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  1. Looking for Worldtimer watch
  2. Rado Limited Edition 1962 Timepieces Diastar Anniversary Edition - Looking at Buying need input
  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WRUW Saturday, 19 July 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. My first semi nice watch
  5. Need some info on this watch.
  6. My Seiko Sarb 035 arrived today
  7. My Next Watch
  8. My first "good" watch. Help me decide...
  9. Most Comfortable watches that look Great as well
  10. Date changes at different times [Oris Aquis Date]
  11. Watches with a purposeful history
  12. Non-leather/steal bands on dress watches? Please share!
  13. Open Thank you to WUS
  14. Show your Casio EF-503D with custom strap
  15. Please help me ID this Citizen model
  16. Helberg CH6/MadDodg bronze buckle issue...
  17. Thoughts about watches from a newbie :)
  18. My watch is too good!
  19. Incoming Longines Hydroconquest
  20. Ok, this is getting a bit out of hand
  21. I might quit collecting now...
  22. Why Watches Got Scratches on Opposite Side of the Crown?
  23. Need some help looking for a black and green watch
  24. Watch Fails
  25. I like non-round watches, dunno why . . .
  26. What discount to be expected from Montblanc AD?
  27. ««««««««« WRUW - FRIDAY - 18 July 2014 »»»»»»»»»
  28. question - what countries were these marketed in?
  29. Kirk Rich Dial problems....
  30. Eone Bradley Timepiece - some pics
  31. Any ideas on vintage Omega replacement strap parts?
  32. More advice needed on dress watches
  33. Newbie With New Vintage RR Watch - Questions
  34. Grand Seiko on strap versus bracelet
  35. AP watch info needed
  36. Your favorite watch app?!
  37. New & Confused Watch Collector
  38. Help a newb with a question. .
  39. One watch brand for the rest of your life....What is it? And why?
  40. Grand Seiko ruined me!
  41. What would you wear if you were the POTUS?
  42. I hate impulse buys with a passion, but would you consider this?
  43. Swapping a quartz ETA F06.111
  44. What's your spread?
  45. Kicking myself for not getting it when I could. Look alikes?
  46. Time to decide: Which watch will you take on your summer vacation?
  47. Pre-Owned Watch Hubs in London
  48. New to the Scene!
  49. What do you consider the "Everyman" Brand?
  50. New ETA 2824-2 running two minutes fast per day
  51. Help with curating the next pieces in my collection.
  52. best sailing watches
  53. I have joined the JLC family.
  54. <<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW 17th Jul, Thursday >>>>>>>>>
  55. Your watches: does absence makes the heart grow fonder?
  56. Is this the real deal?
  57. ...Did Bulova ever use Ronda movements?
  58. Hodinkee Talking watches with Jean-Claude Biver
  59. Isn't the main value of Grand Seiko the Spring Drive?
  60. Chronograph and service question
  61. Questions regarding grey market purchase paperwork
  62. The G-Shock History
  63. Grand Seiko versus Nomos
  64. Bought a £35 new watch....Seiko SNE277P2....
  65. The Hawk Has Landed!!
  66. Tudor Bracelet Replacement… help?
  67. I think that people consider other people's choices garbage for the wrong reasons!
  68. Did I just buy a fake ?
  69. Patek Philippe : The Henry Graves Supercomplication For Auction
  70. In Vegas .. do any shops here sell Fortis?
  71. Tough solar vs regular battery
  72. WUS darlings?
  73. Help with identification of a WEMPE
  74. What omega watch is this.
  75. Good watch store in Boston - Rhode Island area?
  76. needs some help on a timex 21 Jewel manual
  77. Dresswatch recommendation..
  78. Who else here suffers from Premature-WIS-ulation???
  79. Anything you are OCD about?
  80. 88 RUE DU RHONE celebrates its 2nd anniversary
  81. The confusing 'First high-end watch purchase' Help is highly appreciated
  82. Are you insuring your high-end watch?
  83. Interesting Yahoo article
  84. Other watches with similar face to the B&M Capeland 10006
  85. Is Rolex and Omega consider a WIS watch?
  86. Help me engrave my watch!
  87. $20 Casio beats Grand Seiko quartz? What? Outrageous!
  88. Soccer Team Watch Order
  89. <><><> WRUW Wednesday 16th July 2014 <><><>
  90. Do you feel that your watch is less special if someone else you know has the same watch?
  91. Your Favorite Watch Under $10k
  92. How do you fill your collection?
  93. $2Million Richard Mille are all sold..too late
  94. Watch collection opinions, please
  95. Speedmaster chrono won't stop!
  96. Can flippers quit?
  97. Help on dating a Wittnauer please
  98. Bulova 96A100 issues
  99. recommendations for world timer under $500
  100. 1st cosc watch?
  101. WatchBuys Chicago Road Show Registration Now Open
  102. Help me decide!!
  103. Trim to the brim: Titan Edge, the world?s lightest, slimmest watch at just 1.20 ounces
  104. If -T SWISS T- means "tritium dial and hands" what does -T S- mean?
  105. Wear and tear on a watch winder? What about keeping the mechanism properly oiled?
  106. My Newest Addition-FC Runabout
  107. Toronto watch appraisal - need recommendation
  108. What's the word that describes how well (or not well) a watch keeps time...
  109. Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry Vintage Chrono Mechanical, question ...
  110. I just bought a new-in-box Bulova for $3500
  111. For those with mostly mechanical/auto watches, what is/are your quartz watches?
  112. Ratio of Mechanical to Quartz in your collection
  113. What is your current age and at what age did you buy your first WIS watch???
  114. ««««««««« WRUW - TUESDAY - 15 July 2014 »»»»»»»»»
  115. Eric Bana's Watch. Deliver us from Evil?
  116. Was reading an old manga when suddenly..
  117. I was talking to the people at Habring today !
  118. Rich Kids of Instagram
  119. ETA 2824-2 Won't Start / Stuck After Hacking
  120. What's your fantasy complication?
  121. What is your preference - Super Luminova or Tritium?
  122. Need a Divers watch suggestion for active flyfisher
  123. My Russian timepiece arrived!
  124. I ain't got no plane...but I do have an Aviator (Engineer Master II)
  125. Commercials that have worked for you?
  126. Help me identify this Sandoz watch!
  127. Nomos leather strap on Omega AT8500 41.5mm
  128. Help me find a rubber strap for my SKX013
  129. Need help identifying watch
  130. New to the world of watches, in the market $1,500 - $2,000 range
  131. Handley & Tilley / J W Handley watch case info
  132. New Member: Vintage Seiko 6139
  133. New watch Incoming; JS Watch Co. 101
  134. Most rugged, reliable, outdoors automatic sports watch?
  135. franck muller vanguard
  136. Am I doing something wrong when I sell a watch on here?!?!
  137. JeanRichard Terrascope range acquires a summer tan
  138. Chronographs with a single hour & minute subdial
  139. Random Links Inserted Into Posts??
  140. Your favourite metal bracelet watch?
  141. <><><> WRUW Monday 14th July 2014 <><><>
  142. In honor of FIFA lets see your GERMAN watches
  143. Kid's watches - My kids are bugging me for their own watches
  144. Bulova Precisionist 98B212 x Edifice Era200db-1avdr
  145. Summer NATOs getting all the wrist time?
  146. What would you tell your friend?
  147. New member
  148. First post: new guy starting collection
  149. Where to buy Perrelet Turbine Poker in the US?
  150. Watches - Form or Function?
  151. Watch manners
  152. Who owns a JeanRichard?
  153. Date function on new watch acting strangely
  154. Are quartz watches lighter and thinner than mechanical watches?
  155. Have you owned multiples of the same watch or have you owned the same watch more that once?
  156. My daughter has impeccable taste...uh oh.
  157. How long does a quartz battery last?
  158. Looking for manufacturer
  159. First post!!! Good video on battery replacement - very good!
  160. International shipping from the U.S.
  161. the world cup pales into insignificance
  162. Favorite Movement Sound
  163. Tax free shopping??
  164. Looking for info on a vintage Vulcain watch.
  165. If you had $10K to spend on two watches
  166. <<<<<<<<< WRUW - Sunday, July 13th 2014 >>>>>>>>>
  167. Import Duty in UAE (Dubai)
  168. 7 Days, 1 Watch
  169. Gin o'clock
  170. A Summer watch quandary: blue and orange, or orange and blue?
  171. Buy First Authentic Mens Rolex(Used)
  172. Would it be so wrong?
  173. Where can I find Collings & Heal watches?
  174. Thoughts on having to own the car to buy the dedicated watch?
  175. Does these bracelet with this type of clasps hold well from opening on their own?
  176. Hit with $5K medical bills, time for a new first ORIS...YAY !
  177. Watches around $1,000 - $2,000, what is special for you?
  178. Kudos Nomos!
  179. Does this strap look OK?
  180. Hamilton vs. Sarb vs. Frederique Constant vs. Rue du Rhone
  181. good looking field watch (imo)
  182. Birth year watches
  183. Utter newb needing advice on more durable watch (current w: Pierre Cardin 4604 Japanese Movement)
  184. Concord Saratoga in Black PVD
  185. Poll - AR Anti reflective coating - Gimmick or not?
  186. Watch buying in the Dallas/Richardson/Plano Area !!!
  187. What is your Favorite Watch to Wind?
  188. I have a dark brown leather strap that I wish to make it black. Is there some product to do this?
  189. What is wrong with this picture?
  190. top 10 celebrities with expensive watches.
  191. Roger Cornet Trianon
  192. Which GMT's do you own?
  193. Tudors on vacation (random holiday pics)
  194. "WOBI"?
  195. What's your crystal ratio?
  196. Question regarding references (New WUS member)
  197. you have to watch this video guys !
  198. Obris morgan Pradata restock?
  199. O -------------> WRUW - Saturday, July 12th 2014 <------------- O
  200. New "collector" looking for guidance.
  201. Passing Up
  202. Info for Illinois wrist watch
  203. Buying my first expensive watch, budget range 1k$-1,6k$
  204. Where Do You Keep Your Watch Bracelets/Straps?
  205. Breitling Bentley Motors speed bracelet
  206. Purchasing from the Phillippines
  207. Favorite Watch Design Elements?
  208. Nocturnal-Inspired Terrascopes
  209. The box is full - SOTC with picture
  210. Traveling to Asia - Vintage Dealers or Street Markets to Peruse?
  211. Wow Lebeau-Courally do you know the brand?
  212. Never expected I would found my solution from a Takane watch
  213. Like the cheap ones sometimes.
  214. ID this watch: Worn by Mike Love of the Beach Boys
  215. need help from the experts help needed.
  216. What watch is this? Anything similar?
  217. Need ideas on world time watch
  218. Are there any lemon laws for watches
  219. I quite like this 'GMT'
  221. Have your say - Struthers London for Morgan ?!
  222. CX Swiss Military 2118 - some pics
  223. Don't have a Grand Seiko? No AD nearby? Check out Watch-Tanaka's videos in HD on YouTube!
  224. Cleaning a 1956 semaster dial? Yes / No?
  225. Am I doing this wrong?
  226. Proud Father!
  227. A Year On The Wrist
  228. Can anyone identify this watch????
  229. John Mayer's watch collection.>>>
  230. <<<<<WRUW - Friday, July 11th 2014 >>>>>
  232. Regulateur: Brief explanation and history behind the complication
  233. New addition
  234. Free Prospex With The Purchase Of A Grand Seiko!
  235. Sources of Seiko FFF dials?
  236. Looking for my first nice watch (clean design, Milanese bracelet)
  237. Show them off or hide them?
  238. Omega Basel Carnet GTG in Natick, MA
  239. A new watch for me...
  240. Truly tough-as-nails mechanical watch... is there such a thing?
  241. Can't decide... please help...
  242. Post your watch tan
  243. Watch Design Pet Peeves
  244. Help! Watch for my Girlfriend :-)
  245. Lum-Tec Super Combat B3
  246. Melbourne Watch Company - "Portsea" pre-orders now open!
  247. Broke WIS Problems
  248. Why can I make my second hand run backward?
  249. His & Her watches
  250. Suggestion on watch