage Collection
  249. Buying first watch, need help
  250. Apple just hired Marc Newson...look at his watch designs.